+  2020-10-27 13:33

@anthilemoon Default need for low-calorie “neurological homeostasis”. Choosing something unusual is processed as m…

 +  2020-10-26 16:22

What the hell has happened to @Patagonia website’s #UI?! Burger carousels and other aberrations… I have to use Goog…

 +  2020-10-26 14:08

@mahitmeup Yep. Our brains have evolved for a super-narrow scale of "oh, I see that tree at the edge of a flat Eart…

 +  2020-10-26 14:06

@ninamehta Yep. And if you add time to all of that space… well, we’re less than transient atoms.

 +  2020-10-26 12:09

How big is the observable #universe? How small is the human in it? Take a look at this gorgeous animation.

 +  2020-10-26 11:05

@suluxx Done. Signed.

 +  2020-10-26 11:04

Let’s speed up the harmonized Unconditional Basic Income (#UBI) implementation throughout the entire #EuropeanUnion…

 +  2020-10-23 16:12

Finally, someone else applies a discount for quick #payment by default— @UvexSafetyGroup in #Germany — “Invoice amo…

 +  2020-10-21 20:54

@zachleat ES.NextReallyNext. Fixing all the language and APIs inconsistencies and laxism, rebuilding the interprete…

 +  2020-10-16 10:13

What’s up with the child-like super-filtered female robot voices “singing” in present-day videos? Heavy bass & Barb…

 +  2020-10-16 04:37

Bringing more meaning to car #design? WTF?

 +  2020-10-13 22:12

Every couple of weeks, “I’m so excited and I’d like to show it to you now”.

 +  2020-10-13 21:38

What we lack is not the artificial equality of outcome or the quick hacks towards “#innovation” or “#creativity”. W…

 +  2020-10-13 05:45

Volkswagen Group executive Herbert Diess brought the electric VW ID3 to the Braunschweig Airport for Tesla CEO Elon…

 +  2020-10-12 22:03

A microwave-oven-generated steam decontamination protocol for N95 / FFP2+ respirators. Very cool low-tech.

 +  2020-10-08 16:04

 +  2020-10-08 14:46

@briankardell @caludio Thanks for the link and CodePen! So, if I understood correctly, the problem is the lack of…

 +  2020-10-08 14:22

A must-watch about why and how today’s US #media gets you addicted to the daily emotions of hate and pleasure (conf…

 +  2020-10-08 14:10

@caludio @briankardell Wait, what’s the mess with the headings?

 +  2020-10-08 05:26

“Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry. Take pen and paper, and scribble words so ut…

 +  2020-10-08 04:59

#Art is pointless. Get an actual job and make a living. You can’t just let the rest of your life be a joke, a…

 +  2020-10-07 14:09

“The absence of weakness produces nothing” — Peter Drucker

 +  2020-10-06 23:55

@ninamehta Apple’s Monaco by @SusanKare and Kris Holmes @LucidaFonts . Love the x-height, the lowercase a, the low…

 +  2020-10-06 12:15

What the fuck happened mid-way and till the end of “Raised by Wolves”?! Ridley Scott happened.

 +  2020-10-06 10:42

Hurry-be tech for improved videoconferencing! NVIDIA Maxine and NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs identify key facial points…

 +  2020-10-05 21:04

As in neolib economic theory, where max information makes markets more efficient, press releases offered to #art ga…

 +  2020-10-01 05:57

Can anyone explain to me why we’re not taught statistical #physics (mechanics) in #school, please?

 +  2020-09-30 15:52

Entropic forces cause 2 defining behaviors of the human cognitive niche—tool use and social cooperation—to spontane…

 +  2020-09-30 14:07

#Typography as dogs, by Grafisches Büro /

 +  2020-09-30 06:48

#Politics is very simple when you know very little about sociology, behavioral economics, game theory and chaos the…

 +  2020-09-29 07:15

#Consciousness emerges over dimensions of disagreements with the universe, over the things that are not as they sho…

 +  2020-09-25 02:07

“Our repugnance to #death increases in proportion to our consciousness of having lived in vain.” — William Hazlitt

 +  2020-09-25 00:06

This is how #depression, #anxiety and ensuing drug #addiction may look like on the outside.

 +  2020-09-23 05:43

Doesn’t the technological mismatch between primitive ballistic auto-rifles and the exorbitant energy density poweri…

 +  2020-09-16 16:08

I’m so grateful for @videolan VLC ability to play the #Apple Not So Special Event at x1.5 speed.

 +  2020-09-11 13:46

@PierB Agree with you 100%. As much as I’d wish artistic, scope (and financial) growth to Denis, I feel it’s just n…

 +  2020-09-11 13:44

Clichés? The more you use them in your #writing and conversations, the less authentic you sound. The more you thin…

 +  2020-09-10 22:51

@PierB Both. I disliked 2049 (except for the FX and Roger’s photography)… and the sales were disappointing. (I ado…

 +  2020-09-10 19:09

#Climate change? Nah… nothing to worry about. Just send prayers. Or federal troops.

 +  2020-09-10 19:02

Dune 2020 trailer? I have a bad, Blade Runner 2049 feeling about this.

 +  2020-09-10 10:54

#Paracetamol can increase risk taking, which may be due to reductions in #risk perceptions, particularly those that…

 +  2020-09-10 08:47

If you think in terms of “I’m a bad girl / boy”, you’ll get into trouble quickly (stunted #career, inability to pre…

 +  2020-09-08 08:39

If the #fear of losing your current #identity overpowers your wish to change, to become someone else… you will stay…

 +  2020-09-03 21:52

#Punctuation and paragraphs serve to structure and articulate our communication, and, even more importantly, our th…

 +  2020-09-02 08:51

Universities woken beyond repair?

 +  2020-09-01 18:39

Finally! All #IKEA catalogs from 1950 to 2021 as PDFs. A journey through affordable #design. Weirdly, @IKEAsverige…

 +  2020-08-31 19:35

The Producers Guild of America’s (#PGA) comprehensive 57-page safety guide for #film production in the Covid-19 era…

 +  2020-08-28 18:02

@ninamehta @dvsch You’re welcome.

 +  2020-08-28 13:14

@ninamehta @dvsch You can post on IG via the browser by simply changing the user agent string to mobile.

 +  2020-08-28 13:11

Has anyone studied the noxious effects of auto-tuned #music? I have a neighbor 2 floors down who listens to over-tu…

 +  2020-08-27 13:59

Induced by the #COVID19 pandemic, video-call dates become the norm to screen / filter / vet a person before an IRL…

 +  2020-08-25 16:45

Never thought I’d be using the #Apple #iOS “Find My Devices” feature… until I knocked myself hard in the ear and pr…

 +  2020-08-25 09:25

. @Berlinale #film festival merges Best #Actor and Best Actress categories into one… pitching the genders against e…

 +  2020-08-22 16:03

#Cinema #crew levels • Level 0: carries a Leatherman and gaffer tape as the only tools • Level 1: carries a pair o…

 +  2020-08-20 09:49

If an outcome can be described by a set of clear parameters, it can be automated / solved algorithmically… if not i…

 +  2020-08-20 08:33

“#Happy” should be renamed “#pain-free and calm”. The opposite of “painful and anxious”. Cheap and fast way to fee…

 +  2020-08-19 07:38

Religion is a culture of faith. Science is a culture of doubt. ― Richard Feynman

 +  2020-08-19 07:35

@noamkroll An Excel-like spreadsheet app, a code-writing IDE like @code

 +  2020-08-18 09:49

The consequence of not talking is, at best, destruction by #negligence, and, at worst, a #fight. Do you talk throug…

 +  2020-08-18 07:24

@crouhana @Twitter Yep, same feeling.

 +  2020-08-18 00:59

August 7, 2020. The week when Old #Hollywood finally, actually died. The #streaming services are in charge, and bri…

 +  2020-08-14 19:29

Feelings of #stress and #anxiety may depend not just on the neurons in our brains but the mitochondria inside our c…

 +  2020-08-14 08:36

Good stats of the day: more than 1 million papers pour into the #PubMed each year — about 2 papers per minute.

 +  2020-08-12 15:48

@nlevin Uhm… why not just stick to the classics that’d worked for a century? Front squats, deadlifts, bench presses…

 +  2020-07-26 17:57

@caludio Hell yeah, Claudio. And, honestly, Elon isn’t contributing pronouns to humanity, but emission-free transp…

 +  2020-07-25 22:23

@ninamehta Why don’t you like cooking?

 +  2020-07-23 07:46

Insights without action is sightseeing.

 +  2020-07-20 13:22

#Relationships feed on time and attention spent together. Then, maybe, limiting your together time to the “I’m so t…

 +  2020-07-19 22:49

@PierB @scottbuscemi @bradeeoh Well, yeah, that’s the case for all of the software. Free or close-to-free to drive…

 +  2020-07-19 03:30

@scottbuscemi @PierB @bradeeoh Well, it’s still cheaper than Media Composer, but, that’s no argument for supposedly…

 +  2020-07-18 07:14

@kvlly It never goes away, really, if you stay on the edge.

 +  2020-07-18 07:07

@PierB @bradeeoh Same thing with me. Ignored or not solved. Pretty much most of my bug reports to Webkit, Final Cu…

 +  2020-07-17 15:55

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

 +  2020-07-16 15:15

Do you #consume or #grow people?

 +  2020-07-15 22:45

@PierB That’s about it? But, in general, people tend to attribute huge significance to their presence and cultural…

 +  2020-07-15 22:41

@PierB 6) value misjudgment — error in assessment of the benefit vs cost, even in case of failure, the mind-knowled…

 +  2020-07-15 22:38

@PierB 5) risk factor — what if you fail to transcend, after 20 years of meditation under the bodhi tree, you’d hav…

 +  2020-07-15 22:35

@PierB 4) fear of the unknown — kinda-sorta a problem of perception

 +  2020-07-15 22:33

@PierB 3) errors in assessment of “stuff that needs to be had” — mostly cultural (education, marriage, job, home, T…

 +  2020-07-15 22:29

@PierB 2) errors in self-appraisal, with a tendency to under-evaluate one’s potential (better be safe than sorry bi…

 +  2020-07-15 22:25

@PierB That is a complex question. I think that it’s a combination of: 1) pain / extreme effort aversion, which i…

 +  2020-07-15 19:23

@ManMadeMoon Totally. Knowledge is power, and if we’re too far apart in world-views, the whole team will suffer. No…

 +  2020-07-15 19:17

@PierB Mmm… yeah, but I would rephrase that as "very few people think / imagine to be in a position where they can…

 +  2020-07-15 17:56

The reason we have so few enlightened people? #Enlightenment is long, unpleasant and hard. And there’s no guarantee…

 +  2020-07-14 20:01

@jonspaihts It makes sense if you’re infected and so, actively infecting others, especially either before symptoms…

 +  2020-07-14 14:03

Looking for training in “defensive tactics, firearms familiarization, targeted arrests in a safe and positive envir…

 +  2020-07-13 15:10

@mkobach Depends on the exercise. Long-distance running — nothing. Too important to remain self-aware. Strength-t…

 +  2020-07-13 15:09

King’s College London found that only 17% of recovered from #COVID19 retained the same potency 3 months later. Anti…

 +  2020-07-13 14:58

@ninamehta @khoi Yep. Very similar passport situation in Russia… but people tend to stay in their orthodox bubble…

 +  2020-07-13 14:47

According to a “parasite stress” hypothesis, authoritarian governments are more likely to emerge in regions charact…

 +  2020-07-13 11:55

@ninamehta @khoi Understanding / taking in account a global view? Highly unlikely. That’s not how human brains wor…

 +  2020-07-13 11:51

Injection of #ketamine restores decreased dopamine neuron population activity, as well as synaptic plasticity in th…

 +  2020-07-13 01:25

@ninamehta @khoi Mmm… but that’s OK, though, as the trend is clearly towards WFH and contactless. At least, compara…

 +  2020-07-13 01:21

@mkobach Ha! The problem of my life. Zero non-work hours as a result. Even when I sleep, I shoot films or write sof…

 +  2020-07-13 01:19

@flaviocopes 20. Even in Strict mode…

 +  2020-07-10 20:04

I guess my dislike of super-short #variable names like $wpdb started in #math and physics where the Greek / Latin a…

 +  2020-07-10 15:59

Best way to test the strength of your #habit? Social. Example: you do your morning hatha #yoga even when your gorg…

 +  2020-07-10 10:13

Alleluia! Vivement! Can’t wait.

 +  2020-07-10 07:59

For the 1/100th time, I am much bigger and better than you. NOT REPORTED!

 +  2020-07-10 07:56

@michaelmiraflor The 80s, back in the USSR for me, it was Tarkovsky’s Solaris, Andrey Rublev and The Mirror. Loved…

 +  2020-07-09 16:59

What happens when you click the “pause” button on a track currently playing on @SoundCloud? No, the track does NOT…

 +  2020-07-09 07:29

Why would you want to #improve yourself, others and the world? To experience less #pain and #suffering… especially…

 +  2020-07-08 08:54

Most important natural resources for a country’s #success / stability: prevalence of #truth (no double standards, n…

 +  2020-07-06 00:31

@flaviocopes An inconsistent hybrid teenager wrongly ashamed of its functional roots wearing OO branded clothing to look cool.

 +  2020-07-02 18:45

5) Take a look at who they follow — do they follow B2C brands, models and influencers… or B2B tool-makers / provide…

 +  2020-07-02 18:44

4) Check out their replies to comments, especially to praise and #criticism — is it mostly emojis and thank-yous or…

 +  2020-07-02 18:43

2) Pay attention to the number of #selfie’s — gauge their vanity, #egotism and insecurity. 3) Read through the cap…

 +  2020-07-02 18:42

#Instagram is a great tool to get to know people. Open a profile and: 1) Scroll through their posts — sample their…

 +  2020-07-01 07:48

The correlation between the level of #neuroticism and the level of #stress tolerance allows you to put someone in a…

 +  2020-06-30 17:39

@caludio Same shit. Works on Safari, doesn’t always work on Chrome. My solution is an every-20 minutes backup… and…

 +  2020-06-29 23:33

@ninamehta @mialoira Story of my life.

 +  2020-06-29 23:16

@crouhana Exactly. x20 a day.

 +  2020-06-29 22:59

But the collapse of old business models should unleash a new wave of #creativity in #film. That’s where we, as film…

 +  2020-06-29 22:58

Once re-opened, the #cinema theaters’ antiviral fogging machines, reduced capacity and increased staffing will also…

 +  2020-06-29 15:11

@MaryZai There’s an easy (but risky) solution to complacency and feeling of not being alive: daily reminders of our…

 +  2020-06-29 15:07

Nice, a city in the south of France (yeah, the airport to get to the Cannes festival), has just gone from +29°C to…

 +  2020-06-29 14:54

Mask it or casket. (

 +  2020-06-29 14:50

@Kpaxs Nah, come on… conditioned? Rather, hard-wired, as most organisms on the planet. Moar food, moar sex, moar sl…

 +  2020-06-29 05:29

“#Art should comfort the disturbed and #disturb the comfortable.” ― Cesar A. Cruz

 +  2020-06-28 22:34

A link for anyone who requests a real-time #meeting, whether through @zoom_us or IRL. Seriously, consider @NotionHQ…

 +  2020-06-28 22:12

@pawelgrzybek @code Oh! Thanks, I didn’t know about the undo.

 +  2020-06-28 22:09

Any #creative type / pro here who’ve been heavily influenced by #KarlJung? Why and when?

 +  2020-03-23 07:53

One of the best technical repositories of #COVIDー19 clinical care data and protocols.

 +  2020-03-19 16:42

Quick online #video quality survey, please. To you:

 +  2020-03-18 18:15

What’s up with all the advice to wear a #bra when working at home given by women to #women? feminism no more?

 +  2020-03-18 02:46

As hospitals run out of ventilators, I sure hope we die in peace, knowing that we have plenty of laser-sighted guns…

 +  2020-03-16 17:52

@jackbutcher Feels great to be an filmmaker creating non-functional, money-loosing, online-streamed dramas.

 +  2020-03-16 15:56

Just to be clear. As a civilisation, we knew about the current viral pandemic, the 2008 crisis, terrorist attacks……

 +  2020-03-15 22:10

American bureaucracies are no longer up to the job of coping with the kinds of challenges that face the USA. Pandem…

 +  2020-03-15 17:21

Wait, did I miss something? The sapphire on #AppleWatch scratches at a mere Mohs 6 ?!

 +  2020-03-15 13:01

Not only America. Our world of countless bullshit ways to punish people, to make lives more difficult, or to make s…

 +  2020-03-14 18:06

For years I thought #php’s MySQLi stood for MySQL “light” and I wondered why… OK, ”improved“ it is.

 +  2020-03-14 12:53

“While most people with #COVID19 develop only mild or uncomplicated illness, approximately 14% develop severe disea…

 +  2020-03-09 16:36

@IAmMarkManson You’re being dramatic. The world isn’t looking. And there is no purpose, other than to run towards e…

 +  2020-03-09 10:06

@rsms Alt 1. Feels punchier and more present. The other variants feel sagged and feeble.

 +  2020-03-07 17:10

@documentarysite How about paying for bandwidth? Wait for that bill… :D

 +  2020-03-04 14:02

@ndrwhr Cool! ( typo in : postcss — For processing/modifying inlineline stylesheets. )

 +  2020-03-01 23:15

Just because your favorite #drugs are officially authorised in your country — tobacco, #alcohol, #opioids,…

 +  2020-02-26 01:08

@caludio Stay home.

 +  2020-02-25 13:02

@vinceleclercq @LeCNC Woha!! Courage et patience, Vincent!

 +  2020-02-24 10:58

Awesome for those of you who skipped / slept / yawned through #chemistry classes in school.

 +  2020-02-24 10:52

@documentarysite Wait, do you mean the developer tools? Which browsers? Something exotic?

 +  2020-02-22 23:00

@documentarysite I’m confused.

 +  2020-02-22 22:28

@documentarysite Then, no video. :)

 +  2020-02-22 22:16

@documentarysite Er… depends on the project. Could you describe it a bit more, please?

 +  2020-02-13 01:29

@gak_pdx Exactly. :/

 +  2020-02-11 09:05

#design love

 +  2020-01-18 17:35

Walled gardens, looser deserts and branded soles.… a world of second-hand ideas sold for virtual money to get an il…

 +  2020-01-15 17:41

@gak_pdx ( thanks for the heads-up, Greg )

 +  2020-01-15 17:41

@gak_pdx WTF?! So weird! Not a bon joueur, from what I read… :/

 +  2020-01-15 11:13

@gak_pdx Why? What happened?

 +  2020-01-07 19:26

Burn and #grow. PersonalGrowth #MoneyFirst #ExpensiveFuneral #SuicideEconomics

 +  2019-12-23 23:43

The little-talked about scene of #fusion reaction start-up failure after fuel injection in #TheExpanse Season 4 is…

 +  2019-12-22 17:37

Probably the best overview of lexical environments and garbage collection in #JavaScript closures I’ve ever come ac…

 +  2019-12-16 15:41

Wait, 480 EUR for a set of 4 caster #wheels?! AppleRippoff #macpro2019

 +  2019-12-06 19:18

@caludio Ahahaa… so familiar.

 +  2019-11-29 22:07

We view #death countless times on screen daily. And yet how many of us think that soon we’ll be dying in a similar…

 +  2019-11-29 00:13

Can anyone here explain me how they decide to buy a #perfume after seeing an #ad, please? How’s you personal prefer…

 +  2019-11-26 16:59

Good talk from Reed at #Netflix.

 +  2019-11-25 19:12

Mark Vallen’s #future #poster from my birth year #1980. Still relevant today. Where the fuck are the flying cars I…

 +  2019-11-23 15:06

Net worth plunging or soaring is important only to those without any.

 +  2019-11-22 20:24

Jeez, the quantity of #ads in the phone version of #Instagram is astounding! I see an ad every 3-4 pictures!

 +  2019-11-21 18:43

@documentarysite Ahh… reuse as: 1) open containers, especially for prototypes of ”what if we kept USB-C cables her…

 +  2019-11-21 18:20

@documentarysite Gear boxes? Do you mean “cardboard packaging”? Or something else?

 +  2019-11-18 22:58

iTunes stopped syncing your contacts to #iPhone? It’s a bug ignored by #Apple: #MacOS #AddressBook entries with "s…

 +  2019-11-17 17:28

@TedHope Hasn’t changed through times. Smart, gets things done, aims high, stays loyal to the team, dreams and taste.

 +  2019-11-14 16:01

Jaw-dropping pure #CSS:

 +  2019-11-14 08:05

So… uhmm… 3 years to get 1 esc key back? OK, 40 years to go.

 +  2019-11-13 02:13

What’s up with being unable to select #HTML text in Chrome, Safari and FireFox? Including on ”#accessibility -optim…

 +  2019-11-10 18:18

@TedHope Study chaos theory. Plus human psychology. The fundamentals always help to at least understand the why an…

 +  2019-11-10 01:31

“There’s a lot of money to be made by telling people that they’re responsible for their own problems.” — Ronald Pur…

 +  2019-11-09 01:46

@Monster Vous ne connaissez même pas mon sexe… alors je ne suis pas surpris que vous savez encore moins sur mon ”pr…

 +  2019-11-08 00:46

We’re influenced by our environment. Especially when we don’t realize it.

 +  2019-11-07 22:25

@TedHope Covey describes it best in 7 habits.

 +  2019-11-05 22:53

@FSImonitors Oh no!! I didn’t know! I would have dropped by.

 +  2019-11-04 05:37

Want to see gods, #miracles and #magic everywhere? Skip #math and logic in school. Ignore while loops and iteration…

 +  2019-11-01 20:08

@cassianelwes Not with the continuing trends in audience “free time” use, infantilisation and tastes’ stagnation. Unfortunately.

 +  2019-10-20 11:17

@jarrettstodg I did watch half and now regret the time wasted. Hope you improve your predictions.

 +  2019-10-14 16:37

The exodus of #cinema #talent from #Hollywood studios to streamers… visualised.

 +  2019-10-11 07:15

@diperstein @TedHope Why cynical? Brains are indeed amazing, while still being sub-optimal.

 +  2019-10-10 17:13

@TedHope Because, that’s how human brains work. Very, very sub-optimal machines that are good enough to reproduce D…

 +  2019-10-10 13:21

You have a #design idea, the something that should do something. And it requires a weird component you have no idea…

 +  2019-10-07 13:51

@jgrahamc Wow! Yes, super-handy scale tool, great design! I’m in the waitlist for that PDF as well, please.

 +  2019-10-06 11:36

The #frustration and #despair of the #eternal trapped inside the finite. – What seems to be the problem? Would you…

 +  2019-10-03 20:11

Wow. So disappointed by the @Philips Lighting Master #LED spot ExpertColor lights! The only 3 great things about t…

 +  2019-10-03 08:40

. @ARRI will be using a new 24-volt B-Mount developed with Bebob. A new, open standard which looks similar to the A…

 +  2019-09-28 14:08


 +  2019-09-26 19:28

Genius #UIX design by @PayPal : a notification to notify me that ”you have no notifications”.

 +  2019-09-25 22:38

Avec @AmazonHelp #Business, vaut mieux pas compter sur une livraison urgente pour votre business Pour s’assurer, o…

 +  2019-09-25 18:34

Uhm… I’ve been wondering for a while now. Does #Sigma, the #tiling cutters manufacturer, have a web site? Googled o…

 +  2019-09-25 15:38

Build your own #Chrome extension to disable a flashing tab title of #Facebook Messenger when a new message arrives…

 +  2019-09-05 23:15

The new #Canon #cinema #EOS C500 mk II seems close to perfection!

 +  2019-09-04 21:55

We live in the world of delays. Flights, Ubers, marriages and Brexits.

 +  2019-09-02 20:12

@BoschPro_UK I always wondered why there is a 1-month cap to register?

 +  2019-09-02 13:05

@Alex4D Really?! Wow! Reminds me of the codec discussions with clients. - What codec? - 4K.

 +  2019-09-01 11:52

@gak_pdx @tellurion Beware the ”first gram is free”

 +  2019-08-31 15:46

People who claim that an #art form is defined by its consumption method continue to amaze me. Next time you buy a…

 +  2019-08-25 11:59

@timmydikko I might be wrong, but I recall they used RGB in-helmet LEDs on Prometheus, no?

 +  2019-08-24 22:00

I cringe every time I see lights INSIDE a #space suit’s helmet in most #movies or series. Correct #LED position is…

 +  2019-08-22 12:41

We could cut #recycling costs significantly if we taught and encouraged kids to disassemble stuff. #DIY and enginee…

 +  2019-08-22 11:09

@documentarysite 1) don’t lie, tell part of the truth if really pressed 2) react to crises ASAP, even with a short…

 +  2019-08-11 18:22

A 2-week #commute to work from Southampton UK to Beijing CN by #train… for 2500 USD. Costly commitment to limit per…

 +  2019-08-08 08:39

@gak_pdx @czeko I was going to write about the normally gloved ops… weird. Better not to think about supersonic ejection at altitude.

 +  2019-08-07 15:54

@TedHope Depends on whether you want them to grow and stretch to the sky.

 +  2019-08-05 06:19

Slow-paced, ultra-high-tech #robot-with-human #manufacture of the #Mercedes #AMG internal combustion #engine. Clean…

 +  2019-08-01 00:08

@gak_pdx @NliteNinc @FestoAG Na, standard price for that much of aluminum in Europe. Plus the tooling. And, ja, cu…

 +  2019-07-31 22:40

@timmydikko @EMSL @gak_pdx @FestoAG I guess just additional edge-references to immobilise the bracket from rotation…

 +  2019-07-31 22:10

The Euro-Gripper system was developed by the Euro-Gripper research group (Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Volkswagen)…

 +  2019-07-31 22:04

@gak_pdx @FestoAG The Euro-Gripper system was developed by the Euro-Gripper research group (Audi, BMW, Daimler, Por…

 +  2019-07-31 22:00

@mxxtxr @gak_pdx @FestoAG Excellent! Thanks so much, Peter! The key is Euro-Gripper Tooling System. Googling it yi…

 +  2019-07-31 21:56

@gak_pdx @FestoAG Ahahaha

 +  2019-07-31 19:24

@gak_pdx @FestoAG Hmm… strange. It’s all over the place here, from what I’d seen. I just never bothered to note the…

 +  2019-07-31 19:20

@markgallagher_2 @gak_pdx @FestoAG Hey! Thanks, Mark! Na, it doesn’t look like item’s stuff, however, some nice rig…

 +  2019-07-31 17:29

A question to the #engineer.s and people in #manufacturing, please ( @gak_pdx ?) Who makes those modular hollow 45…

 +  2019-07-26 18:07

@documentarysite Only with a large cross on the floor plan and a stamp saying “canceled”.

 +  2019-07-25 22:21

#Animals don’t do sexual #identity. They just do #sex. Oftentimes we overcomplicate the wrong aspects of our lives.

 +  2019-07-24 20:27

@__apf__ As @Lady_Ada_King pointed out, it’s a port scan / ping. I get these as well, and from real, breathing huma…

 +  2019-07-24 20:19

You haven’t evolved to be #happy, or even content. Instead, you are designed primarily to survive and reproduce. Su…

 +  2019-07-22 21:24

@documentarysite I tried sound-editing on a sail-boat several times. What a frustration. Superb views, perfect air.…

 +  2019-07-22 21:05

@documentarysite Another solution is dig yourself deep underground… quite affordable and a lot of choice, but, but……

 +  2019-07-22 20:57

@documentarysite Oh boy!! Especially in summer, with windows open everywhere. Paris downtown? Even at night. I’m…

 +  2019-07-22 18:43

@TedHope It all depends on the definition of “better” in each case. Aspirin makes you feel better and can even lower the tension a bit.

 +  2019-07-21 15:45

Is there anyone on this planet who likes to #DIY #disassemble #snapFit parts? Is it the little-known attribute of t…

 +  2019-07-20 19:40

@jess Do you heel-strike?

 +  2019-07-19 20:52

@gak_pdx Agree with how most people underestimate the massive complexity of manufacturing something cheaper… and, e…

 +  2019-07-19 19:21

@gak_pdx I agree with you that it’s an “achievement“… maybe not crazy, but indeed and achievement. However, you wer…

 +  2019-07-19 12:49

@gak_pdx A sub 120 K 5 axis mill’s great… but an internal combustion engined speedster rehash made by a long-time m…

 +  2019-05-27 09:57

@jess @tdrobbo Coconut + rice milk. But really, just enjoy coffee as it is: espresso, without sugar, no milk. Or q…

 +  2019-05-16 20:47

@graedrake Regarding watches / clocks… ideally the continuity supervisor would ask the props dept to create a "set…

 +  2019-05-16 20:44

@graedrake Thanks! My hypothesis: post-production people are rarely on set. If they were, like the editor, they’d…

 +  2019-05-16 15:37

@graedrake Ha! I ask to remove the batteries, if possible, because it’s such a nightmare to edit in post (yeah, had…

 +  2019-03-22 15:46

@espiekermann @DB_Bahn

 +  2019-03-20 10:58

Disney now controls 35% of the Hollywood studio market share. AT&T’s WarnerMedia has 19%, Comcast’s NBCUniversal ha…

 +  2019-03-18 21:29

@Smartwool — Hi guys! I’m puzzled: who can sell me the Men’s 250 1/4 zip in olive or in tibetan red in size S and s…

 +  2019-03-14 16:32

@OnTheTwitta OK, purchasing of @KvadratMovie should work now.

 +  2019-03-13 16:16

Probably the best short video about #overtraining (or otherwise over-stressing your #body) I’ve seen in a while. Ap…

 +  2019-03-12 11:27

@OnTheTwitta Sorry Greg, I messed up the payment / fiscal settings and all on demand videos got unpublished

 +  2019-03-10 16:23

Blessed are those whose purpose and enjoyment is to repair and restore, rebuild and recover, for everything in this…

 +  2019-01-29 17:07

And Google is almost a memoir.

 +  2019-01-17 10:52

Glad @AirFrance had the guts to cancel @weflyJoon #brand and reintegrate it back into main #identity, crew & fleet.…

 +  2018-12-25 20:24

@KapilGuptaMD Yes, it’s really that easy. Hit yourself with a brick, a bat or some other loss-of-conscioussness dev…

 +  2018-12-01 17:44

Spot on.

 +  2018-10-30 15:04

Average people invest in #entertainment, smart people invest in #information, successful people invest in…

 +  2018-10-29 06:38

I remember when @RedHat was still a #startup… and me installing our own custom Red Hat #Linux 7 Servers in… uhmm… 2…

 +  2018-10-09 22:41

@TheExpansePO @PrimeVideo Running out of colors?

 +  2018-10-08 23:10

@jgrahamc Yes!! Totally. I know I won’t remember my “genius” logic after a week or two anymore. Long, explicit vars…

 +  2018-10-04 20:04

#Creative #cinema work often requires weird #DIY #tinkering in tight spaces. Thankfully, @BoschPro_UK GSB 16 RE has…

 +  2018-09-28 15:25

For those who woke up to the round obesity of the updated #Chrome UI… and seek to revert to the bliss of…

 +  2018-09-03 11:35

@jfporchez @espiekermann Ah yess, exactly. That was an AGFA.

 +  2018-08-27 12:48

@chrismcquarrie Damn right!!

 +  2018-08-24 23:12

@BoschPro_UK Ahh… Thanks for the clarification! We can’t wait. Especially for the Compact and Endurance.

 +  2018-08-24 07:40

31 years after #Canon, #Nikon finally migrates to a modern lens mount of ⌀55 mm. Well, too late for me. I switched…

 +  2018-08-23 20:46

@BoschPro_UK Ahm… Only the 7.0 Ah is listed there. No sight of the 4.0 Ah, it’s still marked for “sometime in 2018”, unless I’m mistaken?

 +  2018-08-23 04:22

Applicable to pre-sales of your #film… only you rarely get a financier to re-read your #script. So, start with less…

 +  2018-08-21 16:43

#IDW’s #JordanPeterson writes: because the Universe is irrational it’s OK to believe in irrational #God… But, he ye…

 +  2018-08-21 00:33

Jesus, #techno #music people… please, please! Watch your headroom! Leave me at least -2 dB ! 0 dB is poof, gone, de…

 +  2018-08-17 23:20

@paulfeig Normally should be opened during take-off and landing. Standard security procedure (need to see what migh…

 +  2018-06-03 18:02

@naval Naa… come on… imagine you’re a Director of Photography on a film or a lead Creative Director on a design… wi…

 +  2018-05-01 08:17

If you can’t… you must. ;)

 +  2018-04-29 22:20

@TedHope With such a list of conflictables… only direct wetware to hardware I/O connection to AI suggested by…

 +  2018-04-27 20:00

@LabadieLePacte Toujours le rêveur… :D

 +  2018-04-19 19:51

@TedHope Hey, congrats, Ted! And everything’s around the corner. Sony, Apple… even the beach is within cycling dist…

 +  2018-04-18 17:41

So… I’m debugging someone else’s #JQuery #code… and remembered this quote from somewhere “Document my code? Why do…

 +  2018-04-11 11:31

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men evolved differently, that they are born with certain mutable…

 +  2018-03-29 16:01

Surprisingly detailed and well-numbered article comparing @HBO , @Netflix and partially @AmazonStudios and @Hulu .…

 +  2018-03-22 19:18

@gak_pdx @marcoarment Ha! Sinn is an all-around great company. In the same league as Damasko.

 +  2018-03-21 23:18

Always, always think and talk in probabilities. Probabilities is how the Universe works. From vacuum to neurogenesi…

 +  2018-03-15 10:41

@katerbland Ah… Googled about it. Sorry, really not a Lara Croft specialist. Shorts for pants swap. OK.

 +  2018-03-15 10:35

@katerbland Sensible pants? If you have a second, would you mind expanding a bit on that? What’s the fuss all about…

 +  2018-03-12 16:08

The 2nd most amazing property of #logic to me is the moment when a growing #human either learns to understand and u…

 +  2018-02-11 00:06

@TedHope Patience is too vague a term. It’s a virtue when it means "keep calm in the face of adversity, distraction…

 +  2018-02-10 00:33

Serious #digital #cinema cameras enter the XXI century with full-frame 24x36 mm sensors & user selectable ratios.…

 +  2018-02-03 09:06

Ah yes… let me tell you a secret. My most creative piece of software is… @msExcel ! Leave & breathe in it.

 +  2018-01-24 20:16

@VikC @naval I do have several feature docs about little-known, misunderstood-by-the-public professions, released a…

 +  2018-01-24 07:08

@gak_pdx Nice!!

 +  2018-01-24 07:08

@iam_preethi Mmm… what about air pollution? Even in Marina del Rey, especially in the summer. It’s hard to do prana…

 +  2018-01-23 19:01

#Paris #Film #Locations #Expo #conference by @Film_France and @LeCNC about #international crews working together, s…

 +  2018-01-23 17:20

@VikC @naval Wait, you mean, an actual doc about @Naval ?! Peaceful Warrior is already dramatized:

 +  2018-01-22 17:07

“#Truth is a lonely, and unprofitable, #business.” – @Naval Ravikant As a #documentary #filmmaker, I have to agree. :/

 +  2018-01-22 12:28

How accurate is this? @TedHope and @RoyPrice , please? “Amazon Moves Away from the #IndieFilm Market” by…

 +  2018-01-21 19:43

Counterintuitive but true. Mass appeal = diluted message, watch and forget.

 +  2018-01-21 11:57

@iam_preethi I combine the 2. Audio only for when cooking and eating, reading for all the rest.

 +  2018-01-19 18:26

@BasicIncome_USA @mtobis @BasicIncomeIMG All good, except for the typo in the end (lacking a D, I believe :)

 +  2018-01-19 15:10

@gak_pdx OK, next is the automatic plug insertion / curing.

 +  2018-01-19 00:30

This is why French is the perfect language to talk for hours without saying anything.

 +  2018-01-18 16:21

@naval Naval, there are 2 basic approaches in yoga: asceticism & pleasure, Shiva & Shakti, male & female. The ascet…

 +  2018-01-18 16:18

@gak_pdx Wwwaait, what are these? We use @BoschPro_UK EXACTs or the regular Pros… those would be great. What are th…

 +  2018-01-16 18:57

Why do you think most #film s of the current decade are about #DNA #survival? Either through #murder or reproductio…

 +  2018-01-15 16:24

Totally #ready. Totally @3M.. ( Yep, #indieFilm requires custom designed #cinema #gear which involves some nasty c…

 +  2018-01-15 15:04

@vinceleclercq @FilmsdeLover Wow! Merci Vincent pour le tuyau!

 +  2018-01-02 22:25

@gak_pdx Oh! Thanks for the tip!

 +  2017-12-29 05:39

@gak_pdx Wow, quite an op! OK, lemme nerd it down. How long was your commute time? :) I just prefer to outsource a…

 +  2017-12-28 19:34

@gak_pdx Even better: order online.

 +  2017-11-27 14:34

Cinema is a team sport.

 +  2017-11-27 14:30

Truth is one but the ways to #truth are many. Which way have you chosen?

 +  2017-11-23 12:53

@TedHope Ha! Spot on. A script is a blueprint, not a bunch C++ files sent to the compiler! The film should be made…

 +  2017-11-23 12:48

Brushless, 85 Nm max… and wirelessly tracked! We’d use several of these, mostly in driver config. Wish all our tool…

 +  2017-11-15 10:57

@BoschPro_UK Sure, thanks!

 +  2017-11-15 09:11

What a disappointment. @BoschPro_UK fail at small details like weak plastic connectors… Yes the vac motor keeps spi…

 +  2017-11-13 05:10

Can someone please explain me the rationale of using several types of #fastener head systems in 1 product? #Allen +…

 +  2017-10-18 12:54

@BoschPro_UK @BoschToolsNA @HITACHITOOLS Thanks! Ideally, we’d need GSR 18 VEC FC body & 90° — but impact, ≈250 Nm,…

 +  2017-10-17 10:45

An idea for #impactDriver #tool with “stop when Nm #torque reached” dial please? @BoschToolsNA @HitachiTools @BoschPro_UK? Like GDX 18 V-EC?

 +  2017-10-08 09:42

@gak_pdx @BWJones Ah come on! Ever been to Tegel?!

 +  2017-10-07 02:58

@Alex4D Ah come on! Any NLE is super easy, compared to say Photoshop or Maya. It’s not a training issue, IMHO. Fear…

 +  2017-10-02 21:09

@atonal440 @gak_pdx Normally you do know what got fragged. Fire, fuel, hydraulics etc. on the A380 are very well mo…

 +  2017-10-01 00:13

@gak_pdx One out of four?! Come on, easy-peasy. Could continue to LAX if no fuel / hydraulics leakage.

 +  2017-09-16 18:50

@katerbland Netti pot (if mild congestion) or nasal vasoconstrictors like Nasivine (if severe congestion — but max…

 +  2017-09-13 13:16

Alas, that #AppleEvent2017 was boring and infantile, lacking improvisation and suspense. Steve would have been appalled. :(

 +  2017-09-10 09:43

Do you manage creatives? Do you know how creativity works? Avoid industrial paradigms…

 +  2017-09-07 17:23

Wishes fulfilled. @SonyProEurope new Venice #film camera shoots in any format imaginable, S35 to full-frame 24x36:

 +  2017-09-05 18:03

@vinceleclercq @GaumontTV @lefilmfrancais Merci pour l’update, je savais pas! Bon courage à Damien. C’est pas simple avec Netflix hors US.

 +  2017-09-04 10:46

@TravisStevens At some point, after a mess of triplicates around the world, I switched to converting mine into .mkv…

 +  2017-08-04 19:33

@IndieWire Disagree. “The Hurt Locker” is way, way better. And “Lone Survivor” is way more realistic… just the first ones off my mind.

 +  2017-07-31 14:19

@naval I’m trilingual, so switch to whichever language is more appropriate. Swearing in RU, for example. None domin…

 +  2017-07-29 05:45

@BoschPro_UK Thanks for the like & RT! While I’ve your attention… is the GAS 20L SFC the smallest / most compact pro corded vacuum you make?

 +  2017-07-23 01:13

@gak_pdx — Don’t know if you’ve watched this @BoschPro_UK destruction mayhem: . A tool-nerd healthy pleasure.

 +  2017-07-10 17:04

Facebook, Instagram, Tinder infinite scroll your #social attention needs into #addiction… like slot machines:

 +  2017-07-05 12:22

@gak_pdx Hey, thanks, didn’t know about them!

 +  2017-06-26 07:17

@DorotaMischka It’s actually one of the best war movies, globally, not only Russian, except for the kitschy studio color inserts.

 +  2017-06-19 16:38

Wow. 10m+ wide #LED screens purpose-built for DCI-spec #cinema theaters. x20 brighter, 1M:1 contrast, 87K hour life:

 +  2017-06-12 18:21

@fandoetlis @SACDParis @LeCNC @TedHope @DelphineErnotte @raduoioioi @maxsaada C’est un chouette gars. Je lui ai env…

 +  2017-06-12 17:49

#Cannes2017 debate about future theatrical, #VOD distribution by @SACDParis & @LeCNC. Mod @fandoetlis. Sadly missin…

 +  2017-06-11 18:52

@TedHope That we haven’t changed as a species and that we need to in order to survive on this rock and enjoy doing so.

 +  2017-06-05 22:55

@gak_pdx Man!! Super-cheap!!

 +  2017-06-04 01:05

@gak_pdx Found?! A kilo of Al ain’t cheap, congrats!!

 +  2017-06-04 01:01

@gak_pdx Well, the block of Al itself is beautiful, and when you think of all the electricity that went into its making…

 +  2017-05-30 23:39

So… uhm… the #distribution certificate for any #film in Russia will now cost 80’000 EUR per film. That includes my future #indieFilm’s.

 +  2017-05-30 20:31

@FastCompany Love that title!!

 +  2017-05-30 16:07

Very detailed interesting #UX comparison of @GoogleMaps (which I love) vs #AppleMaps through time by @justinOBeirne

 +  2017-05-29 16:28

Fear of #failure and greed are the main reasons the big US #film studios struggle. Excellent article by @theDougBag

 +  2017-05-29 00:24

@gak_pdx @Microplane @bialetti_it Interesting. I never considered super-alloys from the sharpness in time perspecti…

 +  2017-05-28 21:23

@gak_pdx @Microplane @bialetti_it Cheap. What’s yours? I know we’re both tool nerds.

 +  2017-05-28 21:22

@gak_pdx @Microplane @bialetti_it Kyocera FK-140-WH-BK currently my favorite. Just the right size of blade height &…

 +  2017-05-27 22:45

I’m amazed how quickly I take simple things — #ceramic knives, #induction stove, @Microplane & @Bialetti_it — for granted… until I have none

 +  2017-05-27 16:26

Of course it’s nice to have your back covered by someone like @FrancoiseNyssen , doing the rounds with the same…

 +  2017-05-21 21:16

@LabadieLePacte TAFDAC!!

 +  2017-05-16 15:02

The current @Apple #MacBookPro’s keyboard is super loud, even in a #TGV speeding towards #Cannes2017. 3 seats away! Glad I have previous v.

 +  2017-05-12 00:24

@boyer2626 @LabadieLePacte Vraiment devenu 1 discussion des best of the best. J’aimerais bien voir tous réunis IRL…

 +  2017-05-10 15:34

#Film comrades, who would like to meet IRL at #Cannes2017? Will be there May 17-25. Mornings at #Producer Network.…

 +  2017-05-09 17:36

2 things I wish people did in #international #business #correspondence: currency abbr (USD, EUR, RUB) and empty line breaks (shift+enter).

 +  2017-05-07 19:58

Good @IndieWire article: @AmazonStudios investment in #indieFilm under @TedHope initiative. Historical perspective.

 +  2017-04-23 23:29

@LabadieLePacte Ha, oui, effectivement! Belle parallèle. :)

 +  2017-04-20 16:57

@gak_pdx Yep, or at least, Pozidriv!

 +  2017-04-13 09:39

@bchesky Short distance? Pressurized variant of V22 Osprey, point to point. Long distance: @GulfstreamAero G650ER +…

 +  2017-04-10 23:01

I always knew my 20+ career of a specialized generalist was the right, future-proof choice. :)

 +  2017-03-30 18:58

Despite logic, I still feel unreasonably sad about the fact that people without reason can’t be reasoned with:

 +  2017-03-29 12:14

@naval An emotion is a reaction to the lack of correct information. Faute de mieux. Imagine how emotionless you’d feel knowing everything.

 +  2017-03-28 11:57

@jgrahamc — Book ASAP. :D

 +  2017-03-27 10:29

“Have a caliber where you can have depth, width, height and strength.” — Siri Singh Sahib

 +  2017-03-17 19:12

Scathing, true overview of some of the reasons #France hasn’t given the world a historic #film #director in 30 years

 +  2017-02-23 12:51

Is there a #method for #teaching #logic and #rhetoric to #illogical and confused adults? Or is it too late? Any research on this?

 +  2017-02-22 07:04

@airfrance — Thanks again! One of the results of that cloudy winter #flight to the @Berlinale #film #festival :

 +  2017-02-21 02:33

@ameliaboone You look too kind. I put on a crazy-yogi-in-samadhi face to do hatha in front of the boarding gate without the mat. No talk. :D

 +  2017-02-14 05:13

Oh the #fear of other human beings, however fabulous their achievements, with every sneeze and cough of #Berlinale.

 +  2017-02-07 14:26

@airfrance Merci! Appreciate it. Hope the sun won’t overpower on starboard side. Same flight from port side:

 +  2017-02-07 12:41

@airfrance If you like free professional photos of your flights on social media, port-side seats 24A to 28A are best. Normally chosen myself

 +  2017-02-07 12:36

@airfrance Would you be so kind as to change it to window seat please? Seat selection was automatic, disregarded my pref in your FFlyer prog

 +  2017-02-07 12:01

@airfrance Oh, “Receive a discount of at least 20% by purchasing an additional Baggage Option now” is actually 0%. Qu’est-ce qui se passe?

 +  2017-02-07 11:45

@airfrance Why tomorrow’s CDG-TXL AF1834 says Seat selection is not available?! Got a 31C! No free promo to you like

 +  2017-02-04 17:14

@GuyLodge — I’m not serious, of course. Amid all the grave politics, your tweet made me laugh so I laughed back. :D

 +  2017-02-04 17:08

@GuyLodge — Ha ha, well, that’s the weight of responsible journalism. Better to stand by your words. :D

 +  2017-01-31 20:56

Great results 1 year after #French tax rebate reform for #film #production. @IledeFranceFilm event with Nolan’s lin…

 +  2017-01-31 12:41

Who’s planning to attend the @Berlinale #film #festival? Let’s meet IRL.

 +  2017-01-26 17:19

Coldest #India related event I’ve been to: #film #co-production, tax breaks, team issues by @industrie_reve. -5C ou…

 +  2016-12-28 18:53

@gak_pdx That’s the way pilots are trained. Remain calm and fly (or die) politely. It’s also a good stress-management trick I’ve always used

 +  2016-12-26 12:43

A short and eloquent sum-up of the state of mainstream #film today . Sequels and reboots rule… #originality sleeps.

 +  2016-12-26 12:37

@nyindieguy — Ha! Always forward-looking, Ira! Couldn’t agree more. See you in Berlin?

 +  2016-11-29 12:58

@GuyLodge — Perfectly unreasonable, in line with most arguments for Brexit… so, no dissonance.

 +  2016-11-28 14:53

@nyindieguy — Excellent analysis, as always. I’m serious.

 +  2016-11-25 17:55

“The most basic, rudimentary spiritual need of the #Russian people is the need for suffering, ever-present and unquenchable” — #Dostoyevsky

 +  2016-11-21 12:46

Wow! Anhui Xinke New Materials acquires 80% of Chartier’s #semi-indieFilm Voltage Pictures:

 +  2016-11-21 06:01

Hmm… a very possible link / symmetry between periods + motives and #Feynman diagrams’ structure + final #amplitude:

 +  2016-11-14 16:37

The only— big —problem with the excellent #Krishnamurti is his voluntary omission of practicality and methods. #Philosophy without action.

 +  2016-11-09 15:46

@remiburah — Tu parles!

 +  2016-11-07 16:08

Watched @T2Trainspotting trailer and realized almost 20 years of my own #work passed. 2 months till a #20-year-pro

 +  2016-11-04 19:25

The MacDongle present and future.

 +  2016-10-31 16:07

“The essence of #normality is the refusal of #reality” — Ernest Becker.

 +  2016-10-18 10:31

Most people are loathe to admit their own natural inability to stand #alone in #freedom, wired for #interdependence.

 +  2016-10-07 22:54

@GuyLodge — Err… that review reads as a mis-typed film title. Not a single racy scene in the original!

 +  2016-09-18 18:53

@GuyLodge—I see your point. I’ve a tendency to escape to the city in Venice or St Raphael in Cannes. Not as tied to screenings as you are :)

 +  2016-09-16 09:58

@GuyLodge — Hmm… interesting, thanks. Perhaps I’m very partial to Venice, most gorgeous city-museum in my opinion.

 +  2016-09-16 09:12

@GuyLodge — Oh, what do you mean by “gorgeous festival”? The setting? The people? The films’ line-up?

 +  2016-09-16 08:09

1 of the best books on #business, #society & #entrepreneurship I’ve read. Sharp & inspiring

 +  2016-09-15 07:22

For those still #skeptical about #climateChange, something visual from @NASA —and yeah, a few degrees is a BIG deal:

 +  2016-09-14 11:14

People executing employers’ rules blindly will be the first replaced by narrow #AI, a comforting thought… #security, #transport, borders.

 +  2016-09-11 21:21

@waitbutwhy — Depends on how you define “understand”. We can compute a lot of stuff we don’t understand explicitly (brains wired for 3D).

 +  2016-09-10 15:10

Certain Women—a certainly desolate, certainly slow, certainly unbeautiful #film about the empty lives of certain #women in certain MT USA.

 +  2016-09-08 15:08

The 3 stages of an #artist: 1) talented 2) #genius / #cult 3) #divine

 +  2016-09-07 03:05

Wait, I’m 36 and have only now discovered the Gödel’s #incompleteness theorems?! It should have been taught to me in #school!

 +  2016-09-05 21:34

@vrizov — Hmm… Causal sex is an interesting idea. Sex for a Cause?

 +  2016-09-05 15:38

Something I’ve implemented a while ago in my #film teams — add #women for a smarter, calmer #set: (50/50 works best)

 +  2016-09-04 14:28

@GuyLodge — Oh, that AirBnB image is an odd, but very interesting metaphor, thanks!

 +  2016-09-02 18:52

I wonder, why are #humans so #noisy? Were we always like that? Is it a feature of the #agricultural epoch? Most urbanites scare all prey.

 +  2016-08-29 09:33

@gak_pdx — Agree 100%.

 +  2016-08-28 06:07

@bonniegillespie — I have 4 born on the 4th, including @Anais_Bertrand. You should get together… at TIFF, maybe? Or Berlin? Or Cannes?

 +  2016-08-07 18:10

@GuyLodge — Nice enfilade!

 +  2016-08-06 23:39

@demokratiedoc — I’d say the biggest factor is food. Skin is just a way to purge the nasty stuff that got through the intestinal barrier.

 +  2016-08-06 22:43

Any #dermatologist’s out here? Why people (actors in my case) have more pimples on torso than on face? Lack of torso masks? #Inattention?

 +  2016-08-04 20:21

@vrizov — Ha ha, well, we might meet at @TIFF_NET and “battle, to the last” :D. Though I might also have a shooting schedule conflict :/ .

 +  2016-08-04 20:15

@vrizov — I thought it was quite nombrilistic, an ode to living for small pleasures, spoilt by an equally empty and pointless Inc.

 +  2016-08-04 12:06

@jgrahamc — Ha ha, yeah, that’d be a smart move :D.

 +  2016-08-04 12:05

Best 1-liner if your remote #sound system plays #iTunes: #ssh @user192.168.1.1 ’osascript -e “tell application ”iTunes“ to play”’

 +  2016-08-01 21:03

@demokratiedoc—Exactly. But audiences complain about info #mismatch. BtoC link is still missing. The revolution will be in realtime matching

 +  2016-08-01 18:10

I’ll keep repeating: most difficult is to get #movie seen… not made. 60% of #film ticket price spent on #advertising

 +  2016-08-01 07:13

@documentarysite — I’d rephrase that as “Don’t make films about people you’re neutral to.” Only strong feelings.

 +  2016-08-01 07:11

@documentarysite — Of course. And you had 80 characters left to clarify that ;).

 +  2016-08-01 05:27

@documentarysite — Uhm… An Inconvenient Truth, Bowling for Columbine, Inside Job, The Act of Killing?

 +  2016-07-30 10:09

@vrizov — Wow, on apprend tous les jours avec toi, Vadim!

 +  2016-07-30 01:55

@trim_obey — :D, OK, how about @Elysium ?

 +  2016-07-29 20:17

@EchoChamberClub — Ha, I’d agree, but for small scale only. It’s unfeasible at Google’s or Facebook scale, which was my original tweet :).

 +  2016-07-29 15:37

True #confidence is earned by continuous action, leading to #mistakes, adjustments and finally achievement of set goals, AKA #success.

 +  2016-07-28 18:45

@EchoChamberClub — I’m in Paris, Geneva, Moscow, LA, NYC… Thanks, but I meant the automatic algos, not the curated content like yours ;).

 +  2016-07-28 06:28

@vrizov — Oh! I see. Thanks!! I stopped drinking in 2003, so haven’t used a bar tab for a while, kinda evaporated. Love the sea metaphor!

 +  2016-07-28 06:24

I can’t wait any longer for @Google and @Facebook to offer #bias #disconfirmation #algorithm’s, at least as an option vs the #echoChamber.

 +  2016-07-24 18:50

@TedHope — Build testing protocols and feedback loops. Agile Software paradigms work best. Test early, test often.

 +  2016-07-23 21:57

@WIRED — Ahm… you meant “gOdot”?

 +  2016-07-20 19:16

@jgrahamc — Jeez, where are you?!

 +  2016-07-20 15:38

Screening my #documentary feature #indieFilm about #DJ’ing @PeacockSociety #techno #festival

 +  2016-07-20 06:39

@vrizov — Ha! Bon courage, mon gars!

 +  2016-07-20 06:38

@gak_pdx — Heroic act of positivism, I have to say and bow.

 +  2016-07-19 16:07

Lemmy repeat: difference between male and female #brain’s is more cultural than biological:

 +  2016-07-18 11:22

Debate after screening my @PeacockSociety: @PatrickThevenin, @Arnaud_Wyart, @EdBangerRecords

 +  2016-07-17 20:49

@TedHope — Artists don’t create for a reason (inspiration, transcendence, meaning), but out of necessity, in my & colleagues’ experience.

 +  2016-07-11 13:32

My feature #film Kvadrat on #techno #DJ’ing to be screened in Paris, on Jul 15+16 @PeacockSociety festival. Details:

 +  2016-07-10 15:20

Has anyone calculated the percentage of people living on the planet with a clear, in-actioned #purpose? Any #stats?

 +  2016-07-09 17:15

.@Amazon Prime Video now has 4 times as many #film’s as @Netflix, including @TheMatrix:

 +  2016-07-09 17:08

@TedHope — Wohoo! Nice move, congrats to the entire team!

 +  2016-07-04 15:04

Short, fun, to-the-point advice on being a better #creative pro. #Writing, #film… anything artistic: —Tested & true

 +  2016-07-02 19:36

@maryjaneskalski — “Quotidian”? Jee, didn’t know the French “quotidien” had such a direct translation in English, thanks!

 +  2016-07-02 19:34

@CarloChatrian — Wow! Quite an upgrade! Kudos!

 +  2016-07-01 19:12

@jgrahamc Ha! Yes indeed.

 +  2016-06-27 15:50

Do you think #meaning produces an #emotion? Or, absence of meaning (#information) produces an emotion?

 +  2016-06-23 07:02

Amateur #photographer’s… stop hoping #photography lessons from pros will help. You either don’t shoot enough or your #talent is elsewhere.

 +  2016-06-21 23:37

@gak_pdx — How about Sweden?

 +  2016-06-21 02:17

@LAMisoSoup @THR — Folding @BromptonBicycle any day. 55 mins. 1 hr is the cut-off circle for me. Bu to Pasadena is a bit too far ;).

 +  2016-06-17 12:37

@jgrahamc Yep, but it’s artificial. Like “oil painting is better than watercolor cause it’s slower”. Or Capote denigrating Kerouac typing ;)

 +  2016-06-17 10:28

@jgrahamc — Totally! I don’t get it when people write by hand, with shrewd pride. I/O bottleneck.

 +  2016-06-16 03:13

@elonmusk — Persist! Iterate, keep the hope. Any way to model it better in software?

 +  2016-06-13 12:11

To live meaningfully is to be at perpetual #risk and outside of the #comfort zone. What is the risk for you?

 +  2016-06-10 15:34

“Running a start-up” —or an #indiefilm —“is like eating glass and staring into the abyss”— @WestCoastBill — But I still think it’s worth it.

 +  2016-06-09 17:40

@TedHope — Yep, very nice of them to share it. By the way, the presentation you’d been straining your neck to see:

 +  2016-06-09 14:36

( the detailed numbers of the @EuAvObservatory presentation available here: )

 +  2016-06-09 14:30

Great #Euro #film distribution conf by @EuAvObservatory at #Cannes2016 with always good @MichaelGubbins & @TedHope:

 +  2016-06-07 12:35

@TedHope 1) personal relationship (know the people) 2) concrete before / after examples 3) metrics (financiers love numbers!)

 +  2016-06-02 05:57

The new @Panavision #8K DXL #film #camera looks quite good, esp. with the Primo 70 line lenses: . #Steadicam ready.

 +  2016-05-29 07:59

@RoyPrice — Mmm… 1) rest on laurels syndrome 2) most local US consumers can’t compare (and complain) 3) Asian OCD culture 4) oil pricing

 +  2016-05-27 15:37

People are so busy from high school to retirement… have no time to search for the #meaning / #purpose of their life until it’s too late.

 +  2016-05-26 15:13

Le look of #sleepDeprived #film #director / #producer at #Cannes2016 #premiere. Collector’s item. I avoid #redCarpet

 +  2016-05-24 17:46

#KeepCalm and let the #Swiss guy handle it. Although the font should have been #Helvetica ;).

 +  2016-05-23 21:06

@nyindieguy — Yep, I already told you it was great. It really was a good summary, the key points.

 +  2016-05-23 12:07

I hope today is the last day to be woken by the #Cannes2016 #alarmClock. #IndieFilm in #Paris sure is mellow, right?

 +  2016-05-22 23:47

I think #KenLoach’s “#IDanielBlake” Palme at #Cannes2016 is well-derserved. One of his best, with #RiffRaff. A so-so selection this year.

 +  2016-05-18 20:48

#VoD #distribution conference by @LeCNC with @Amazon… excellent intro by @nyIndieGuy. Weird questions from public.

 +  2016-05-18 20:45

@benoitdanard — Merci pour le portrait ;-).

 +  2016-05-15 15:23

#Sleep positions of different #indiefilm crew members, by @HiramArista. Even more relevant during #Cannes2016

 +  2016-05-14 23:48

@TedHope — Congrats!

 +  2016-05-14 03:00

Well, @kenloach69 stays true to himself. Just seen a premiere of #IDanielBlake at #Cannes2016. Bleak but important #film on #UK #society.

 +  2016-05-12 07:41

#Cannes2016… Kinda #rise and kinda #shine.

 +  2016-05-06 14:29

@vrizov — Жалко. Maybe just before @TIFF_NET? I should fly in NYC before it, well, should as in “if things go as planned”.

 +  2016-05-06 14:26

@gak_pdx — I’ll feign the starving artist situation as a reply ;).

 +  2016-05-06 08:17

@nycscout — Grab it ASAP till supplies last!

 +  2016-05-05 15:07

#Materialism takes root in early #childhood, driven mainly by low self-esteem — @UChicago’s L.N. Chaplin & D.R. John 2007 #research

 +  2016-05-04 15:50

@gak_pdx—Honestly, I kinda don’t see me with that. Here’s me back in the day. Still the same behind-elbow tuck today

 +  2016-05-04 00:14

@gak_pdx — Cool, man! I’m still waiting to try out the whole concept, have been shooting with a Zenit strap for 20 years :D.

 +  2016-05-01 18:19

@ellardent — Test with yet another new sofa :). Return if negative.

 +  2016-05-01 18:18

@TedHope — They can learn the rather standard Anglo-Saxon practice of 1 film = 1 LLC. And that company names can be fun :).

 +  2016-04-28 17:10

So what is the #world, according to #quantumMechanics? It’s a bunch of “first-person” points of view:

 +  2016-04-28 16:08

Who are we, as #filmmaker’s? “The story of #mankind.” That’s what we are. — Jiddu #Krishnamurti —

 +  2016-04-28 14:51

@udggearcom — Thanks! Here’s the whole thing, almost 2 hours of UDG and #vinyl love:

 +  2016-04-28 02:08

I’d add: “can you take naps, clear your mind, reset it into ‘default mode’ and fall asleep?”

 +  2016-04-27 15:37

#Human beings aren’t wired to be #comfortable. We’re wired to #work & take #action. 8 signs you’re doing it wrong:

 +  2016-04-21 19:00

@TedHope — Woohoo, it’s some serious revving up recently, Ted, kudos to you and everyone at Amazon Studios! See you @Festival_Cannes.

 +  2016-04-20 03:50

@jes_chastain @AngelenoMag — Of course we do, but why did you guys have to choose the least realistic way to hold a rangefinder? :/

 +  2016-04-18 08:47

When would you like to meet at @Festival_Cannes? It’ll be busy :). Let’s schedule. Please me

 +  2016-04-16 19:52

@dom_at_bellota — Hey, thanks! Will definitely have a look, being a runner myself.

 +  2016-04-08 13:27

At #France-Brazil #film coproduction round-table in Paris with @LeCNC. IMO all #BRIC countries function similarly ;)

 +  2016-04-08 07:35

@gak_pdx—The winner’s hubris, ya know. Sad, but happens all the time through human history. Steve was kinda the antidote to that, sometimes.

 +  2016-04-06 19:08

Wow. OK, I need to audit this calmly, but potentially great news for the non-techies I talk to.

 +  2016-04-06 14:40

@gak_pdx — Oh man, don’t get me started on the iPhone :D.

 +  2016-04-06 14:39

@gak_pdx @venunarla — OK, we agree on this one :D. It just needs to be clear and budgeted up front (money / time / people). No surprises!

 +  2016-04-06 14:34

@gak_pdx @venunarla —Personally, I don’t think it’s in the “perceivable” category. More of a subconscious “feel”. Helvetica vs Haas Grotesk?

 +  2016-04-06 14:30

@gak_pdx @venunarla You mean “back-of-the-fence obsession’s fine if you have the budget for it / aim for the high-end, otherwise, it’s bad?”

 +  2016-04-06 14:25

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Thanks! Read it. Yes, agree with Ben Einstein. Similar to how things happen in other industries.

 +  2016-04-06 14:17

@gak_pdx @venunarla — My opinion is back of the fence painting is worth mostly for the team, for the pride. I write PHP/SQL no-one sees.

 +  2016-04-06 14:14

@gak_pdx @venunarla — That’s weird. Apple didn’t start out perfect and flawless.

 +  2016-04-06 14:13

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Smart design == a lot more than just detail obsession :D (taste, ergonomics, prototyping, iteration, testing, etc.)

 +  2016-04-06 14:09

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Ah, yes, that, I totally agree with. Bad idea. It’s like shooting Star Wars with 1 M budget. Something’s got to give.

 +  2016-04-06 14:07

@gak_pdx @venunarla — It’s subtle, and yes, maybe not worth it. But then, what’s worth it to you / your team /subcont? This should be clear.

 +  2016-04-06 14:05

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Maybe detail-obsession should be spelled out before the start of the project? I do with mine, plan and budget for it.

 +  2016-04-06 14:04

@gak_pdx @venunarla — It didn’t ruin the film, though.

 +  2016-04-06 14:04

@gak_pdx @venunarla Like Tarkovski asking to remove dandelions from a Stalker scene, invisible to the camera, but “felt” subliminaly.

 +  2016-04-06 13:58

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Oh! Late decisions? No, that’s a bad idea. You’re either fussy from the start or you’re not, it should be clear.

 +  2016-04-06 13:56

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Sorry about that, I may be misinterpreting something you say.

 +  2016-04-06 13:55

@gak_pdx @venunarla — OK, let’s get back on track. We’re talking about the approach to manufacturing and design, the processes, right?

 +  2016-04-06 13:54

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Well, as you said earlier, it really depends on the product / service. Plus the end-goal. Survive or excel?

 +  2016-04-06 13:52

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Agree. However, it’s so much easier to sell low _or_ high end products than mid-range.

 +  2016-04-06 13:48

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Well, yes, mediocrity prevails any day, law of large numbers, stats average, entropy et al. Not newsworthy :D.

 +  2016-04-06 13:44

@gak_pdx @venunarla — Agree. Also depends on the culture. In Switzerland, craftsmanship / repairability / insides are part of the norm.

 +  2016-04-06 13:42

@gak_pdx @venunarla — The first one, sure. The subsequent releases flooding the market? Less sure ;). Buyer segmentation, nothing fancy.

 +  2016-04-05 16:38

@venunarla @gak_pdx I admit I know little about Nest’s processes, so I might not be best for a debate. In film, these hidden details matter.

 +  2016-04-05 15:58

@gak_pdx — Agree on the delays and costs. Disagree on morale. How else do you get high-end results? Cosmetic outsides aren’t enough, right?

 +  2016-04-05 12:28

@gak_pdx — Why?

 +  2016-04-04 19:22

Competition to @Canon 17-120, albeit opening at 3,5 vs 2,95 at the wide end. I love options. Next: weatherproofing!

 +  2016-04-04 10:10

@tferriss — Ask the parents (who have even more trouble letting go of books) to adopt them :D. I gave paper-books to my dad, kept digitals.

 +  2016-04-01 13:50

@benoitdanard — Merci pour l’info de l’event, Benoît.

 +  2016-03-31 12:23

@gak_pdx — Agree on the Sinn, although I find the more legible and practical worldwide.

 +  2016-03-30 15:38

Remember — scientia potentia est — #knowledge is unrealized potential. Results come out of applied #power, #action directed by #knowledge ;)

 +  2016-03-27 00:41

@goldsmith_f — Merci! Y’aurait de quoi faire…

 +  2016-03-25 14:27

@sharonwaxman @TheWrap — That’s so cute ;).

 +  2016-03-25 01:46

@gak_pdx — The Producers, the Studio… at least, I hope so. At least, money-making wise good :D.

 +  2016-03-22 15:42

#Documentary producers debate (negotiate :) with @VinceLeclercq of @LeCNC @CinemaDuReel moderated by @Dom_at_Bellota

 +  2016-03-22 07:14

@gak_pdx — Well, you can, but only when knowing the shrewd reasons behind the US “investment” in Iraq (of both money & people) ;).

 +  2016-03-21 15:30

@zeldman — Mmm… yeah, imagine @IMDb re-asking us all the image files for each film, in higher res, to even remotely making it happen.

 +  2016-03-21 10:52

@dom_at_bellota — Yep, meet you there.

 +  2016-03-21 08:04

Most people mistake #pleasure for #happiness. Once you get the differences between the 2, you’ll move much closer to the latter ;).

 +  2016-03-20 20:07

@TedHope—Got one ready for you. 92 pages. Adventure biopic about a Euro photog, shot in RU FR DE. In English. Mix of Mirror & Trainspotting.

 +  2016-03-20 20:01

@jess — Na, still better than Seattle.

 +  2016-03-19 17:24

@binelange — On se croise au @CinemaDuReel?

 +  2016-03-19 16:58

Have seen a crazy-beautiful 1-woman camera crew #indiefilm #documentary by @TerraTreme1 on #ballet @Cinemadureel:

 +  2016-03-19 05:57

@Anton_Bauer — Arf, no, really, I prefer the old-style HC / HCX. Much more compact.

 +  2016-03-18 15:24

So weird. @Google selling @BostonDynamics less than 3 years after buying it? What were they thinking in the first place?

 +  2016-03-17 15:48

Brutal but 100% true. Why #creative #artist’s say “no” to most things / people: —Sorry for my own delays and “nos”!

 +  2016-03-15 21:27

Haven’t tested them myself yet, but these 1-sided @ORgear pseudo-gloves look awesome for #crack #climbing:

 +  2016-03-15 15:07

Who’s going to the @CinemaDuReel #documentary #film #festival in #Paris, March 18-27? I’ll be there. Let’s meet!

 +  2016-03-14 03:41

@katherinefugate — Uhm… I replace mine only when they self-decompose from bacteriosis. My focus is elsewhere, I guess :D.

 +  2016-03-07 15:38

Symbolic #art helped us outcompete every other hominin species on #Earth: — by @BBCEarth’s @MelissaSuzanneh

 +  2016-03-06 21:45

@gak_pdx — Shit happens.

 +  2016-03-04 20:07

@gak_pdx — Yeah, they do excellent optics-cleaning cloth + liquid combos as well (Kimwipes). Industry standard.

 +  2016-02-23 15:38

Andrew Weatherall: “The basic need for transcendence is part of human condition and has been for thousands of years”

 +  2016-02-23 07:34

@treeandbear — Oh yeah, happened to me so many times. Mind-over-body control.

 +  2016-02-23 00:40

Something’s wrong with this #system.

 +  2016-02-18 14:37

@gak_pdx — Of course, that’s the Swiss minimalist craziness :).

 +  2016-02-18 14:17

@goodinaroom Excellent advice about excellent scripts. However I guess most want to know how non-excellent content gets a meeting & green ;)

 +  2016-02-14 02:59

@alispagnola—Hmm, thanks for the tip! I forgot this one, did similar variations in Soviet school. Amazing how different my perception is now

 +  2016-02-11 22:46

@gak_pdx — Yes, and I think it’s due to the generalized “abuse of power” bias in humans. The WC janitors love to boss around in similar way.

 +  2016-02-10 15:30

@DaveVescio — Brown ;).

 +  2016-02-09 16:38

Low on #brain #glucose? I love these pouches of non-spoiling, quick-to-digest #mango puree:

 +  2016-02-08 16:28

Surprisingly succinct 15 differences between ordinary and #successful (high-achieving) people: —I agree with most ;)

 +  2016-02-03 19:42

Oh shit. I walked right into a @Variety article photo at @IleDeFranceFilm event: — Sorry!

 +  2016-02-03 19:10

Ahem… Side-by-side comparison of 17 scenes of @RevenantMovie with scenes from Andrey Tarkovsky’s #film’s:

 +  2016-02-02 16:01

@AFARfiction — J’arrive dans 30 minutes pour en rajouter :D.

 +  2016-02-02 13:54

Wow, this email from @Relativity’s Kavanaugh to @Netflix’s Sarandos is ugly: — must-read if you’re in #indiefilm

 +  2016-02-01 16:47

OK, I think I’ve got it. Best #film’s are made by #masochist’s. Who else would choose to live in #LA or #Moscow? :D

 +  2016-01-30 06:54

@jspector @Larakate — Hmm, maybe because Twitter is shorter and somehow feels less barrier-ed? I get better conversations here.

 +  2016-01-30 06:35

@fitnessinpost—Oh, thanks! Interesting! Haven’t heard about TBC Consoles. Which model do you have? They have huge flight-control like stuff.

 +  2016-01-30 06:24

@gak_pdx - :) Physics is physics. I thought brake fluid was special, before trying Fairy liquid soap as a makeshift alternative.

 +  2016-01-27 02:09

@fitnessinpost @Adamski I sense the connoisseur! Actually both! @IKEA sells motorized stand-sit Galant for certain countries. What do u use?

 +  2016-01-26 08:34

Excellent, broad interview of Zygmunt Bauman. Failure of #democracy, #regionalism, interdependence, #socialMedia:

 +  2016-01-25 19:25

@Adamski — I have Bowflex 1090 under the editing table, so, instead of waiting on @Facebook… I’m improving #steadicam form and stamina!

 +  2016-01-25 19:19

@Adamski—Had to use short but imprecise term. Ingest / lib mgmt take most time. But 15 min isn’t so long. Enough for upper-body low-reps :D.

 +  2016-01-25 15:47

Don’t want to go to the #gym? Don’t! Buy a set of adjustable dumbbells, a bench and lift at home! I #exercice while waiting #FCPX to render.

 +  2016-01-23 16:12

@gak_pdx — Yep, @Leica_camera has completely missed the digital turn. Similar to @Kodak. None of the 1950’s avant-garde thinking.

 +  2016-01-23 16:01

@gak_pdx @Zappos_Service—Handling is almost the same wherever you ship, invoicing is auto, customs are a customer’s concern. I’m OK to pay.

 +  2016-01-23 15:58

@gak_pdx @Zappos_Service Well, @BHPhotoVideo’s been shipping to us in Europe since 1998. Zero problems both ways with @UPS. Orders over 20K.

 +  2016-01-23 15:51

So, it’s 2016 and @Zappos_Service still does not ship to #Europe?! Unbelievable.

 +  2016-01-21 23:38

Less than 3% of #indiefilm submitted got selected for @SundanceFest. Out of 4000+ features. Imagine watching them all in 1 year, 11 a day!

 +  2016-01-21 01:42

Finally! According to @Uber, starting tomorrow 08:00, pick-ups directly at the @flyLAXairport will work! Hope it’s not another false start!

 +  2016-01-15 17:02

@goodinaroom — Agree that it has little to do with Blake Snyder and everything to do with marketability (pleasing huge crowds for sales).

 +  2016-01-15 09:23

This is big. Although the #consolidation in our lives and businesses is quite scary.

 +  2016-01-11 03:06

@bonniegillespie — It’s kinda weird, knowing that @Amazon is behind, with their much hyped AWS.

 +  2016-01-08 11:48

Happy #birthday, Roy! Hope Denis doesn’t mess up la suite.

 +  2016-01-06 14:38

Combined, @UniversalPics and @DisneyStudios controlled 41% of US #film market and 1/3 of global grosses in 2015:

 +  2016-01-05 19:56

@FlySWISS — Thanks!

 +  2016-01-05 16:47

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A340 on #final to #LAX with view on the tiny #LosAngeles #downtown set amid the urban #sprawl:

 +  2016-01-04 07:42

Maybe what you #want isn’t what you want? Stop #fantasizing and ask what is the #pain that you want to sustain?

 +  2016-01-03 17:37

@lucbesson — Have fun! (bon, c’est rarement simple un tournage, mais plus c’est dur, plus on s’amuse, hein? :)

 +  2015-12-28 16:08

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A340 turning back to #LAX over #WeingartStadium with view to #Pomona, #PicoRivera & #Downey

 +  2015-12-22 03:10

Really happy for @SpaceX and @ElonMusk! That’s the way to do it: #dream, #prototype, build, fail, improve, repeat, succeed. Take 3… #Action!

 +  2015-12-21 16:47

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A340 crossing the #PacificOcean #coast above #SantaMonica with view on #MarinaDelRey and #LAX

 +  2015-12-18 02:40

My favorite #acronym of the month: RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly), read in one of @ElonMusk posts:

 +  2015-12-15 08:14

Probably the best “all in one place” article about #ArtificialIntelligence, its #future implications and timeline:

 +  2015-12-14 15:17

Just a reminder about the main #indiefilm #projectManagement paradigm (which applies to any #project, really):

 +  2015-12-12 04:18

I admit @Vons_Pavilions’s 24/7 shopping experience wins over @coop_CH & @CarrefourFrance, although product choice (taste) could be improved.

 +  2015-12-09 22:50

@FlySWISS — Danke!

 +  2015-12-09 22:49

@fromthehip Well, @JustTheTip is not too bad for a 16-hour flight! ;-)

 +  2015-12-09 16:04

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A340 flying over #Greenland at the fringe of night and day, while en route from #ZRH to #LAX:

 +  2015-12-08 18:11

@chrismcquarrie — Also agree about the attitude. I used both Macs and PCs, shot both film and digital. We should be pragmatic, not dogmatic.

 +  2015-12-08 18:09

@chrismcquarrie—Agree about the nostalgia / feeling of loss. I felt it when @Kodak filed for 11, even though I had already converted.

 +  2015-12-08 18:07

@chrismcquarrie—To me (and not only), shooting film today is going the extra mile, hence my initial wondering. Esp at night (Vienna, London)

 +  2015-12-08 18:05

@chrismcquarrie—When you say “film’s not hard to use”, do you compare with digital? Exa: a @Panavision on a steadicam is heavier than a RED.

 +  2015-12-08 18:01

@chrismcquarrie — To my eyes, the blacks is the main weakness of film, look at what happened in Green Zone. Kodachrome was cool, though.

 +  2015-12-08 17:57

@chrismcquarrie—I always thought of both as tools, and whichever works best depends on taste and prod style (nimble vs deliberately slow).

 +  2015-12-08 17:54

@chrismcquarrie—OK about the invaluables of digital. I agree about the mechanical shutter. What do you think about @Elysium post-prod grain?

 +  2015-12-08 16:42

@chrismcquarrie—What were the film’s invaluables to you (other than highlights and grain)? Yep, I know about your use of the Alexa XT & 65.

 +  2015-12-08 16:36

@chrismcquarrie @gjlewis10 My original tweet was wondering about your choice given today’s tech, not arguing. Night scenes, action, bikes…

 +  2015-12-08 16:33

@chrismcquarrie—I’ve never rushed to bury a tool I’ve used since 1997. The pros dissapeared for _me_ in 2011. I think _your_ result is great

 +  2015-12-08 16:23

@LordOfSwede—Sure, but in my opinion, the current tech allows smaller, nimbler setups, especially for night scenes and anything that moves.

 +  2015-12-08 16:22

@chrismcquarrie—I respect your choice and did say “whatever works”. What were the pros for you? I switched from film for ISO, size & speed.

 +  2015-12-08 16:04

Still cant wrap my head around @ChrisMcQuarrie having #shot @MissionFilm on #film. Prod hassle. @MadMaxMovie’s smarter. Well, whatever works

 +  2015-12-07 16:53

@pheek — Go for it JP!

 +  2015-12-07 16:52

@FlySWISS — Bitte Sehr! Always at your service.

 +  2015-12-07 15:59

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A320 casts its own #shadow on the #clouds below while en route from #GVA to #ZRH:

 +  2015-11-30 15:02

For those whom I haven’t met IRL, @BromptonBicycle has a video about how I #bike to work #worldwide, including #LA:

 +  2015-11-26 20:13

@FlySWISS — Thank you for the beautiful #livery! I love our flag and #SwissDesign in general.

 +  2015-11-26 15:37

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A320 right above #cloud cover after a 180° turn from runway 23 at #GVA en route to #ZRH:

 +  2015-11-25 17:14

After 20 years of tasting #food and #drink in #America, I’d say it’s about the extremes: too cold, too hot, too salty, too sweet :D.

 +  2015-11-25 11:39

Night-time rainy #glitz on asphalt mirrors of #LA, the city’s rare moments of #clarity and scents.

 +  2015-11-24 16:08

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A320 breaks through #clouds after #GVA #takeoff en route to #ZRH with view on #GrandSaconnex:

 +  2015-11-23 09:34

Dear @SoundCloud… you might want to analyze your users’ favs before serving ads. No, I don’t listen to @KramerGirl #country songs. Argh!

 +  2015-11-20 17:38

My @FlySWISS #Airbus #A320—upgraded with #Sharklets—enters low #cloud ceiling just after #takeoff from #GVA #airport

 +  2015-11-20 17:08

Is it just me, or do you also think wearing #sunglasses during a #meeting outside is #impolite and hinders #eyecontact? Maybe a US-thing?

 +  2015-11-20 07:07

@FlySWISS—Watch my feature film shot with and about SWISS: (mostly Airbus and Avro, though, check the end-titles :)

 +  2015-11-20 03:16

@hurlbutvisuals—Great! Non-stop? If yes, do you mind if I drop by on set to say hi, please? (I could also volunteer as 30 mins backup op :P)

 +  2015-11-20 03:09

@FlySWISS — When is “soon” :D ?

 +  2015-11-19 09:18

@hurlbutvisuals — Are you around LA these days? Let’s meet IRL! I stayed after @AFMofficial .

 +  2015-11-19 09:11

@FlySWISS — GVA-ZRH-LAX. More to come ;) — TV boxes under all seats A and K are a huge disappointment in economy #A340! @Lufthansa’s better.

 +  2015-11-19 07:30

Taxing out with @FlySWISS A320 as another #SWISS #A320 lands on runway 23 in #Geneva #GVA #airport:

 +  2015-11-18 19:08

US-cuisine #neophyte question: what’s the difference between Original @Cheesecake at @Vons_Pavilions and #NewYork style at @RalphsGrocery?

 +  2015-11-18 12:07

@FlySWISS — Thanks, it’s out of your control and traffic separation in CAT III ops is prudent. I made it barely in time for ZRH > LAX.

 +  2015-11-18 12:01

A #rainy day on the #tarmac, sitting in my delayed @FlySWISS #A320 flight from #Geneva to foggy #CATIII Zurich.

 +  2015-11-18 11:41

5 years in operation, @Instagram still haven’t understood that a #JPEG with an #ICC profile looks gorgeous on any device and weighs nothing.

 +  2015-11-14 01:45

Well, I just don’t know what we’re going to do about the #fusillade in #Paris. Second time, right around the corner. Fortunately I’m in #LA.

 +  2015-11-09 17:28

A @BromptonBicycle can get you places, including @AFMofficial — a major #Hollywood #cinema event for #film producers

 +  2015-11-06 17:01

Who’s at @AFMofficial this week? I’ll be around—let’s meet for international #indiefilm or bigger #cinema projects

 +  2015-11-03 15:03

@Lobster_it—Thanks, but clients ask my designs with my photography. I’d be out of your regular price range, I’m afraid (I’ve taken a look).

 +  2015-11-03 14:09

@Lobster_it You mean, like, to go with my photography? ;)

 +  2015-11-03 14:07

How #Russians are born (for me it was even more explosive, I had a #CERN proton collision nearby)

 +  2015-11-01 11:38

The only practical way to solve most socio-economic and geo-political #problems is through #education:

 +  2015-10-24 01:40

@gak_pdx — :D, recount. Besides, the 1st phrase says it all:

 +  2015-10-24 01:34

@gak_pdx — One of 2 best CAS aircraft ever built. This platform can fly for 50 more years with upgrades to engines and avionics.

 +  2015-10-23 07:42

@2susanparker1 — Thanks, but most of them show up in my feed anyway :).

 +  2015-10-21 14:47

Testing 8K Canon #C300 at Paris #CanonExpo debayered to 4 @ConvergentD #odyssey7q. Range & detail beyond my eyesight

 +  2015-10-21 05:10

@AirbnbHelp — Thanks guys, but we’re in a bit of misunderstanding. We were talking about the family. AirBnB as an alternative. I appreciate.

 +  2015-10-20 21:37

@kirmatveev — Yes, unfortunately.

 +  2015-10-20 16:48

HELP! Could I stay at someone’s place in #LA in Nov please? Or rent 1 room? My host died. #Indiefilm in #SantaMonica

 +  2015-10-19 14:42

If you think me or some #artist are just #arrogant, narcissistic egoists, watch this: — So, who gets stuff done? ;)

 +  2015-10-15 15:40

Damn, I’m loosing my #Russian #CoveOps craft. @ARRI_PCA shot me at #Canon Expo goofing around #C300MKII yesterday:

 +  2015-10-14 11:56

I could see that from the trailer… “Sorkin and Fassbender fail to capture #SteveJobs in any meaningful sens”:…

 +  2015-10-12 15:09

Ah oh! Well, OK, I can see myself what no #vacation since 2009 does to me — the price of working in #indiefilm.

 +  2015-10-09 16:26

@GuyLodge — That’s exactly what I feared even as it was in dev. So, Blade Runner 2 is next (once Story’s finished) :/

 +  2015-10-07 14:41

Decision #fatigue. The #film director’s bane. The #filmmaking reality.

 +  2015-10-01 20:32

@filmcourage — Thanks, a playlist is perfectly fine.

 +  2015-10-01 17:46

@filmcourage — Sounds great. Would you share a link to the full interview or playlist, please? Can’t find it @KarenWorden ;).

 +  2015-09-30 13:37

Huge negative fill on #film set of @MarcoPoloMP S2 for @Netflix @WeinsteinFilms by #DP Vanja Černjul​ via Eric Bialas

 +  2015-09-29 14:24

If you liked my watch the slow-paced #documentary/fiction hybrid The Postman’s White Nights…

 +  2015-09-26 17:32

@filmnickjames — If OTT, then 100% agree with you. To test, I actually intercut this sequence with the original in FCP: indistinguishable.

 +  2015-09-26 16:40

@filmnickjames — Hmm… why The Banishment instead of The Return?

 +  2015-09-26 16:36

@GuyLodge @JonathanRomney — Faux-bof d’office, faut pas se lourder!

 +  2015-09-26 11:25

@GuyLodge — Bof… Y’a mieux.

 +  2015-09-24 14:37

All other things being equal in #cinema—budget, talent, technical prowess—it’s crew’s #taste that makes a #film mediocre, average or great.

 +  2015-09-23 13:51

@cultjer — Yeah, in the “à la” lies the problem. Still better than nothing, though.

 +  2015-09-23 13:34

Movement in the right direction with #nuclear… but we should really be pouring billions into #fusion instead of arms

 +  2015-09-21 14:14

This is what happens to me each time I’m surrounded by bad #design. So, most of the time, yeah, my eyes just bleed:…

 +  2015-09-12 23:55

#Deauville2015 #cinema fest: awesome views, interesting people, nightmare to get back to Paris without pre-rented car. No public transport!

 +  2015-09-12 15:34

Here we go! French vs US perspective on #cinema #production:

 +  2015-09-09 14:28

Fantastic, candid discussion with #cinematography legends Janusz Kaminski and Phedon Papamichael, resonated so much:

 +  2015-09-08 14:47

Making #cinema deals with #China is never about contracts, it’s about personal connections / leverage. Good article:…

 +  2015-09-07 14:14

So, who’s already at #Deauville2015? Or going soon? I should be there on Saturday 12 for the #film #co-production sessions. Let’s meet!

 +  2015-09-07 08:18

@lookitmoves @elizabethkarr — Ha! Agree.

 +  2015-09-06 15:17

French #TV is finally planning to “experiment” pilots for series. Bit late to the party, but better now than never.

 +  2015-09-06 14:54

@boyer2626 — Vaut mieux tard que jamais! Slowly getting there.

 +  2015-08-31 08:14

Awesome #ambient music by #BrianEno — the #Windows 95 Startup Sound slowed 4000% by @IdeoForms:

 +  2015-08-24 14:04

Funny list of #cinema terms perplexing #non-film people (“deadcat” also a top one for me) with pics and explanations:…

 +  2015-08-14 11:10

@Alex4D — Didn’t know about the “alt”, kinda cool! Thanks!

 +  2015-08-14 06:08

Excellent representation of #transport options and their impact on space in the #city (car / #bike / bus tram):

 +  2015-08-10 14:28

The greatest challenge of the #indiefilm process is not the #financing or the shoot. It’s getting your #movie seen:

 +  2015-08-06 15:02

Excellent one from @wuerker:

 +  2015-08-05 14:24

Imagine if trees provided #wifi connections. Then we’d’ve planted billions of them and saved our planet. Too bad they only produce #oxygen.

 +  2015-08-03 14:17

So, with the new @CanonProNetwork ME20F-SH #cinema cam at 4 million ISO, I can #film #sex scenes in total darkness:…

 +  2015-07-23 23:18

@Zacuto Twas awesome! All gear in 1 place for me to torture! Kim & Louis of @Broadcastor_ answered all my geeky questions, great crowd! THX!

 +  2015-07-22 13:19

I’m thinking, can we transpose #Swedish social security net to #film investment/production? Not direct #govt subs like in France? @TedHope?

 +  2015-07-20 22:48

@elizabethkarr @TedHope — Yes! The reason I said “ideally” we’d each be doing what we do best, streamlined and paid for efficiency (K. Marx)

 +  2015-07-20 22:44

@hurlbutvisuals—Haven’t seen any new stuff, but finally seen Black Sea (partially shot with C500) Have you seen it? Worth a look photo-wise.

 +  2015-07-20 22:38

@elizabethkarr—Ideally! But @TedHope’d argue you need to be ubiquitous to survive an era of over-abundance and hence need to produce more ;)

 +  2015-07-18 07:20

@ARRIChannel @dronoblog @newera — Next, video of the beer blow-through the vents (it’s a closed waterproof circuit :).

 +  2015-07-17 16:31

@Zacuto — Great! Hope Louis will also be there. Looking forward, thank you! Have a good day.

 +  2015-07-17 14:24

Important read on current #Internet content / consumption: more controlled, linear & short; less #verbal & diverse:

 +  2015-07-17 09:10

@Zacuto — Hey, thanks for the heads-up! Will try to make it to @Broadcastor_ in Paris. Will there be any of you US guys?

 +  2015-07-16 14:37

You’ve spent 7 years making your #indieFilm, 2 years in festivals, managed to get into distrib… time for real fun:…

 +  2015-07-15 14:08

Excellent @RichardDawkins talk on why most #humans struggle with high-level #science concepts like quantum #physics:…

 +  2015-07-14 14:47

This is the level of #actor commitment I admire (and encourage for #film). @TomCruise hanging on #A400M at take-off:

 +  2015-07-13 14:24

Deep #MachineLearning results in computers better than humans at everything:… — Maybe except #art and #science?

 +  2015-07-10 13:47

Signs of #strong people: they say “#sorry” often, immediately, sincerely and preemptively, even when unsure of being wrong.

 +  2015-07-10 03:39

@fromthehip — Hmm… OK, how about bouldering? It’s the most technical and vertigo-relaxed genre. No gear needed either. My 2d fav after ice.

 +  2015-07-09 21:11

@fromthehip — Actually, the higher you climb, the less vertigo you get. Things below loose scale. You should try it ;). Replaces priorities.

 +  2015-07-09 14:08

Excellent French #cinema industry overview by @Mel_Goodfellow of @ScreenDaily (except 12.5% of revenues, not budgets)…

 +  2015-07-08 14:17

“What is to give #light must endure burning” — Anton Wildgans. My question is: for how long?

 +  2015-07-07 14:28

According to ad metrics / delivery company @AlphonsoInc, @Netflix is #3 #broadcaster in US, with 28% of all platforms…

 +  2015-07-06 14:14

“Here’s my card, can I have yours?” “I don’t have one” “OK, your @IMDb link?” “I don’t use it” —please, are you really in #film / #TV prod?

 +  2015-07-04 00:47

@enekatrine — Ha ha, yeah, agree, and you made me laugh :D.

 +  2015-07-02 23:50

#apaTV2015 has been an ultra-hot, ultra-packed, ultra-informative overview of current French #TV / #film industries. I’m full of thoughts.

 +  2015-07-02 14:08

I looked up in the clear blue #sky and realized it was #finite. Just a tiny layer of #color between me and the dotted blackness of #stars.

 +  2015-06-29 14:17

I’ve only now realized my #parents never told me what #happiness is and what I need to do for it. Nor did we talk about #meaning in #life.

 +  2015-06-26 14:04

Finally! After decades of puzzlement, thanks to @roessli, I’ve discovered the #design origin of #Apple cmd #symbol:…

 +  2015-06-25 15:00

In my #lucidDream someone asked me if there’s a #trilingual #film that’d put to use all my languages (EN/FR/RU). I had no clue. Any ideas?

 +  2015-06-24 14:17

As always, impressively thorough analysis of the current / future trends in US #TV / #SVOD industry by @LiamBoluk:

 +  2015-06-24 13:23

Similar. Russian piracy is one of the reasons my #indiefilm is available in 720p on @Vimeo.

 +  2015-06-24 01:00

@markcrilley @huskydusty — I’d say length, internationalisation, design-appeal are more important for a movie brand. Coca-cola is bizarre.

 +  2015-06-24 00:57

@markcrilley @huskydusty —Well, not really, IMO. Plenty of counter-examples. Like, Leviathan? Bizarre title even to me, seen by millions :).

 +  2015-06-23 23:47

100%. Since I’m 17.

 +  2015-06-23 23:08

@huskydusty @thompowers — Uhm, what about Memento, Mirror, Stalker, Solaris, Inception, Trainspotting, 8½, Festen, 3 colors: blue?

 +  2015-06-23 14:04

Shake off the notion that #life’s there & you just gonna live it. Embrace, change, improve, make your mark upon it:

 +  2015-06-22 14:44

@Antalis_UK — Actually, @AntalisFR Brain Store says Claro Gloss is no longer sold, out of stock since months :(

 +  2015-06-22 12:04

@Antalis_UK — Hey, thanks a ton! I’m biking to the @AntalisFR Brain Store this afternoon to check it out.

 +  2015-06-22 09:24

Any #design ideas to replace discontinued double-faced #Chromolux, please? Need high-gloss white 300g paper… @Antalis_UK? @AntalisDesigner?

 +  2015-06-19 14:18

Play #acoustic #guitar at night like me? Near-silent, tone-retaining? I recommend… #Music Bar

 +  2015-06-17 21:18

@patabbas — Grand merci!!

 +  2015-06-17 14:07

The average human #attention span in 2015 has fallen to 8.25 seconds:… — So, umm, I have 5 feature #film’s in dev…

 +  2015-06-16 14:24

Vita brevis, ars longa. Some will be remembered for #destruction, some will be remembered for #creation.

 +  2015-06-15 13:15

For me, #film for motion picture died in 2011. No way to shoot the feature Kvadrat in low light at 3200 ISO on film:

 +  2015-06-15 01:21

@Zacuto — Mind sharing which @Chrosziel matte-box you’d used with the CN 17-120? It’s def an older, circa 2010 model (but still great :).

 +  2015-06-14 22:34

@maryjaneskalski My wish to my parents would be to hold less #illusion about themselves, society, #art & the universe. The rest is derived.

 +  2015-06-12 14:09

@UnwinPaul — Bon courage! Try to continue having a bit of fun regardless of the difficulty.

 +  2015-06-12 12:25

Sławomir Idziak interview by @MovieScope on #Soviet block vs #Hollywood #DP #education, #indiefilm vs studio #cinema:…

 +  2015-06-11 13:50

Thoughtful @ScreenDaily article about @Netflix financing 70M War Machine: effects on #indiefilm distrib & consumption…

 +  2015-06-10 23:37

@agnesalson @cotecourtfest @le_GNCR @_ACRIF_ — Merci pour l’event, je fais suivre.

 +  2015-06-10 23:03

Wow, @Netflix is really snatching some talent these days. Correlate with @nytimes change of #indiefilm review policy

 +  2015-06-10 22:43

@elizabethkarr @ElizaHittman—Who’s work? Tarkovsky’s or Solonitsyn’s? I’d recommend Rublev, Solaris, Stalker, after which Anatoly died at 47

 +  2015-06-10 22:19

@elizabethkarr @ElizaHittman — Yep. The trick is to get an actor who’s been through real shit. Like Solonitsyn. Experience shines through.

 +  2015-06-09 19:05

@tferriss —How about an update about transferring this to on-screen reading? Say, a MacBook or iPad, no pencil or greasy finger allowed :) ?

 +  2015-06-09 14:20

Less downtime on #film set (zoom instead of prime, no actor marks, 360° lighting, multi-cam, hourly dailies) = less #stress, money, fatigue.

 +  2015-06-08 14:05

Why the general public feels more confortable to comment on #film? Never got as much feedback on #photography. #Cinema = #art of the masses?

 +  2015-06-04 20:02

@Alex4D — Totally agree! Some kind of inter-linking with various editor guilds, unions and associations around the world would be great too.

 +  2015-06-04 14:05

Info-rich day of #French #indiefilm prod by @fedejpi: no #TV pilots, huge gov-sponsorship, lengthy devs, societal disconnect, genres misrep.

 +  2015-06-04 11:08

This gonna expand the #risk zone for me soon, I hope! And a new life for guys from Chechnya, #Afghanistan and #Iraq.

 +  2015-06-01 08:05

Who’s also going to @FedeJPI young #French #indiefilm and #TV #Producers Day in #Paris tomorrow ? Meet you there ;).

 +  2015-06-01 04:47

Good summary of current financing, #distribution and marketing situation for #indiefilm #cinema, shorts and features

 +  2015-05-26 10:07

@vincentlaforet — Wow! Congrats! It’s not an easy one to obtain!!

 +  2015-05-21 12:20

Most important for exquisite #cinematography in #film? As in any #art: personal experience. Advice by Roger Deakins:…

 +  2015-05-20 16:05

The silent swoosh of a #swift slicing through the evening stillness at a 110 km/h and past my #Paris window… #SoundEngineer bliss!

 +  2015-05-19 16:54

Awesome interview of @TedHope at his best – #indiefilm and #cinema big picture past & present – by @FilmCourage:

 +  2015-05-18 14:11

As long as each country in #Europe fights for its own #cinema industry, instead of uniting under a #EU flag, American hegemony will remain.

 +  2015-05-18 01:38

@vrizov—I love questions like these! I’m thoroughly convinced brevity is a virtue, so replying with a “yes” adds most value to an article :D

 +  2015-05-16 15:29

Must-watch #Cannes2015 discussion with @Netflix for anyone interested in the worldwide #cinema #indiefilm nuts&bolts

 +  2015-05-15 16:41

@vrizov — Hey, thanks, I’ll use this one handy term for bottom-up complexity systems favoring conformity.

 +  2015-05-13 13:05

Intriguing article by @vRizov for @FilmmakerMag on bypassing festivals for direct & free online #indiefilm exposure:…

 +  2015-05-12 20:04

@alisonwillmore — Ha ha, yes, typical! That’s one of the reasons there’s the Med and some festival outside. Enjoy ;) .

 +  2015-05-12 16:37

@vrizov—No problem, sorry defaulted to RU. Interesting read! We skipped fests in similar way for but for diff reasons

 +  2015-05-12 14:07

My new short #documentary #indiefilm about #French #abstract #painter Christine Auger. Few words, #downtempo #music:

 +  2015-05-12 12:46

French #film’s sell more tickets domestically than UK, DE, IT combined. I wonder about the consumption culture diff?

 +  2015-05-11 13:15

“If you think you’ve got 100 years to mess around: you’re wrong! #Time to shine, yeah, #hero time! Damn! It’s time to GO!”

 +  2015-05-10 14:20

Now, who’s taking the risks and living the #uncertainty in the #cinema industry?

 +  2015-05-05 11:20

Lucid dreamt of #flying through #storm clouds. Clothes got wet. Then hit by lightning. Lost consciousness. No idea how landed. Woken by docs

 +  2015-04-28 09:24

Intriguing attempt at communication and cross-polination between #psychoanalysis and #neuroscience specialists:

 +  2015-04-27 13:31

@ellardent — Ghaa… only now recalled the “king of the hill” thing. Inter-linguistic interference.

 +  2015-04-27 13:15

@ellardent — Thanks! First time to fly into this metaphor. ;)

 +  2015-04-27 12:53

@ellardent — Sorry, what’s “shit hill”? Is it the same as bullshit?

 +  2015-04-26 17:10

@ClareLBinns — Congrats!! 02:52 next time? Or even better, an ultra? :) What’s with the shin, though?

 +  2015-04-26 08:58

Ha ha, @FirstHandFilms napalms fiction #cinema in my morning :D

 +  2015-04-26 07:15

@AdamLeipzig @Raindance—Totally agree! Have tweeted about it. Great work. How about teaming-up with @LiamBoluk ? Similar approach/interest.

 +  2015-04-24 21:43

“Of 693 #film released last year in US only 215 made more than $1 M at the theatrical box… (via @goodinaroom)

 +  2015-04-24 21:35

Excellent article by @AdamLeipzig about #indiefilm distribution. With hard numbers. A #cinema project _starts_ with distribution, must-read.

 +  2015-04-24 21:33

True for any city. Imagine how awesome it would be. Yet, it’s the standard view in the middle of a forest or ocean.

 +  2015-04-22 22:33

@elizabethkarr — Thanks. I’m serious though. We’re writing anyway, why not experiment and flex the neurons? I put the best ones in a folder.

 +  2015-04-22 22:26

Sad but true. But don’t despair. Write some creative e-mail #prose. Cursed for non-conformism but good for practice.

 +  2015-04-22 22:23

@elizabethkarr—True. My approach is to write creative e-mail prose, not just one-sentencers. Metaphors, jokes, etc. At least some practice.

 +  2015-04-20 16:39

Great collection of short thoughts and opinions on #film direction, by a huge ensemble of #cinema directors:

 +  2015-04-17 17:54

@Directors_UK @SkillsetSSC — Interesting read, esp regarding competition with #cinema projects and US prods, have retweeted, hope it helps.

 +  2015-04-17 17:52

“Demand for skills in #UK #TV production” — report & causes of shortages in directors, line producers, asst editors:

 +  2015-04-17 17:41

@Directors_UK @SkillsetSSC — Oh! Thanks! Reading the full report at

 +  2015-04-17 17:35

@Directors_UK @SkillsetSSC Whaaaat? Care to list top 10 #film / #TV job-types hard to fill, please? (have no access) We may send the French.

 +  2015-04-16 18:57

Wow. @FedEx acquires @TNTMediaHub:… Good news. TNT lagged behind in quality for years.

 +  2015-04-15 14:04

Achieving interesting results in #film requires to take the path of greatest #resistance. Ease and comfort signal #conformism and repetition

 +  2015-04-14 19:49

@paulmac708 — I suspect festivals might have been burned by bad experience with blu-rays in the past, might be second reason. Who shoots SD?

 +  2015-04-14 14:40

@paulmac708 —Exactly! I tweeted exactly the same thing a month ago ( ). Crazy. Even iPhone film is HD. What % is SD?

 +  2015-04-14 14:10

@Directors_UK — Excellent initiative!

 +  2015-04-13 19:24

@ellardent — What I meant was that to switch from 1 form (tech shorthand for crew) to another form (Twitter) is non-trivial for a director.

 +  2015-04-13 19:22

@ellardent — The 3 (shoot/meetings/Twitter) require different form of expression but the intrinsic info is the same, is that what you meant?

 +  2015-04-13 19:15

@ellardent — Sorry, I might. Where do you think I went off-track?

 +  2015-04-13 19:10

@chinoixchinoix — Interesting project!

 +  2015-04-13 19:08

@ellardent — Are you even more eloquent :D ? Seriously, script meetings are different than the shoot, at least for me and directors I know.

 +  2015-04-13 19:05

@ellardent @Directors_UK But really I think and I thank you guys for the discussion, because we might be doing something better, improve.

 +  2015-04-13 19:04

@ellardent @Directors_UK My first reaction to the ? is an example: it’s on my mind. I don’t worry about the shoots as much, in the flow.

 +  2015-04-13 19:02

@ellardent @Directors_UK Another guess to the original ? is directors are worried by other things, and tend to talk about those instead.

 +  2015-04-13 19:01

@ellardent @Directors_UK I don’t say “because it’s a long shot, we’re going to keep tension up by doing X, a variant of Y” — no time!

 +  2015-04-13 19:01

@ellardent @Directors_UK I don’t articulate to crew the same way I would on Twitter. On set, we use shorthands “faster, slower, turn it…”

 +  2015-04-13 18:08

@ellardent @Directors_UK Time warping and emotions manipulation is what I do and can explain as a director, but no one asked me how I do it.

 +  2015-04-13 18:05

@ellardent @Directors_UK That’d require a director to shift into teaching mode. I don’t articulate tension control to others, I just do it.

 +  2015-04-13 17:55

@ellardent — Known examples from your own or others’ scripts?

 +  2015-04-13 17:53

@ellardent—My Twitter audience is different from each of my films’ audience. Example: Kvadrat audience has interest in music, not filmmaking

 +  2015-04-13 17:41

@ellardent @Directors_UK “Break the 180° rule once the space established” without a shot reads banal and unsubstantiated to me. Am I wrong?

 +  2015-04-13 17:38

@ellardent @Directors_UK I’d guess that for directors, DPs and editors, it’s visual. I need to SHOW stuff. Reference to a shot. Maybe link?

 +  2015-04-13 17:37

@ellardent @Directors_UK Well, most anything can be written off to procrastination :)

 +  2015-04-13 17:25

@ellardent @Directors_UK 2)within tweet constrains, we need to either reference already known scenes (reserved for the famous) or generalize

 +  2015-04-13 17:22

@ellardent @Directors_UK My guesses: 1) as directors, we don’t know you’re interested, most questions we’re asked are about the story

 +  2015-04-13 17:09

@ellardent @Directors_UK Haven’t thought of tweeting how I solved scene or editing problems though. Back to your original “why”? Interesting

 +  2015-04-13 15:00

@ellardent — Ha! Dead on. Inversely, directors’ work often reveals more about the person than when you meet in real life. Scary fascinating.

 +  2015-04-13 14:52

@jamesmoran @ellardent — Yeah, this is weird. And often combined with “Directed by” shortly afterwards. Film is a team sport :D.

 +  2015-04-13 14:46

@ellardent @Directors_UK Have you read #Tarkosky’s diaries “Martyrolog”? It’s like an Excel spreadsheet of his debts till dead. Not fun.

 +  2015-04-13 14:42

@ellardent @Directors_UK Art is supposed to be the other way round: Idea > Film …The rest is for the producers :D. In reality, context rules

 +  2015-04-13 14:37

@ellardent @Directors_UK The unglamorous reality of direction: we have to work backwards. Sales > Likes > Views > Marketing > #Film > Idea.

 +  2015-04-13 14:33

@ellardent @Directors_UK Thanks! Well, the hardest is to create original films despite the economics favoring conformity / predictability.

 +  2015-04-13 14:29

@ellardent @Directors_UK I’m a director. When I tweet about the reality of direction, it’s not what people expect, that’s my impression.

 +  2015-04-13 14:24

@Directors_UK @ellardent I guess because few want to hear about the hard stuff. Dicussions of gear or completed #film are easier to read.

 +  2015-04-12 12:56

@WTSFilmMag — Thanks! “You’ve Got Mail (1998)” :D

 +  2015-04-12 11:34

@WTSFilmMag—Sure, how about ? As indie as it gets. Continuing best Russian experimental cinema traditions. Спасибо :)

 +  2015-04-09 23:54

@LA_LiftOffFest—If the goal is to appeal to the audience, yes. But artistically it’s like inquiring which color sells best for a painting ;)

 +  2015-04-09 21:54

@indiewire @KentuckerAudley—Totally! Also include mini-budget tax breaks, easier world distribution & eager audiences tired of blockbusters.

 +  2015-04-08 19:59

@liamboluk — Seems to not work on a Mac version of Excel. But, there’s a similar “lovely feature” in BBedit, end of doc instead of line ;).

 +  2015-04-02 17:07

Astronauts depicted in #cinema except “2001” and “#Apollo 13”? Young, #neurotic, inexperienced and sexy. Deciding the faith of #humanity :).

 +  2015-04-01 15:25

I think we’ve gone too short on brevity / verbosity scale in #math and #physics for vars and const. Conflicts abound:…

 +  2015-03-27 15:45

The #suicide scene in @IdaMovie is one of the best I’ve seen in #film. Unexpected, mundane, real and painful. That’s how #life is.

 +  2015-03-23 16:20

Are #humans just another #primate? Mostly, yes! Except for a few things like #science and #art:

 +  2015-03-20 10:24

Ouch! My @Wacom​ Intuos #stylus has given up on me. Inner #plastic fatigue. Managed to kinda #repair it regardless.

 +  2015-03-18 19:03

@studioexec1 — how about just 2 words?

 +  2015-03-18 18:42

How to #shoot a low budget feature #indiefilm: no pro help, 15 hr workdays, no weekends, no vacations, no pay, 2 meals/day, 3 years. Easy ;)

 +  2015-03-16 15:25

Entropic theory of #conscious states by @RobinCarhartHar includes #psychosis, #sleep, #meditation, #LSD, #depression:

 +  2015-03-12 15:05

Anyone knows how to never-ever show playback controls in full-screen mode in #FCPx 10.1? As was in 10.0? @Alex4D, @FCPdotCO, please?

 +  2015-03-11 00:31

@Alex4D — care to elaborate on the “future” part? ;-)

 +  2015-03-03 17:22

Weird #dream. Met #Tarkovsky in a smallish 20 sq m #cafe. Talked about #cinema, naturally. He was already a bit drunk & annoyed. Rainy day.

 +  2015-03-02 16:50

Amazing how DPs and #cinema gear manufacturers talk 4K, while #film festivals like @TIFF_net or @FilmFestLocarno reject anything but SD DVDs

 +  2015-01-19 15:05

My continues the #cinema tradition of #Soviet #depressing #films about hard-working people

 +  2015-01-12 14:05

I wonder how much of my #life has been wasted staring patiently at #progress bars?

 +  2015-01-08 14:14

#Cinema industry is now all business, replication, reliability… Bland #film sequels dominate:…

 +  2015-01-07 18:28

I heard the #gunshots from my flat. If you believe you’re sick enough to #shoot unarmed people, know that we’re even sicker. #CharlieHebdo

 +  2015-01-05 07:05

“Well-being isn’t just a pleasurable sensation. It’s a deep sense of serenity & fulfillment. A state that pervades joy & sorrow” — M. Ricard

 +  2014-12-22 06:35

@studioexec1 — naah, make a top minus-ten of 2014 instead.

 +  2014-12-15 15:57

No #film crew? 5 countries? Micro-budget? Still want a #feature #indiefilm? Watch how I did it with little #gear:

 +  2014-12-12 13:55

A unified #neurobiology take on #meditation, creative #flow, the zone & #drugs—transient hypofrontality—a must watch:

 +  2014-12-10 06:30

My second feature, a documentary about a #documentary, an #indiefilm about the #cinema #gear used to shoot Kvdrat:

 +  2014-12-08 16:05

In the #cinema projection booth. My DCP plays alongside @Interstellar DCP. Feels #weird. #Indiefilm vs #blockbuster?

 +  2014-12-07 09:17

@MikeEverleth — me too :D.

 +  2014-12-07 09:11

@MikeEverleth — A simple 2-layered file with before / after variants. You could switch in real time. No magic required. Only persuasion.

 +  2014-12-07 08:30

@MikeEverleth — You can always ask the authors, but honestly, non-graded material looks awful in 95% of the cases (esp RAW). Flat and dead.

 +  2014-12-07 05:19

@MikeEverleth — what for? do you feel lied to? or do you prefer to watch the B&W RAW data before de-mozaicing :) ?

 +  2014-12-05 05:23

@MaxItMagazine — Your “register” form generates a “Google SMPT authentication failure when trying to send out an e-mail” error. Config bug?

 +  2014-11-10 09:08

In-depth #interview with #cinema crew. Idea, budget, music, editing of this feature #indiefilm…

 +  2014-11-07 03:29

An #indiefilm director should define #success before starting a project: finish a #film? win a festival? get seen? create something unique?

 +  2014-11-03 18:18

How do you know if #Americans genuinely/literally mean what they say:… … — found by accident… read till #Russian ref.

 +  2014-10-31 13:16

@studioexec1 — a slightly less corporate but no less professional variant is the “turbo” prefix.

 +  2014-10-23 09:34

The difference between shooting a feature #indiefilm vs studio #BTS photo —remixed—

 +  2014-10-22 20:59

@treeandbear — isn’t health one of them? :D

 +  2014-10-22 12:45

What it’s like to shoot a feature #BTS photo with @AndreyPushkarev — remixed —

 +  2014-10-21 09:57

#Train not until you get things right, but until you can’t get them wrong. Under #stress, you’ll fall back to conditioned #training level.

 +  2014-10-17 19:06

@EskildKrogh — Oh, then, just write by hand in a text editor, or use dedicated software: — the syntax is very simple

 +  2014-10-17 11:44

@EskildKrogh Depends on: 1) delivery mode (Vimeo/YouTube/Blu-ray) 2) the “look” you want (fonts). For I burned in.

 +  2014-10-17 07:04

1 #BTS photo with @AndreyPushkarev to mark 1 year since the release of my #documentary #film:

 +  2014-10-17 05:24

@goodinaroom — Imagine if we could merge and open up this data and let it be updatable and thus current? Globally? Everyone would benefit.

 +  2014-10-16 06:38

@goodinaroom Your studio exec would get only contained thriller scripts. And I wouldn’t get comics-based scripts ;). Today it’s guesswork.

 +  2014-10-16 06:37

@goodinaroom If every film pro had tags like “brainy”, “experimental”, “comics” and budget type, an algorithm could match. Like dating sites

 +  2014-10-16 06:37

@goodinaroom Projects assemble on “I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy” basis, artificially constrained to your network.

 +  2014-10-16 06:36

@goodinaroom People suffer mismatch, as in your post. IMDb isn’t a resource for current affinity search. Past work leads to typecasting.

 +  2014-10-16 06:36

@goodinaroom The process of connecting people. Some have ideas, some have money, some have skills. All complain they can’t find each other.

 +  2014-10-16 04:43

@goodinaroom Why doesn’t the cinema industry embrace IT to connect and reduce reliance on direct contacts? Stunning for me as a newcomer.

 +  2014-10-16 01:52

@goodinaroom Good! How about a similar post for studio execs suggesting to state what they look for? Better than sitting through all pitches

 +  2014-10-15 20:32

My thoughts about my #documentary feature #film. Goals, ideas, style, execution, difficulties:…

 +  2014-10-15 06:37

My thoughts about my #documentary feature #film. Goals, ideas, style, execution, difficulties:…

 +  2014-10-14 07:10

Better framing, longer filming hours! Best #handheld #film #camera rig simulator for a #DP is made by… @Bowflex:… :-)

 +  2014-10-10 10:00

If, for some reason, you want to see my latest feature #film in 720p on YouTube instead of on Vimeo:…

 +  2014-10-07 07:05

I’m kinda preoccupied by #evolution and #homogeneity problems resulting from the #astronomy discovery of Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall

 +  2014-09-29 07:10

According to #Jarmusch, #filmmaking is “like #seduction, wild sex, then pregnancy”. I definitely prefer the #sex part of the #cinema process

 +  2014-09-24 07:05

WTF is with the “X days ago” trend in #cinema #screenwriting? @BreakingBad_AMC, @SideEffects, #Transcendence… #Filmaker’s response to #ADD?

 +  2014-09-23 11:34

@jamesrosenblatt — Naah… standard industry practice. Well-documented, white-papered.

 +  2014-09-19 06:57

@studioexec1—Really looking forward to that Tarkovsky’s lost version of Batman piece. Esp since he publicly stated his aversion to comics :D

 +  2014-09-19 06:55

If you want to #disappoint your #parents and don’t have the nerve to be #gay, the best is to become an #artist — Kurt #Vonnegut paraphrase

 +  2014-09-18 12:41

@baza4k — Oh, I wish directors talked more to other directors. And listened to each other while doing so :).

 +  2014-09-18 10:09

@baza4k — but most importantly, a Steadicam and its operator are not a humanoid tripod :D

 +  2014-09-17 07:10

Dreamt of shooting a #film with a #piano in background. Pianist: “what should I play?” Me: “Uh… #Bach?” Woke up. Should have been #Scriabin!

 +  2014-09-16 08:05

Very handy list of current #cinema #zoom’s by @AbelCine:… Update to @CineverseRental 2012 list:…

 +  2014-09-15 07:05

FS7, 2 years after @SonyProEurope F5… I wish the pace of #cinema #business models progress matched the speed of improvement of cinema #gear.

 +  2014-09-14 16:26

@BAYLAW1 — Thanks II ;).

 +  2014-09-13 15:26

@BAYLAW1 — “Complimented”? Thanks, but how does that work? And what does that mean?

 +  2014-09-11 20:04

@ARTtouchesART — I’d rather say “the ideal”. Artists rarely get as much pleasure from the process as generally thought. Especially writers.

 +  2014-09-09 15:15

@abelcine — Wow, thanks a ton, guys! As @Amadi__ hints, you could improve by auto metric conversion in Excel (instead of using InDesign :-).

 +  2014-09-08 07:15

I guess the main reason for @VolvoOceanRace #sailing #boat’s to have unprotected decks open to torrents is to look #cinematic and #extreme.

 +  2014-09-01 07:04

Is there a proved correlation between #guns and #weight? The majority of US guns’ reviewers on YouTube seems to #overeat and under-exercise.

 +  2014-08-13 09:59

@juliecornewell Agree. However, my point remains with others, not the sufferer (as you imply). Pretense is fallible to an actute observer.

 +  2014-08-12 17:45

@juliecornewell — I agree with you. However, I meant the people around an artist should act. Why all the admiration without support?

 +  2014-08-12 05:19

Why, despite all the love and #success and admiration no one has helped #RobinWilliams? #Depressed and alone, surrounded by 7 billion people

 +  2014-08-07 21:57

@Alex4D — Wow! Thanks so much Alex! I’ve been struggling with this “select on click” behavior in #FCPx for years. Will alt-click henceforth.

 +  2014-08-06 08:05

No, the mirrors in weight lifting rooms are not for #narcissism only. They’re a tool to check proper form, if you’re serious about #training

 +  2014-07-25 08:00

You are what you do. A man is defined by his #actions, not his #words. Stop talking to me and show me what you’ve done so far!

 +  2014-07-24 07:45

So weird. @AaronPaul_8 acting in @BreakingBad_AMC is awesome. It’s terrible in @NeedforSpeed #film. Why? #Actor? #Director? #Script? Other?

 +  2014-07-23 09:07

Plus, @HurlbutVisuals has shared the exhaustive results of that @NeedforSpeed #film test:…

 +  2014-07-23 08:05

Add to my @HurlbutVisuals #camera choice tweet: budget included cars, race track rent, 8 drivers, 3 Russian arms, #film crew of 12 (5 days)

 +  2014-07-21 23:17

@hurlbutvisuals — Oh! That explains much of the budget! Thank you. My tweet lacked context. Mind if I tweet this data to add perspective?

 +  2014-07-21 21:23

@hurlbutvisuals — I’m fascinated by cost compared to my indie feature. Was it because of film? Renting instead of borrowing via CPN? People?

 +  2014-07-21 21:22

@hurlbutvisuals — I totally agree and appreciate your efforts and sharing! And even your blog posts took quite some time to write, I know.

 +  2014-07-21 09:51

It cost @HurlbutVisuals x2 the entire budget just to choose a #camera to #film @NeedforSpeed:…

 +  2014-07-20 01:32

@liamboluk—Thanks, I’ve read both @MediaREDEF & @IveyBusReview series before tweeting. Pity about international. Global is the only future.

 +  2014-07-20 00:09

@liamboluk @PrashobMenon — I’m really looking for international comparisons. LA & NYC vs London, Paris, HK. Not much data or opinion. Ideas?

 +  2014-07-20 00:07

@liamboluk @PrashobMenon — As a film director & co-producer with a business school background… I did really enjoy it! What’s planned next?

 +  2014-07-19 20:23

@liamboluk — excellent analysis of current US #film industry trends! Thank you for your work!

 +  2014-07-16 22:57

Ouch! @Monotype acquires @FontFont & @FontShop. I intuitively feel that’s bad consolidation news for #typography & #design. Hope I’m wrong.

 +  2014-07-03 00:25

@Alex4D — FYI, I edit features, but I don’t work in reels. Started directly with digital, so no legacy. I guess it’s a disappearing trend.

 +  2014-07-02 11:53

@TedHope Would you please share the source for annual total of feature #film made? You say 50K. @UNESCO gives 12,6K:…

 +  2014-07-01 12:57

@baza4k — Bruce was one of the best. Pity we could’t film him with a @PhantomHiSpeed.

 +  2014-07-01 08:57

Making a #feature #film is a #competition between the #director and the #producer: who is the crazier of the two? Risking #money & #sanity?

 +  2014-07-01 08:54

@VikkiChandler87 @LA_LiftOffFest — The best editing software is the one with which you’re most creative & productive. Test all and choose.

 +  2014-06-27 05:56

Actually, I like the production #design of @Elysium #film. Quite realistic, for a change. Except drinkable tap water in Mexican LA.

 +  2014-06-27 05:47

@baza4k — Phewww… I meticulously read through all their specs, looking for that UFPA (Ultra Focus Pulling Augmenter) breakthrough :-).

 +  2014-06-26 21:34

@baza4k you kidding about these being a focus puller dream? Most ACs I talked struggle with my style of unchoreographed wide open, low light

 +  2014-06-24 09:28

Can you use an assymetrical #spinnaker / gennaker to #sail upwind in light air? Sure! Don’t give up.

 +  2014-06-23 09:04

The original #synopsis of #film I wrote in April 2011:… How does it compare to the end-result?

 +  2014-06-20 05:43

Do you #live for the #applause?

 +  2014-06-19 04:26

Woha! @Adobe Media Encoder CC now bundled with Wraptor DCP exporter by @QuvisInc! Auto DCP #film creation from #AfterEffects and #Premiere.

 +  2014-06-18 04:43

Listen through 5000+ #vinyl #techno albums? @AndreyPushkarev said it’s #impossible. But I insisted and we did:

 +  2014-06-17 14:04

@TedHope — in case @bluehost haven’t contacted you… something’s wrong with (awesome #film resource!)

 +  2014-06-16 12:47

Get #shot. Get #blood flushed with cold salt water. Go hypothermic. #Die. Get operated. Get reanimated. Live again:…

 +  2014-06-13 10:39

@TheThreeCanvas — looks interesting, where is it? who’s grading?

 +  2014-06-13 10:32

What makes #cinema complicated? It’s an expensive technical medium used for both money-making #entertainment and money-loosing #art.

 +  2014-06-11 07:14

#Film #editing paradigms comparison: tracks (#Moviola, @Avid, #Premiere, Final Cut 7-) vs trackless Final Cut 10+:…

 +  2014-06-09 06:41

Astonished by the huge proportion of out-of-focus shots in #Zvyagintsev Banishment #film and by deliberate copying of #Tarkovsky & #Bergman.

 +  2014-06-05 06:03

“Always remember that from a bad #client you get a worse client, and from a good client you get a better one” — Massimo Vignelli #design

 +  2014-06-03 07:21

Want to talk to #cinema crew of #film? We’re hosting an online Q&A with #director, #DP & #DJ:

 +  2014-06-02 13:50

Ever wanted a compact colander for #cooking on the go? Love this silicone folder by @Fiskars_HQ (288 g, 3 x 19,5 cm):…

 +  2014-05-29 05:36

A checklist #film of things not to do when #sailing singlehanded? Sure: @AllIsLostFilm (no PFD, jacklines, EPIRB, GPS, x2 VHF, skills…)

 +  2014-05-28 03:11

#Guns #violence — ‘No way to prevent this,’ says the Only Nation where this regularly happens —…

 +  2014-05-23 04:26

#Switzerland, #helicopter s, #film cameras and #cinema crew… what more to ask? A blue sky, of course:

 +  2014-05-22 22:35

@KyoceraCeramics I love your knives. If you could make the tip more pointed, better handle to blade transition (pinch grip)… would be great!

 +  2014-05-22 06:18

Crews laugh when I bring my @KyoceraCeramics Santoku #cooking #knife for #sailing, but they end up constantly using it! Even the non-cooks.

 +  2014-05-19 08:03

Sad I won’t ever be able to hire the #DP of “All the President’s Men” and “Manhattan”. Enjoy the #light wherever you go, maestro. Farewell.

 +  2014-05-19 05:35

Years on, I still prefer (and miss) #Macromedia Freehand’s approach to #vector path drawing, editing and transformation, not #Illustrator’s.

 +  2014-05-05 19:01

@SchubertMusic — thanks!

 +  2014-05-01 07:55

Tasteful, huge selection of #sailing gear and incredibly fast, stoic and professional service from @MarineChandlery #UK — I highly recommend

 +  2014-04-28 07:46

Isn’t it amazing that there’s only a 40 grams difference between @CanonProNetwork C300 EF and #Canon 1D C #cinema cameras without batteries?

 +  2014-04-25 19:52

@Alex4D — any idea why #FCP X adds (id) at the end of both aliases to files and optimized media files, please? A mystery since beta versions

 +  2014-04-25 05:44

The 7 things #successful people never say: (tip: don’t ever tell me any of these on my #film set ;-)

 +  2014-04-24 06:08

No-bullshit talk by David Leitner about handheld #cinema rigs’ #ergonomics: Must-see for any open-minded #film DP.

 +  2014-04-22 06:37

Avengers director @JossWhedon releases latest #film for $5 online @Vimeo immediately after premiere @TribecaFilmFest:

 +  2014-04-19 05:59

Amazingly accurate reproduction of color, gamma & sound at #cinema in #Rostock . Vielen dank!

 +  2014-04-18 16:27

Last time I saw a #film in a #cinema was #Avatar. Terrible. And here I am watching my own feature Weird and awesome.

 +  2014-04-14 15:12

Me & @AndreyPushkarev are in #Berlin this week. Would you like to work on my next feature #film? Discuss Let’s meet!

 +  2014-04-10 18:43

@jeffchu — if you remain unlost in your own #film, you’re not working deep enough. Not necessarily bad. Objectivism leads to bland #art work

 +  2014-04-10 18:36

Finally a common sense #army / #navy off-road vehicle:… . Narrow and light. Reminds the ones in use in Switzerland.

 +  2014-04-07 11:31

Here we go again! Gearing up and choosing @CanonProNetwork vs @SonyProEurope for my next feature #film: #SpotTheRock

 +  2014-04-04 07:56

There are no failures in #life except #death. Anything else can be cured with delays and #budget overruns.

 +  2014-04-02 12:53

FYI, all @Microplane #kitchen graters create flat slices. The cross-section is not round. Good for #cooking #rosti. Bad for salads.

 +  2014-04-01 09:53

My #film to be projected at Kommt Zusammen Festival in Rostock DE, on April 18 in a @SonyProEurope SRX-R515 #cinema:

 +  2014-03-31 09:30

Are you generic? Watch… — And hire a #film crew with a distinctive vision if you’re not.

 +  2014-03-30 11:55

@PhilipBloom — 99% of sRGB, a bit weak IMO, when @Eizo_Global covers AdobeRGB. More specs here:…

 +  2014-03-30 11:49

@PhilipBloom — What happens in full-screen in Premiere? Smart enough to leave vertical bands on the sides? What about the color gamut?

 +  2014-03-28 09:59

Deeply disturbing unanswered core dilemmas of my #life & work. Must-read if you care about #art or people who make it…

 +  2014-03-26 10:37

#Intelligence — a force that acts so as to maximize future #freedom of action:… — Freedom’s also #yoga ultimate goal.

 +  2014-03-25 02:10

@Alex4D Faster computers + software == editors working more && computers working less ;-)

 +  2014-03-24 07:29

After-sunset #landing on 25R @AenaAeropuertos #Barcelona with @easyJet #A320.

 +  2014-03-18 08:46

Late-evening #landing approach to 25R @AenaAeropuertos #Barcelona with @easyJet #A320. Starboard: port & Agbar Tower

 +  2014-03-17 20:08

@Alex4D about 30 hours in #FCP X while selecting pieces for our

 +  2014-03-17 07:22

A detailed article by @DigitalMediamag about our Kvadrat #film, especially the post-production #gear and processes:…

 +  2014-03-15 19:19

@JordanMencel, your feedback is much more important than you might think, thank you! If you’d like, you can share it…

 +  2014-03-13 15:55

@JordanMencel Thanks mate! I wanted to create a multi-layered #film. If it works, you’re discovering new details, symbols & ideas each time.

 +  2014-03-12 09:38

The priority for most is to survive, reproduce & die. Minimal effort, maximum comfort. Occasionally wondering what’s the purpose of doing so

 +  2014-03-11 10:56

A good read if you’re into collaborative #film editing with #FCP X: (via @Alex4D)

 +  2014-03-10 17:29

@Alex4D yeah, I remember your very useful post… . I hope (and can’t wait!) too. #SQLite is built for concurrency!

 +  2014-03-10 15:39

@Alex4D thanks for the link! Read through. Still no way to use the same SQL DB by several users simultaneously. Copy / paste only, right?

 +  2014-03-10 10:24

A brisk and short trailer for #techno @ClubMidi in Cluj-Napoca, #Romania. Vă rugăm share:

 +  2014-03-07 19:35

@RazorReef — Are you guys alive? I’ve placed an order 10 days ago, emailed you, called you — no response! And order still “processing”.

 +  2014-03-07 13:52

@PhilipBloom yes, FCP X does have spell-checking. They use Mac OS system-wide checker that works for most languages (a hook to Cocoa API).

 +  2014-03-07 08:51 is now on @Instagram! Follow me there for the most exquisite frames from the #film:

 +  2014-03-06 19:02

Bummer. 19:02. @DHLexpressUK still says “With delivery courier”. A glorious sunny 15K #run wasted… waiting. #Paris by night again.

 +  2014-03-05 08:15

Left: my rig to #film Right: our rig if @CanonProNetwork C300 appeared earlier & we had more €

 +  2014-03-04 13:28

@PhilipBloom — Worrisome! @CanonProNetwork officially states C300 has “splash-resistant body.” Could you quote the repair team diagnosis?

 +  2014-03-04 12:27

@PhilipBloom — Wow! Are you a member of the @CanonProNetwork? Have you drowned the C300 or is it just sprinkle-ingress?

 +  2014-03-04 07:46

Really nice sound of going in and out of water at the end of #GravityMovie. Excellent FX and #acting. So-so #film otherwise. Awful music.

 +  2014-03-03 09:09

@redrockmicro @NASAGoddard — I really envy that weightless feeling of gear just floating in the air all by itself!

 +  2014-03-03 05:55

Having #kids is a weak argument for dropping the ball artistically & professionally. Kids would prefer parents they admire past their teens.

 +  2014-02-28 04:28

Any recommendations of the largest choice of quality stylish #business suits online — for women — please? Price irrelevant.

 +  2014-02-27 07:15

Try all lenses before shooting a #film! Great example of Cooke Mini S4 vs @SchneiderOptics Xenar3 by @J65Productions:…

 +  2014-02-26 05:56

@shyp —Oh! Double-cool then! Please ping me when you deploy in Switzerland or France (probably the toughest; look at what happened to @Uber)

 +  2014-02-26 04:33

Wow, @Shyp is a really cool way to eliminate shipment hassles: . Wish they worked with @UPS and in Europe.

 +  2014-02-24 16:02

@Sachtler Danke! I’ve just finished a feature . Now preproducing 2 fiction and 1 documentary features. In parallel :)

 +  2014-02-21 15:49

@Sachtler I just realized your FSB8 is central to my life: — a pile of #gear I’ve been living through up to today.

 +  2014-02-21 06:19

#Hollywood blockbusters and @Microsoft products are proof that sometimes, for some people, even tons of #money do not help.

 +  2014-02-20 16:28

Deep #house track of the day:…

 +  2014-02-19 15:52

@demokratiedoc Thanks so much! Yes, that’s it, exactly! Sorry for not publishing more gear reviews because of film work — I plan to restart.

 +  2014-02-19 12:44

Isn’t it amazing that most #human perception — visual, auditory — is non-linear? Ever wondered why?

 +  2014-02-18 10:21

Was going through my #gear preparing for a shoot when realized a photo of the pile sums up my #life up to this point:

 +  2014-02-17 08:37

Curious about dates, budget, team and gear? Read the stats of this extreme #cinema production:…

 +  2014-02-13 07:21

Vapor Glove by @MerrellOutside:… — the best winter #running / #walking & #sailing shoe today IMO. Get 1 size smaller.

 +  2014-02-12 09:13

Courageous Optimist #dinghy skipper #sailing off Ciutadella de #Menorca in a winter breeze at sunset:

 +  2014-02-11 05:30

“If it is #art, it is not for all, and if it is for all, it is not art.” – Do you disagree with Arnold Schoenberg? Elitism vs universalism?

 +  2014-02-10 07:14

“Do not disturb” hotel sign by @AndreyPushkarev using @FlySWISS bag tag & vinyl sleeve sums up

 +  2014-02-06 17:05

@ARRI_PCA DJ portrait project? As in #techno disc jockey? Link to the #film please? I just shot a feature about DJing

 +  2014-02-05 14:53

@faebser Thanks & sorry! We’re tiny, just me & @AndreyPushkarev. Haven’t set up sales yet. We’ll announce at ASAP.

 +  2014-02-05 12:40

Seen on subway: a #teen simultaneously watching a #movie on his #iPad and a news broadcast projected between platforms. My future audience?

 +  2014-02-05 00:37

@CanonProNetwork Love this light lens, despite distortions at wide angle. The main glass used to shoot feature #film.

 +  2014-02-03 17:55

@redrockmicro @DSLRinformer Thanks! Will definitely try it out at the next available gear moment.

 +  2014-02-03 17:06

Q: What’s your #goal in life? — A: Well, I want to look great on @Instagram, and, you know, enjoy #life.

 +  2014-01-31 06:25

My revelation: #art was invented by pre-agricultural #humans as a way to do something with all the spare time. #Life was easy back then.

 +  2014-01-29 16:16

Clever: @Actavis carbocisteine #cough syrup prepackaged in 750 mg packets. No spoon needed. No dosage errors. Clean, light and tidy.

 +  2014-01-25 15:48

@redrockmicro & @DSLRinformer — Intriguing! But how precise is the #Fingerwheel controller on a #Steadicam set-up in reality?

 +  2014-01-25 15:35

I wish we had these @RodeMics invisiLavs ( ) for ! Looks awesome for my next #cinema prod.

 +  2014-01-22 18:41

@LA_LiftOff I mainly meant unlike other media #cinema feedback is too noisy to be that useful to a director. Tarkovsky got terrible feedback

 +  2014-01-22 18:38

@LA_LiftOff “without audience there’s no art”—In my opinion the difference between #art and #entertainment is absence of audience imperative

 +  2014-01-22 16:07

@LA_LiftOff Everyone is a #film critic. Too much feedback becomes too much of a good thing. Curate feedback for higher signal to noise ratio

 +  2014-01-20 15:24

No bullshit interview of Hiroshi Kawahara @FujiFilmUS about X-series #photography cameras design approach & future:…

 +  2014-01-16 09:25

#Cinema is the only #art where you can say “My #film sucks because we had a tiny budget, if only I had more…” Can’t say so for a #painting.

 +  2014-01-14 16:51

“#Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” — Helen Keller

 +  2014-01-11 13:38

@LA_LiftOff I rather think #art is outside of the #artist. We’re sophisticated filters / transmitters but our works have a life of their own

 +  2014-01-10 21:34

@Zacuto the other crucial piece was Z-Mount Zwivel to connect @ChroszielUSA DV Balancer. Unique parallel rotatable 2-rod clamp. Tiny mighty.

 +  2014-01-09 22:07

@LA_LiftOff @Rodriguez yeah! Although we don’t share tastes with Robert ;). And I’m now assembling a (compact) crew for my next features.

 +  2014-01-08 11:34

@LA_LiftOff Ideally yes but in our era of over-specialization it remains a dream. In my #film I direct, DP, record sound, edit, roto & grade

 +  2014-01-08 11:29

@LA_LiftOff totally agree. And whatever the language, it’s always better to be specific. Or draw a picture. Or show by doing / acting.

 +  2014-01-07 16:26

@Anton_Bauer hope you enjoy it because it’s planned to be a Russian bardak ;). Infrastructure still unfinished. But HCX work great in Russia

 +  2014-01-07 16:15

@Zacuto thank _you_ for making the gear! Regarding my feature #film, you can watch a free full-length 720p version:

 +  2014-01-07 10:55

@CanonProNetwork you’re welcome! One of the reasons I’m a CPN member. I think Canon can do better cine lenses: EF size, IS and weatherproof.

 +  2014-01-07 06:58

Dear people, please stop telling me I should #eat more. Instead, buy or cook me a meal :D. I like Chinese and Thai. Or just bananas. Thanks!

 +  2014-01-06 20:57

@CanonProNetwork thanks for info! I’m a filmmaker I tone in post-prod. Would prefer EF/PL consistency. Please follow so I can answer your DM

 +  2014-01-06 20:53

@CanonProNetwork agree on the quality, still miss the IS (no, the f/4 is not the same :-). And would love a cine-variant in same size.

 +  2014-01-06 20:48

@Zacuto yep, the Z-Finder Pro was in heavy use on in tight spaces like airplanes and trains:

 +  2014-01-06 05:11

“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.” — Hunter S. Thompson

 +  2014-01-03 01:02

Unfuckingbelievable. Tripped and fell during my nightly 15K #run through historical #Paris. On non-technical asphalt. “Wake up! Time to die”

 +  2014-01-02 06:15

#SpotTheRock: Don’t be afraid to spend on @RedrockMicro to saw, drill & glue it like I did for

 +  2014-01-02 00:46

@redrockmicro assemble a fast & nimble team of crazy #film perfectionists unafraid to hack @redrockmicro gear to shoot my next 3 features :D

 +  2013-12-31 02:47

@FirstGlanceFilm Exactly! — I did just finish a REAL feature #indiefilm, but labeling it “my favorite” is #unethical

 +  2013-12-31 02:12

@FirstGlanceFilm none, but your “real #indiefilm” term made me smile :-) — “as we both know, appearances can be deceiving”

 +  2013-12-30 23:21

Water-related #fail day. Washing machine ran through 80% of my clothes almost without #water. WC flush tank valve lost water tightness. Ugh!

 +  2013-12-20 08:30

Awesome #visualization of world #wind conditions forecast by GFS / @NOAA updated every 4 hours:

 +  2013-12-19 11:15

@CanonProNetwork why yellower? Is it by optical design? Or firmware interpretation of lens attached?

 +  2013-12-19 09:25

Beware of the “being in the present” obsession. The human #brain evolved to model the past and #future. Don’t deny it. Embrace all 3 tenses.

 +  2013-12-17 06:53

Amusing how people argue that being immortal would be #boring: 1) because their lives are boring 2) they never experienced #immortality.

 +  2013-12-06 20:49

@FreeDPT EF-S 17-55 mm is very good, sharper than EF 24-70 L:… It’s the camera system that doesn’t quite work for me.

 +  2013-12-06 15:51

Selling my #Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS with B+W UV —almost new, shot 50 photos to experiment. In Paris or UPS. 470 €

 +  2013-12-06 14:22

Selling my #Canon TS-E 24 mm f/3,5 L v II with B+W UV — NEW, never used, did not fit my bag. In Paris or UPS. 1700 €

 +  2013-12-06 12:42

Selling my #Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L v I with B+W UV — excellent condition, stored as backup. In Paris or UPS. 785 €

 +  2013-12-02 07:47

Nice Ken Loach interview:… I don’t love his #film s (I do like Riff-Raff), but agree with a lot of his methods / views

 +  2013-11-19 12:41

The #techno #DJ #life diagram. Summary of #film by someone who seems to have read my #script:

 +  2013-11-09 19:38

With finished, I’m psyching up to restart #bouldering. Some nude #climbing for inspiration:

 +  2013-11-06 19:08

Thanks to @SIDIAmerica for support on the road with best-fitting #cycling shoes (narrow sizes!) and on Twitter about

 +  2013-11-05 16:09

There is no planet B!

 +  2013-10-31 09:00

How can an actor play like this in Wind That Shakes the Barley, and then like that in Sunshine and #Inception? Directors’ or actor’s fault?

 +  2013-10-29 07:02

Difference between a Spielberg and a Kubrick? Spielberg is more successful cause his #film s give answers and comfort…

 +  2013-10-24 08:51

We’re nearing 2014 and the #cinema industry still has no gamma standards! #ICC profiles? Even less. I feel like in 1998, pre- #Photoshop 5.

 +  2013-10-23 05:06

Only 1TB of internal storage in #Apple #Mac Pro?! Any advice on a quiet 8Tb Thunderbolt #SSD storage system for #film editing?

 +  2013-10-17 08:04

I shot a #documentary #film about #techno DJing with @AndreyPushkarev. Took us 2,5 years. Watch 720p version for free

 +  2013-10-14 10:01

We were in a city, there were only 2 of us, we had access to too little money, too little equipment, and little by little we went insane.

 +  2013-10-08 13:27

How would you like to be remembered? “I killed Pushkin!” or “I killed Lennon” or “I killed more than 16 million people!” Attaboys.

 +  2013-10-07 09:24

If you’re to get a high-level job outside of the US, speaking fluent #English is a must. Now, how do politicians like presidents get theirs?

 +  2013-10-03 05:55

It doesn’t seem like #CSS 3 was developed by designers. Vertical align? Kerning? We need CSS 4 inspired by InDesign / Interface Builder.

 +  2013-10-02 08:08

Is there a correlation between #film dubbing vs subtitles policy and foreign #language mastery in #Europe? You bet:…

 +  2013-10-01 06:10

Ah… nothing like Copland’s variations to stay awake.

 +  2013-09-29 19:28

@eastdakota that’s the way to do it! Reminds me of my own similar but easier repair of a Swiss #SBB train seat:…

 +  2013-09-29 14:22

@craftui ever wondered how InDesign feels to non-designers? The B737 was way more difficult to operate before the glass cockpit upgrade :-).

 +  2013-09-25 14:49

Anyone knows how to move simultaneously all 3 RGB sliders in #Mac OS 10.8 color picker, please? Modifier keys don’t seem to work.

 +  2013-09-19 06:13

If safety was a priority, the #ATC would be texting directly to the FMS, FCU and #EFIS… instead of mumbling! Which could be used as backup.

 +  2013-09-18 07:31

Living in tiny spaces? Something I can relate to:… And most cook and eat tastier food than people in huge houses.

 +  2013-09-17 05:35

The Death of #Imagination. A thought-provoking text by @DavePollard on #creativity, #innovation, #art and consumerism…

 +  2013-09-13 06:24

A good up-to-date 21 minutes overview of why we #sleep and why sleep is necessary for mental #health and #creativity:…

 +  2013-09-10 11:50

2015 soon. My pro #dSLR still uses OVF and a non-square sensor. I’m tired of waiting for Retina #EVF and selectable dimension / orientation!

 +  2013-09-09 12:40

Radical #science. #Stress is good, if you think it is (or if it’s a byproduct of #meaning):… But what about cortisol?

 +  2013-09-06 11:09

A crazy great re #design of vintage indie rock flyers into international typographic style posters by @MikeJoyceNYC:

 +  2013-09-05 11:29

I’m disappointed by how @UPS complicates my #shipping from outside of my account’s country. Such an admin hassle! While @FedEx is automatic.

 +  2013-09-01 08:06

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his #work & play, #mind & body, #education & recreation” – L. P. Jacks

 +  2013-08-29 06:51

“We want to remove the memory of the #turntable”. Native Instruments @NI_News plan to buy the #Technics1200 brand:…

 +  2013-08-26 07:13

Extrapolation of my previous tweet: as if #creation was not complex enough, an #artist suffers from daily discouragement by jealous #society

 +  2013-08-23 12:13

An absolute must-read on #meaning, #purpose, #creation and #contribution in our #capitalist world. On bullshit jobs:

 +  2013-08-20 05:21

Some of my favorite #music genre descriptions on @SoundCloud: “music”, “sounds”, “proper” and “club”.

 +  2013-08-19 07:36

Seen from Saturn, #Earth is exactly what it is, a microscopic anomaly in #space:… . Its borders seem even more absurd.

 +  2013-08-13 05:47

A must-watch for those wondering why people rarely tackle big problems (#climate_change, peak #oil, #art, #science…):…

 +  2013-07-31 09:41

@Percona thanks for the invitation, I’ll jump in, if I’m stuck.

 +  2013-07-31 07:15

A reminder… High income improves evaluation of life (and only up to 6000 USD per month) but not emotional well-being:…

 +  2013-07-30 08:32

#Engineers build our world. 89% of them are male. So most of what’s built is out of balance. A possible solution:

 +  2013-07-29 20:00

@vixns thanks, I’ll give #percona a try! My InnoDB vs MyISAM results given are from after optimization of the vanilla #MySQL distribution.

 +  2013-07-29 07:55

Hmm… when working with a huge #MySQL table of 1 bn rows, MyISAM is fast enough, InnoDB is unusably slow. On a 12 core Xeon 32 Gb RAM SSD box

 +  2013-07-22 05:50

@lucasbrunelle thanks man!

 +  2013-07-22 05:47

Grant reviewers reject proposals to study processes common to #depression, #schizophrenia, psychosis because they cut across DSM categories!

 +  2013-07-17 14:05

How much would you #run today if time was not an issue and fun, not competition, was the goal?

 +  2013-07-16 12:22

Good chart comparing the harm of various #drugs to users and to others, #alcohol through #heroin to mushrooms:…

 +  2013-07-12 11:27

The big difference between a #sail boat cockpit and an airplane cockpit? The absence of labels on controls and switches.

 +  2013-07-11 08:08

Why do industrial designers create for much shorter people than my rather average 180 cm height? Sinks, tables, faucets, showers, displays…

 +  2013-06-21 10:32

My morning thoughts go out to the inventors and perpetrators of brand stickers on #apples.

 +  2013-06-03 12:46

In my opinion, the best way to form an #opinion about something is to personally experience that something.

 +  2013-05-30 11:48

Fuck. @Microsoft “has removed custom #CSS @Skype chat styles to ensure” grey text on grey background “consistency across their clients”.

 +  2013-05-27 18:43

Dynapod – a cool multi-function pedal-powered machine. #Electricity generator, grinder, pump, compressor, power tool:

 +  2013-05-17 08:29

#Creativity depends on the association of remote ideas. That’s why the implementation of ideals and methods of the #polymath is so important

 +  2013-05-16 06:12

What are your strategies to #touchtype on a keyboard with a #Wacom tablet replacing the mouse?

 +  2013-05-15 10:49

Dear runners converting to #barefoot #running, please start easy and slow. When you can walk for 1 hour, switch to running short distances.

 +  2013-05-13 04:47

“#Art is working on something till you like it, then leaving it that way” – Fred Babb

 +  2013-04-30 11:50

Great humor-infused, thought-provoking talk by Steven Soderbergh on the state of the #cinema industry:…

 +  2013-04-19 03:02

“The more the opinions of the author remain hidden, the better for the work of #art” – Friedrich Engels

 +  2013-04-10 03:49

Succinct, highly educational time-lapse video of a folding #Bike Friday Companion built from nothing to shipping:…

 +  2013-04-08 09:29

Some of @VPLPyachtDesign projects #sail a bit faster than their other designs:… (in French but translation not needed)

 +  2013-04-05 15:07

Excellent @FontShop advice on how to select good #typography pairs using lesser known #fonts:…

 +  2013-04-04 14:55

It still amazes me how almost everything touched by @Microsoft becomes ugly, mean, verbose, insecure and unreliable. Example: @Skype.

 +  2013-04-03 03:36

Gorgeous rendition of air and light in landscape #painting by Artem Cheboha:… (and a good reminder as well)

 +  2013-03-26 12:35

A very sad day. Dropped and lost my beloved 10-year @TheNorthFace Vector Beanie in @Polartec Power Shield during my quick 10K morning #run.

 +  2013-03-25 10:30

#Mac users of DVD Player: check “Disable Dolby dynamic range compression” in Preferences if you want to hear the original soundtrack!

 +  2013-03-25 10:30

@roessli Same thing here! Drilling season?

 +  2013-03-22 00:46

Ugh… no #Xray spectrometer at home! Gotta bike to @CERN for this.

 +  2013-03-20 07:07

“Your ultimate #goal should be ultimate.” – Piotr A. WOZNIAK

 +  2013-03-16 20:13

Not all #bananas are created equal. Some are greener. Some are tastier. Some are more diarrhetic.

 +  2013-03-14 23:49

Posterization? You mean, pasteurization? Yeah, boil em pixels! Oh wait, rotoscope boil?

 +  2013-02-21 17:41

I trust actions much more than words. A human is defined by his #work (or its absence), not his talk.

 +  2013-02-08 22:23

A yogi’s opinion: “#Photography means #Art. Art means Supreme stage:…

 +  2013-02-08 11:20

Dreamt of flying over a night sea upwards, through thunderstorm clouds full of lighting… and to the starlit skies. Gorgeous #lucidDreams!

 +  2013-02-01 13:12

Lucas Brunelle (@lucasbrunelle) #alleycat videos… easily outbike Hollywood’s Premium Rush despite 35 million USD budget.

 +  2013-02-01 00:32

A must-read if you #create for a living:… (I hope you’re already aware of most of it… or have time and will to change)

 +  2013-01-29 16:16

Dear @Facebook. I’ll pay. Just stop the stupid “Play in a casino / Become a trader” ads on my #iPad / #iPhone! (Bless @chromeadblock on Mac)

 +  2013-01-27 23:38

I hate the new @SoundCloud #design. Function sacrificed for coolness. Ever tried to list 1-hour dub #techno sets and listen through them all?

 +  2013-01-27 05:29

Uh oh! Fatal Familial #Insomnia (FFI) is clear indication that, when untreated, #sleep deprivation leads to #death:…

 +  2013-01-18 17:42

@justdrivegat Sorry, no. I’ve searched through my archives. I have 1 picture of that kitchen wall from 1996. But it’s an unscanned negative.

 +  2012-12-08 06:31

In my #lucidDreams, for about a year now, I’ve been teaching complete strangers how to #fly. If you’re one of them, drop me a line :-).

 +  2012-12-07 11:57

Despite the cold it’ll be alright, in the winter, in the city, in the winter, in the city…

 +  2012-12-01 15:05

Why was I the only one in my family to notice that the wallpaper in our Moscow kitchen is the same as in soviet-era #Aeroflot Il-86?

 +  2012-11-29 19:44

What sells? 1) naked women 2) baby animals. An ultimate #photography combo of both by Valentin Porohnyak: Ultra #cheesy

 +  2012-11-29 05:23

Boiler #engineer teamed up with surgeons to perform an unconventional repair of his heart… My way of solving problems!

 +  2012-11-28 16:58

Optimum #efficiency: using a leaf blower after 5 days of rain. Into 52 km/h wind. What? Can’t hear you: 2 of them struggle across the street

 +  2012-11-25 16:19

What’s the rationale for omitting the AoA indicator on civil aircraft?! An extremely useful and cheap instrument.

 +  2012-11-25 08:48

@valerybastide hug!

 +  2012-10-18 02:14

Pitch, roll, trim. Blade. Bleed. Compress. Consolidate.

 +  2012-08-31 23:10

@SingleNone Yep, 7 YBs would barely suffice (but that includes a safety margin for backups and co. :-).

 +  2012-08-29 21:25

I desperately need 7 yottabytes of #SSD storage!

 +  2012-07-28 15:52

The less you know about your own #religion / #belief, the less tolerant you are towards others’ religions / beliefs.

 +  2012-07-10 18:15

“#Trust is fundamental to #society. High-trust societies are happier and more prosperous than low-trust societies.” – @schneierblog

 +  2012-07-03 19:00

You have #talent, #discipline… But to become an #artist, you must overcome the pressure of #consumerism and free yourself from #materialism.

 +  2012-07-03 00:21

God save my skin (from insect bites)

 +  2012-07-01 13:48

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard SHAW

 +  2012-06-22 23:46

Every time you make a typo, the errorists win. (via @djnikobooks)

 +  2012-06-13 16:14

My problem with #jQuery is for small projects where I choose to write straight #JavaScript instead and 400 lines of code later I’m in doubt.

 +  2012-06-11 23:50

Only 2 films realistically show #American society response to #disaster: “The Road” (2009) and “The War of the Worlds” (2005)

 +  2012-05-26 22:25

“So you never wanted a regular type #life?” – “What the fuck is that? Barbeques and ballgames?”

 +  2012-05-14 22:37

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by will alone I stop my mind’s motion.

 +  2012-05-11 17:30

Just recently learned that the #Chinese have been using the #ISO 8601 date formatting since… like, forever! Wish that was the case worldwide

 +  2012-04-24 04:24

#Talent is nothing without #focus (prioritization of result, rejection of everything else) and #endurance (years of constant #work).

 +  2012-04-19 04:01

“If you think your #body and mind are 2, that’s wrong. If you think they are 1, that’s also wrong. Our body and #mind are both 2 and 1” 鈴木俊隆

 +  2012-04-17 04:34

Remember stock market’s primary purpose? To raise #capital? That’s 0,5% of trading volume on #WallStreet. The rest? Short-term #speculation.

 +  2012-04-16 04:48

3 best ways to reveal the true nature of your friends: 1) go through #war together 2) alpine #climb together 3) go into #business together

 +  2012-04-12 19:28

From my experience, there are as many men-cowards as women-cowards. Women just tend to be more honest and outspoken about their #cowardice.

 +  2012-04-10 01:43

Soon, the #Internet will be flooded with beautified #Velvia 100 pictures. All – frame 3.

 +  2012-04-04 03:17

A very enticing list of ideas and how-tos for smart people who like to think #future, think big and then just go do it:

 +  2012-04-03 00:54

「我也愿面朝大海,春暖花开 」

 +  2012-04-02 19:34

@copywritingbuzz Thanks Mike, but, as @judycopywriter correctly pointed out, I’m looking for multilingual copywriters, especially DE & FR.

 +  2012-03-30 19:05

First puncture on 16 in / ETRTO 349 @Schwalbe_NA Kojaks (my review:… )… Since 2008! A nail going downhill at 50 km/h.

 +  2012-03-27 16:51

@judycopywriter Yeah, somehow the insistent dead were the first to come to my mind. But I _am_ looking for living exceptions. ;-)

 +  2012-03-27 15:16

@judycopywriter Again, agree (incompletely when it comes to swearing). But, exceptions like Brodsky and Nabokov immediately come to my mind…

 +  2012-03-27 14:54

@abugah Yes, please send samples of French, German & English log lines and paragraphs, corporate comm / ad style to

 +  2012-03-27 14:46

@judycopywriter But it’s a multicultural, diverse and interesting project with lots of creative room and just monetary compensation.

 +  2012-03-27 14:44

@judycopywriter I agree. I’d need near-native in DE & FR (A lang), not unrare in Switzerland, plus EN (B lang), which is learnable.

 +  2012-03-27 07:19

I’m looking for excellent #freelance #copywriter working in EN, FR and DE (ideally #Schwiizerdütsch ). Web & print. Any location. Please RT.

 +  2012-03-20 13:40

Awful package delivery companies I’ve worked with in France (worst to bad): 1) #GLS 2) @TNTexpress 3) #Chronopost 4) DPD 5) @DHLexpress

 +  2012-03-17 18:50

Ahem… #SketchBookPro on #iPad is too slow for my hatching! Skips my moves and writing. No match to a large @Wacom and a #Mac, unfortunately.

 +  2012-03-16 06:36

So nice when someone picks out my language mistakes from my language experiments and corrects them! Rare and invaluable! (merci Aurore)

 +  2012-03-16 04:27

Ha! @GoreTexBrand under investigation both in EU and US for unfair business practices:… . Plus other important details.

 +  2012-02-25 00:20

Cool Raoul, ze life iz beautiful!

 +  2012-02-16 13:01

If you have a #flu, please cover your mouth when you sneeze to avoid spreading the virus to others like me. Especially in public #transport!

 +  2012-01-27 01:32

Great news! @SoundCloud has switched from #Flash to #HTML5. Works good so far. I like how the playhead div changes #CSS width in real time.

 +  2012-01-24 11:09

I remember my life before the #painkillers and the #Internet.

 +  2012-01-20 20:22

#Kodak – bankrupt… I’ve always preferred Kodak’s #photography film except for high-ISO (Fuji was better). Sentimental but without regrets.

 +  2012-01-19 23:50

I love how #AutoCAD allows me to set the units to parsecs!

 +  2012-01-15 17:52

My ideal #writing environment: great view, big #Apple screen, web connection and silence, total silence. No phone, no e-mail, no people.

 +  2012-01-13 11:00

Celebrating 15 years of professional published #photography ( ). Thank you my dear clients and friends!

 +  2012-01-12 12:48

#Apple’s App Store has been illegally avoiding #EU #VAT laws for years now! Their service department says they sell #B2C only… #LogicPro?

 +  2012-01-03 23:07

#Tarkovsky moved away from #cinema to #theater with epic-poetic decorations. The Sacrifice is a real-time play with meticulous choreography.

 +  2011-12-28 04:39

For air #travel, beware that @SeatGuru charts are more accurate than those provided by airlines’ official web sites.

 +  2011-12-15 11:39

Weird. @Inov8run Bare-X 180 is half-size shorter than BareGrip 200 / Road-X Lite 155. Reordered larger size. Good winter road #running shoe.

 +  2011-12-14 10:58

Stunningly precise real-time flight tracking of ADS-B equipped #aircraft in Europe: (via @Traverson)

 +  2011-12-02 21:24

I wish @FedEx and @UPS had real-time location / schedule for “on vehicle for delivery” part. The truck disappears from tracking for 14 hours

 +  2011-11-03 09:22

Wow, #barefoot #running covered by the mainstream press? @NYtimes article:…

 +  2011-10-15 00:11

@antoinegrillon BCN only in winter, you know you would have an edge otherwise! GVA or Paris anytime we’re both there. Which is the culprit.

 +  2011-10-14 23:56

@antoinegrillon Facts only, man. We’ll race to test it out. I’m ready to loose :-). Urban only, of course. 5 - 10 kms. Day end traffic jams.

 +  2011-10-14 23:05

@antoinegrillon OK, next time we’ll race to find out if your method is as fast and on-time as mine :-).

 +  2011-10-14 22:10

A folding #Brompton #bike: I have yet to find a more fun way to arrive at a business meeting on time.

 +  2011-10-07 02:22

Excellent @NYtimes infographic of the #US 14,3 trillion-dollar #debt: where it’s from and who’s lending the #money:…

 +  2011-09-26 20:15

Yay! 2:03:38!

 +  2011-08-01 00:02

I told my neighbor that dogs wear no shoes and #run fine. Are humans worse than dogs? Why not run #barefoot? He joked dogs live only 10 yrs.

 +  2011-07-22 01:00

One of the most accurate and honest articles on the #VC (venture capital) situation in #Europe today:… by @fDestin

 +  2011-07-20 08:44

In my opinion, @Inov8run BareGrip 200 is currently the best shoe for trail #running and landscape #photography. Choose half UK size smaller.

 +  2011-07-19 06:29

“If you do what you love, the #money may or may not follow, but you’ll love what you do” – @TonySchwartz

 +  2011-07-18 11:07

I’m awed by the #PHP and #HTML messiness of #MediaWiki! Code reads like a bunch of non-MVC hacks… that powers the world’s largest wiki. Hmm.

 +  2011-06-07 14:24

@OneEyeland / Sharad HAKSAR! Stop spamming me! No auto unsubscribe and 2 of my direct e-mail requests to you were ignored! #Unprofessional!

 +  2011-06-04 23:44

And 2010 carbon emissions increased to a historical high leaving us little hope to avoid severe #climate_change :…

 +  2011-06-04 21:03

We’ve eaten almost all the fish in the Atlantic ocean:…

 +  2011-05-29 03:39

How did #Buddhism come so close to getting the #brain right?… (via @the99percent)

 +  2011-05-23 18:02

Der Räuber: an excellent #film about the meaning of life, social norms, #boredom, #Austria’s lost sparkle and #running.

 +  2011-05-21 22:56

After a period of #memory retrieval remembered how to swing on a swing. Confirmed my #childhood hunch that flying #aerobatics is way cooler.

 +  2011-05-20 14:10

Proved experimentally: @Inov8run US to UK size chart… works great to convert from @AsicsAmerica and @BrooksRunning sizes.

 +  2011-05-19 00:11

“We don’t know anything about what was before [the Big Bang]. If there was a before.” – excellent #LHC #physics article:…

 +  2011-05-17 21:47

@icebreakernz Thanks, but I don’t see how you could help? Change the cut – a radical solution? We might discuss it in Friedrichshafen.

 +  2011-05-16 08:10

Really disappointed by the fit of @IceBreakerNZ Tech T Lite in merino #wool. The sleeves are too short and the waist is too long. Unusable.

 +  2011-05-12 22:28

“I find the liveable cities lists intellectually on a par with People magazine’s ‘sexiest people’ lists.” – Joel GARREAU

 +  2011-05-11 12:30

Easy-to-read explanation of #markets vs planned #economy and the lethality of economic externalities on the #environment…

 +  2011-05-06 15:03

Weird. Exact same movie files play darker in #VLC than in #QuickTime on #Mac OS 10.6.7 with #ICC profiled screen. Any explanations?

 +  2011-04-30 05:46

Why #Facebook dislikes paragraphs? Prefers 1-block “hit enter to post” comments? Avoids elaborate conversations? Are Facebook messages next?

 +  2011-03-31 22:26

Endless triviality. Wave after wave of #mundanity. An ocean of #futility.

 +  2011-03-23 07:35

#Paris streets aren’t optimized for anyone. Pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, buses, taxies, cars and trucks… we all suffer from bad #design.

 +  2011-03-21 09:14

“Safe #nuclear does exist, and #China is leading the way with #thorium” - a short article by the @Telegraph:…

 +  2011-03-21 01:26

Morning: my #Brompton seat post rips out pedal cadence magnet. Evening: I discover magnet burst-on-demand #lingerie

 +  2011-03-10 05:34

Shooting #photography is like doing #TaiChi in a room full of furniture with eyes closed. Trust your skills & feelings… hope for the best.

 +  2011-03-02 21:56

While #running today in #barefoot @InvisibleShoes sandals in #Paris, someone asked me if it was a new concept. Yes, only 10 000 years old…

 +  2011-02-07 08:02

„Als das Kind Kind war, hatte es von nichts eine Meinung, hatte keine Gewohnheit und machte kein Gesicht beim #fotografieren“ – Peter HANDKE

 +  2011-02-03 14:11

To me, pillars of #Swiss #culture have been blasted to lowest global denominator: cleanliness, punctuality, banks and polite driving. Gone.

 +  2011-02-01 16:01

Awesome deep #techno mix set by Danny Barbour:…

 +  2011-01-31 15:52

Cool! Folding #Bike Friday Tikit available this spring with Gates carbon belt drive and #Shimano Alfine 11 or Nexus 8.

 +  2011-01-27 10:20

@AdrienneM1971 I’d disagree. The slow carb #diet is only a part of the #4hb, and for a French, Tim’s approach to food is hair-raising ;-).

 +  2011-01-27 06:50

Finished 4-Hour Body #4hb by @TFerriss. A rather disappointing mix of tricks. Uneven depth. Emphasis on #work & calculus over fun & #play.

 +  2011-01-26 09:07

What are my social #obligations?

 +  2011-01-25 12:15

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 5) sharing best practices, #processes and #pricing with competition to improve the industry.

 +  2011-01-24 11:24

Why name the color of unpainted steel (Fe+X), aluminum (Al) or titanium (Ti) items as “silver” (Ag) in #marketing talk?

 +  2011-01-22 13:09

Cascade Designs will sell a warmer Therm-a-Rest NeoAir in July 2011. Size regular: 51x183cm, 540g, R-value 4.9 (not as warm as Exped mats).

 +  2011-01-21 08:37

“Many of the people who deny #climate_change suffer from an inability to imagine that the world will go on without them.” – @aWorkingLibrary

 +  2011-01-11 15:37

Should I give up #hope that #Apple will fix Finder lack of spatial orientation in #Mac OS X? We’re nearing 10.7 and still no OS 9 metaphors.

 +  2011-01-05 20:36

@akuvaramaki and @tonisep – thanks for linking!

 +  2010-12-28 12:52

What?! No decent #ePUB desktop #e-books reader for #Mac OS X? #Adobe Digital Editions and Stanza are a joke!

 +  2010-12-27 05:33

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 4) constant extraction and reuse of client’s knowledge of their industry for project #success

 +  2010-12-22 12:14

As a #photographer, I wonder why so many women pluck their #eyebrows incorrectly? Lack of #drawing skills? Undeveloped sense of #aesthetics?

 +  2010-12-21 15:25

If you’re a #creative looking for #work / #health / socializing balance, remember that equilibrium seldom leads to change and #creativity.

 +  2010-12-20 13:22

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 3) a habit to quickly admit and apologize for mistakes, errors, delays and misunderstandings

 +  2010-12-17 12:47

I’m surprised and saddened by #Yahoo decision to kill #Delicious. Fortunately, I’ve chosen offline instead of cloud storage a long time ago.

 +  2010-12-06 05:44

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 2) ability to explain your choices to a client without any background in art and design.

 +  2010-12-03 13:04

Can’t wait for #IMAP support of #Facebook messages. Finally, all my e-mail in the cloud _and_ on my devices for backup and history.

 +  2010-12-02 06:13

“The #purpose of life is to discover your gift. The #work of life is to develop it. The #meaning of life is to give your gift away” – D VISCOTT

 +  2010-12-01 09:25

You know, sometimes I just want to ride my #bike without being part of this #war for road space… with my hands off the brakes.

 +  2010-11-30 11:22

Can good taste in #art, #design or #music be learnt without #talent and innate sensitivity?

 +  2010-11-29 14:27

The human #mind struggles to understand and accept extremes: the #infinity of cosmos or the #finity of life.

 +  2010-11-26 13:26

As an #artist, be an optimist (some will like your #art), a pessimist (some will hate it), and a realist (some will ignore it).

 +  2010-11-25 10:10

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 1) ability to create on demand, regardless of your mood or #inspiration status.

 +  2010-11-24 06:05

If you’re everywhere, you’re nowhere!

 +  2010-11-22 12:30

#Life should be long and complex. #Death should be quick and easy.

 +  2010-11-17 06:03

Unvisualisable. Such a terrible word for a visual #artist!

 +  2010-11-16 09:48

Why focus on 3 speed internal gear hubs’ mechanical efficiency and leave out cadence efficiency? A #bike is to move faster with less effort.

 +  2010-11-08 07:11

I’m puzzled by the simplicity of dreams in the #Inception movie. In my standard #dreams I survive shots, go through walls and fly around…

 +  2010-10-27 05:39

Sadly, the next generation of #Apple notebooks limits storage, lacks Firewire, forgets RJ45, looses keyboard backlight and requires a loupe.

 +  2010-10-22 17:29

@LMGM The fear of trees falling under heavy wind. The scary upper sections bending towards the windows. 7-floor trees. Now on the floor.

 +  2010-10-22 05:18

The sound of leaves in the wind is gone. The tall trees in front of my homes cut down. In #Moscow. And now in #Geneva. The silence of #fear.

 +  2010-10-21 11:48

BWV 596a Concerto d-moll (nach Vivaldi)

 +  2010-10-19 14:40

Perhaps never believing in anything is better than losing #faith one day.

 +  2010-10-18 07:16

“Let’s have a moment of silence for all those stuck in #traffic on their way to the #gym to ride the stationary #bike.” – Earl BLUMENAUER

 +  2010-10-15 10:45

Growing up in #USSR I hoped “#USA = aggressor” was #propaganda: Cuba, Iran, Guatemala, Vietnam, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq…

 +  2010-10-13 05:39

My lightweight self-supported #bike touring gear list:… Long-distance #travel on a folding Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro.

 +  2010-10-12 14:18

My #Facebook friends? People I’ve met in my life. So for new “friend” requests, I ask to explain why we should meet. A wish totally ignored!

 +  2010-10-11 05:19

To start the week, an excellent deep #techno set “Invisible Parcel” by @AndreyPushkarev and @Izhevski of

 +  2010-10-08 10:40

“#Civilization is reviving itself into a pathologically short #attention span.” – Stewart BRAND. Resist! Stay focused, longer.

 +  2010-10-07 14:55

Only 3 countries in the world still haven’t converted to the metric system: Burma, Liberia, and… the #USA. What a shame!

 +  2010-10-06 06:59

Sad news. Nassim TALEB has deleted his #Twitter account. Another victim of #technology mishandling. Know your tool or the tool will maim you

 +  2010-10-05 15:02

For my friends, a short 4 minute video explaining #sleep cycles in living organisms and an ideal human sleep schedule:…

 +  2010-10-04 08:09

My updated #Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro specs & pics:… . #Campagnolo, #Shimano & Jtek ShiftMate combo, Nokon cables.

 +  2010-09-28 15:50

Most effective #immigration control: employer incentives and sanctions. A lot easier to enforce. Why are countries focusing on individuals?

 +  2010-09-27 15:34

#Taiwan’s #bike parts manufacturer Sturmey Archer pads items inside parcels with shredders’ paper. Ingenious #reuse #recycle in #shipping!

 +  2010-09-22 15:41

I’ve been #walking & #running in #barefoot @InvisibleShoes huarache sandals for 5 months. Better fit & feel than #FiveFingers. Recommended!

 +  2010-09-21 23:27

I’ve spent the day walking the vines of Lavaux, #Switzerland, smelling the roses and tasting the grapes. I only wish #photo gear was lighter

 +  2010-09-20 18:04

An #actor’s #job to simulate a soldier / pilot / surgeon / lawyer is fun, but never actually working at any of these jobs for real is sad.

 +  2010-09-19 20:04

Cyclist #abuse. Van driver fails to yield on stop sign, squeezes the #bike several times, yells, throws a bottle at him:

 +  2010-09-18 00:42

@naturalfeet Yes, you definitely have a job now, an honest job: converting & teaching the West to #walk & #run #barefoot! Raise fees ;-)

 +  2010-09-17 23:14

@naturalfeet Ah, sarcarsm ;-) You may wish to put it in quotes the next time. Otherwise, really bad podiatrists, scary more than crazy, IMO.

 +  2010-09-17 22:15

@naturalfeet Agree on brainwashing. Why do you say evolution made a mistake with Western feet? Homo sapiens haven’t evolved since 50 kya.

 +  2010-09-17 21:16

@naturalfeet Are you kidding?! Of course “Western” humans can #walk and #run without support, #barefoot! They just don’t want to.

 +  2010-09-17 15:59

Excellent cartoon questioning #Facebook plan to run it’s new #Oregon datacenter on #coal generated #electricity:

 +  2010-09-16 10:32

Still can’t digest the fact that the #iPhone 4G remains 32 Gb max. Where’s the 64 Gb?! My hopes crushed. A ridiculous block in my #workflow.

 +  2010-09-15 17:43

16 minutes #documentary about the pros, the cons, the testimonials and the numbers of #commuting by #bike in the #USA:

 +  2010-09-10 01:09

Nice deep and minimal #music and interior #design at SihlCity International Radio Festival session in #Zurich

 +  2010-09-08 13:23

Astonishment Inducer™ - lovely #brand name!

 +  2010-09-07 11:19

Avoid nice #Campagnolo 10 spd #bike chains for touring. Impossible to repair or replace using lightweight tools like Park Tool CT-5.

 +  2010-09-06 07:51

I think using sensationalist / overgeneralized titles to attract readers is unprofessional. Sad to see @Wired do that:…

 +  2010-09-04 19:10

@nntaleb Lumping #photography, #film and #literature in the same category is a matter of rhetorical convenience. An artificial construct.

 +  2010-09-04 10:58

@nntaleb By volume, #film is mostly a form of entertainment. But a tiny part is indeed a form of #art (cinéma d’auteur).

 +  2010-09-03 12:58

Annoyed by the rattle of keys and cash when #running? Ultralight solution: wrap it in thin, crumpled plastic (supermarket bags, packaging…)

 +  2010-09-02 14:55

I’m looking for a #TaiChi mentor in #HongKong, #Paris or #Geneva. Relaxation & defense. Details:… Please help, RT.

 +  2010-09-01 12:08

“When you are young, you have more time than #money. As you get older, you have more money than time.” – Chris ANDERSON @chr1sa

 +  2010-08-31 11:16

First crash on my 1,5 year old #Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro! Reason: watching a #Boeing 777 take off while riding. #Nalgene ATB destroyed.

 +  2010-08-30 12:40

Think cheap #oil is infinite? Or, maybe, the market and technology will solve any problems? Then read . With nice charts.

 +  2010-08-19 16:23

The labor turnover in the #outdoor & #bike industries is staggering. Teams change so much, so often! Constant #job dissatisfaction? Other?

 +  2010-08-17 13:33

First #bike #ride since my #appendicitis / #peritonitis. Feels weird to have been off the bike for so long… Feels awkward, feels good.

 +  2010-08-16 14:23

“I think an #artist is always tormented. Show me an artist who isn’t?” – Layla Alexander GARRETT

 +  2010-08-13 10:53

So thrilled to learn about the advances in #flywheel #energy storage! Awesome stuff. Simple example (movie):

 +  2010-08-12 14:18

World map of current (2009) and planned (2025) share of #renewable #energy sources (sans large hydro) by country:…

 +  2010-08-12 13:23

@RitcheyIntl Head to Friedrichshafen zentrum, the harbor. Plenty of beer and wine. I recommend Stadtmauer (Seestrasse 14) for food & drink.

 +  2010-08-11 14:35

I’m still blue in green. But I can’t grieve, unless I’ve seen.

 +  2010-08-09 13:31

From the inside, being a purpose #workaholic seems OK. It seems horrifying from the outside. Just seen Heat. A #movie about 2 workaholics.

 +  2010-08-06 10:51

“#Sustainability is often misunderstood as the neo-protestant notion that it has to hurt in order to do good.” – Bjarke INGELS #architecture

 +  2010-08-05 14:13

People tend to interpret my smiles as smirks while I’m not expressing scorn. Rather “you bet!” Should I do mirror work? Other suggestions?

 +  2010-08-03 12:45

“The brick walls are not there to keep us out. They’re there to stop the other people.” – Randy PAUSCH

 +  2010-08-02 13:43

The difference between earlier plastic #Apple Cinema Displays and current aluminum ones? #Work #safety. The sharp edges shred awkward moves.

 +  2010-07-27 14:15

My latest #Swiss #design. Using Swiss grids. For a Swiss company. In Russian: Hand-coded #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, #PHP.

 +  2010-07-26 12:28

Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ! (BWV 639)

 +  2010-07-24 19:29

Good. My #surgeon has authorized #running after my #appendicitis / #peritonitis. Even weight training! But no #bike riding for a month. Bad.

 +  2010-07-23 15:54

Most important factor when choosing between #Shimano and #Campagnolo road #bike components: brifter #ergonomics that match your hands.

 +  2010-07-19 16:13

SwissStop RacePro Green pads crazy-squeal @ speeds over 45 k/h on #Campagnolo Skeleton #bike brakes & Alex DA22 20" rims.

 +  2010-07-15 13:31

CRP > 200. Scanner confirms appendicitis & abscess in my belly. Yesterday. While I walked and joked. Today, still alive, but not so active.

 +  2010-07-07 08:49

Thought experiment: imagine you’re the only human on #Earth. Unlimited #food, #transport, #protection. Would you feel at #home anywhere?

 +  2010-07-06 13:22

Disappointing. The automatic switch-on mode of Busch & Müller IX-RED Senso rear #bike light thinks a shadowed forest road isn’t dark enough.

 +  2010-07-03 17:51

Sarkozy’s «Plateau de Saclay», Medvedev’s «Город Солнца»… Why top-down tech clusters often fail to deliver the results:…

 +  2010-07-02 13:48

Unexpected good news! UK govt cancels #Heathrow 3d runway:… . I agree. Air-travel has no #future, invest in #rail!

 +  2010-06-27 16:00

#G20. Only 2 days to decide the future of the world #finance at 0,6 bnCAD per day. Ridiculous! #Videoconferencing and serious work, anyone?

 +  2010-06-25 21:02

I thought it was a distance #runner problem only. Wrong. Today’s 83K #bike #ride under the sun has grinded my nipple in the same sweaty way.

 +  2010-06-22 00:00

Ouch! #iOS4 is out but it seems developers have been running late. @Skype, @DataVizInc, @Facebook… What happens when #iPhone 4 hits retail?

 +  2010-06-17 15:24

Want some non-technical but gorgeous and original #pants? Take a look at the amazing

 +  2010-06-16 20:52

Dear #Americans, “wake up!” “#Oil is a finite resource.” Even your #president says so. Rethink your own actions. Not a “time to die” yet.

 +  2010-06-11 05:26

By design, a tiny rubber bump on the #Campagnolo Ergo brake lever should block noise. But it now blocks upshifting on my #Bike Friday PRP!

 +  2010-06-09 05:50

Financial markets’ #deregulation allows big #money from the air. Speculators have 0 interest to agree to worldwide #regulation. Get real.

 +  2010-06-03 15:01

How many words have you left unspoken?

 +  2010-06-01 08:16

I keep biting the inside of my cheeks every time I drift away in complex thoughts, forgetting the #food I’m eating. Focus, #focus, focus!

 +  2010-05-31 22:23

@Lighthiker What’re doing in #Moscow, one of my home towns?! Baltika is the classic Russian #beer.

 +  2010-05-31 12:38

People explain a problem to a customer and justify why it’s not their fault instead of apologizing and fixing the problem… Is that #service?

 +  2010-05-28 13:05

Near-perfect t-shirt for daily wear & #travel: #Patagonia Merino 1… Thin #wool odor control & great feel. Tested 4 months.

 +  2010-05-27 13:02

My #Facebook profile ads become desperate: “90 000 guys to meet, 100% free registration!”

 +  2010-05-26 14:16

#Obesity epidemic spreads to tech #clothing. Successor to my beloved #Eider Vibration pant, Siral is +10 cm at the waist:…

 +  2010-05-25 08:23

Concerned about the Gulf of Mexico #environment? Read some excellent faux-BP #sarcasm: (via @SaraEcclesine)

 +  2010-05-24 15:16

What if there was #afterlife? What would you take there with you? And no, your #money and your #car will stay here!

 +  2010-05-21 14:11

50% of the Nokon casing I’ve bought has scratches. Brand new. Off the factory. But it does improve #Bike Friday’s tortuous cable routing.

 +  2010-05-20 08:34

Awesome #video #journalism about #cycling grass-roots initiative in US Still a few people out there with the right ideas.

 +  2010-05-19 07:12

The Rough Guides remain #paper only. No #e-books. Ridiculous. Ever tried lightweight #travel?! My 135g #iPhone carries most of my library…

 +  2010-05-17 12:10

Fitting Nokon cables to my folding #Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro. Epic struggle. Inconsistent diameters! German manufacturing #precision?!

 +  2010-05-13 11:28

A must see (and assess) talk about the Why, the How and the What of #dreams, #values, #creativity and #marketing:…

 +  2010-05-11 15:31

Testing Outdoor Research @ORGear Revel Cap… under Giro Atmos helmet for long #cycling under intense rain. Works so far.

 +  2010-05-07 22:51

Seems #Apple #LED 24" #display prefers being #ICC profiled at native color temperature (≈6600K). Anything warmer shifts grays to green.

 +  2010-05-01 14:56

Awesome! #Paris #bike shop Bicloune had spare internals for my #Brompton’s SRF3! A rarity. No need for #UPS from Taiwan.

 +  2010-04-30 05:59

Excellent rhetorical prose by Steve JOBS on #Flash:… . And I agree. #HTML5 will win if #Apple persists. A good thing.

 +  2010-04-29 10:39

2500 km. My #Brompton’s SA SRF3 gearbox breaks down. Disassembly. No sealing = rust. Tiny pawls for torque transfer = cracked. Bad #design.

 +  2010-04-28 09:27

My 2 most wanted #PHP features: 1) complete UTF8 support; 2) more functions for multi-dimensional arrays. V6 will get UTF8 but foreach only.

 +  2010-04-23 11:59

I’m experiencing #grammar #paranoia. Present Perfect vs Simple Past. Swayed from rules to common abuse back to logic and again to intuition.

 +  2010-04-21 18:19

The American @LibraryCongress now archives #Twitter’s tweets as well. All of them. But allows access to selected few:…

 +  2010-04-20 11:32

@TheUPSStore_PR tracking says “natural disaster released by clearing agency.” Seriously, #UPS needs to invest in speedboats for the future.

 +  2010-04-20 10:43

Interesting video of the @Polartec Classic fleece fabric manufacturing process:

 +  2010-04-18 06:00

#Eyjafjallajökull #volcano is a gentle test of the European #transport preparedness for #PeakOil, specifically, #rail. Are we ready?

 +  2010-04-17 06:15

Archive of my tweets now available on my web site:… Includes #OutDoor09 and #Eurobike09 press coverage:…

 +  2010-04-13 17:53

Seen from my #train’s window: 2 assholes cleaned up commuters’ #bike rack. People, switch to folders! Or at least bolt everything!

 +  2010-04-13 14:03

“#Science flies you to the moon. #Religion flies you into buildings.” – Victor STENGER (via @roessli)

 +  2010-04-12 08:09

Has anyone tested #SQL subselects and IN operators of #MySQL 6.0? How slow is it?

 +  2010-04-11 13:30

The future is already here. #China exports #high-tech, high-speed #rail to #US, includes #financing:… (via @timoreilly)

 +  2010-04-08 15:41

Yay! Finnish #Post opens #paper #mail, scans it and delivers online:… #Paperless freedom! Wish the French did the same.

 +  2010-04-07 14:55

#Apple’s denial of #Flash might be a good thing for #HTML5, which even runs #Quake in the browser: &…

 +  2010-04-04 17:16

@Beuteltiere, @cybersixxx, @freijn, @garminnl, @gatorguy2, @GPSFix, @jhabijan, @Lighthiker, @onealfa – thanks for retweeting my Dakota post!

 +  2010-04-02 13:10

James LOVELOCK: “Humans are too stupid to prevent #climate_change.” I agree. Full interview:…

 +  2010-04-01 13:09

“A professional is an amateur who didn’t quit.” – Richard BACH – #professionalism

 +  2010-03-30 11:40

Coding #PHP / #MySQL projects for days places my brains into some other #reality. Very addictive. But I feel like a #zombie when I reemerge.

 +  2010-03-27 12:42

Woke up at #night for a leak. Got up. Accelerated to #running #speed. Smashed myself into the wall. Blunt #trauma in the #darkness.

 +  2010-03-26 15:15

@roessli MétéoSuisse’ve been talking about today’s downpour for a week. Near realtime precips:… Check before you #ride ;-)

 +  2010-03-26 11:00

#Kerouac’s 1st chapter of “Big Sur” is just so good! Every time I read it.

 +  2010-03-25 12:24

My belated but detailed #Garmin Dakota vs Garmin Oregon #GPS comparison review:… . Please feedback / RT.

 +  2010-03-24 09:37

Optimal #running #kinetics shown in slow motion, measured, explained: Shod or #barefoot, landing on the arch is essential

 +  2010-03-23 07:09

“When you lose someone you love you shed tears – are your tears for yourself or for the one who is dead?” Jiddu #KRISHNAMURTI

 +  2010-03-22 09:43

@CybelePascal I’m on the west coast of Lake Geneva at the border of Switzerland and France. No visible bloom here yet. ;-)

 +  2010-03-21 18:56

Self-collect. Ride 28K. Super slowly. 01:05. Soak the rain. Find the slow leak in front. Drink. Eat. Symptoms be damned. Get back to work!

 +  2010-03-21 11:36

I feel like shit. Symptoms: running nose, #headache. Worse: no desire to #work, #run or #ride! Diagnosis: #virus, #allergy, overtraining?

 +  2010-03-20 10:08

How many people around the world talk to their TV-sets, alone?

 +  2010-03-19 11:03

#Bike Friday now makes a folding stem for Pocket models (Rocket, Crusoe, Llama). Video: . Black only :(

 +  2010-03-17 11:50

Good, classic #electro. A rarity. Convextion live @ Abstract Science, Chicago, 2008-10-16:… (thanks @RicoPasserini)

 +  2010-03-16 11:55

#Suunto joins the ANT+ Alliance, which suggests #interoperability improvements in future #training devices:…

 +  2010-03-14 22:13

How to use an #inkjet #printer to create #heart tissue and other human #regeneration #experiments with positive results:…

 +  2010-03-13 13:22

Dark grey smokes of #Geneva central #heating systems spoil the #sunrise view of the #Jura. We need to convert all buildings to electric!

 +  2010-03-12 15:29

I’m having great fun digging into fuzzy #logic:…

 +  2010-03-12 15:28

@Lighthiker So, how’s your new SKS Airchecker ( )?

 +  2010-03-11 16:18

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.” Maya ANGELOU

 +  2010-03-09 12:07

The end of an #experience is crucial for the #memory of it. If I #crash I get up and continue my #ride or #run. Bloody but good for #morale.

 +  2010-03-08 16:06

I have to admit: #cycling into a 50 km/h headwind, in +1 C (w/o wind-chill factored in) temp, for more than 2 hours… is #depressing.

 +  2010-03-06 13:28

The experiencing self vs the remembering self:… Which is more important to you, #experience (present) or #memory (past)?

 +  2010-03-04 15:34

My #organic recovery recipe: 1 #banana, 2 raw eggs, 0,7 L orange juice, cane sugar, blender. Drink within 30 mins after #endurance exercise.

 +  2010-03-03 19:52

#Facebook offers 0 control over emails sent by group admins. Manageable inbox? Sorry, but I’m temporarily leaving message intensive groups.

 +  2010-03-01 21:58

#Suunto t6 belt and #Garmin Dakota 20 refuse to collaborate. I want EPOC, #GPS, B&M Ixon, Sigma BC1606L and hands’ space on my drops! Ideas?

 +  2010-02-27 14:27

Similarity of #humans compared to #animals in #aggression, theory of mind, Golden rule, #empathy, anticipation, #culture:

 +  2010-02-25 18:23

Schwalbe AirMaxPro… #tire pressure checker grips my Presta screws & deflates! SKS Airchecker is better.

 +  2010-02-24 11:10

@jgrahamc Sitting with 400 people on a trans-Atlantic flight breathing same air for 11 hours increases your chance of getting the flu virus.

 +  2010-02-24 11:01

Change your #perception. Rethink your perception. Deep #techno set by @AndreyPushkarev:… (available as #wav download!)

 +  2010-02-23 16:41

Marker #tag on #traffic light post at Servette intersection in #Geneva: “FUCK CARS”

 +  2010-02-23 00:33

@craigrandall Cheap flights to FR? Buy either 3 months in advance or at last minute, between tue & thrsd at the usual &

 +  2010-02-21 18:17

Perfect ceiling for a #smokers’ room:… (shown at , found via @antoinegrillon & @mrboo )

 +  2010-02-20 16:03

Now I have the term to explain why most don’t understand what I’m talking about: the Outside #Context Problem (OCP)

 +  2010-02-17 14:10

OK, my 32 Gb #iPhone says I have 200 Mb of free space left. Now what?

 +  2010-02-16 15:40

I’m tired of #polite but #helpless, disempowered people in #service industries. They try to look kind but don’t give a damn about a client.

 +  2010-02-14 14:54

#CO2 negative externality example: #Geneva to #Copenhagen: 25€ by #Easyjet plane (2 hours) vs 264€ by #SBB & #DB trains (16 hours)

 +  2010-02-12 16:21

“#Knowledge is #experience, everything else is just #information” – Albert #EINSTEIN – so experience personally everything you say you know.

 +  2010-02-09 00:20

The opposite of what you think may also be true:…

 +  2010-02-07 19:34

Know that “I should have put fenders on” feeling when crossing a huge puddle of liquid mud in front of a construction site on a sunny day?

 +  2010-02-06 09:47

#Cuil #Twiceler robot creates random URLs for and generates #404 errors en masse! Robots.txt Disallow doesn’t work! #fail

 +  2010-02-05 13:51

Derailleur refuses to shift to smallest sprocket but otherwise OK? Check H limit screw. Mine shaked out a bit after 2K of destroyed asphalt.

 +  2010-02-03 23:59

@nelderini “Another deeply researched, thoughtful, original piece with dramatically important conclusions THAT NO ONE WILL READ” – why?

 +  2010-02-03 23:56

The #tram. My favorite urban public transport. But these beauties and their rails seem to dislike my #Brompton. Any #cyclist vs #trams tips?

 +  2010-02-02 16:44

If #climate_change brings more winters like this one to FR & CH, I’ll have to get a non-foldable titanium #MTB with spike tires!

 +  2010-02-01 20:34

Most eco-aware visitors to my minimal 13 m2 #Paris flat concur that I should now work on my #water #footprint… #Automation? Suggestions?

 +  2010-01-30 23:26

“To succeed in life, you need 2 things: ignorance and confidence.” – Mark TWAIN – exactly my case. I’d add constant work as thing no 3.

 +  2010-01-30 03:08

Both #Star_Wars 3 and #Avatar 1 have left me feeling irritated after watching. Any ideas why?

 +  2010-01-28 18:33

I dislike real-world metaphors in #software user #interface. #iPad simulates #Filofax, bookshelves, #CD covers. Bad to show tons of info.

 +  2010-01-24 16:03

Found a good #sunscreen for my nonabsorbent skin and smear loving #dSLR. La Roche Posay Anthelios Fluide Extreme SPF 20…

 +  2010-01-22 12:57

I’m amazed no one opens their checked-in #luggage after retrieving it at the #airport. Always check everything near the conveyor belt!

 +  2010-01-06 00:46

Thank you, #bicycle #Gods, for letting me live yet another day.

 +  2009-12-30 04:01

#Running through eery lights of #Swiss drizzle. Diffused and opaque, quiet and fast.

 +  2009-12-28 17:17

#Cycling the icy asphalt. Gloves open #Nalgene ATB… , smash against steerer tube. Lexan cap on the road. Stop. Fix. Works!

 +  2009-12-27 14:48

Why would you need a #TV if you have a window with a view on the sky, the #mountains, the sun, the clouds and the stars?

 +  2009-12-22 16:46

The herding behavior of #holidays in Europe is always a major disruption to my asynchronous, atemporal workflow. Utter #frustration!

 +  2009-12-19 15:39

So glad the #Airbus #A400M flies! Much more important than #A350 or #Boeing #787 (fuel efficiency, operation from deteriorated runways).

 +  2009-12-18 15:19

Wherever it is, #Paris, #Moscow, #Berlin, #Geneva, #Montreal… when it snows, it all looks the same. City #slush sucks.

 +  2009-12-18 13:29

I took it and so should you—The Survey For People Who Make Websites, 2009:

 +  2009-12-17 16:11

“#Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.” – Chuck CLOSE – Yep, my clients don’t care about my mood.

 +  2009-12-16 15:00

Anyone else notices quality difference when playing same #mp3 file in #QuickTime (better) vs #iTunes (worse)? (disabled EQ, Sound Enhancer)

 +  2009-12-15 14:56

Winter sun. Blue sky. Roofs of #Paris. But I have to close the curtains and open #Photoshop. The dark side of editing #photography

 +  2009-12-15 13:36

@mchillingworth Ha! My #Brompton comes second in number of skids after my Soviet childhood single speed Орлёнок. Brompton’s very skid prone.

 +  2009-12-15 13:20

@mchillingworth #Brompton is common in Paris, a rarity in Switzerland. People ask about price, I ask how much they pay for a car, per MONTH.

 +  2009-12-15 13:12

@RailService Kudos, quite impressive. I’d only suggest splitting into 4 Twitter accounts by language: German, French, Italian and English.

 +  2009-12-14 20:49

@RailService Hey! Danke! Wenn Sie eine Ersatzminute erhalten. Wissen Sie, dass Sie viel schneller als der #SBB Presserelationsservice sind?

 +  2009-12-14 20:23

@RailService How do you deal with 4 languages on 1 Twitter account? I’d definitely follow you if I wasn’t forgetting my German so quickly…

 +  2009-12-14 20:19

@stevepavlina “The path with a heart usually is” a tunnel under the mountains of social standards.

 +  2009-12-14 20:13

@RailService oh, new around here? Welcome! No worries about that IC seat, I’ve fixed it. Just keep using standard Allen bolts.

 +  2009-12-14 18:34

@RailService , where were you when I’d published this:… ? ;-)

 +  2009-12-14 13:23

#Zug cool. #SBB Ansagen:

 +  2009-12-13 16:59

Vague, distorted, contradicting. Totally unconvinced by #Obama #Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech:…

 +  2009-12-12 17:38

Bastille. Red light. #Car driver lowers window. Asks where to buy the #Brompton I ride. Green light. We cross the cobbles talking. -1 car?

 +  2009-12-11 12:56

Finally! Experts from EU, USA, China, Japan, Korea meet to develop environmental standards for packaging… via @GuyKawasaki

 +  2009-12-10 20:40

@tferriss foretells my likely shift in priorities: “I really want to party with friends in Paris but I’m dead tired. Health is #1.”

 +  2009-12-10 14:01

“For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with #design ” – Massimo VIGNELLI

 +  2009-12-09 11:30

#iPhone touchscreen works inside durable waterproof Aloksaks: Accidental discovery inside my 4.5x7" ultralight “wallet”.

 +  2009-12-07 18:21

I’ve said it already: #Copenhagen #Climate Conference will be insignificant. Human nature: hit the wall first, then act for real. 2020?

 +  2009-12-03 23:49

I’m looking for oil-free mid-SPF #sunscreen for my nonabsorbent skin and smear loving #dSLR & lenses. What’s best? Available in FR or CH?

 +  2009-12-02 17:59

Weird, I’ve been #clubbing since 1995… Why do people unrelated to #electronic #music find it hard to imagine me in a #techno nightclub?

 +  2009-12-02 16:16

Is @hashtags permanently “Over capacity”? has been asking to “try again later” for more than a week!

 +  2009-12-01 15:48

A very plausible timeline for global civilizational collapse by @DavePOLLARD:… With a clear graphic and a short text.

 +  2009-11-28 21:54

University of Utah research suggests the only way to stop global warming is to lower standards of living: (via @mtobis)

 +  2009-11-24 21:54

My night and day #photography of DJ @AndreyPUSHKAREV from Moscow deep #techno radio:…

 +  2009-11-23 20:08

I’ve realized mixing dirt #running and urban #parkour, both under rain and in the dark, is not a great idea. Oh well… still alive.

 +  2009-11-21 23:22

Julia KISSINA was kind to pull me into Paris Photo . Well, an art fair ain’t no art exhibition…

 +  2009-11-20 18:46

Attached the superlight #Tubus Airy… on my Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro, albeit with non-standard stays cut to size.

 +  2009-11-19 12:39

Awesome use of scroll bars to make a clock in #JavaScript:… (via @roessli & @gruber)

 +  2009-11-18 21:22

Red light. Woman crossing tells me “Oh a #Brompton! I’ve got one as well” Cyclist nearby says he switched from Bromtpon to a nonfolding MTB!

 +  2009-11-17 20:35

My #Marmot Chinook windshirt has survived #photo shoots, trail #running, rock & ice #climbing since 2004, but failed today on a door handle.

 +  2009-11-14 21:23

I love the #minimalism of my 13 sq m flat in #Paris, but it lacks a stable vise for my frequent #DIY projects. Any ideas how to solve this?

 +  2009-11-13 21:45

First #run after my #bronchitis outbreak. 10K to begin. Then #cycling. A driver tried to honk and squeeze me to death… Relaxing with #PHP.

 +  2009-11-11 15:43

So, looks like #Twitter now imports into #LinkedIn? If it does, great! One less thing to update.

 +  2009-11-10 22:37

@tferriss To reduce joint impact while #running, improve technique: land on ball of foot, keep knees bent, small steps, higher cadence, etc.

 +  2009-11-08 14:43

@bokardo To clean the screen use water-imbued cloth wipe (that leaves traces), wipe with dense paper towel immediately (to remove traces).

 +  2009-11-06 08:00

#Facebook new headquarters interior #design details:… and . Looks good to me. What do _you_ think?

 +  2009-11-04 21:26

@Rich_Green1953 Do you mean how to add more followers to your Twitter account? Interesting stuff to read is key. Also:…

 +  2009-11-04 17:42

@Jessican_DC Enjoy your first half-marathon! I used to #run 25K every 2 days. Start conservatively, then accelerate.

 +  2009-11-04 16:12

@Jessican_DC Calm the pre-race nervousness by running the same or longer distance before the race… Preferably at least a week in advance.

 +  2009-11-04 16:07

Fuck! I got #bronchitis and I feel like crap. Worst: no more long #running or hard #cycling! #Frustrated gift of #civilization

 +  2009-11-02 22:18

Latest research on #geoengineering by The Royal Society:… . Scary how little we know and how much we can mess up.

 +  2009-10-30 18:13

@leCreuxdelenfer cheers!

 +  2009-10-20 15:49

#iPhone experts, is there any way to back-up the entire iPhone #SSD drive directly to a #USB-stick without iTunes? Leave the #Mac behind?

 +  2009-10-17 18:29

I’ve just signed the “ #IKEA, please get rid of Verdana petition”. . What were they thinking when dumping Futura?!

 +  2009-10-15 14:57

My review of the MSR Quick 1 compact 1,3L titanium pot:… Perfect for snow melting during solo #winter #backpacking trips.

 +  2009-10-12 15:20

What if the Russians invaded the USA… ;-)

 +  2009-10-11 15:01

I suppose absolute #geometry in nature lies at the extremes: deep #space microwave radiation, molecules. Everything in between is imperfect.

 +  2009-10-10 23:34

@l4urence I’m interested in rim to inside top of the fork distance. Axle center to floor is constant. Care to contact ?

 +  2009-10-10 18:29

@l4urence 215 mm from where to where? Regarding the #Swiss always worrying, combine it with the #Russian spleen (тоска). Great combo ;-)

 +  2009-10-10 16:31

@l4urence The problem is axle angle relative to ground / fork. All spacers are in place. Front hub is rubbish. No problem with rear wheel.

 +  2009-10-10 15:13

@l4urence On my #Brompton… the fork’s right drop-out’s is deeper than the left. Rim off center if axle tightened as is.

 +  2009-10-10 15:12

@MasterLambaster Public #PHP projects’ source code analyzer? Interesting, but I fear the combined code quality would be horrible (Pareto).

 +  2009-10-10 05:35

Marketing & management guru “Phil Kotler explains what to do in a recession” if you are a company… (RT @GuyKawasaki)

 +  2009-10-09 18:10

I love #precision (my Swiss heritage). The lack of precision in the #Brompton ’s front fork and wheel axle assembly really dissapoints me.

 +  2009-10-06 12:24

New analysis brings dire forecast of 6,3 C temp increase even if promised CO2 reductions are realized… via @DavePollard

 +  2009-10-03 13:12

Airport security cost the US the 2016 Olympics.… . Their “security theater” cost the US even more. (via @timoreilly)

 +  2009-10-01 17:59

Alas, neither my #music teachers nor I could foresee how solfège would be useful to me now. I’ve since forgotten so much.

 +  2009-09-30 23:33

@MasterLambaster What’s your guess about the proportion of @ users avoiding warnings and coding errors by default? Sturgeon’s second law?

 +  2009-09-30 23:27

@AnthonySterling I use $var_int_IntegerName $var_str_StringName $var_bool_BooleanName $array_ArrayName $class_ClassName vars naming in #PHP

 +  2009-09-30 13:55

I wonder what’s the proportions of #PHP developers coding with and without error_reporting(E_ALL) ? I prefer the E_ALL option.

 +  2009-09-25 14:15

Days go by. I’m completely dissolved in the pure logic of PHP / MySQL. Sleep, eat, run, eat , code, cycle, eat, sleep.

 +  2009-09-21 19:58

Uh oh! Rereading the spacetime singularity theory reveals some serious memory deactivation. Time to brush up my #physics.

 +  2009-09-18 17:45

A person who doesn’t care about his own body doesn’t care about the #environment. Waste the body, waste the planet. Normal, logical?

 +  2009-09-11 21:25

E-readers more eco-friendly than printed books or press:… . I’ve been reading onscreen only, for years on #Mac & #iPhone

 +  2009-09-10 19:20

Air #pollution is a global issue. #Ozone emitted in the US kills a lot of people in Europe:…

 +  2009-09-09 19:09

42 folded #Brompton bikes fit into 1 car parking slot:…

 +  2009-09-08 11:02

Why do top cyclists like @LanceArmstrong and @AContador drive big polluting Audis?

 +  2009-09-07 14:46

Sturmey Archer at #Eurobike09 informed me of a 5-speed gear hub available in #Brompton 111mm over locknut width: S-RF5. 256%, 13T, 1kg.

 +  2009-09-07 14:05

New Giro ProLight helmet (200 g size M) felt awkward, but was chained to the #Eurobike09 booth… Will see if it fits better than my Atmos.

 +  2009-09-06 01:39

#Eurobike09 stats: 100000 m2, 1028 exhibitors from 42 countries, 39152 visitors from 75 countries, 1556 journalists (me) from 36 countries.

 +  2009-09-05 23:22

Vaude had size L only at their #Eurobike09 booth. Would’ve liked to try their Prime 3/4 length cycling rain pants in eVent. 175 g.

 +  2009-09-05 15:56

I’ve seen zillions of bikes at #Eurobike09 . If you want to express your individuality, get a #bike. More choice than in the car industry.

 +  2009-09-04 16:19

Leaving Friedrichshafen #Eurobike09 in torrential downpour. Tomorrow is public day. Mega-crowds expected.

 +  2009-09-04 16:16

Big difference between #Eurobike09 and #OutDoor09 in Friedrichshafen: much, much more smokers at #Eurobike09.

 +  2009-09-04 16:11

Park Tool to replace the PRS 15 by PRS 25. Prototype at #Eurobike09: lighter, more compact, locking fold, new clamp.

 +  2009-09-03 18:59

An “entry” into the 11-speed world of Campagnolo: the Athena grouppo presented at #Eurobike09. Mix of carbon fiber and aluminum.

 +  2009-09-03 13:14

New for #Eurobike09: Rohloff’s lighter, more compact shifter for their 14-speed hub. Works with straight bars, even carbon fiber.

 +  2009-09-03 12:20

#Eurobike09 presents a huge selection of beautiful fixies. But #Fixie Inc Peacemaker with belt drive (Gates Carbondrive) is simply awesome!

 +  2009-09-03 12:14

Ritchey Pro Paradigm SPD pedal looks great in red at #Eurobike09. 255 g. Combines bushings, bearings & sealed cartridges. Easy maintenance.

 +  2009-09-03 10:36

#Eurobike09 test-ride: NuVinci continuously variable gear hub. Amazing! Feels like electric motor vs manual diesel transmission.

 +  2009-09-03 10:07

Ritchey Pro Paradigm SPD pedal looks great in red at #Eurobike09. 255 g, combines bushings, bearings sealed cartridges, easy maintenance.

 +  2009-09-03 09:35

Busch & Muller wins a #Eurobike09 award for their E-Werk. Charging interface between a hub dynamo and gadgets. An alternative to solar?

 +  2009-09-03 09:31

#Shimano Capreo system (9-26T cassette) lives on, confirmed at #Eurobike09. Ultegra improves brifters, loses a bit of weight, changes color.

 +  2009-09-03 09:27

Noticed a nifty SKS AirChecker digital tire pressure gauge with swiveling head and bleed button at #Eurobike09.

 +  2009-09-03 09:23

At last found the ClappTonBox hard case for #Brompton made by B&W Super tough for checked-in air travel to #Eurobike09

 +  2009-09-03 09:16

#Eurobike09 test-ride: Mezzo aluminum monocoque folding bike. Very stable ride, folded size inbetween Bike Friday Tikit and #Brompton.

 +  2009-09-03 09:11

Unfortunately, Ritchey’s compact drop handlebar, WCS Carbon Logic Curve, didn’t make it to the #Eurobike09. Still in the works.

 +  2009-09-02 19:21

Sigma updates the BC 1606L DTS to BC 1609 STS. Better design and ergonomics, same speed and cadence sensors, plus temperature.

 +  2009-09-02 19:13

Espai Bici Barcelona has shown me an 8-speed internal gear hub to fit on a #Brompton at #Eurobike09. SA XRF8 with custom chain retainer!

 +  2009-09-02 19:01

Van Nicholas hydroformed (!) #titanium Astraeus #bike stolen yesterday at #Eurobike09. #Shimano DuraAce, Lightweight wheels… Total bummer.

 +  2009-09-01 21:38

Again bitten by mosquitos, but not so severely. Compensating with German apfelsaft and Czech plum eau-de-vie.

 +  2009-09-01 21:27

Fascinating to see all the energy, time and effort building #Eurobike09 stands before the show opens tomorrow.

 +  2009-09-01 15:26

Arrived at #Eurobike09 in Friedrichshafen. Our bus from Zurich got stopped by mobile customs unit. Everyone out, total search, amazing.

 +  2009-08-31 14:21

The time conflict 2. My circadian rhythm (awake 5:00 - 20:00) vs social rhythm (clients, art & techno scene 18:00 - 6:00). Any solutions?

 +  2009-08-31 14:12

@OrganicJar & @RunningQuest - Haven’t noticed a 16% athletic boost from just drinking beet juice. I just like beet salads, soups and juices!

 +  2009-08-30 22:38

@OrganicJar It’s best to eat and drink before, during and after athletic activity (1h+). Great to see someone drinking beet juice in the US!

 +  2009-08-29 21:54

Hilarious but so true: . Riding a #bike for performance vs trendiness. #Roadie vs #fixie. Great lyrics and video.

 +  2009-08-29 01:11

@RitcheyLogic Thanks for the WCS Compact habdlebar pic. On my list of stuff to see at Ritchey booth at #Eurobike09 . Arriving on Tuesday.

 +  2009-08-28 22:45

@craigrandall Tastes differ, no problemo. Plus tea vs coffee is very much a cultural thing. But why do you find tea unspectacular?

 +  2009-08-28 17:55

@craigrandall , have you tried high-caffeine tea? Like the black from Yunnan? I recommend:… Much more stable than coffee.

 +  2009-08-26 14:40

My new Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro specs:… 20" folding road #bike built with #Campagnolo and #Shimano components.

 +  2009-08-25 13:42

Subjective time perception: 1 hour seems longer to young, shorter to old ( #age relativity). Not my case: content determines my perception.

 +  2009-08-24 14:08

I doubt governments will reach a radical, effective agreement on #climate in #Copenhagen. Humans need to hit the wall first (UN after WW2…)

 +  2009-08-22 20:04

Internal linktime officially ended. Considering either isotope, internal linkteleportation or transmolecularzation. Other ideas?

 +  2009-08-22 08:27

@RitcheyLogic OK, thanks, will take a look at the WCS Alloy Logic Curve during the #Eurobike09 . Are you going?

 +  2009-08-21 19:46

@RitcheyLogic Any compact aluminum variant of the WCS Carbon Logic Curve planned?

 +  2009-08-21 08:43

Received the #Garmin Dakota 20. Starting testing phase (at least 1 month). Will write a comparison review similar to…

 +  2009-08-20 16:37

Previews vs reviews on my web site: what’s the difference? Read my explanation:…

 +  2009-08-19 19:10

Scary but true. Our #brain is hard-wired for unhealthy, constant information seeking:… The web only worsens #addiction.

 +  2009-08-19 10:15

#OutDoor09 – changes in the way I cover the show:…

 +  2009-08-17 20:07

Your opinion on limited edition #photography #prints? I’m against but I’ve solved unlimited series’ lack of exclusivity:…

 +  2009-08-16 18:24

I wish I was a #Terminator like machine. But #DNA is digital (quaternary instead of binary), so I’m already a #robot:

 +  2009-08-15 18:38

Gompertz Law of human mortality = your probability of dying during a given year doubles every 8 years. More details:…

 +  2009-08-13 17:10

#Generation gap? Some other reason? My parents need #TV everywhere they are. I need #Internet access.

 +  2009-08-11 01:41

My nighttime handheld #photography of #Zurich urbanism shot with #Apple #iPhone 3Gs:… Pro photog fun. What do you think?

 +  2009-08-10 20:22

TNF to use PrimaLoft Infinity continuous filament high-loft insulation in sleeping bags: Tundra -20F, Orion 20F, Scorpio 40F, Fission 20F...

 +  2009-08-08 22:14

Swiss train quality deteriorates: my seat rocked side to side. Had to tighten the screws underneath: love my Park Tool AWS-10!

 +  2009-08-08 04:42

Sign in DJ booth: “100 dB max”. Meter goes over 104.

 +  2009-08-08 03:35

DJ set by @AndreyPushkarev begins @ Zurich CH - #smoking in this canton’s public spaces sucks!

 +  2009-08-08 01:49

Lega DJ set @ Zurich CH - now

 +  2009-08-06 19:26

Club session: minimal #techno by @AndreyPushkarev & Lega ( ) @ Supermarket (Zurich CH) 2009-08-07. I should be there.

 +  2009-08-03 18:13

Any idea for a #hashtag for 2009 Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen ? Maybe: #Eurobike09 , same as I did for #OutDoor09 ?

 +  2009-08-01 21:03

Can anyone #translate the first 01:45 of Mercedes Sosa “Antiguos dueños de estas tierras” into English ? Please!!

 +  2009-07-31 00:18

The time conflict. Maker’s schedule (me and other creatives) vs manager’s schedule (all the rest):… . (via @tferriss )

 +  2009-07-27 03:35

Amazing sculptural #photomontage by Chris JORDAN:… and… .

 +  2009-07-25 23:02

Temp finally back to +20 C so I can fully enjoy my regular 15 K #run. Sun, chateaux, Mont Blanc. Silence, flowers and fountains.

 +  2009-07-23 23:45

I’m not a #downhill or #MTB specialist, but I’ve noticed the folding Bergmönch bike at the #OutDoor09 show:

 +  2009-07-23 16:35

#Climate_change = a recognized fact = not enough to make people alter their behavior… . Marshall & Krause @newscientist

 +  2009-07-23 02:33

#Garmin_fail: sudden black screen at 50 km/h when I missed a turn on a preprogrammed bike route with #Garmin Oregon. Doh!

 +  2009-07-22 04:01

An entire day... and night of #bike wrenching. Despite the heat it feels great!

 +  2009-07-20 23:31

#OutDoor09 tech spreads to everyday gear. GoLite Go To Tote looks like a stylish womens bag. Tough, recycled, siliconized polyester, 283g!

 +  2009-07-20 15:55

@BrandonMoody I wait for the fit to be perfect. I wear US11 but found M43 too long, all Ms too wide. W42 is better width-wise, a bit short.

 +  2009-07-20 15:44

Teko showed an interesting selection of wool-based socks for runners and cyclers at #OutDoor09. Need to wear a pair to be fair. Day 2.

 +  2009-07-20 01:37

Wowed by Montane sleeveless Slipstream Gilet at #OutDoor09. Front: Pertex Quantum. Back: mesh. Felt great for spring / autumn running. 70g.

 +  2009-07-20 00:27

Tried #Vibram #FiveFingers at #OutDoor09. Considering since 2005. Problematic for my long & narrow feet. Pulled on mens & womens 42-43-44.

 +  2009-07-19 22:57

#Trains are great. #Rail is our future. But we need to work on passenger #etiquette.

 +  2009-07-19 17:02

Leaving the #OutDoor09 show in Friedrichshafen for Zurich.

 +  2009-07-19 11:33

LTW Rear Fender builds upon the superlight Pacific Outdoor LTW Front Fender: 771g 20L (1 pannier). Compression, heel clearance. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-18 18:38

Inspected PrimaLoft Infinity, a continuous filament high-loft insulation alternative to Polarguard / Climashield. Sample is nice. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-18 15:20

Enjoyed #OutDoor09 demo & detailed explanations of Cocona: activated carbon retaining porous structure after integration with polyester.

 +  2009-07-18 10:00

Pacific Outdoor Equipment rounds the bottom edges of its Pneumos (lighter + more compact), adds a plastic window to see through! #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-17 18:56

#Garmin Dakota: compact, nicer to hold, awkward for stuff near screen edge, resolution (PPI) seems lower, brightness similar to Oregon 550.

 +  2009-07-17 18:54

#GoLite has shown me an impressive 765g / 38L backpack with ingenious compression system: the Peak. Recycled nylon, Deneema, mesh #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-17 15:54

#Garmin booth, #OutDoor09 show. Oregon 550 has glossy screen, slightly better than Oregon 300 matte screen I’ve reviewed…

 +  2009-07-17 14:26

Marmot replaces lightest synthetic sleeping bag Pounder (550g, Primaloft) with heavier Axiom (730g, Thermal R). Compresses well! #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-17 10:11

Pacific Outdoor Equipment stuffs foam cut-outs with high-loft insulation: Peak Oyl Mtn. 4 season, 3,5-5 R, 690g (reg) pad. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-16 18:37

Inov8 introduces max-traction orienteering shoes. Oroc 340 & 350. Tungsten studs, differential rubber compound, laces cache. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-16 18:25

Have taken a look at the Patagonia Merino 1 at #OutDoor09. 108g super thin fabric: 63% of 16,5 micron merino wool + 37% of polyester. Nice!

 +  2009-07-16 13:21

Exped BivyBag in eVent looks good at #OutDoor09. Hood stifner, storm flapped zipper, guy points, mosquitto netting, vent, nylon floor, 670g.

 +  2009-07-15 23:51

Severely bitten by mosquitos while putting up my tent near the Friedrichshafen #OutDoor09 show.

 +  2009-07-15 17:06

Arrived at the Friedrichshafen #OutDoor09 show.

 +  2009-07-15 14:54

Goodbye #Kodachrome. The color, the sharpness, the contrast... the processing, the scanning. I will forever remember these days.

 +  2009-07-15 06:42

#Cycling across borders: the asphalt difference between French roads and Swiss roads continues to amaze me.

 +  2009-07-12 17:36

Ryan JORDAN (@bigskyryis) “thinks church walls block the view and may discourage looking up and inward. But at least there’re no mosquitoes”

 +  2009-07-09 23:55

@TaylorKicks “Wildly successful” people rarely do random things. Patterns emerge out of chaos and philosophy is taught in school (RU FR) ;-)

 +  2009-07-09 22:53

@GPSFix opens Garmin Dakota (smaller variant of #Garmin Oregon) Wiki

 +  2009-07-09 16:47

Rab’s half-length zip rain jacket (pullover) made of eVent, the Demand Pull-on, weighs 280g, includes map pocket and wired hood #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-08 15:06

Halo Stretch. Montane lightest eVent rain jacket: 350g, elastic Dermizax panels, full zipper, 2 venting pockets, 1 map pocket. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-07 19:31

Rab plans a 75g, Pertex Quantum, half-length zip, pocketless windshirt for Spring 2010: the Cirrus Pull-on. I will have a look at #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-07 00:34

@michaelredwood Hope you find my very selective and very subjective #OutDoor09 coverage useful.

 +  2009-07-07 00:32

@michaelredwood Some of my favorite fabric families: Pertex, eVent, Schoeller, Malden Mills’. And generally polyester, Dyneema and wool.

 +  2009-07-06 18:16

#Patagonia more durable Merino 1 & 2 (thinnest & thin) base layers (polyester threads encapsulated in wool) in EU in spring 2010 #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-05 03:01

World map of the Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International:… Compare Russia, Switzerland, France & USA.

 +  2009-07-03 23:02

Pacific Outdoor Equipment preps Ether Elite pad: 400g (182cm) inflatable, torso polyester insulation (4.0 R), super-compressible #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-03 10:32

#Patagonia switches ALL high-loft insulation clothing from Polarguard / Climashield to Primaloft. Bad idea:… #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-02 12:39

The North Face absent from the largest European Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen . No comment from TNF PR. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-01 09:01

Any idea for a #hashtag for 2009 European Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen ? Maybe: #OutDoor09 #euOutDoor09 #FDHoutdoor09

 +  2009-06-30 21:57

@bigmediadesign My clients find pricelists impractical. Flexible processes… and pricing… adapt better.

 +  2009-06-29 15:13

My 100th post on Twitter. Time to explain how I use Twitter and why you might find my tweets useful:… (#whyitweet)

 +  2009-06-22 07:32

Lasers projected on road surface delimitate #bicycle safe zone, a virtual bike lane: created by

 +  2009-06-18 23:07

My recent #photography: director (and sister) Valeria IVANOVA:… . Feedback and comments here or at… .

 +  2009-06-17 22:07

@DavePollard which emotional need does Twitter fill, in your opinion?

 +  2009-06-17 15:31

@roessli Are the knee problems inside or outside? The meniscus or the ligaments on the outside? I’d suggest to optimize your #running gait.

 +  2009-06-17 15:20

Awesome business card design. Make anywhere out of anything. Reuse, recycle. (via @jacinthebusson @aysoon @geoffreydorne)

 +  2009-06-16 21:56

@roessli what’s up with your knee?

 +  2009-06-16 21:54

@DavePollard there’s no 2 separate “heart” and “head”. It’s a bizarre construct. The reality is 1 neuro-system, including peripheral senses.

 +  2009-06-15 05:59

My cell phone’s screen just died. Backlit black. Sounds OK. Sorry, I may miss your call and certainly your SMS. Taking appropriate measures.

 +  2009-06-13 21:38

Anyone else experiencing a noticeable hit to #running performance in temps over +20 C (+70 F)? I feel worse and run slower. Winter genes?

 +  2009-06-06 06:43

Facebook’s new office: (via @jacinthebusson & @franciis)

 +  2009-06-05 01:57

Session clubbing: Masomenos @ Rex Club Paris FR NOW

 +  2009-06-04 19:06

Listening session DJ Pushkarev @ Electro Kitchen NOW 60 Quincampoix Paris FR

 +  2009-06-04 15:20

Don’t worry, it’s just a test. Just a test.

 +  2009-06-02 21:31

Got carbon neutrality wrong. Corrected: “Jet cyclist rides at 115 km/h. Fast and stable but noisy and carbon-positive:…

 +  2009-06-02 19:48

Jet cyclist rides at 115 km/h. Fast and stable but noisy and carbon-negative:…

 +  2009-06-01 19:59

I’m having fun comparing the #SQL implementation in various databases

 +  2009-06-01 03:02

@kireev just started a FB fight > huh? how’s that? any details?

 +  2009-05-30 16:55

A new, narrow, legible, 2009 font by #FontShop team led by Erik SPIEKERMANN. Axel for Excel. Looks nice on screen:…

 +  2009-05-30 16:37

Seems #Twitter doesn’t autolink a hashtag when included in an @ reply. On the web, at least. A bug?

 +  2009-05-30 16:34

@tferriss #IKEA makes an electro-motorized sit / stand variant of the Galant. I use one. Quite good. Sold in AT BE CH DE DK FI NL NO SE UK.

 +  2009-05-29 00:41

My detailed #Garmin Oregon vs #Garmin Colorado GPS comparison review:… . Please feedback and / or RT.

 +  2009-05-22 19:39

Internet is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I’m hooked and I can’t quit.

 +  2009-05-20 01:37

I was staring at my spoon while eating. There is no spoon. There are two spoons.

 +  2009-05-19 01:51

I love smart robots. I’ve always wanted to be a terminator-like machine. Boston Dynamics’ BigDog starts to look smart:…

 +  2009-05-18 23:21

I’m tired of the surrounding chromophobia. People wearing black and grey in the developed world.

 +  2009-05-15 20:01

I can’t understand why road cyclists ride in the rain without fenders. Just saw one. Looked like a dirty mountain biker. Any reasons?

 +  2009-05-15 15:30

Anyone knows how to list ONLY friends’ statuses on Facebook? / Quelqun sait comment afficher UNIQUEMENT les statuts des amis sur Facebook?

 +  2009-05-14 21:40

Do you believe a Gift Economy could work on a planetary scale? Everyone gives the surplus without ever expecting anything in return?

 +  2009-05-14 12:19

I’m so frustrated by the smallish photos Facebook puts on closed profiles. Doh! How am I supposed to ID them?!

 +  2009-05-12 21:20

@DavePollard Do you think people will barter “news photographs & texts” for “food, shelter & equipment” in a Gift Economy?

 +  2009-05-12 21:19

@DavePollard I think a freelancer is already an entrepreneur. A lot of great photogs have simply stopped working for the press. Not viable.

 +  2009-05-12 20:37

@DavePollard “freelancers will have to become part-time reporters, and earn their living doing something else” - like what?

 +  2009-05-12 20:31

Suunto t6c soon available in gorgeous all-red color:… (late summer 2009)

 +  2009-05-09 23:59

Hydrogen car R.I.P.: secretary Chu slashes US Department of Energy hydrogen budget:… -- Good news!

 +  2009-05-09 04:33

Summer temps. I work in shorts & barefoot. 100% of my Skype video calls (male & female) start with “Jeez! Anatoly, are you naked?!” > Why?

 +  2009-05-07 21:37

Richardson Sheffield Forme 15 cm Cook’s Knife: excellent shorter but full-height blade for smaller hands:… - love it x2!

 +  2009-05-04 19:21

Survivability map of the Earth in 2099. Pick your next place to live:… (

 +  2009-05-03 20:14

25 logos with hidden messages - amazing graphic #design tricks:… (via @guykawasaki)

 +  2009-05-03 16:05

@verdepr Facebook ≠ Google Profiles. Functionality & design wise. My strategy: create a profile everywhere & see who wins and which I prefer

 +  2009-05-02 23:04

@AntoineDoyen @agnesjanin Merci! More wokflow tips for photogs designers writers: file naming… EN… FR

 +  2009-05-02 21:18

Rode 50 K on Shimano SPD to compare to MKS Cube Ezy SPD-like. Better! Barely noticeable rocking. Anyone replaced Shimano axle by MKS axle?

 +  2009-05-02 21:04

@verdepr Cutter cycling jacket in eVent... Available in “not black” (dark brown) only?! A link to their web site, please?

 +  2009-05-01 21:38

@swerz Zimbra: a very powerful alternative to Exchange. Stable, scalable, modifiable (open source) & infinitely connectable. Migrated a few.

 +  2009-05-01 21:30

Riding on my new MKS MM-Cube Ezy Clipless:… Removable pedals, à la “SPD”. Attached Sidi Dominators rock side to side :-|

 +  2009-05-01 04:06

Cotton Studio - Akeamana - 2009-04 - DJ Пушкарев - Techno, minimal (& classical & housy elements) (mix set) DeepMix.Ru

 +  2009-05-01 03:37

@DavePollard Yes, feeling the same. Home in transition. Planetary scale. I’d use qualifiers like “I feel homier here than there, today”.

 +  2009-05-01 02:58

@timoreilly & @BILL_ROMANOS Tricking the brain and running ultras on meth may seem like effortless fun, but it’s not good for your body ;-)

 +  2009-05-01 02:56

@timoreilly & @BILL_ROMANOS - FYI - The governor: how the brain protects your vital organs by inducing exercise fatigue…

 +  2009-04-30 07:08

@MatthewSapaula Wow! Most beautiful Twitter profile page design using photography I’ve seen since joining the tweet-craze. B&W, elegant.

 +  2009-04-29 19:08

@bboissin Yes, sorry, #HADOPI term misuse on my part. What word would you suggest?

 +  2009-04-29 19:06

@thomasdeniau You’re right, today is not the “vote” #HADOPI stricto sensu, it’s the “lecture”. How would you translate that into English?

 +  2009-04-29 14:49

I wonder if the world is watching the Assemblée Générale (FR) vote the #HADOPI law today:… . Are you?

 +  2009-04-29 14:41

@LMGM Luis, what’s your plans for NYC? For how long?

 +  2009-04-28 16:17

Had a long siesta. Woke up while dreaming of Twitter. Is twittering a nightmare?

 +  2009-04-28 09:04

@roessli Yep. It’s all a matter of regular expressions and pattern matching. Just as with mod_rewrite. DM me for IRL details.

 +  2009-04-28 08:59

@swerz Medium / large companies? From Exchange to GMail?! I’d suggest Zimbra instead: . Open source, AJAX, iPhone...

 +  2009-04-27 11:43

@roessli David, did you mean to say mod_rewrite-ing meatspace behaviours? Some of that is already possible.

 +  2009-04-26 21:29

@digitaltracker On my cameras I use one of the 3 modes that suit best the end visual result: P, Av or M. Maybe Tv but never the scene modes.

 +  2009-04-26 17:51

[e] says “Anatoly IVANOV is very very organized: ANATOLY IVANOV / METHODS / PHOTOGRAPHY PROCESS…

 +  2009-04-26 15:37

Exactitudes photography. A contraction of exact and attitude: (via @GillesMisrahi)

 +  2009-04-26 14:34

1 graphic of natural resources, births, deaths, food, industry, pollution & population from 1900 to 2100:… (@TheOilDrum)

 +  2009-04-26 14:25

@martinfowler What’s the cause of the blisters? Possible punishment: put the pack’s inventor’s hands on the rails, run a train over, slowly.

 +  2009-04-25 20:43

Ahem. Just found out I can DM only if both parties follow each other. So can’t answer some DMs, sorry. Any workarounds, Tweeter veterans?

 +  2009-04-25 13:23

Current & future energy inputs & outputs in Switzerland + implications of Peak Oil for the country (@TheOilDrum)

 +  2009-04-24 23:30

As an ex-painter… , I wonder about the status of the cave painter in hunter-gatherer societies. A full or part time job?

 +  2009-04-23 23:43

Cotton Studio - W64 part 4 - 2009-03 - DJ Ижевский - Techno, deep (mix set) DeepMix.Ru

 +  2009-04-23 21:45

@martinfowler thanks for your Garmin 60CSx feedback. I sorta guess turns on Oregon asphalt-dim screen when it’s in car-view mode on my bike

 +  2009-04-23 20:11

@martinfowler no regrets vis-à-vis an iPhony touch-screen interface the Garmin Oregon has? (Currently testin Oregon vs Colorado for article)

 +  2009-04-23 16:04

@martinfowler why not a Garmin Oregon or a Garmin Colorado instead? Or even a Garmin Edge 705? Because of the screen?

 +  2009-04-22 15:32

“Show me a genius and I’ll show you a workaholic” Ah oh! RT @timoreilly Scott Berkun on genius…

 +  2009-04-22 13:27

Full length “Super Size Me” documentary on junk food & obesity on YouTube - 30 days of McDonalds.

 +  2009-04-20 17:00

@roessli what do you think about Drobo? How long have you been using it? And compared to LaCie?

 +  2009-04-19 21:00

“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge” John NAISBITT

 +  2009-04-19 02:00

ambient intimacy = keeping in touch (regularity + intimacy) online to counter real world time + space constraints…

 +  2009-04-18 20:21

Amazing! Bike chain stain remover that’s just worked for me! Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil: Grease, Lubricant & Paint…

 +  2009-04-18 15:42

NYC grid: 1961 vs 2009 by Paul SAHNER ( paulsahner ) & his grand-father…

 +  2009-04-17 22:56

16 inch slick, folding #bike tires: my Schwalbe Kojak review (Stelvio replacement)…

 +  2009-04-15 20:52

ponders the role of information asymmetry (web info available about each person) when establishing new virtual social connections

 +  2009-04-15 06:01

regrets the lack of vCard or CSV import on Twitter


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