+  2023-06-20 14:55

My #Nike Zoom Vaporfly die in a matter of months — only 490 km on this pair. Aren’t these supposed to be a #marathon-er’s shoes?! 😮

 +  2023-06-17 18:51

Inspired by the “cleaning up” and “more space” apps, a command you’ll love. Works on most #UNIX-like machines. Remove the French language pack:

sudo rm -fr /*

(OK, fine, it’s a joke… don’t do it)

 +  2023-06-13 12:46

You know what? Russians still living in Russia, the remaining 140 million of them, don’t care about the #war. Nor do they care about their rulers or the Western sanctions. Or the Western companies having left or banned.

#Russia is stuck in yet another historical loop. Going……

 +  2023-06-10 12:12

Could someone please help me ID this building briefly shown during the latest #Apple event? Supposedly some #gym, as seen through the glass? Is it part of their headquarters? 🤔

I’ve run it through the usual image and #architecture-specific search engines — no results.

 +  2023-06-05 15:36

It’s easier to discriminate than to #create.
It’s easier to #consume than to #critique.
It’s easier to believe than to #learn.
It’s easier to destroy than to ingest.
It’s easier to obey than to live.

 +  2023-06-04 17:54

Sam Altman, the CEO of #OpenAI, the company behind #ChatGPT:

“Everybody thought: first AI would do physical #labor, then some #cognitive labor, then the really hard cognitive labor, like computer science, #programming… And then, maybe, last of all, but maybe never, because……

 +  2023-05-24 12:35

Искусство Кино (… ) — published since 1931 and thus, together with “Sight & Sound” and “Cahiers du Cinéma” one of the earliest magazines to cover the #film industry, art and theory — has printed its last issue.

Yes, my work has been featured in it. But……

 +  2023-05-22 19:54

I do like it short, sweet and #minimal. But. Not to the detriment of functionality.

I mean, how about at least an #error message or something?

 +  2023-05-17 21:25

Elon #Musk just said on CNBC something I’d been thinking about a lot:

“If we do get to this sort of magic genie situation, where you can ask the #AI for anything. And let’s say, even if it’s a benign scenario… How do we actually find #fulfillment? How do we find #meaning in……

 +  2023-05-16 17:49

My conversation about human #happiness with #ChatGPT took 5 minutes.

Question: According to what is currently known to #science, what 50 factors, listed from most influential to least, influence a human (male, with an IQ above 100) self-reported feeling of happiness,……

Question: Why do the majority of people do not follow, or, in other words, implement or act on the above well-studied list of parameters to live a happy life?

Answer: The reasons why individuals may not consistently follow or implement the factors associated with a happy life……

Question: Why, to quote your answer, do “Many people may not be aware of the specific factors that contribute to overall happiness and well-being?” while the majority of the world now has internet access and has access to ChatGPT?

Answer: While it’s true that access to the……

 +  2023-05-08 16:04

Social media, especially #Instagram, has succeeded to complete the Global Harmonized Standard of Women™, an industrialized process started by the female magazines (Vogue, ELLE…)

It’s all pretty… scary. We now have a draft proposal for #ISO review. Skin type and tone, eyebrow……

 +  2023-05-06 21:36

The Match Group withdraws from Russia. #Tinder, #OKcupid, #Hinge… will all vanish from Russian social space by June 30.

Meanwhile, The Russian Government™ is planning — finally, again, for real this time — to launch RuTube… and close access to #YouTube. After already having……

 +  2023-05-06 10:19

“Among our 1536 restaurants in France, there is Paris Madeleine and its international atmosphere. For a business breakfast or before the emotion of a concert, customers from all walks of life gather here.”

Wait, are they serious or is this a weird sort of meta-sarcasm?! 😮

 +  2023-05-02 14:11

Only thoughtless people do crazy things, publish #emotional photos, record damming TikToks, break up “forever”… relying on the “Delete Chat” and “#Block” buttons of messengers and social apps. Those unable to think ahead imagine they will never face the consequences.


 +  2023-05-01 11:47

Sure, #hiking and #climbing in real mountains is great, but have you tried driving to a #gym with the same view and spending 15 minutes on a StairMaster?

Plus, nothing beats recirculated AC with that nice odor of human beings you don’t know.

 +  2023-04-27 09:44

13% of Americans over age 12 are on #antidepressants, of which white women over age 45 represent 58%.

And yet, the scientific literature is sufficiently clear about the causes of #depression and how antidepressants don’t work in most cases. We’ve willingly decided to build……

 +  2023-04-25 18:55

The world becomes polarizingly #harmonized: very ugly vs very stylish.

Homelessness vs gated #architecture, obesity vs insta-models, emotion-outraged vs #IQ-acted.

An example? Walton-on-Thames in the UK, a Hale Road from Roxburgh Street, 1950s and 2023. Or ask me about Moscow……

#Brazil’s São Paulo in 2004. Left: the Paraisópolis #favela. Right: the Penthouse tower in the #rich neighborhood of Morumbí.

 +  2023-04-25 18:28

Your #Swiss global #logistics partner is… not there to help you out. Even at a major logistics trade show.

There’s something mystically dysfunctional about all national postal services, be it the USPS, the French La Poste or even the Very Special Почта России. Why is that?

 +  2023-04-21 13:41

Oh, wow. The Match Group did indeed introduce chat-assist to #Tinder. Just look at their suggestions to start a dialogue after a match: 😱

• Hiiii Jane! Getting into anything fun this week?
• Hello Jane. How’s it going?
• Hi there! Getting into anything fun this week?

• Jane! Having a nice day?
• Nice to meet you Jane! What are you up to?

Punctuation errors aside, that style… will most probably get you unmatched ASAP… Else, you’d be watching a machine talking to a machine? Because the “let us do the talking” feature is rolled out to all.

What’s next? A brain implant to utter clichés to people? I mean, as of now, the dialogue prompts are far from #ChatGPT’s (rather derivative) prose, but don’t you think the Tinder devs will buy API access from #OpenAI soon?

 +  2023-04-19 18:35

This AI-generated image won the Sony World Photography and Lens #Culture awards.

I’m reluctant to name the “author” — Boris ELDAGSEN — who says the “image was imagined by language and re-edited between 20 and 40 times through #AI-image generators,

combining the techniques of inpainting, outpainting and prompt whispering… just as photography replaced painting in the reproduction of reality, AI will replace #photography.

Don’t be afraid of the future. It will just be more obvious that our mind has always created the world that makes us suffer.”

Ahem… That’s totally NOT why I had been photographing the real world since 1997!

The award should go to AI #engineers who, by the way, never paid us — the real, living human #artists with a rent and electricity bills due — a single cent for the ingest of our pre-existing photographs to train their #LLM s (same applies for code and text).

 +  2023-04-15 09:46

Facebook, who else… Just div-data it!

Way to go, semantic #HTML & clear #CSS

 +  2023-04-07 16:46

52% of American #women were unmarried or separated in 2021.

The rising share of #single women households has been driven entirely by women who have never married. Over 80% of women under 30 have never tied the knot in 2021…

Despite all the readily-available research about the Homo sapiens female fertility window and attractiveness to the opposite sex, the number of never-married women has grown 20% over the past decade.

Women’s median age of first #marriage was just over 28 years old in 2022, which is about 1,5 years later than a decade ago and nearly 8 years later than in the early 1960s.

The increase also reflects a growing share of women who never marry. Around 6% of those aged 65 or older were never married in 2021, up from 4% in 2011.

Bottom line: the family unit disappears, the #solitude increases. Atomized and #polarized, we’re screaming at each other through the tiny screens, if not streaming the série du jour.

 +  2023-04-06 11:26

#Tinder’s COO Faye Iosotaluno says users complain about the difficult & time-consuming profile setup…

So their team considers bringing #AI to help. Including with conversations once you match.🤦🏻‍♂️

Isn’t Tinder the least text-intensive app of all time? 3-9 photos & tags to add?😮

 +  2023-04-04 10:41

As a civilization, we’d known about our impact on #climate since the 1950-60s. We’ve also continued to fail to agree on anything that would have prevented its negative impact… since the 1970s.

50 years later, the #IPCC reports, again, that nothing’s changed.

We will not limit anything. Too global, too second-order-effect-y, too greedy for a #human brain evolved for the micro-tribal life amid the African Great Lakes.

And the “individual #carbonFootprint responsibility” message of British Petroleum…

How’s that #cycling to work — 15 years in my case — or building a passive house, or [insert Green Tech™ here] of yours have changed the GtCO₂ graph?

Any realistic plans for your future, seriously?

 +  2023-04-02 21:05

Have you tried asking @OpenAI #ChatGPT your own biography? Or a friend / colleague you know?

Appallingly fictitious, even though a ton of info is out there (Wikipedia, IMDb, national / international press…) & unable to cite its sources.

@petergabor is marked as dead in 2006.😮

 +  2023-03-28 15:19

Levi Strauss & Co. announced a partnership with, a digital fashion studio that builds customized #AI-generated models. Later in 2023, the AI-generated hyperrealistic models of every body type, age, size and skin tone will supplement and, at some point,

replace human models to better reflect @LEVIS’ consumers’ body parameters.

Next: #Instagram models and “influencers”?

 +  2023-03-28 12:49

PDN news — closed.
#DPReview — about to be closed.

Why? No profits. Professional #photography is about to become a hobby, with #AI filling up the custom client needs. 😕

 +  2023-03-28 12:27

#ChatGPT responses reflect several of humanity’s main traits, most prominent of which is generalized mediocrity. Even when asking precise questions.

For now, it’s just boring “it is hard to answer… bla bla…” I could read anywhere, from anyone.

(excluding simple code tasks)

 +  2023-03-27 15:24

Wait… I guess, only non-vocal #techno may still kinda remain human-ish… before AI scrapes the last bits of our collective (and copyrighted) knowledge and art? 😱🤖…

 +  2023-03-23 08:14

What were you doing in the 1980s? Maybe not you, yet, but your parents? Even grandparents?

That was the decade we could have agreed to stop #climateChange. And we almost did… The year is 2023, and we still haven’t done much. 40 years of talking.…

 +  2023-03-09 15:35

Resting #heart rate vs probability of #death. How low is yours?

 +  2023-03-05 21:37

The Journals of #Gerontology have published a paper on the factors that accelerate epigenetic #aging… from worst to bad:

1. Smoking — ah, les French… so roman… 🤢
2. #Alcohol intake — ah les… almost everyone… no, even 1 glass of wine
3. Waist size — USA! USA!

4. Body fat — OK, I’ll stop…
5. CRP (inflammation)
6. Triglycerides
7. Childhood #obesity
8. Type 2 diabetes

For the curious: using DNA methylation-based markers of accelerated biological aging.

 +  2023-02-24 16:12

World #tourism, 2023. This is not the XXI century we’ve been promised by the best Soviet bloc #scienceFiction writers. 😡

 +  2023-02-20 10:49

Oh Shiva… The @Yoga_Journal now illustrates #hatha #yoga asanas with photos of obese, tattooed “people who menstruate”… wearing spandex.

#Woke ain’t awoken.

 +  2023-02-16 10:31

All your #problems can be solved with a press of a button.

• annoyed at the truth messaged to you? — unfriend
• angered by the public critique of your work — block
• lazy to answer a date’s question — unmatch

• resentful about the world’s #progress while your country lags behind — launch the nukes

Ahh… now everything’s changed, and so right, and so joyful. You’re not going to be bullied, or forced to… wait, where’s everybody?

 +  2023-02-11 16:43

The “argument by fuzzy concept” fallacy is second only to ad hominem… An #argument of intellectual indoctrination, laziness and dullness which, if pressed, degenerates into circular reasoning, requiring, at best, a definition by negation (“#Love is not hate, not lust, not n…”)

Got a World #Peace problem? #Climate Change? Egocentrism? Self-esteem? Happiness? Solve it all with LOVE™.

Let’s quote the Wikipedia definition, worked out by a committee of thousands:

“Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest #pleasure.

The color wheel theory of love defines 3 primary, 3 secondary and 9 tertiary love styles, describing them in terms of the traditional color wheel. The triangular theory of love suggests ‘intimacy, #passion and commitment’ are core components of love.

Love has additional religious or #spiritual meaning. This diversity of uses and meanings combined with the complexity of the feelings involved makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, compared to other emotional states.”

Difficult to define? So, that World Peace or Self-Esteem problem? The solution is? Oops! 😂

 +  2023-02-10 12:23

Finally, a vibrant and crowded @filmparisregion Images Production Forum, which combines the Locations Expo with @afcinema_com’s (French ASC / @IATSE equivalent) Micro-Salon in one place!

I’d say, the first “film pros” event with a pre-Covid vibe. 🤩

Tons of gear, standing-room only @ARRIChannel’s color workflow presentations, most of the French regions and shooting locales’ reps, all buzzing and mingling… It’s been a while.

 +  2023-02-08 15:17

Running through Paris these days: billboard #ads for (uselessly expensive) @TiffanyAndCo Objets Sans Goût™… followed by (more usefully cheap) @etam_france Red Lingerie™… what could that be?

Oh, I get it, Halloween and Black Friday are behind us?

 +  2023-02-07 13:46

Careful synergies are created to foster group #innovation and team collaboration. Excel during your #Excel day, today, every day!

Admire excellent people excel in front of our Real Office™. Don’t feel alone with Excel, excel in a community of Intentional #Corporate Practice™.

 +  2023-02-04 13:32

#Capitalism at its best — deleting itself. Wait, sorry, they meant “capitalizing on relationship misery, globally”*

* subject to FX adjustments

“#Hinge continues its rapid growth and the team remains steadfast on building a differentiated service and user experience.

The new subscription tiers focus on efficiency, compatibility, and creating a category defining experience rather than an incremental upgrade.”**

** #MBA-speak required to appreciate above paragraph

 +  2023-02-03 13:55

“In wartime, the State seeks to destroy its own #culture — in times of #conflict, authentic culture is subversive. As the cause championed by the State comes to define national identity, as the myth of war entices a #Nation to glory and sacrifice,

those who question the value of the cause and the veracity of the myths are branded internal enemies.

Art takes on a new significance in wartime. War and the nationalist myth that fuels it are the purveyors of low culture—folklore, quasi-historical dramas, kitsch, sentimental doggerel, and theater and film that portray the glory of soldiers in past wars

or current wars dying nobly for the homeland.

This is why so little of what moves us during wartime has any currency once #war is over.

The songs, books, poems, and #films that arouse us in war are awkward and embarrassing when the conflict ends, useful only to summon up the #nostalgia of war’s comradeship.”

“War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning” by Chris Hedges

 +  2023-01-30 09:48

Why there is something rather than nothing? Try answering this question. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Kidding — no, I won’t. 😋

Many a wise man have tried, from the yogis of old, and the ancients of Greece, to the still-living cosmologists of our time, like Lawrence Krauss in his book

“A #Universe From Nothing”. But… Unless you’re interested in a succinct retelling of what we currently know and don’t yet know in #cosmology, filled with anecdotal clichés and historical tidbits here and there,

I’d suggest skipping to the last chapter, which presents a tentative hypothesis that “nothing is unstable because… virtual particles and there’s less antimatter than there is matter, and so there is something”.

All different ways for the author to acknowledge that we still lack any solid understanding or proof of this Hard Problem (irony aside).

A short afterword by Richard Dawkins is rather congratulatory. But clueless. Academics are specialists these days, not Da Vincis.

Although, it’s fabulously stylish prose, rivaled perhaps only by Steven Pinker in the “#science for the masses” genre.

Seriously, I’d suggest instead to watch @PBSSpaceTime on YouTube for a much more thorough and visual overview of our current state of knowledge of cosmology and its big unknowns.

 +  2023-01-29 18:26

Ever heard the expression “run for your life”? What? You can’t run?

Amazing how blunted and oblivious to death we’d become.…

 +  2023-01-27 15:29

“The neighborhood of Leipzig, Austerlitz, Waterloo, where, during the late Napoleonic #Wars, the principal battles were fought, have been swept of the bones of the hero and the horse which he rode. Thus collected, they have been shipped to the Yorkshire bone grinders,

who have erected steam-powered machinery for the purpose of reducing them to a granular state. In this condition they are sold to the farmers to #manure their lands.”

London Observer, November 18, 1822

 +  2023-01-26 17:59

40 mass shootings in the USA since the start of 2023… and January isn’t over yet.

For me, one of the attributes of a #civilization is the effective outsourcing of physical #security, not requiring us to carry a club, a sword or a Glock at all times. 🤔

 +  2023-01-25 21:19

The year is 2023 and #YanisVaroufakis argues about Technofeudalism… using #Hegel’s #dialectic?! A long-disproven attempt to fake causality with a pretense of the Mystical #Intellectual™?

I thought we’re 100 years past that kind of bullshit… but hey, Flat Earth & 5G nanobots🤔

I lost touch with The Masses and The #Proletariat, I guess?…

 +  2023-01-25 20:07

How has been your experience with #ChatGPT so far?

Mine has been rather mundanely useless… it couldn’t answer even easily querieable questions like “what is the projected life expectancy of a male in country X suffering from type 2 #diabetes”.

A lot of “It is hard to predict…” followed by a full-on #legal department warnings about errors and omissions, numbers to call to get advice.

Yes, the easier “Google the results” or “write a for loop” perform better, but hey, I’m still faster.

 +  2023-01-24 19:56

“#America is a kind, generous place… if you have money. It’s a rapacious, violent place if you don’t have #money.

To be wealthy in America is to be loved. People find you interesting, they want to know you. You have a broader selection of mates.

I think about money a lot. I did nothing but pretty much #work for 20 years. I don’t remember much else but work. It cost me my hair. It cost me my first #marriage. And it was worth it.”

— Scott Galloway.

How bleak of a life, how shallow of a #civilization? And generation after generation built it, knowingly, on purpose. But worry not, Scott believes #depression can be solved with antidepressants.

If you have the money. More pills, more money, more work, more pills, more…

 +  2023-01-18 13:33

“I run every single morning. That’s because that’s the one thing I hate to do more than anything in the world” — #DavidGoggins an ultramarathon runner and triathlete

I wonder whether people who worship him realize the common pattern of self-#abuse and #hate in our culture?

A retired US #military, the man is still at war 24/7.

I, too, run every single morning. That’s because I #love #running. I also work every day because I love my work.

Love vs hate? Which one do you choose every single morning?

If you’d like a much… erm… smarter outlook on ultrarunning, also from a childhood-abuse-survivor, better read Scott Jurek’s book “Eat & Run”

I’m genuinely happy Goggins has resisted against all odds, he’s still in the loop of #violence.

(Might find interesting, @firstshowing)

 +  2023-01-17 14:53

2 quick questions: are you able to tell the difference between:

1) natural hair and dyed hair → usually colored #blond? 🙋‍♀️

2) plastic and steel parts of a #car → same-color bumpers vs main body? 🚗

 +  2023-01-16 16:29

Why most #Russians don’t protest, don’t leave… and, instead, just go and do whatever they are told to do, including to die “to defend their country from the #Ukrainian threat.”…

So far the best short video I’ve found for you… although lacking a bit of nuance and detail.

 +  2023-01-16 13:55

# 1 taste in… ahem… music. Oh, and objectification.

In other news: pull-ups are good for you and your artistic growth.

 +  2023-01-16 11:10

I had 2 delusions in my #childhood:

1) people get smarter and more #rational with age… I just have to wait

2) those #people are improving a country somewhere… I just have to move

 +  2023-01-15 14:13

“Do something useful for #humanity. Solve their problems. You’ll get #love, appreciation and #money

Leibniz: differential and integral calculus, formal logic, binary number system (allowing me to send you this text).

Humanity: 1 person attended #Leibniz’ funeral—his secretary.

 +  2023-01-10 11:29

How to spot an intellectually lazy and emotionally insecure person with 1 question:

“Why do you believe in #God (or Santa Claus)?” 🎅🏻

 +  2023-01-08 16:57

Hey, life is short. So should be your #communication. Sorry, “comms”. no capital letters! i mean, no caps. no punctuation either

u can reply w single letters or copy/paste

i m not reading all that i m happy for u tho or sorry that happened

 +  2023-01-03 08:54

3 days into it, I have to admit 2023 is the first year of my life when I struggle to wish anyone “A Happy New Year”. Sorry folks, whatever way we tune the data, it predicts a few happy exceptions, not yearly trends. 😕

So, to the few of you able to, I wish you to retain sanity and health, while a majority of the population rushes back into the #past and the minority crawls into the #future.

 +  2022-12-26 19:21

“Since my youth — I was 19 when I left #Russia — my political creed has remained as bleak and changeless as an old gray rock. It is classical to the point of triteness. #Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of #art.

The social or economic structure of the ideal state is of little concern to me. My desires are modest. Portraits of the head of the government should not exceed a postage stamp in size. No torture and no executions.”

Vladimir #Nabokov in 1964

 +  2022-12-26 12:59

A review of Nick Lane’s “The Vital Question” is easy to write: just re-arrange a dozen of his own passages. The book itself, though, is not easy to read.

Unless… you understand at least the main principles of #physics, #chemistry and Latin.

However interesting the author’s main thesis — “I will lay out a hypothesis that connects #energy and #evolution” — it won’t resonate with those of us who’ve slept through the high school hard science classes, or have erased #thermodynamics, electromagnetism and valence

from their memory after graduation, the seemingly useless prerequisites for adulthood.

The author promises to describe his point “in enough detail that I can be proved wrong, while writing as accessibly and as excitingly as I can.

I’ve tried to avoid unnecessary jargon and have included occasional reminders of the meaning of terms; but beyond that I hope you will gain familiarity with recurring terms. With the occasional double check, I hope this book will be wholly accessible to anyone who is interested.”

And therein lies the problem. A few pages later, the jovial language of grandeur and metaphor shifts to “isotopic fractionation reported in the #graphite inclusions” and hops to the discussion of “prions — perfectly normal proteins that spontaneously refold into semicrystalline

structures that act as a template for more refolded prions, where the overall entropy barely changes.”

If you can follow the meaning of the above — hey, congrats, you’ve kept your knowledge sharp and up-to-date. Read on.

Actually, this thread is getting so long, it might be easier to continue reading the book’s review on my website:…

 +  2022-12-18 23:28

Oh, wow. #Stanford?! IT? As in… the #STEM part of Stanford? 😮

“The Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative (EHLI) is a multiphase, multi-year project to address harmful language in #IT at Stanford.

EHLI is one of the actions prioritized in the Statement of Solidarity and Commitment to Action.

The goal of the Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative is to eliminate many forms of harmful language

(disability bias, ethnic bias, ethnic slurs, gender #bias, implicit bias, sexual bias…) in Stanford websites and code.”

Good night, and good luck.

 +  2022-12-17 18:57

The #DPD delivery guy decided Closure™ is way more important than some client paying for the parcel to be delivered before the “#weekend”.

Besides the C2 English of the web devs, a reminder about the world split in 2 groups. Both living by the clock, but for different goals.

One lives for the weekend.

The other… has a plan B to compensate for the work ethic of group 1. 🤖

 +  2022-12-16 15:11

One of the several aspirational (ascendational?) paths for your choice and perusal… in the hopes of you being a quick learner. 😂

At which stage are you today?

 +  2022-12-14 12:04

Truly, start your day to follow the sacred advice of the Greats, such as #Nietzsche’s: “Excrete your feces and become gods.”

Thus I shate… erm… spake.

 +  2022-12-13 16:45

“The 3 most harmful addictions are #heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly #salary.”

― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Have you tried quitting all 3? How did it go? 😉

 +  2022-12-12 21:35

People who tell me they are totally NOT #ROBOTS… have never been to a power plant or a #manufacturing facility with… robots by ABB / Kuka / Fanuc.

If you don’t believe me, how about you watch an animation of YOUR mitochondria by @Harvard University?…

And then compare with a video of a car manufacturing or a hydroelectricity plant?…

 +  2022-12-11 21:00

SpaceX missions: 4K #video, #metric readouts.

NASA missions: no video, body part lengths readouts.

 +  2022-12-09 08:06

לֹא תִּרְצָח

Thou shalt not #kill… and yada, yada… Keep up the belief in whatever #Book you prefer. Also, available on Audible™.

 +  2022-12-06 12:09

Want your country to thrive? Give #genius’es a #UBI (Universal Basic Income).

And the best way to help average citizens is to treat the brightest well… alas, too rational of a suggestion for our minds clouded by feelings of rancor, #jealousy, and guilt.…

 +  2022-11-28 17:37

A truly “#Pro” notebook computer would feature:

• an ortholinear, split & probably concave #keyboard optimized for touch-typing
• an #Apple Pencil compactible screen
• a 21:9 screen ratio / form factor

But hey, who’s thinking about pros these days, eh?

Economies of scale rule… just name it “Pro” to charge “More”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Until technology allows every pro to install a Brother #Speedio and a fab-lab-at-home / auto-#SMD machinery in-house? 🤔

 +  2022-11-27 14:12

Where does this voguish idea of everyone becoming a glamorous and fun #entrepreneur come from? Sorry, but:

1) most people are not born with the #DNA required to run a business;

2) while being an entrepreneur adds a lot of positive nouns to your life, like “#freedom”, “creation” and “#meaning”… the package also includes “jealousy”, “discrimination”, “#stress”, “disappointment”, “responsibility” and “cash flow management”.

OK, the “responsibility” is for the non-psychopaths among us. 😂

 +  2022-11-26 22:55

As with everything, pros and cons, the positive and the negative coalesce to form anything.

Keep the best. Carry the child’s curiosity, wonder and enthusiasm through life, even when the jealous dead-souls crush it in you from day 1 in kindergarten till you wither and slouch.…

 +  2022-11-26 22:49

I have my reservations about the spectacular failure of #Jesus to upgrade #humanity… but, please, anyone au courant about the pills prescribed to the dean of Cambridge?! 😮

 +  2022-11-21 22:47

Humans find more and more ways to live alone, investing in pets, devices (sex toys and welding robots), VR…

Seems like IRL sharing of private physical / emotional / intellectual space will become an underground fringe activity at some point? Like vinyl DJing? 😀💾…

 +  2022-11-21 18:52

Anyone who downplays the value of #intelligence doesn’t understand intelligence at all.

( And yes, carbon randomness is that unfair. )

 +  2022-11-19 13:27

“Live life like you’re gonna die, because you’re gonna.”

— William Shatner

 +  2022-11-13 14:01

I’ll admit we’re so conditioned to be afraid of brain chemistry alteration plus entire countries spend 2 Trillion USD per year to kill people instead of to build better meds that…

I’m for knowledge is power and reduced pain, even if it’s the pain of London to Sydney in Economy.…

 +  2022-11-13 06:50

#Andor, an “entertainment for profit” series by Disney with an operating income of 12 B + 200 B USD assets… Gets publicly-funded #tax rebates and investments? From Canada, Australia and Germany?! 😮

Do you think it’s fair? Especially considering the sorry state of #indieFilm?

 +  2022-11-11 06:20

Female #Tinder profiles in Berlin… the “travel” and “exhibitions” types. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Seems like no amount of education through our #films can change what’s happening?…

 +  2022-11-11 03:17

A thorough article describes the current decay of the Russian #cinema industry, from financing / co-production (Russia was expelled from @eurimages), to #casting and teams selection (on ideological merits),…

gear (un)availability (lighting rentals, #camera repair, makeup consumables) and post-production software limitations.

The #Russian cinemas we’d worked with are closed, many creatives and critics fled the country.

The remaining males wait for conscription while cleaning up their social profiles for any signs of anti-war (re)posts or Ukrainian insignia…

Roll the end-titles. 😕

 +  2022-11-10 01:33

Theatrical has been falling into the underground, nerdy, aging “I listen to vinyl” niche. We’re back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, but without Hollywood… meaning, an oligopoly of vertically integrated companies.

Last time, the US Supreme Court had to intervene, so… 🤷🏻‍♂️…

 +  2022-11-06 21:53

“If you offer a ‘coffee #date’ I’ll be showing up in sweatpants and no #makeup.”

Finally, a whiff of truce between the genders?

People without paint on their faces and wearing #StarTrek outfits? Sounds good, sounds finally XXI century to me. 🤖

 +  2022-10-30 12:14

Priority number zero.

 +  2022-10-30 11:35

Person opens a #Twitter / #Instagram account, so anyone can read / view their posts and comment it.

Then gradually starts blocking anyone who’s subjectively “abusive / #toxic”, then anyone who throws innuendos / insults… Ends up blocking “anyone who makes me feel bad”.

Same person uses a hammer to put a wood screw in a concrete wall. 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-10-27 13:14

Our knowledge and tech allows us to solve most of the trivial problems like #recycling. And some countries, like #Switzerland, have them implemented. Today

And it’s a #democracy. With a lot of #guns. But not much gun violence. And no oil or gas. Except from compost, of course 😉

And we speak 3 languages. And we have very differing views on a lot of things, including culture and #tax rates.

Now, what’s the reason the whole planet can’t do the same?

Really? Like, no bullshit really?

 +  2022-10-25 23:59

Over 50% of Americans haven’t read a book in 2022. Nearly 25% of adults have not read a book in 1-2 years. 11% haven’t read a #book in 3-5 years. And 10% of US adults haven’t #read at least 1 full book in the past 10 years.

But hey, TikTok and games and series!

Yes, the survey (…) sample is a bit small — 2K, and the exclusion of audiobooks is weird. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for much rosier results after expanding these parameters.

Would you?

Also… how many #books have _you_ read this year? 😉

 +  2022-10-18 13:34

The myth of positive G-forces along the Z axis of our body in fast #aerobatics’ planes causing #nausea… Where does it come from?

Negative Gs, even 0 G — yeah, makes sense, and we have ample evidence. But the +5 G on a hard turn / pull?

People mistake the plus with the minus?

Back to #math problems in school? Again?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-10-17 22:00

Life is short. You might have heard that one before.
And uncertain. You can die at any moment, making it even shorter.

So think hard about what you do with your #gift of #life right now, not after you “get funded”, “feel inspired” or “stop #drinking”…

Those are the “somedays”, the code words for “never”.

Make a list of things to live through, to build, to give, and start, even without the right money, passport and friends.

No one cares about you anyway: they’re obsessed with themselves and shopping. Even the closest people.

 +  2022-10-17 10:25

The #RingsOfPower demonstrate to us that clever ideas and materials #science rule.

Especially over emotions, the anger and fear that blind and bind us.

Otherwise… is this just a pretty merry-go-round about war and peace? Where all males are either deranged, incompetent or old?

 +  2022-10-16 16:52

I wish I could get inside the head of the #programmer who writes:

catch (error) {
  print(“An unknown error occurred (-50)”)

Yes, it’s a real #debug message from someone at a company like #Apple. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I should add that the UI offers to save “An unknown error occurred” string as a .txt file. Wow. Amazing!

 +  2022-10-14 08:17

The #delusion is planetary, regardless of #gender, culture or subject discussed.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median (most common) wage for workers in the United States in 2022 was $ 54 130 per year.

(assuming 52 weeks of work per year)

 +  2022-10-14 07:05

I remember some vague promises from @jack about how “topics” would be so great to follow.

“Computer #Programming” sure must be, with clever tweets like “Will reading code improve my code?” or “What was your first programming language?” (all with hundreds of replies and likes) 🤢

So… no… “We won’t suggest this Topic anymore.” for me, please.

 +  2022-10-14 06:51

Второе место. Second place.

(Mig-21 in the Pskov region)

 +  2022-10-13 10:34

Explain to me how we can hope for something humane and virtuous out of our #civilization when Carnot’s “Réflexions sur la puissance motrice du feu” received little attention from contemporaries, the guy died at 36… And now we switch the #AC, open a cold beer & ask “Carnot who?”

 +  2022-10-13 10:09

Ahh… vars naming. Any #dev knows about the first of 2 hard things in #programming, but still… give it your best!

• const main
• const state = createState()
• const hook

Wait… is that it?

 +  2022-10-13 12:28

Also, while we’re at it… the “Your chat history will not be synced to this device” is one of the other reasons we use Signal exclusively for sensitive information exchange.

 +  2022-10-12 12:07

And… @fireship_dev killing it, again. 😂

 +  2022-10-12 10:29

The #novice goes astray and blames: “The art failed me.”

The #master goes astray and regrets: “I failed my #art.”

 +  2022-10-12 06:15

An interesting take on why #Russians have been stuck in a submissive / aggressive loop for centuries by Robert Sapolsky, who privileges the nurture (culture) component rather than the nature (#DNA) factor.…

I’d disagree somewhat: the negative selection pressure has expunged the country of its brightest and most creative, especially men, through repeated revolutions, purges and wars.

The Russian poets, scientists and filmmakers so admired by the West have been systematically expelled and killed since the 18th century.

Also… a surprising critique by Sapolsky of @sapinker’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined”. 😉

 +  2022-10-10 09:51

I wonder whether #intellectual #consistency has always been a rarity? Has its lack been made more obvious by digital traces… on social media and in chats?

Also, has there been a difference between #gender?

An example: “I dislike Tinder profiles with pictures of shirtless men. Here’s my Instagram with 300 pictures of me in a #bikini and 50 000 male followers.”

All in 1 text, without a “but” or any hint of internal dissonance. 🤔

All texts I’d found from women describe the “I want to be the sole and exclusive admirer of my man’s six-pack” … yeah, but what about those 50 000 followers?

Blank stare… no, no sign pf evolutionary #psychology awareness.

 +  2022-10-07 20:57

“That which can be destroyed by the #truth should be.”

— Kirien’s retort in “Seeker’s Mask” by Patricia C. Hodgell

 +  2022-10-06 23:02

A well-researched, superbly edited, humorous video explaining why every American, especially a senior, needs an #AR15 #gun. In all seriousness.

Or how to build the perfect straw man with a bit of a circular #logic thing goin’.…

His logic: US civilians need the same #firearms as their #military, because their military has been using firearms developed by the private sector for private use…

All the while, avoiding to discuss the failure of #Americans to organize and fund a government that would provide a quality of life not requiring a grandmother to live with an AR-15 gun (as if she’s in some Afghanistan?) 🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh, and… yes, speaking of other countries. The author does say that all the non-armed grandmothers of the world have been in grave danger. Like, you know, Japan? Taiwan? People outliving most Americans?

Reminds me of gastric bypass surgery to “solve” morbid obesity.🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-10-03 23:37

Watch how the @NASAWebb Telescope changes our understanding of the early Universe we still live in. Fascinating!

Or… watch the 2022 address to the Congress of People’s Deputies of the Soviet Union, err… anyway, who cares? Random neighbor’s life,…

nuclear mushrooms, so cool! Like skipping physics class to blow up some gunpowder. Yay!

Middle Ages were even better, with the Plague and no need for #vaccines and the 2000 Best True Gods™ to choose and die for, while you can do whatever with the women you like. So romantic!

 +  2022-10-02 20:07

Inside a home in Florida during hurricane #Ian… But really, nothing to worry about, right?

• “We’ll tighten our borders for hurricanes without a visa and become self-sufficient”
• “We’ll rebuild our #Nation, increase our resiliency”
• “#Climate has always been changing”

Almost forgot…

• “The thoughts and prayers are coming”

 +  2022-09-30 16:28


Better to watch through the original, even with YouTube subtitles set to auto-translate into your language of choice.

Bless the digital era — we have a checksum of all present and appalling… sorry, I meant, applauding.…

 +  2022-09-19 21:04

Steal is the deal.…

 +  2022-09-19 11:59

“Cheap #Sex” is a great book by sociologist Mark #Regnerus to compliment @ProfDavidBuss’ “Evolution of Desire”. It describes the current personal and interpersonal #sexuality / gender relations state of affairs in the US.

The local trends and stats which do or will impact the rest of the planet via the American Soft Power carrier groups — their role models, #Hollywood films, PC games… and porn sites.

The book dispels such misconceptions as “men are afraid to commit”, “#feminism is totally great for women”, “the only side effect of the pill is weight gain” and explains the growing proportion of uncoupled, unsatisfied, lonely people of both genders unable to make a connection.

Other than a short physical one. But only for those that include #fit, rich, educated men taller than 182 cm.😉

Add #Tinder, #Instagram, #OnlyFans and female financial independence, and we obtain fierce female competition for a few good men, skewed market dynamics and the cheapening of sex, mentioned in the title.

The low cost and infinite access to a geographically unconstrained human online marketplace disincentivizes working on #relationships — it’s cheaper to “return your purchase after a 30-day trial” (dump / divorce) and choose the next candidate, or just masturbate alone.

Surrounded by immersive HD #porn of any shade of gray, cool sex toys and AI-driven robots. Meanwhile, the years go by, and our bodies remain optimized for a very different pattern of behaviors and time spans, whether you freeze your gametes or not.

Demand for antidepressants and assisted reproduction increases.

The book’s conclusions are grim, especially for most women and a huge part of men. The technology, ideology and market forces work in unison against any reconciliation, pairing or improvement.

And, I’m afraid, #Europe is to follow, at least the non-Islamic part of it.

Very readable, the text is supported by large surveys (US and international), author’s team in-person interviews at @UTAustin, publications of #evolutionary psychologists and #gender relations specialists… all referenced in a lengthy, but helpful, bibliography.

 +  2022-09-18 21:14

Ah… the “skipped chemistry in school” vibe. Always with us to lighten up the moods.

Reminds me to scare people with GREEN bottles of argon (for TIG welding).😂…

 +  2022-09-17 13:18

On choosing the right goals for #success… In a post-modern, Everything is Relative™ world.

Side note: internet history of stuff people say has its benefits. Great illustration of “trust actions more than words” and “#integrity is a virtue of fairy-tales, not the world of men”.

 +  2022-09-15 13:48

#Adobe to acquire #Figma.
One Ring to rule them all
Wait, doesn’t Amazon release on Friday?

I’ve survived the acquisition of #Macromedia, and later, the mutation of Adobe into a “you no longer own anything, but please pay for a bug in the cloud” behemoth…

…so… no, #monopoly is most often bad for end-users. 😕

 +  2022-09-13 17:54

Agent Johnson: “You are no longer necessary.”

#Amazon #automation

 +  2022-09-12 09:39

“If tears shall wash away the cruelty of our years & sow the seeds of pity in our black & broken hearts, remind us that life is brief & lovely, not long and foolish, that it is strange & beautiful, yea as a dream, then so let it be, if it must be tears, if #tears alone may serve”

– #JackKerouac, “Atop An Underwood”

 +  2022-09-11 19:48

Dana Schwartz… an LA writer of TV, books, comics, and podcasts. #1 New York Times bestselling #author with 203 000 followers on Twitter and a blue checkmark. 🤦🏻‍♂️

And no, it’s not about #comics.

A person told me recently, “Oh I know, that’s the music from ‘Ghost in the Shell’, the one with Scarlett Johansson…”

And that’s very, very recent history of #art. Less than 50 years. So what do you expect, people read #Kerouac or Lermontov? #Dante who?

 +  2022-09-10 15:05

The highest antioxidant @BigPurpleTomato:

• high in anthocyanins, similar levels to antioxidant #superfoods like blueberries
• tastes great
• I love tomatoes and blueberries and smart tech

And yes, there is an article in @Nature…

 +  2022-09-08 23:21

It’s hard to imagine a worldview of #magic — flashing-talking boxes (that you must buy), loud flying canisters (that fall, and kill the passengers), unpredictable #human behaviors (that repeat, regularly) — and an inner soundscape filled by inner monologue and autotuned lyrics.

Things just happen. Words appear from nowhere. Autotune means nothing. A surface might be quartz, aluminum, or wool, but you don’t know the difference or whence it came.

Is it a world of a child? But without the #curiosity?

 +  2022-09-08 20:34

A good day to die. The world is heading toward ~3°C of #globalWarming, triggering multiple irreversible #climate tipping points, including, but not limited to:

• Gulf Stream weakening
• permafrost abrupt thaw
• Amazon & Northern forests dieback
• ice sheet collapse

Want to continue living? Invest in #nuclear power, O₂ + H₂O production and enclosed #farming… all protected by a private army.

The @ScienceMagazine article… paywalled. Because knowledge is power. Also, gore monetization:…

 +  2022-09-05 16:08

“How Emotions Are Made“ is yet another weird book with a promising title, written by @LFeldmanBarrett for someone without knowledge of science, its methods or branches. Possibly for those of us who skipped biology in school and haven’t read anything about neuroscience ever since?

The message of the book: we don’t know what, where or how #emotions are made. But, the author has a hypothesis, much in line with current fashion: emotions are constructed by #culture (nurture), because languages around the world differ in how they describe them.

The author follows up with a mishmash of contradictions like:

• “We can’t locate the origin of emotions in the brain”, but we know there’s an “interoceptive network.”

• “#Stress doesn’t come from the outside world. You construct it.” But, a few pages later, “fasting and gut flora very much influences our emotions”… so, I suppose, something coming from the outside world?

Any practical advice?

Sure. Construct happy thoughts (even when bombed in a war zone), inherit good genes and real estate, cook healthy food, take a walk in a democracy, keep an FSC-certified #gratitude journal and, of course, #meditate!

This book might have been titled “Science Doesn’t Know How Emotions are Made — But babies learn to name and classify emotions from their caregivers… whose vocabulary size correlates with babies’ emotional granularity, #EQ or whatever you want to call it…

…as long as it’s not essentialist, oh, and our #lifestyle constructs our emotional worlds, like, being poor in a high-crime neighborhood is bad for you, did you know that?”

Worse, the self-contradictory opus is written in a cringe-worthy, kill-joy #style of “Get ready for that twist I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter”.

But mine’s just an opinion of a #trilingual who’d “culturally constructed” 3 variants of each of his emotions.

Augmented by the professional “emotional granularity” of a film director.

And someone who should’ve Google Scholared the author’s publications before reading this book… to skip it altogether. 🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-09-04 17:45

You don’t need to be the CEO of Tesla/SpaceX to affirm, correctly, that #building prototypes of new stuff is hard, but producing them at scale is much, much harder.

Market launch of the @kinesisergo Advantage360 #keyboard went wrong for a company of 14:…

On a positive note, a lot of people care about typing #ergonomics! 😍

 +  2022-09-04 17:32

From what I remember, reading “The Lord of the Rings” 30+ years ago, haven’t #Tolkien described Galadriel as extremely beautiful? With even some hair cutting for an admiring fan?

Is it my memory fading… or the #film director part of me judging a casting choice?


 +  2022-09-02 18:57

A lot of #gender norms turn out to be completely false. One of them: females are higher in #empathy than males.

Attached is a screenshot of the many responses @seerutkchawla — a woman — got from other women after posting about men’s mental health issues in the USA.

Sadly, it corroborates my own observations. Many of my female colleagues prefer to work with men precisely to avoid this sort of (recent?) cruelty.

 +  2022-09-02 11:12

Americans arguing their healthcare system is the best in the world because it subsidizes medical research for the entire planet… similarly arguing in favor of their military spending to protect liberty & trade globally… then calling anything remotely altruistic — #communism.

Those are some of the finest examples of our creative abilities to delude ourselves as a species. 😮

 +  2022-08-29 21:06

American, English French #Toast. Made in China. Best quality!

 +  2022-08-28 09:13

If you’re interested in how badly the #Russian society broke — and you should be when your #tax money is spent — I recommend an excellent documentary by Andrey Loshak.…

Simple in form, it’s mostly dialogues of “normal” #families, disintegrating beyond the film’s title “Broken Ties”.

It’s very graciously uploaded to YouTube. Click on the CC button for subtitles.

You know, when the #USSR collapsed, I remember the USA sending “#humanitarian aid” to our school, in the form of canned ham and other non-perishables. This time around, maybe it’d be better to parachute squadrons of psychiatrists?

 +  2022-08-27 08:21

We model the galaxies as a sort of fluid of stars, where the interactions are not #electromagnetic, but gravitational. So, #galaxies are fluids of stars, which themselves are made of plasmas of hydrogen made of frozen nuggets of quark matter.…

Yet again, there are no clear boundaries and simple answers, even between states — solid / liquid / gas / #plasma — just varying probabilities of these phases occurring in space-time.

 +  2022-08-01 19:28

The “no #tie” trend is — yet again — an expression of how little thought is given to anything, even as banal as men’s #clothing.

A suit, formal shirt (oval bottom for tucking), socks and dress shoes are designed for a tie and pocket square, as a complete system.

A coordination of geometry, color gamut and texture.

If we want to go tie-less, we have to redesign the whole ensemble.

 +  2022-08-01 11:14

Something more practical than my injunction of “gotta train the wrists” for you, @caludio — an excellent collection of exercises demonstrated by @torohtiyo (an Olympic #weightLifting medalist & now coach):…

In Russian, but Google’s auto-CCs are adequate.

 +  2022-07-29 17:28

I know I don’t sound edgy, but modern variants of vanilla JS, plain CSS and PHP running on Nginx are more than enough for so, so many web use cases.🤷🏻‍♂️

In any case, it all goes back to C… procedural C, I might add.😉…

 +  2022-07-29 12:50

A rare case of well-engineered #running gear for hot weather: @UnderArmour Launch Run Visor. The integrated sweatband prevents salt blindness, open top provides better evaporative cooling than traditional cap, stays put at any pace, fits sunglasses.

I ran several 15 Ks in 30°C👍🏻

 +  2022-07-28 07:38

Russian-speaking economists have been questioning the Western sanctions impacting ‘regular Russians having nothing to do with the #war’.

Well, here’s a regular Russian Z-stamped comment on a feature #documentary we filmed about deep #techno music: “crappy nonsense”.

“Bots”, you say? Then who’s posting their daily stories ‘enjoying the best of life with wine, hipsta-burgers & sunbathing’ on Instagram / VK, as if nothing was going on since February?

 +  2022-07-27 09:13

If you find school boring and expertise a “#privilege or the patriarchy”, may I recommend choosing a career of “#Politician”? One of the few professions that does not require any job-specific competency, education or certification?

You can be a minister of health, or culture, or defense… or even a president with access to #nuclear weapons, deadly viruses and woeful macroeconomic policies. Without understanding any of it.

 +  2022-07-26 16:28

Yellow, sweet, compassionate… and oh so #fake.

With a “peace!” interjection at the end. 🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-07-26 16:27

I wonder how inauthentic people feel inside? Do they make an effort to seem authentic? Or they’re so self-unaware they don’t even notice?

Beside the obvious, like Trump, the more common, like Adam Mosseri talking about “a lot happening on Instagram”……

 +  2022-07-26 08:52

“No higher commendation can be given any work of the human mind than to praise it for the measure of #truth it has achieved. By the same token, to criticize it adversely for its failure in this respect is to treat it with the seriousness that a serious work deserves.

Yet, in recent years, for the first time in Western history, there is a dwindling concern with this criterion of excellence.

Books win the plaudits of the critics and gain widespread popular attention almost to the extent that they flout the truth

— the more outrageously they do so, the better. Many readers, and most particularly those who review current publications, employ other standards for judging, and praising or condemning, the books they read — their novelty, their sensationalism, their seductiveness, their force,

and even their power to bemuse or befuddle the #mind.

But not their truth, their clarity, or their power to enlighten.”

“How to Read a Book” by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

— Truth is one of the main reasons I’ve always been interested in realism and informativeness of my own #photography and, later, #filmmaking work since 1997.

 +  2022-07-25 15:07

Simple #ad copy #writing tip: don’t start with a yes/no question. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Bad: “Looking to buy an all-electric Mercedes?” “Want a stable job in the fintech?”

Too easy to answer: NO!

 +  2022-07-25 12:02

The observable universe is a sphere of 93 billion light years in diameter. Our Universe contains 200 billion trillion stars (with their planets)

And yet, people are against a “World Government” for a puny rock that you can fly around under 45 hrs in a standard passenger aircraft

Let’s subdivide rapidly warming deserts into #Dunbar-number-compatible parcels, all with their own flags, passport controls, armies, ball-on-the-grass teams and One True #God™.

Have you ever imagined a “#conflict” dealt as a local psychiatric emergency, not some underpaid war-as-a-hobby? Wanna work in France? No work visa required, just pack your stuff.

Yes, your certificate of 10-years practice of industrial architecture or dental implants is valid in Alaska. And Australia. And Andorra.

Yes, we have a working model of that in #Switzerland. In 4 languages and with different fiscal policies.

But… honestly, who wants an easy life of exciting stuff to do every day wherever you feel like? Really?

Actions speak better than New Years’s Eve resolutions. 8 billion annually.

So, here’s your #export declaration form for the pair of socks, look it up in the Harmonized Tariff table. And change your avatar’s flag to the war du jour.

 +  2022-07-23 11:07

If your “big dream” is “to live by the seaside” and you’re over 40, that is not big, not yours and not a dream. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Best case scenario, you’ve used up half of your life to build something else. Maybe it’s time to assess the real #dream and _act_ accordingly? 😉

 +  2022-07-22 09:49

#DontLookUp has been the saddest #film of the decade for me. Why? Because it’s not a #comedy. It’s a #documentary.

Humanity somehow has lost the fear of death, even when the dead are measured in the millions (Covid, the RU-UA war…)

For example, #Tinder profiles repeatedly state they’re going to “enjoy life and have fun”, male and female.

Hurray, it’s all merry and dandy! 🥳

Enjoy summer!

 +  2022-07-22 01:03

- So you never wanted a regular type life, huh?
- What the fuck is that? Barbecues and ballgames?

 +  2022-07-18 19:33

Impressive to watch such a hysterical Descent of Man. 

Despite decades of his “studies” of #Russian literature and totalitarianism, #JordanPeterson completely misunderstands what’s going on in Russia, NATO, rouble (un)currency, global economy… 🤦🏻‍♂️…

And uses a real war killing real people to talk about a “neomarxist postpodernism culture war” in the US and Canada. 🤯

Complètement à côté de la plaque.

He’s right about the:

• current West trend for race and gender to matter more than competency — how “female” or “non-hexadecimal” we feel today is more important than how good we are at a particular job

• famine in agriculturally-challenged countries

But that’s about it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

( For example, he talks about newly found UKRAINIAN gas reserves — I quote — “around the Caspian Sea”.

Hello?! geography 101?

And Peterson _reads_ his article for @dailywireplus , with ample time to double-check, that’s no oratory slip )

 +  2022-07-15 16:39

Most of human behavior, from individual #psychology to gender relations, to corporate dynamics and global geopolitics, can be inferred from the use of Philips head screws in the year 2022. 🙄

Also, self-test: do you know what a Philips head screw is, how it came to be, for what purpose, what are its alternatives, and why I wrote the preceding paragraph? 😂

 +  2022-07-15 15:48

Bizarre Google Reviews of European #logistics centers: 4-5 stars from truckers (hauling the semi-trailer), 1-2 stars from end-customers (businesses and consumers unable to schedule a pick-up or delivery). 🤷🏻‍♂️

Truck drivers commenting toilets and space for maneuvering… customers complaining about perpetually busy phone lines and address misspellings. 🤯

End-result: a warehouse with loading docks in the middle of the nowhere gets an average 3-star rating. 🤔

 +  2022-07-12 14:45

Finally got to watch “For All Mankind” season 1… well, Ronald Moore sure is consistent with his regular soap opera vibe.

Or rather, #alcohol+tobacco opera — the amount of drinking and smoking easily surpasses the amount of RP-1 burning and #space flying.

It ticks all the currently requisite boxes — female #workaholism, mental health, gender issues, political corruption… but seems kinda hollow and strained, an “Ad Astra Longa”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

PS: Cinematography is very “meh”.

 +  2022-07-11 12:58

“The End of the World is Just the Beginning” is a weird book by @PeterZeihan — self-described as an “optimist, green, internationalist, and democrat” — who retells us a mix-mash of #history, geography, #economy and chemistry lessons taught in school,

then declares that the #USA — the best country on the planet with all the right people, neighbors, resources, technologies and geographies — will self-isolate and thrive, while the globalized world, including the #EU, will collapse without American naval support. 🤦🏻‍♂️

The book closes with: “Challenges and opportunities beckon. Cultural. Economic. Technological. Climatic. Demographic. Geopolitical. Exploring that #future will be a hell of a project. Maybe that’s what I’ll do next.”

A good book for the high-school American teenager who would appreciate a cheerfully humorous recounting of how much everyone else is screwed? 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-07-04 09:12

Them : “Where are you from, originally? What are your roots?”
Me (thinking about all the different people from this #planet who helped along the way) :

 +  2022-07-01 06:20

Many, many of our problems result from not thinking and acting big enough.

Our thinking and acting #myopia hurts us in the tiniest things, like what (and why) to eat for breakfast and whom to marry (or not 🤪). It becomes catastrophic for second and third order effects.

(like, you know, surviving a life well-lived with others…)

 +  2022-06-30 04:48

Dawning sun through rainy clouds, on the #Paris quais… what a sight! The oranges, the reds, the violets distract even the blasé #runner-photographer.

Bloody road rash, my old friend, we meet again. 🌦🩸

 +  2022-06-26 18:14

“Sexual #attraction to men as a risk factor for eating disorders: the role of mating expectancies and drive for thinness”

Oh, I see… so the solution for women is to stop being attracted to men? 😂…

Seriously, maybe increasing the intelligence of our daily routines / processes is a better solution, eh? 🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-06-24 16:14

“#Travel, to any part of the universe, without moving.”

 +  2022-06-22 23:29

Has anyone tried to calculate the ratio of people on Earth who:

• #create — positive — difficult
• #consume — neutral to negative — easy
• destroy — negative — easiest

My hunch would be, at best, a #Pareto, if not a #Sturgeon distribution?

 +  2022-06-22 15:20

“We must remember the obvious fact that we do not agree or disagree with #fiction. We either like it or we do not.”

Mortimer J. Adler. “How to Read a Book”.

 +  2022-06-19 15:05

How to choose your #running shoes or sandals after you’ve done your homework and narrowed the choice to 3-4 pairs?

• run in each pair — which one gives you the childish sensation of flight?
• reduce to 2 pairs — put a different shoe on each foot

• confirm the one that feels best with your body, cadence and surface

Keep the thrill. Return the mushy / stiffly / blistery.

Everything else applies to sponsorship deals. 🙂

 +  2022-06-19 12:59

#Netflix’ fiscal year 2021 visualized… 2022 is going to look worse, but hey, they’re now more interested in cheaper series, and, to a lesser extent, features.

In many languages (except Russian 😕).

 +  2022-06-17 10:56

If only the music was as good as the original… 🙄…

 +  2022-06-15 10:41

I’m alarmed by the number of people who tell me “2+2=4 is false, because it’s an emotionless calculation”.

“2+2=7, or, maybe 2+2=1, depending on the mood, babe, it feels so much better, and, like, human, you know?”

Yeah, don’t ask me why your sky is a blown-out 8-bit 256 JPEG🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-06-13 23:08

This meat is from #vegan cows.

— Packaging Today™

 +  2022-06-13 23:02

Steve Jobs spent years to convince a smart person to join… and a quick walk to fire them.

As a director, I’m always between:

• awe at how good someone rare is (given the vision, freedom & budget)

• despair at how bad most are (static, conforming, cowardly & irrational)…

 +  2022-06-12 20:58

Isn’t it weird that in English, “get laid” and “get laid off” are almost identical? 🤔

#jobSecurity #English

 +  2022-06-09 23:25

Car-centric #urbanPlanning in North America creates nations of stay-at-home-gamers “under adequate supervision” that fail to acquire #social interaction skills till the age of 16 (when they can get a driver’s license)……

So their 20′s and 30′s are spent being a #teenager, “discovering the world of humans.” A bit late, especially for women and couples and stuff… 🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-06-06 12:42

Disappointed by Carlo Rovelli’s “Order of Time”. Reads more like a #physicist’s hobby project in #creativeWriting (though quite a poetic one)… rather than a container of eye-opening, bleeding-edge information.

Main ideas: #time is quantized, entropy increases with time, time is local and relative, we don’t know how to reconcile general relativity with quantum mechanics, because we don’t understand time. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Also, I’m afraid most of us who skipped #physics and #philosophy classes won’t understand a thing reading through this tasteful collection of quotes and references (from thermodynamics or Mahabharata).

 +  2022-06-04 23:18

What better idea than to re-visit my understanding of the Wheeler–DeWitt equation before bed? Really, what could go wrong? 🙃


 +  2022-06-01 04:17

Do you remember the “we’re so excited” #Facebook comms in 2020 about how they migrated from #PHP to #React / Relay (GraphQL) “to start up fast, respond fast, and provide a highly interactive experience”?

And I’m not even mentioning the infamous Ad Manager… 🙄

 +  2022-05-31 11:25

Oh, cool, books about what we don’t owe. As in “men don’t owe you money, #marriage or kids” and “your government doesn’t owe you protection from assassination”?🤷🏻‍♂️

Bon courage with the noble battle against biology

Personally, I’m more into books about #CRISPR human DNA tuning.😂

 +  2022-05-31 06:56

“The Cornea is Not a Piece of Plastic”

→ my current favorite scientific journal article title. 😂
( by Cynthia Roberts, PhD, in the Journal of Refractive Surgery, Vol. 16, No. 4 )

 +  2022-05-27 19:51

Life of an #artist… 1985 vs 2022.

Although I didn’t start as a pro until 1997, I did snatch the tail end of that epoch. 😕

( some of which, like analogue tools, i.e. the cost and hassle of #film #photography, I don’t miss at all … but otherwise, damn… so much fun is gone )

 +  2022-05-26 12:22

Films in Cannes… rated by the critics (24 — left) vs rated by the people (384 — right).

A French film for the French audience… or for the French festivals? 🤔

 +  2022-05-21 12:32

Stumbled upon a serious tweet by a postdoc about “decolonial approaches to international feminist solidarity”… wow. 😮

 +  2022-05-19 03:41

Assessed, agreed, adopted.

(it’s +30° C in Paris… mid-May)

 +  2022-05-18 11:53

One of the reasons we must change the way #physics and biology are taught in #school is to avoid this kind of BS poured into “educated adults” later on.

Our basic metabolism rate difference is not _that_ different, few people track their daily caloric intake / output with appropriate tools & discipline… and finally, the third person #running 10 miles a week? Ahem…

Better to walk at a brisk pace (spare those joints and stay at optimal HR)… Oh, and, sorry, 10 miles a week doesn’t contribute that much of caloric output. But does provide other goodies.

 +  2022-05-17 02:43

Apple’s #Foundation series abounds in what the books lack: style.

Stunningly picturesque, set design, acting, costumes… @ARRIRental LF + @Panavision combo, music… the opening titles are gorgeous on their own.

And yet, like in #Dune by Villeneuve, something’s missing. What?

 +  2022-05-10 04:58

Similar thoughts for the last 20+ years.…

 +  2022-05-08 20:57

I accept this insanely great offer !!! 😂

That’s what we call… a call to action.…

 +  2022-05-07 20:54

My life can be separated in 2 distinct periods:

• the hell of typing  `clear`
• the bliss of  ⌘K

I kinda regret I didn’t keep all of my #Bash #terminal history to pinpoint the date-time of enlightenment.

 +  2022-05-06 17:16

–White lies are more important than Truth because… Emotional Intelligence
–EQ has low validity (low Truth), esp compared to #IQ and Big 5
–But we gotta smooth team politics!
–Ray Dalio, a billionaire, built his co with Truth as core principle… @elonmusk relies on physics #Truth

–Anatoly, I dislike you for telling me the truth!

 +  2022-04-24 13:29

A voté. Voted. Проголосовал.

Not much of a choice, alas, and I would’ve preferred those to be #Caesar salads instead of howitzers, but Kremlin isn’t #vegan. Yet.

 +  2022-04-22 13:32

Imagine you never learned to speak a human #language. What would that “little voice in your head” sound like? 😉

(A lot of people assume everyone hears an inner #voice, disregarding all other modes of #thinking)

 +  2022-04-19 11:28

Trends in #music engagement and preferences through life… a 9000+ cohort study.

 +  2022-04-17 11:21

What’s great about the #Cannes #Film Festival is that once you’d attended 3 years in a row, you’ve seen 95% of all directors in competition for the next 50 years of the festival.

«Déjà vu» in French means “already watched”. Yeah, I’m talking about the 2022 line-up. 😂

 +  2022-04-10 07:18

“What difference does it make? Whether a #life be long, whether it be short? Whether a flame burns daily and slowly for a long, long time.… Or whether it’s just a brief and intense #nuclear flash?”

The difference is the #choice, which is ours or not.

(paraphrasing and adding to #AlanWatts)

 +  2022-03-30 16:49

Dedicated to all those visiting me wherever I lived at the moment and noticing fewer and fewer paper #books on my shelves. Might I add, to my chagrin, mostly women…

And could not imagine nor even ask how many books I actually read (and have been reading in digital format). 🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-03-29 13:54

I don’t understand the denigration of #imperative paradigms. Current computers operate imperatively, state to state, open / close, right? The closer you get to Si, the closer you get to #C 🤷🏻‍♂️

Too much of a good thing—like functional ideology—is, as often with big quantities, bad

 +  2022-03-29 08:09

I’ve been wondering about indirect IQ measurements. One of them, is… #smoking. Yes, people still smoke #tobacco in 2022. A lot of people. 🤢

Cigarette smokers have lower IQs than non-smokers, and the more a person smokes, the lower their #IQ.

For example, this study of over 20 000 Israeli military recruits.

And for the Believers in #Emotional Intelligence™ #pseudoscience, consider the phenomenon of “social smoking” and “smoking while drinking”.…

 +  2022-03-23 18:39

OK, a female president of the #Cannes #Film Festival isn’t a democratic surprise, but, wait, a lawyer from Warner? 😮

With previous experience as Accor and LVMH board? Smells very #Hollywood to me… What do _you_ think? Has anyone asked your opinion in the matter?

 +  2022-03-23 15:10

Is there a correlation / causation link between the amount of yearly revenue (above 1 billion EUR) and the lack of #frontend #code testing? 🤔

A simple language chooser @LABMFAURIEL which does not choose anything… and defaults to English.

 +  2022-03-21 12:08

“The best way to have a good #idea is to have lots of ideas.” — Linus Pauling

In other words, just do stuff, and lots of it, with variation. Our iterations on bad scripts / designs / photographs produce the seemingly effortless “wow” results you see in museums and #cinema`s.

Oh, and #Git is awesome. 🙃

 +  2022-03-20 12:09

Have you ever remarked that “chocking to pleasure your partner is `#sex positive`” and “all men should be cancelled for being #violent” and “you deserve an aggressive achiever A-type man” have been streaming from the same source?

The rad #feminism source, that is.🤔

 +  2022-03-15 10:06

– I have 2 words (written as “two words”) ➞ arrested
– Why are you filming only those who protest?
– We film everyone.
– Then I would like to express my support of the Special Operation ➞ arrested

Random women, a few meters from the Kremlin, in Moscow.…

 +  2022-03-10 15:13

Does anyone know why the hell #Apple insists on asking: “Are you sure you want to close the Console window? Streamed log messages will be discarded when this window is closed.” with a Cancel (focused) vs Close buttons?

#dev #programming #hell

This happens only for the main syslog. All other logs never exhibit this behavior! Very annoying. Appeared since around Catalina… 🤯

Yes, I’ve Googled and StackOverflow-ed this… to no avail.

 +  2022-03-04 13:35

I’m also old enough and have excellent memory (not boasting, those who’ve worked with me know that for a fact) to remember the #Chernobyl disaster. And that was NOT COOL to live through. 😡

 +  2022-03-04 09:06

Growing up in USSR, my school had our class visit various museums of revolutionary #resistance. I was particularly impressed by a real flat in downtown Moscow that had a glass cutaway in the ground-floor to show a small dug-out with a letterpress that printed forbidden newspapers

My memories… in the year 2022. 🙄

 +  2022-03-03 11:24

We #men used to compare the length of our dicks… it seems the current trend is to measure the length of our tables instead.

Round tables are too feminine, I guess? 🤦🏻‍♂️

I prefer meetings on “grounded” beanbags to doze off after the first minutes of a #PowerPoint presentation.

 +  2022-03-01 10:26

You know what’s “special” about “an operation”? It’s when it CREATES something new.

A piece of #art: a film, a book, a soundtrack. A scientific discovery. A technological breakthrough. A medical procedure that allows us to walk hours after appendectomy.

A business that transforms us and our planet for the better.

There’s nothing special about DESTROYING other people’s work and lives.

Ломать — не строить.

 +  2022-02-21 16:11

Do Russians want another #war?
Just ask the silence about it,
Above the expanse of the arable lands and the fields,
And ask the birches and the poplars,
Ask the soldiers,
Who lie below those birches,…

And their sons will answer you —
Do Russians want, do Russians want,
Do Russians want another war to happen.

Not only for their country
The soldiers died in that war,
So that the people of the whole earth
Could sleep in peace at night.
Ask those who fought,

Who embraced you on the Elbe,
We’re faithful to this memory.
Do Russians want, do Russians want,
Do Russians want another war to happen?

Yes, we know how to fight,
But we do not want
Our soldiers fall in battle yet again
On their sad ground.
Ask our mothers,
Ask my wife,

And then you should understand —
Do Russians want, do Russians want
Do Russians want another war to happen?

The docker and the fisherman will understand,
The worker and the farmer will understand,
And people of any country will understand
Do Russians want, do Russians want,
Do Russians want another war to happen?

 +  2022-02-21 11:49

I wish they had English subs for those wondering what’s up with French #cinema. 😕

Maraval (Wild Bunch), on peut l’aimer ou pas, il a souvent une vision limpide de la situation.…

 +  2022-02-17 00:00

The Micromort.

A unit of measure for mortality risk. Equals a one-in-one-million chance of dying. A Ronald Howard’s idea to finally standardize a unit of measure for #risk.

So the news would go something like: “The next week looks like we will be reaching a high of 50 micromorts, thanks to the new variant — though only about 8 micromorts if you’re vaccinated.” 😂

 +  2022-02-14 17:16

Nothing fills me with so much #faith in humanity, our infinite potential for #empathy and limitless #compassion… than watching a pre-school child screaming in despair while being forcefully abandoned — “care-outsourced” — by his parents at the kindergarten porch.

Cry. Comply.

 +  2022-02-12 15:04

Can someone please help me figure out the mass density and elasticity modulus of synthetic thermoset rubber used in Olympic #weightlifting plates, please? Like the @RogueFitness Echo or Competition? 🏋🏻‍♀️

#engineering #materials

All Rogue says is a vague “Durometer 88″ and sexy “virgin rubber”, without even giving the scale.

I dove into conversion formulas, MatWeb and googled around… the results vary wildly. 🙄

 +  2022-02-12 14:48

My daily 10K #run today was along the #Paris Coulée Verte, where I was stunned to see the local cherry blossom (#Sakura) trees in full flowering!

February 12? Outside temp: +5° C. Sakura in full blossom?! Hello?!

Turns out, it’s a well-studied effect of #globalWarming. 😕

 +  2022-02-11 16:37

Hours, years pass by… it turns, it’s blue… until you’re blue.

Gotta love the “Please wait until you die” spinner at #Windows boot. 🙄

 +  2022-02-10 10:59

So nice of YouTube to keep me up-to-date on how to spend my 71 million USD! Yes, the @GulfstreamAero G800 does have the 14 800 km range I do appreciate, but… I kinda feel we need to shoot a couple of additional feature #films instead.

#Priorities are everything, you know?😂

 +  2022-02-10 03:28

How to spot someone serious about #yoga? They:

• don’t go to a “studio” — they practice at home / #office / traveling… daily, wearing whatever or semi-naked (no “yoga” apparel)
• sit in siddhasana / padmasana casually “because it’s comfy” while talking / eating / typing

— optimize for #meditation, not circus acrobatics
• remain calm under stress
• feel more than the average (see, hear, smell)
• avoid popular #drugs like alcohol or tobacco and coping strategies like #shopping and eating

• don’t publish much about themselves on social media (no selfies, daily dishes etc.), but are fine to discuss personal weaknesses when asked
• work in a #profession they love, now, and not for #money, social or “godly” approval in after- or next life

 +  2022-02-05 03:45

If #Tesla extends its #insurance policy to cover robotaxi mode, there will be no fear left in Tesla owners to amortize their cars when unused.

Someone puked in your Tesla? A dent from a suitcase? You’re covered.

At some point, your car’s TCO crosses zero.

 +  2022-02-01 17:12

Netflix, #HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+ struggle to keep their subscribers. Half of US viewers who joined right after ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ were gone in 6 months, data show. #Netflix subscriber base has plateaued in recent quarters.

 +  2022-02-01 11:08

I’ve always wondered: how does it feel to be an #Apple #macOS #dev

You can’t isolate yourself from the ‘official’ #bug reports, the ‘unofficial’, but vocal and public grudges on Twitter, about the character / emojis palette random misbehavior since, when, 2014?

Or can you? 🤔

Each morning, you enter the magnificent ring-office of a company making ≈100 BILLION USD of income YEARLY… sit down in a super-ergonomic #office chair in front of a decked-out, all in-house, state-of-the-art #ARM hardware,

open a rather impressive suite of dev tools and languages like #Swift… and… the bug (and public outrage) persists.

The loses in functionality with each iteration (like, hide tracks by keyword?!), your users can’t listen to the audiobooks playing fine in on their fancy #AppleWatch,

the still pales in comparison to #MacOS Classic spatial awareness.

How do feel? OK? Or #TimCook’s We’re So Excited™? Or do you Think Indifferent™?

 +  2022-01-31 13:12

Now, this social trend REALLY puzzles me. I’ve seen so much of this on the interwebs I need your opinions, please.

How can you be a “#gymGirl”… and an omnivore #SMOKER who drinks beer?! 😱

 +  2022-01-30 16:51

#AI generates random, non-existent faces that you won’t be able to distinguish from a real #human.

 +  2022-01-30 12:38

That looks almost like me, but I read the 1st ed in 2005.😂

That was before losing some of my hair to the stresses of indie #filmmaking in 2011… and when I actually enjoyed sunny beaches. And I still wear sexier Speedos. 🤪

And yes, I’d survived close calls with #avalanches.

In other words: a book and serious #training swimwear recommendation.

 +  2022-01-30 10:12

Hilariously surreal and abysmally real at the same time. 9 currently prevailing theories of how to achieve True #Happiness™.

(could add a tenth #religious variant, which would be Islam)…

 +  2022-01-30 10:06

The #Matrix Resurrections pitch meeting with the studio exec……

 +  2022-01-30 05:30

Of course, it’s obvious and more complicated than that, but, of course, it’s (not) funny.

 +  2022-01-29 13:08

Have you ever wondered what you’d do if someone offered you the tickets and accommodation in all ≈200 countries on this tiny planet? What then?

I mean, really? What are you waiting for? Maybe it’s not #travel you want?

 +  2022-01-29 07:33

By Javier Jaén.

 +  2022-01-28 08:16

One of the most radical books I’ve read in a while. Recommended for anyone with special talents, such as an #IQ over 125, #artistic abilities and other high-functioning #neurodivergence traits… AKA #nerds.

“How to Handle Neurotypicals” by Abel Abelson.

 +  2022-01-27 04:08

Possible intersections of structure with control paradigms in tech. A nice visual summary by @seldo.…

 +  2022-01-25 17:36

Robert De Niro training at the range for Michael Mann’s “#Heat”… One of my favorite (and gorgeously shot) movies about #workaholic’s (no, no relation to my own foibles whatsoever).

In other words: prep is key. And @MichaelMann is THE man. When it comes to prep. Now go prep!

 +  2022-01-25 02:31

A trick to name my very own #UNIX-like commands… use CamelCase. That way, I know it’s something I created. And easy to press Shift to start an autocomplete of My Precious Codeses™.

Instead of prepending with, say, “ai”… which is mostly interpreted as Artificial Intelligence (yes, I’m very artificial and intelligent, but still 🤖…)

Yep, a file system might be case-insensitive, and the convention is, yada, yada… 🤪

 +  2022-01-24 17:11

Have you noticed how #English-based cultures prefer difficult, unpleasant, work-related terms for activities that are supposed to be fun and healthy? 🤔

#Dating = choose a “date” in a calendar
#WorkOut = extra-office “work” (not training, not moving)

I suggest we say, instead:

“Hey, let’s go for a run!”


“I want to discuss the meaning of life with you while we cook / eat a dinner.”

Anything more specific would be an improvement, don’t you think?

 +  2022-01-24 01:35

Legendary #knife maker Mel Pardue died. His work has kept me alive on a number of occasions, drank some of my blood only once, and helped me build the weirdest devices in the most improbable places.

Iconic designs for @BenchmadeKnives. I will remember and cherish. Thank you.

 +  2022-01-23 23:36

Live the Meta… phor.…

 +  2022-01-23 22:20


Sorry to disappoint, but no amount of pseudo-#yoga stretching will help.

And it seems Everything+ keeps getting bigger: our #fat, CO2 emissions, #debt, loneliness, anger, fear and stupidity.

 +  2022-01-23 20:06

Let’s talk about #climateChange. Is it really #climate? Is it really changing? Are you sure? We’ll talk some more. And sign some memoranda of understanding. But wait, we need to really make sure. Let’s get back to this some time next decade. And talk it over again.

 +  2022-01-23 19:01

We #love you. On our terms. 👨🏼‍⚖️👩🏻‍⚖️

 +  2022-01-22 18:15

Do you know how the aviation industry improved to become the safest mode of transportation? Debriefings of incidents and accidents.

Do we debrief our failed #love / #friendship #relationship? No. Do we improve? No.

We get into the same cockpit of a 1970s McDonnell Douglas DC-10 saying “oh, forget about that asshole / bitch” and rev up the engines for the next take-off.

— Oh, but, Anatoly, love, and friendships, and #feelings… not the same.
— Read the transcripts of the surviving pilots having terrible feelings during those #debriefing s. So, no. We deliberately choose to play on repeat.

 +  2022-01-21 19:33

“A thousand powers. Zero #responsibilities. The new BMW X5.” — a window promo sticker of a French @BMW dealer.

This is no longer about reading the room. There is no room and no one learned to #read.

 +  2022-01-20 19:15

2022 is a year of succinct #iPhone #UI screens. #iOS means a lot to us. Clearly. 😶

 +  2022-01-16 12:42

When bored by your present, you’re primed for addiction. Any #addiction. Social media, food, #shopping, tourism, #art galleries and drugs (alcohol, #opioids…)

Environmental enrichment decreases intravenous self-administration of amphetamine in rats:

 +  2022-01-16 12:06

Annoyed by Apple’s quoting, trimming and appending an “Excerpt From” when copying a small passage from an #ePub? Did you know ePubs are a collection of #HTML files? 🤓

Open the folder containing the #books.

If you use iCloud, type `open ~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~apple~iBooks/Documents/` in the

Right-click on the book you want to `Show Package Contents` and then open your chapter.html of interest in a regular web browser to copy-paste…

Or read the passage out loud for you through the `Edit > Speech > Start Speaking`.

Active #reading — copying, editing, commenting, structuring our comprehension of the material — is well-researched to stick in your #brain’s neural nets better than passive reading (listening).

 +  2022-01-15 20:02

A little piece of advice. You get a pair of #running shoes—you do what we do. Don’t think. Run. Run your ass off🏃🏻‍♂️

And when you look back at your yearly cumulative distance — you’ll see the thousands of K. That’s when you’re allowed to think about that spoon

#Matrix 1 was cool.

 +  2022-01-15 16:46

A quick way to spoil your good mood: think about how most humans think about #probability. Or eschew probabilistic thinking altogether for neater, black and white “guarantees”.

Examples: anything from daily meals, #transportation choices, mate selection to #vaccines.

 +  2022-01-15 01:37

An important thread, but, probably, as always, those who understood have already implemented the right strategy… while the others will continue to err, wondering why they fell like shit most of their days.😕

It’s incredible to watch in an era of free access to #knowledge.…

Falling like shit instead of feeling like shit is quite amusing, in a sardonic kinda way, so I kept the typo.

 +  2022-01-12 14:38

चित्त वृत्ति निरोध


 +  2022-01-09 23:50

“It’s better to walk #alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.” — Diane Grant

 +  2022-01-02 16:17

Results from Robert Kegan and William Torbert’s studies of the distribution of levels of mental complexity among #adults.

It’s very, very #lonely at the 5th floor. 😕

 +  2022-01-02 15:05

Even with a gun to their heads, most people (≈90%) will not #change their #habits to survive. And you want your “significant other” to put the dishes in the dishwasher after the meal?

Modifiable lifetime risk for recurrent major #cardiovascular events:…

The major modifiable risk factors for #atherosclerosis – lifestyle, hypertension, #diabetes and cholesterol – collectively account for 80 to 90% of disease burden.

Patients that survived a first ACS (Acute Coronary Syndrome) only 7% met all #lifestyle-related risk targets, whereas 10% met none: 30% persist smoking, 79% was overweight / obese, and 45% reported insufficient physical activity (<150 minutes per week).

 +  2022-01-01 20:37

Static and linear vs dynamic and exponential.

That’s all you need to understand the differences between specific people (atomized) and / or societies (atomic matrices).

How many re-state their New Year’s #Resolutions, year after year, with incremental improvements at best?

Applies to presidential campaigns as well. 😉

 +  2022-01-01 19:32

I suspect only a tiny portion of humanity is able (willing?) to organize (use) #hierarchical systems of #data storage on their computers… A smaller portion of those use version control.

Even the tidiest people IRL generally live in a huge mess of #random files and folders. Why?

I’d guess because the bar is way too high. Systems-thinking, epistemology… plus just plain computer tech savvy.

Too abstract, too wide _and_ deep to grasp, file and maintain?

 +  2022-01-01 17:35

My 2022 starts with insightful #UI from #Apple while trying to use their AirPods Pro…

Sending you cosmic lo… scorn to you, the #dev who messed up firmware 4C165. Can’t connect to any of Apple’s devices without an un-pair / reboot / re-pair each time.

 +  2021-12-29 10:51

“Four Thousand Weeks” by Oliver Burkeman — a very basic rehash of well-known truths like “we are #mortal, life has no #meaning in the grand scheme of the Universe, people don’t care about what you do, so do whatever you want to do, one step at a time, before you die.” 🤦🏻‍♂️


 +  2021-12-26 17:45

Well, that wasn’t as funny nor satirical as I’d expect… rather, extremely realistic and truly sad. A must-watch, unless you prefer to follow the childish advice to just “Don’t Look Up”.


And I’d add that I’d been talking and acting and experimenting to change people around me on the subject for 15+ years… and it’s terrifying to see the reaction of humanity, cemented by our response to #COVID… unfold on screen within 2 hours.

 +  2021-12-26 12:41

A segment of the population always takes great joy in being oppositional, even when opposition makes no rational sense.

But hey: they are necessary for the survival of the group! They are burned by fire, eaten by lions, crashed to death while drunk driving, suffocated by Covid…

They are an example to others of what not to do.

And inspiration material for us filmmakers. 😂

 +  2021-12-25 13:11

Kudos to all involved in the launch of James Webb Telescope… perfect launch, although lacking in live imagery.

However, the “handiwork of God” psalms citation by Bill Nelson of #NASA?! WTF?! 😮

 +  2021-12-25 06:22

Christmas dinner themed: if the people around the table accept you only when you’re lying, maybe it’s time to move over to another table with some other people? 😉

It’s a win-win for: 1) you; 2) the people who prefer sweet #lies; 3) the people who prefer to discuss the #truth.

 +  2021-12-22 09:41

It took me ≈30 years to learn how to #nap for a full, all-phases, 90-mins sleep cycle to reboot my Homo #Consciousness OS

You might laugh: “Such an easy, basic achievement!”

But I wanna say: “With some key skills, persist… cause there’s always plan B of dying while trying.”😬

 +  2021-12-21 22:09

US Navy SEALs have hell week when they test the recruits’ capacity to function #sleep-deprived.

I just had a similar test with a random Amazon guy waking me up from sleep (I have #DSPD) googling me up and asking “What makes a #film a piece of #art?” while handing me a package.🥴

 +  2021-12-20 21:20

Some things can only be lived through to understand. High-G #aerobatics is one of them. Nothing can simulate these very particular sensations.

Fascinating to see a YouTube commenter react in the same way I (or any pilot) do when we see -3G on the meter😵…

 +  2021-12-18 16:46

Next dress-shirt I’m sewing, I’m adding twice the amount of buttons, so I can unbutton between the 2d and 3d top button. 😂

1 undone screams “I’m afraid of silky BDSM”, 2 undone is 2 banal, 3 undone shouts “I’m a slut!”

What do _you_ think?

 +  2021-12-15 23:12

Why #Jesus hated figs, had brothers and never existed. An overview of peer-reviewed #research for those who wrongly refuse to believe in fairies, St-Claus and Flat Dirt™.

For all the others: “Story” by Robert McKee is a book on better #storytelling.…

Followed by some Karl Popper, or, even better, “The Beginning of Infinity” by @DavidDeutschOxf ?

 +  2021-12-13 16:30

I somehow managed to miss this one…

#node #JS

 +  2021-12-11 19:33

Looks like we’re self-perpetuating a loop of unreal #games and #porn… to a point where the #Matrix is more exciting than most people’s real lives. 😮…

The tech part towards the end is particularly impressive… and scary.

 +  2021-12-11 16:08

It seems most of us want:

1. the authority of a man
2. the privilege of a woman
3. the accountability of a child
4. all of the above, for free, now

 +  2021-12-11 10:23

#HomeGym rules.

 +  2021-12-08 13:22

One of the reasons I prefer to compile everything from source. The other being the Swiss part of me that demands total make customization and utmost precision.

Yes, it takes some time and effort.…

 +  2021-12-07 09:32

Can the Shuffle on/off indicator in Apple’s MacOS #UI be made even less obvious? Or removed entirely?

Like the “showing only keyword matches” functionality?

Maybe just revert to #iPod Shuffle?

That was awesome for people like me, with 44 days of 1-hour techno DJ sets and not a single Taylor Swift / Billie Eilish… “song”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

OK, yeah, yet another Swift practice project, I know what you’re gonna say.

 +  2021-12-07 06:42

New! 3D-printed #suicide pods for your home!

The capsule is flooded with nitrogen and quickly reduces the oxygen content from 21% to 1%

You feel slightly disoriented and euphoric before losing consciousness. Death occurs from hypoxia and hypocapnia in under 30 seconds.

 +  2021-12-06 09:18

The patriarchal white privilege.

(Yes, I’m being sarcastic… and curious if you can tell the major contributions of each person in this photograph? 🙃 )

 +  2021-12-05 13:46

With current Homo sapiens, giving people #money unconditionally, “for free” is more effective than most other interventions to improve our well-being / #happiness (up to about 5 000 USD per month)… except in the cases of addiction.

#UBI ?

 +  2021-12-04 23:10

On-point… about all the burnout we get told about while being burnt out.…

 +  2021-12-04 22:12

Of the 7 firearms present, 6 are high rate of automatic fire, 1 is a machine gun. For Christmas. A birthday celebration of Christ.

Who is this American congressman’ family (squad?) planning to shoot?

 +  2021-12-03 18:10

Run away! Put on the weather-appropriate clothing and just run.

#Run your ass off this shit.

 +  2021-12-03 17:09

Wow. I haven’t followed the #French #outdoor gear manufacturers for a while… and it seems there’s no one left. #Eider’ site (and production) are closed with a wish to enjoy your vacations. Millet and Lafuma re-sold to the Korean #K2.

Eider and #Millet made some awesome stuff.😔

 +  2021-12-02 21:32

As an #experiment, I’ve tried machine-washing several #3M Aura #FFP3 masks. On delicate, short cycle. Wrapped with other clothing. Just to clean the sweat marks.

Nope, fail → the neoprene-ish nose pads came unglued.

On all masks. Don’t repeat my mistake. 😕

 +  2021-12-01 17:41

My god. What happened to @patagonia? Did the whole web #design team drown in the surf? 😮

Huge drop-down menus that disappear on rollover, search field that deactivate in #Safari… #UX fail.

Is it a “sell less to protect the planet” initiative pushed to the limit?

 +  2021-12-01 15:01

Tell me, is bottom-posting #style dead? 🤔

In the last couple of months, several supposedly #digital native #zoomer-s have replied to my e-mails with a “why is your message empty?” when all they had to do is scroll down past their quoted initial text.

In case you’re wondering what I’m even talking about:…

 +  2021-11-29 17:58

Has anyone, anywhere, compared @3M Scotch-Brite vs @PFERD_NA PoliClean vs @BoschGlobal N377? Blue vs Black, please? 🤔

Google, YouTube and Amazon reviews do not help. Everyone basically says they all don’t last long enough.

#DIY #metal #welding #manufacturing

And yes, any sponged silica is better for paint and rust removal than wire brush systems. But I already know that. 🤖

 +  2021-11-29 12:02

2019: avoid negative people.
2020: avoid positive people.
2021: avoid all people.

 +  2021-11-27 13:18

Regarding the mounting #anxiety and fear of #death:

— Doctor, what do you think will happen after my death?!
— We’ll change the sheets and place a new patient on your bed.

 +  2021-11-27 09:26

#Instagram is an unlimited #ego inflation machine, seemingly free to use. 

We’ve never had so many self depictions in recorded history, especially of women, waking up, eating, working, partying, going to bed… day in, day out.

 +  2021-11-27 04:44

. @Screendaily : “At what stage do you board projects?”

Deckert Distribution CEO: “We are stepping in less and less early. With the market being so uncertain, we take less risks. That means I will be asking #documentary #filmmakers to come back when they are at rough cut stage.”

— Oh, so reassuring to work with #cinema people who take even less risks than pre-Covid and “team-up” when your #film doesn’t need help anymore and can go straight to Netflix / Amazon instead. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Full interview:…

 +  2021-11-26 10:11

Still, you gotta appreciate the impressive speed at which we’re now able to trace, sequence, compare, comment, alarm, name and bring-to-public-awareness a mutated #virus.

I wish we could push the #mRNA #bioTech to produce a local (city level?) vaccine response as quickly, with in-virtual simulation, without going through all the red tape and global supply chain complexities.

 +  2021-11-26 06:16

Small teams of generalists often outperform large teams of specialists… if they share the same preference for “high-iteration / high-feedback / ship often” process aimed at abstract (never fully achieved) #perfectionism and #minimalism.

 +  2021-11-25 12:42

#ISO 8601 any day… any date.

 +  2021-11-24 08:28

If you want to rotate and keep your original #HEVC .mov file recorded by #iPhone without transcoding

(because #iOS assigned a displaymatrix: rotation #metadata when you held it at an angle, or upside down)

exiftool -rotation=0

A binary download from if you don’t have it already.

 +  2021-11-20 13:36

Overheard a history discussion. The Nazis went through 3 phases.

1) Nazis pre-war
2) Nazis at war
3) Nazis on meth

 +  2021-11-19 19:51

Investments in the #art market, obsolete Windows computers… the same color palettes and… oh, the #women are just, er, no, not objects, they are, erm… well, yes, we knew your current #gender self-ID of the evening, before showing you these #ads, so…

2 unrelated campaigns. 2 languages. 2-minute interval. And we’re still talking about female, what?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh, I know. #WomenInTech™! 😍

 +  2021-11-18 18:37

If we were a more #rational species of animals, we would be:

1) paying #ElonMusk extra government money to accelerate his projects
2) assigning him a 24/7 team of personal trainers, dieticians and doctors with compulsory restraining orders to follow their regimens,

so @elonmusk does not die early (remember that other guy in a black turtleneck?)

Instead of increasing Musk’s stress level and cognitive overload to think about Bernie and #taxes.

But no. Not rational.

And incapable to distinguish between vain and #workaholic billionaires, between guys with yachts and guys sleeping in the factory.

 +  2021-11-18 16:10

I like to imagine a #UI #design team conversation going something like this:

– Let’s make the main scroll bar 4 pixels wide.
– No, make it 2 pixels wide. And light gray.
– Perfect! body::scrollbar-width: 2px for
@DPDgroup_news parcel tracking

#iWillFindYou #CSS

 +  2021-11-17 21:49

Unfuckingbelievable!! #Apple today announced Self Service #Repair, which will allow customers who are comfortable completing their own repairs access to Apple genuine parts and tools.

Available for the #iPhone 12 & 13 and soon to be followed by Mac computers featuring M1 chips, Self Service Repair will be available in January in the US and expand to additional countries throughout 2022.

Is it real?! Any restrictions? We’re talking #REVOLUTION here, people. 😮

Plus, you’ll be able to return the faulty parts for recycling to Apple in exchange for a CREDIT you could use for the next purchase.

Yes, they did so under pressure… which WE put on them (my tiny part is in there). And we’ll need to see the prices, etc.…

 +  2021-11-14 09:51

Maybe if #DavidGraeber was still alive, his next book would’ve been “#Bullshit Lives” … #ideology—driven, pre-fab schemas of 4-bedroom shells, default marriages with kids to the popular destinations, superfluous shopping, trendy woodworking hobbies, color-matched book covers…

…and, in the center of it all, an all consuming VR / XR screen-dependent ways to kill time?

 +  2021-11-13 18:12

I wish we had fine-grained #dislike buttons everywhere.

When a person dislikes a video, the reason might be “it’s too long” or “it’s too short” or “I hate Anatoly’s tone of voice” or “Anatoly skipped a detail I was curious about” or “I hate the color of Anatoly’s t-shirt”…

Or something as informative as “Anatoly’s just some smug arrogant jerk, god I hate those”.

For once, #nonBinary would’ve been #relevant

 +  2021-11-12 13:11

A question to the people who live far from a city and public transport, please: how do you #travel to and back from the airport? Do you pay 250€ for an #Uber? Leave the car in at a long-term airport #parking for 70€ per week? Something else? What about late night arrivals?

It’s one of those “alternate reality lived by other people” questions I had no answers for. 😀

And Google doesn’t help with #advice such as “sell the #car each time you travel for more than a month” and “ask a friend from the nearby village to drive you 100 km one way and then back for a flight leaving at 07:45…” 🤔

 +  2021-11-11 21:42

“All of life is reduced to the common rubble of #banality. And the daily business of life is a #corrupt comedy. We shatter the sensations of #time and space into split seconds and instant replays. Instant replays.” — Network

 +  2021-11-09 09:42

Am I the only one who moves between a MacBook Pro keyboard (with a Fn key) to a #Mac Pro keyboard (without Fn) and screws up the default Show Source Control keybinding in VS @code? Inserting an ˝ character? 🤯

What custom shortcut do you use instead?

#programming #vsCode #Git

 +  2021-11-08 14:22

“Hydrogen comes first, and not the wife and kids.” — #Mendeleev

 +  2021-11-07 23:13

I’m tired of the endless obsession with tools. What camera do you use? #Rust or #Go? Cooke or Panavision? Bosch or Festool? SolidWorks or Fusion360? Oil or acrylic? Premiere of Final Cut X?

I’m approaching 25 years of creative work in many fields, without weekends nor holidays…

And let me tell you — the end users, the people who see your film / photographs / app / furniture / whatever… don’t care.

It’s all very similar, and a good camera or strictly-typed language won’t save your shit if you’re lousy at composition, attention and discipline. Get the basics right, and you won’t care as well.

(oh and yeah, I’ve used all of the above and more… ESAB and Miller and Lincoln and Canon and Fuji and the list goes on)

 +  2021-11-07 00:53

I’ve been #photoshop-ping since… er… 1996. Including some heavy retouching and #photomontage using other photographers’ work. It still amazes me how easily people get fooled by what they see on Instagram / #Tinder / Facebook. 🤦🏻‍♂️

IRL… what a disappointment, eh?

 +  2021-11-06 17:19

Very much on-point about the current #genZ cognitive dissonance. And yeah, some of you will recognize yourselves… but continue, because we all want everything right now and without any consequences. OK #zoomer? 😉…

 +  2021-11-06 16:28

I haven’t had any domains or anything to do with #NetworkSolutions for a decade. Yet, I’m unable to unsubscribe from their e-mails. Because: “Please note, in accordance with our Privacy Policy, we will continue to send you notices and other important information

affecting your account or services in order to fulfill our obligations to you.”

Not even a hint of ‘#unsubscribe’.

Isn’t it amazing how a company with this culture and business approach survives since 1979?

Head to Wikipedia for a huge list of class action #lawsuits, shady #marketing practices, controversies, malware, lay-offs, safety breaches, etc. The epitome of an Evil #Jerk Inc.

And yet, 42 years later, still here, still the 4th largest .com domain name registrar. 😶

 +  2021-11-05 18:41

Has it dismayed you as well to hear the stereotypical “weak #female upper torso” argument of “I need a man to open a jar”? When all you need is a flat screwdriver or equivalent to slightly bend the screw-on lid and breach the air seal?

This is a #curiosity and #IQ problem.

Not a brute #force problem, in my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh, and, by the way, the grip force to generate torque required to open most jars can be trained in human females in 4-8 months. YouTube female #climbers and #crossFit athletes for concrete examples. 🙄

 +  2021-11-03 15:07

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve washed in the machine together with your clothes? I’ve just rinsed a collection of @WAGOCorporation connectors with my @SnickersWw_UK Workwear. 🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-11-02 13:12

The best life and #career changing #advice I’ve received came to me unsolicited and abrasive. Smart, experienced, talented people telling me I suck at something, and why I suck so much at it.

The past decade has silenced most of this kind of feedback.

Including for those who might really use it and improve. It’s become culturally unacceptable to give advice before first being asked.

And then we wonder why there’s so much touchy-feely irresponsible #mediocrity around us… 🙄

 +  2021-11-01 12:29

Can I use #Halloween / la #Toussaint for ranting purposes? Sure… here’s an illustration of how most of us love the #illusion, instead of the real.

Speaking as a #documentary film director with some experience. 😉

 +  2021-10-27 19:14

#MacOS has turned into a collection of #paranoid, #Apple-signed #SQLite databases amassing 32 hexadecimal (base-16) UIDs run by “we’ll try to sync and mirror to our cloud server in the USA” daemons.

Do you remember the days of real, human-readable data files and non-binary #XMLs? When you could change a .plist without killing the cfprefsd ? 😔

But I realize that most #Mac users don’t care and don’t even understand what I’d just written.

 +  2021-10-25 15:57

You can choose to either be happy or be ignorant… about #drugs in particular and #reality in general.

What’s your choice?…

 +  2021-10-24 23:20

ISO 8601 all the way for me, please YYYY-MM-DD. The Chinese had it since the Eons Dynasty™.…

 +  2021-10-24 23:14

“The greatest danger to our future is apathy.” ― Jane Goodall

I’m sad to admit I know too many humans stilled by #apathy… comfortably #numb and over-fed. 😕

 +  2021-10-23 10:28

Wait, since when does #Apple encrypt my music #SQLite library with a password I don’t have?! 🤯


( I’ve since read the docs describing how I could build a signed code app to read my own music metadata via the Apple’s API … but come on, it’s like I’d need to code an app with a digital certificate to access my own photography work since 1997🤦🏻‍♂️ )

 +  2021-10-22 10:28

Some things get smaller while other things get bigger… and it’s important to pick the right thing to grow or shrink. 🙄

 +  2021-10-21 16:02

Imagine, you’ve never used #Solaris, #NeXTSTEP or #BeOS

It’s like you’ve never seen the Parthenon, or read Bhagavad Gita.

Then you see a nsurlsessiond process and wonder why it’s named that way. Oh, and a ton of other questions.

Or not. You remain unlit.

 +  2021-10-19 00:08

I have to admit that Tim Cook standing outside in the tall grass, with the right amount of reflector light and ambient sound… is refreshing and soothing.

Still, thanks YouTube for the ×2 playback speed option.

Oh, and I’m thinking about music historians comparing #SteveJobs’ selection of tracks with Tim Cooks and shaking their heads. No, I’m not a #boomer, and I’m not OK. 🙄

 +  2021-10-17 19:37

A worldview in which your actions bear no consequences… is a comfy #illusion until we actually want to make a dent in the universe that is part of a chiseled sculpture loved by others, not someone’s grief for a mechanic to mend back into shape.

Till then, we’re limited to buying and #consuming stuff made by others.

 +  2021-10-16 22:12

In such moments, being a web #designer and a #film director, I imagine a story of some team, somewhere at #Amazon, pouring billions of dollars, months of hard work, thousands of lines of code… to invent such a “Greetings and welcome back, our cherished client!” #UX interface.

 +  2021-10-15 20:29

This just does not stop. Diane WEYERMANN died from #cancer. 😞

My list of “Status - Dead” is already huge and full of pain.

 +  2021-10-10 13:25

If you can’t #program / construct / #fabricate / #build it — you haven’t understood it.

(expanding on David Deutsch’ #computation ideas a little here)

 +  2021-10-08 16:33

I’ve always wanted to know… who the fuck selects “Disable scrolling pages” for their PDFs as the default view in #Adobe #Acrobat? I mean, is there a secret reason for that?! 🤯

Yes, as a user and as a #designer, I’m pissed.

 +  2021-10-07 20:23

Don’t push me cause I’m close to the

 +  2021-10-07 15:56

Wait, @Apple now advertises “Apple Music Free for 6 Months” in the #iOS Settings app? 😮

I do understand that 10 years after Steve’s death, stuff like that… it’s what Apple has become. But is this even legal?

 +  2021-10-07 07:56

Are you one of those people who, in 1997–2000 believed “The #Internet is for yuppies and will never amount to much”? Tell me, how do you feel now in 2021? 🙄

I remember in #business school, in a class of 20, only 2 of us thought the Internet was a big deal with huge implications

Global pandemics were equally discounted… until 2020.

I wonder what technology or trend you call “a fad / a baseless theory that will go away” today?

 +  2021-10-04 08:29

On this day in 2002 eBay acquired PayPal.

PayPal founders / early staff went on to launch:

• Airbnb
• Eventbrite
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Lyft
• Palantir
• Pinterest
• Quora
• Reddit
• SpaceX
• Square
• Tesla
• Tumblr
• Twilio
• Uber
• Yelp
• YouTube
• Zynga

Their commonality? Solving hard, “impossible” #problems — bypassing a stale and powerful payments’ industry with PayPal — a principle applied to most of the other #startups listed above.

The moral of history? Go for the #impossible projects. Life’s too short for easy shit. 😉

 +  2021-10-04 01:24

First, a nightmare of my #A380 flight to #LAX leaving from Singapore without us because we got lost in the duty-free shopping area with my GF… after boarding and deboarding the aircraft. What could be weirder, knowing that none fly the route,

and we wouldn’t have been permitted out of the gate… and there would be PA messages. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Second, a long talk with #SteveJobs and @andreypushkarev about urbanism and which city leads as best for creatives today and how we shot #photography stills in Moscow, which Jobs kinda didn’t know well. 🤔

All very unlikely.

 +  2021-10-02 20:53

Ahh… waking up on the bluish white of a new pillow case. With an even fresher stain of red in the middle. The #karma of #mosquito auto-kill mode. 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄

 +  2021-09-30 16:58

Not much is required to make a #UI #designer go mad. Daily. Hourly.

#Apple #Fail #iOS15

 +  2021-09-29 17:10

Maybe we should give money to those who just want money, and #money only?

That would eliminate billions of doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians… even filmmakers. Who don’t care about our #health, #education, #justice, #democracy or beauty.

Just let them have the bank accounts with virtual zeros and let the other people do the real, soluble, creative stuff.

 +  2021-09-25 11:19

Yes, #C++ is hard and messy but have you tried #AppleScript? 🤯

Like, “Expected end of line, but found identifier” errors?

 +  2021-09-22 11:09

Building something “new” because you’re programmed to do so — making #babies — is not the same as writing new #program`s (blueprints, scripts, models) to #build something new — understand, explain and create.

And yet, so many of us claim to be 9-month #creators? 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-09-21 07:40

What if you knew that fixing bad #problems creates better problems? More fun problems? Increasingly #creative problems?

Would you rather spend your #life avoiding problems or fixing problems?

 +  2021-09-17 15:11

“Testing leads to failure, and #failure leads to understanding.” — Burt Rutan

 +  2021-09-12 15:51

#Lada. #Perfect from the beginning.

 +  2021-09-10 15:45

Pro-life. Pro-democracy-if-you-have-a-bigger-#gun.

Probably, in most democracies, those people would get urgent #psychiatric care and interned for life? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Doesn’t it remind you of the pictures from #Afghanistan?

 +  2021-09-09 21:23

Our #teeth are crowded, crooked a cratered… because we’ve been eating industrially processed #food. Stuff that’s never been designed for the mechanics and chemistry of our slowly-evolved mouths.

I guess the pain-free solution is to re-design our food?🤔…

 +  2021-09-04 11:19

Don’t you just love the resourceful Germans?

Make your home fit! And healthy. And systematically. And in Spring, when Spring begins.

#уволитьВсех #FitnessGoals

 +  2021-09-04 10:47

Y’all asking “why would I like an #eternal life”?

To study what happened in a company with an annual revenue of 17 billion EUR, the process to imagine such a #UX. The cutie tiny truck saying “approaching” and… well… nothing else. For days.

Isn’t it fascinating?

2021. We’ve got hundreds of open-source #JS frameworks, #CSS frameworks, Electron, native apps’ APIs, a shit-ton of easy-to-use technologies and languages, OOP, FP, serverless, heck, even Cobol and #C

A team of 5 designers & #devs could cook up a snazzy #UI in 2 weeks without breaking a sweat.

But no. Even when @Kuehne_Nagel, founded in 1890, has billions of euros.

Why? What’s going on in those humans’ brains?

 +  2021-09-03 17:30

I continue to be amazed by the billions of humans who love the sound of #crying #babies and small #children. Daily doses of adorable high pitch, high decibel minimalism of deep meaning.

But then, they also listen to lossy 128 kbps #autoTune’d pop “songs”, so… 🤷🏻‍♂️

Yeah, I must be the problem. Why do I hear sound difference in 5-ish cents?

Just be simpler? Drink vodka?

 +  2021-09-03 11:17

The #modernist society cares about solutions. The #postmodernist society cares about appearances.

Do we care about the taste or the looks of an Instagrammable café? The artistic content or the carpet color of a film festival? The press conference or the number of deaths?

 +  2021-09-02 15:57

Today, I’ve mentioned the number of years I’d been coding professionally… TWICE.

I’m having an extra awful day with human debilism.

 +  2021-09-02 15:50

– This is @DPD_Fr courier services, how can I help you?
– I’ve just received a notification about a parcel delivery planned for tomorrow… and your #IT systems have deleted half of our address. Let me spell it out for you, so your last-mile delivery person can do their job.

– Oh, I can’t, because it’s not yet at the #DPD Paris Agency.
– Sorry, what?
– The parcel is at a DPD Regional Center. Only when the parcel will be marked as “DPD Paris Agency — out to delivery”, will we have access to the data about your #parcel.

– But that will be tomorrow. And your drivers don’t carry digital terminals. Only printouts on A4 paper. So you won’t update the info over #3G.
– Yes, that is correct.

– So if we don’t change the A4 paper printout Thursday evening, the driver will not be able to deliver the parcel tomorrow Friday?
– Yes, that is correct. Call us tomorrow, so we can add the missing address information.
– [ silence ]

And now, the question. What do you do in such cases?

You’re, among other things, a #programmer with 22+ years of writing #code. You’ve studied #logistics in business school. You’ve built companies, managed film crews… Computers don’t seem like some obscure black boxes.

Do you scream at the call-center person who’s somewhere in Tunisia and barely knows the #Louvre is a museum in #Paris?

What do you do? Do you just watch tracking information update to “missing address, second attempt scheduled for Monday”.

How do you live with daily, hourly #fails by #apathy-striken people?

What kind of processes do you have in your life to try to convince someone that 197 cm is not the same as 199 cm?

Yes, that’s a conversation I’m having with a customer relations #employee… 🤯

 +  2021-09-02 08:20

Can someone please explain to me why websites disable left click (text selections) and right click (everything)?

Despite my boundless film director’s imagination and 22+ years of pro experience (#dev + #UX #design)… I can’t image WHY WOULD YOU HURT A USER thusly? 😡💣

 +  2021-08-28 06:17

“Creativity, the biggest determiner of #successful #executives, is killed in the #junior ranks. Maintenance of predetermined procedures is emphasized. This is how you end up with managers and not leaders.

You have a senior leadership that knows all the paperwork but cannot understand a problem and how to solve it.”

#Risk and #creativity. Again

I’m seeing how the mediocre teachers all over the planet install fear and disbelief in our kids’ capacity to create, very early in school

And so, we get excellent line #producers in #cinema (instead of executive risk-takers), excellent mid-level programmers in #IT (instead of non-conforming inventors), great shop-floor managers in #Amazon warehouses (instead of big-picture leaders)…

All gradually replaced by instructions-following #automation. 😕

Now, if you think even larger and recall that the #scientific method requires an ability to invent a good explanation of a phenomenon (versus the “read from Mother #Nature’s Book” for an induction from experience),

you get… people who make robots vs anti-vaxxers and flat-Earthers.

Same patterns on all levels.

 +  2021-08-28 04:33

Wait, did Twitter change the color of the “heart” icon to a pinkier, fuscia variant of the color red? 😮

 +  2021-08-24 01:41

A #helmet has always been a good idea.…

 +  2021-08-21 17:10

How’s your weekend going? Mine is spent “relaxing” with an exciting 3+ year cash flow brain-wreck… combined with #IFRS vs #GAAP subtleties.

I know I’ve already said it, but I’ll repeat: my most favorite creative tools are some variant of spreadsheet software and VS @code.

No, all these wishes of “bon weekend” did me no good yesterday, sorry to disappoint, y’all. 😕

 +  2021-08-20 20:15

You: “What will people #think of me if I buy the wrong t-shirt?”
Ton 618:

 +  2021-08-17 10:38

Wow. Such a good example of bad #advertising #targeting algos of @TwitterBusiness … what do I have to do with the travel industry?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-08-17 07:16

Yay! Some good news! @moderna_tx re-uses #mRNA technology to start phase 1 human trials of #HIV vaccine later this year. 🤩…

 +  2021-08-16 14:23

I just can’t get used to watching desperate people fall off buildings and cargo airplanes… Can you?

It’s as if 20 years didn’t happen. So static. 😞

 +  2021-08-15 07:23

Who doesn’t like the elegant succinctness of #Excel #error messages?

“This selection is not valid.

There are several possible reasons:

• Select a paste area that will not conflict with the original copy area and paste again.

• If you are using the Create from Selection command, the row or column containing the proposed names will not be included in the definitions of the names.
• If the names you are creating are listed in a row or column, you must select more than one row or column.

• If you clicked the Data Table command, you must select a single rectangle that is more than one row high and more than one column wide.”

[ OK ]

While, in reality, it’s a “drag and drop while scrolling up through the sheet out of bounds” #UI #bug. 🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-08-15 05:45

I think the Americans are just the wrong team to send into a mountainous country without much natural resources with a task to “install a peaceful #democracy”.

We should have either sent the #Swiss… 🤪

Or, the task should have been changed to “create a profitable opium-derivatives industry”. #Monetization is where the Americans always shine. 😂

 +  2021-08-13 10:09

#EU’s upcoming #sanctions against the Taliban will focus primarily on the export restriction of “Annette” by Leos Carax to Afghan cinemas… as we (Europeans) tend to solve all our problems using our globally-admired #cinema, like closing the theaters first in the pandemic.

A formidable pressure against the Strong Sage Fighters™ following the precepts of the Best True Book for Medieval Men™… no doubt.

 +  2021-08-11 18:48

+39 °C in Sicily, Italy.

But hey, what matters is whether we’re responsible, right? 🤷🏻‍♂️

If we’re not responsible, it’s OK. Because we feel colder when we know it’s not our fault. Same reason ostriches bury their heads in the sand to cool off. 🐤

 +  2021-08-09 19:41

1978 — 2021 and ongoing… static vs dynamic societies.

 +  2021-08-09 13:48

Until most women relinquish their #mating preference for high-status, high-power, high-income men, any calls to “end #patriarchy” will remain a baseless, delusional wish in the same category as the demands for perpetual motion machines and wants to have the cake and eat it too.

And good luck changing 4 billion women without some hardcore #DNA reengineering… 😂

 +  2021-08-07 11:02

Gorgeous, no margin for error #glider #landing in Italy.…

 +  2021-08-07 06:53

Our Universe is a sea of #information. Until you understand the importance of quality, quantity and relevancy of information, you won’t be able to swim to your destination.

Without the relevant knowledge, the Universe will fuck you up… and you won’t know why. 😋

 +  2021-08-06 05:17

I came across a #PR stunt —… — that illustrates a point I firmly believe. We, #humans, have a physical body problem. And it’s not a postmodern “#obese body positivity” problem.

It’s a “people are either over-clothed (men), or under-dressed (women)” problem

We don’t see each other ‘au naturel’. Men are afraid to wear Speedos. A shirtless woman is frowned upon outside #advertising and red carpet #film events… which are the worst offenders / social norm benders.

We hide our flabby, frail bodies in €200 #designer tops and high-rise “auto-slimming / stealth #cellulite” jeans.

In developed countries — the quality of life everyone on this planet aspires to, even in Islam cultures, although secretly 😋, so everywhere, really, at some point

— most of us are twisted and #unhealthy about skin color, body #fat percentage and muscle mass.

We can’t and should not change our skin color (yeah, thinking of you, Michael… and of you, “make me whiter than white” East Asians 🙄).

But there is — objectively — an optimum for #bodyComposition. The ratio of bone to fat to #muscle, which contributes to a longer pain-free period of your life. It’s no fun to drag through half of your life on a walker to support your busted joints and depend on #insulin injection

for your type 2 diabetes.

And yes, optimal body composition is different for males and females. And it is very well researched, and very consensual. Google Scholar Is Your Friend.™

We’re #visual creatures, so, in my opinion, we should wear less. All of us. Not just women.

I want to see handsome men in great shape in my local supermarket. Not exclusively in the #Parisian Marais gyms. And, surprise, women do want to see healthy, strong men as well. But they are too shied out by our society to admit it even to themselves.

Also, barefoot is great for your overpronated / supinated feet. How #masochistic should you be to squeeze 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments into those Little Shoes with Heels™?

Yes, including dress #shoes for men. Have you ever tried searching for a flat, barefoot-like dress shoe? No? Go ahead, I’ll wait. And I’m not talking about the obviously painful high heels for women, especially those with super narrow toe-boxes. 🙄

But wait, what do you say? High heels is #sexy? Sure. You know what else is sexy? #Smoking. And red wine. And a long list of behavior optimized for a fun, but very, very short, pain-free life.

You may know I practice what I preach, on #Zoom calls and film sets. No, I’m not all naked, because… #balls. 🙃 But I wear my Patagucci shorts, and that’s it.

Really, let’s get over it. Look at your cat. Look at your dog. Look at the #yogis of 5000 years… not much clothing on them, eh?

Let’s get used to seeing the real #humans. And not the fabrics. Let’s take care of ourselves. And wear less. And, also, global warming. 😉

 +  2021-08-05 09:38

Duh… of course they’re #French. Who else would make such a basic “faux ami” mistake on their website’s front page? 🤦🏻‍♂️

“Société” in French is “company” in English.

Centaure. A company with a yearly turnover of  77 000 000 €… #language #fail.

 +  2021-08-04 09:21

A 20-something girl in the AirBnB underneath my #Paris flat first smokes a fat-ass #joint, then spends 2 HOURS showering, conditioning and prepping her hair, followed by perfume ablutions on #High Couture™.

Those of you who, like me, have an ultra-#sensitive sense of… ahem…everything, including odors, imagine the #smell assault! 🤯

 +  2021-08-04 01:47

How to scale yourself: instead of answering questions one-on-one, upgrade to writing wiki-style documentation.

Bonus: you’ll filter the “I wanted to chat because I like you” people and the “I’m too lazy to open a web page” people and “I don’t know how to use an iPhone” people.🙄

OK, maybe if you’re into #hookups, I’m giving bad advice. 😂

( an expanded version of Sahil Lavingia / @shl #productivity tweet )

 +  2021-08-02 17:13

Good but puzzling news… @BoschGlobal is finally re-introducing a wireless #nailer, a 32 mm to 64 mm nails’ GNH 18V-64 M, 5+ years after retiring their GSK 18 V-LI. No press release, no nothing I’m aware of. 🤷🏻‍♂️

So I really wonder about their bolt mechanism and how it compares to the @hikokieurope we all love? Gasless or not? Brushless is the only info I could find, but that’s kinda obvious in 2021.

Also, other #nail #carpentry sizes? 🤔

 +  2021-08-02 07:45

#Vaccines at a party.…

 +  2021-08-01 15:54

Are you a #maker or a taker?

( sorry, but “making” #kids who’ll continue the taking doesn’t count 😋 )

 +  2021-07-27 21:50

– What’s wrong?
– Nothing.

 +  2021-07-27 20:12

What’s great about #postmodernist #relativism? Well, your physical and psychological #suffering and #death are not that bad. Those must be some theoretical social constructs, after all.

So cheer up! Everything is relative. It might be good. Who knows? No one. There is no #truth.

Also, any #debt you haven’t paid out in full? Maybe, #money is not real. Maybe, you are not real either. Maybe, my post that you’re reading is not real.

Maybe, it’s yellow. Or soft. Maybe I’m great and a rectangle with 30° angles. Why not? Nothing is #objective.

Also, #respect me. And give me likes. Because.

 +  2021-07-27 01:20

Self-#acceptance vs self-change? Your past vs your future?

Please watch this 10-minute video by an addiction #psychiatrist and never, EVER ask me to accept you without any changes later on. 🙂

Let’s get better.…

 +  2021-07-26 18:36

🤔 @OralB dental floss:

• #Amazon Marketplace — 1.60 €
• @CarrefourGroup supermarket — 2.78 €
• pharmacy — 6.90 €

Support your local business’ markup?

 +  2021-07-26 12:22

Trans / Queer+ #Identity Quests™, #Gender Wars™ and other popular sex mechanics extend our #culture of perpetual dissatisfaction beyond the shopping for stuff you don’t need.

A consumer culture that now includes our bodies to the list of obstacles to True #Happiness™.

 +  2021-07-23 12:16

Wow. Shipping anything to the #UK has become such a hassle, even with @UPS, that I’m going to invoice additional processing time, plus increase the minimum transaction amount limit.

Something that was trivial before #Brexit now takes a week+ of work / processing / tracking.

Life is too short and too expensive for that, especially in the #creative industry, where we have more exciting stuff to do. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Hope you guys are happy out there on your #island all by yourself. 😕

 +  2021-07-22 10:48

Oh great, Variety now profusely apologizes for questioning #film #casting choices? The #press and critics licking up the ass… what’s next?

We’re in intellectual discussion free-fall and there’s no deck in sight.…

 +  2021-07-22 10:09

There’s a reason we order stuff from #Amazon, despite all the abusive treatment of their employees and stifling of competition.

I’ve just tried ordering a pair of #running shoes from @iRunFr . They’re now asking me to #FAX THEM MY ID AND ELECTRICITY BILL ! WTF?! 😖

 +  2021-07-21 15:11

– When I was young, all I thought about was #art and music.
– Now I’m 36, and all I think about is #money.

 +  2021-07-19 11:56

“Yay! Freedom to the people of the UK! It’s just a flu! Long live the Queen, long live the Long #Covid19UK !”

Wait, what? 😮

 +  2021-07-19 10:42

(Re)thinking your #developer #hiring interview / filtering process? Want a suggestion?

Ask how the candidate implements #UI error messaging. If it’s a “show `! Error 9001, correct additional entry` in RED text” … skip to the next applicant. 😖

(real example from the @UPS site)

Jeez. What were you guys thinking? How about testing? Or just an if statement that increments date-time_latest automatically?


The UPS On Call Collection service is temporarily unavailable. (Your On-Call Collection session has ended because no information has been entered for thirty minutes. Please try again. (9001))

Image I wasn’t a web #dev w 25+ yrs of experience who knew nothing about sessions?

 +  2021-07-19 08:34

Your #brain. If you feed it shit, it turns to shit.

In subtler words: the era of low information #music is upon us. And it contributes to the decline of your musical aptitude. And musical aptitude, well, that your thinking aptitude.…

So wear active noise-cancelling hearing protection in public spaces if you care about your brain!

Even Apple’s Airpods Pro are good enough.

 +  2021-07-18 07:52

. @SoundCloud #UI team has a problem with English?

“Artists you SHOULD follow” is #rude. Equivalent to MUST.

Same as SoundCloud’s pseudo “pause” button that does not stop the sound and instead opens a “select next track while we continue playing the current one”? 😖

This is a company that wants my money. Monthly.

 +  2021-07-17 15:25

Adults who say: “It’s normal for children to cry most of the time… what do you want? They’re #kids. They #cry. It’s what they do”.

I guess those are the same #adults who later say “It’normal for women to cry and for men to commit #suicide. It’s what they do?” 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-07-13 22:46

Uhmm… is there a way to disable the Messages fly-out menu on the bottom in #Twitter #UI for desktop? 🤔

Yes, I Googled. Yes, I clicked-through the settings… nothing. 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-07-13 18:05

A fully functioning #Glock 19 handgun was customized by Culper Precision to model the appearance of #Lego building blocks.

The gun’s safety is released when pulling the trigger. Shooting someone is child’s play… for our kids to enjoy.

 +  2021-07-13 04:36

Do you speak #Corporate ? 🤖…

 +  2021-07-08 12:48

The URL field in Safari on iOS finally moves to the bottom of the screen, where your thumb can reach it!…

 +  2021-07-07 17:40

1,5 years into the pandemic… have you become The #Remote Master?

 +  2021-07-07 17:33

Top 3 responses to any statement in a #conversation, such as “the sky is blue”:

– Yeah, but look who’s talking. You…
– It’s not my fault, and I am not going to justify my actions.
– I’ve read on Twitter about #JavaScript, let me tell you about…

(ad hominem, guilt-seeking vs responsibility, non sequitur)

 +  2021-07-07 17:09

An #exclusive website you MUST visit. Why? Because, you’re so exclusive!

 +  2021-07-06 20:10

Art is about the conscious disagreement with the way the universe works. 🎨

If you love everything and everyone unconditionally… if you feel content and at peace… or, cynically, agree (collaborate) with reality for personal gain… you can’t (and don’t want to) make #art.

 +  2021-07-06 17:36

Jeez, people, it’s just a #carpet. And it’s red. 🤦🏻‍♂️

What do we call this #obsession with interior design items at the expense of everything else?

And no, don’t tell me I’m jealous, cause… been there, done that. 🙄

 +  2021-07-05 16:44

#Instagram Insights is so special, they have Sunday between Monday and Tuesday.

How could this slip through #QA? Just basic “days of the week” algo?!

#code #fail

 +  2021-07-05 13:52

A few of you have asked me about proper #hydration during physical #training / yoga. Let me post my first recommendation here.

 +  2021-07-04 22:20

“Men and women go to the #gym in search of the perfect female body.” 😂

 +  2021-07-04 20:22

‘The Anglo-Saxon #UFO Bias’ is just one of the many delusions affecting the frail, “best effort”, non-deterministic #human #mind running of water, oxygen and glucose.

 +  2021-07-04 20:04

“The function of #freedom is to free someone else.” — Toni Morrison

 +  2021-07-04 18:58

Globe-symmetrical gas explosions? Nice! 😍

What’s next?

 +  2021-07-04 18:49

What the hell is going on with @Twitter? I get “Suggested topic” every other 4th tweet… and completely irrelevant stuff like e-Sports and Celebrities. 🤯

Shit. Twitter was kinda the last social network I could kinda read from time to time.

My feed has become unreadable.

 +  2021-07-03 09:45

Ever heard of #karma #yoga? The yoga of a job well done?

Not out of fear. Not for money. Not for fame. Just for the sake and awareness of a task being well done.

Example? 2 persons #shipping deliveries to the same address:…

 +  2021-07-02 15:18

So, you summarize Twitter posts from Elon Musk and others… and call it #journalism?

Yeah, I know… most pros have left the building a while ago. 👋🏻

Gotta pay the bills.

 +  2021-07-02 14:59

“When engagement is your only metric [as it is for Facebook], you’re going to end up re-inventing #addiction” — Keith Adams / @keithmadams (ex-Facebook)

 +  2021-07-02 12:59

15% of American men and 10% of women have ZERO close friends in 2021, according to a Gallup survey.

#social #isolation

 +  2021-07-02 05:24

Americans rate #Amazon as their second most favorite organization… right after the US Military, which is the highest-rated institution in the country.

Also, #Russia.🤦🏻‍♂️

(the results are consistent with previous surveys by Georgetown University and NYU… The Verge Tech Survey…)

 +  2021-07-01 15:12

No one really understands what’s going on with US theatrical #film releases and their future. 🤷🏻‍♂️

This sucks, because all my usual financiers and co-producers remain in the “wait and see” mode… and it’s been a while now since we postponed our slate.…

Except for IP and technology dev, which continue for us through the pandemic, although we’d lost talented people to Covid. 😕

 +  2021-07-01 15:00

. @polyworkhq is cool with killer illustrations and all… but… damn… yet another site to fill with the same data?

I really wish we had a standard #JSON / #XML format for résumés and portfolios. 😔

 +  2021-07-01 12:55

Are you a “true || false” or a “right || wrong” person? 😋

 +  2021-06-30 06:15

The 2 main differences between people are:

1) the level of #abstraction in their thinking (g-loaded)
2) the #epistemology (including logic) used (or lack thereof)

So one person will think “a virus does not exist because I can’t see it and a #vaccine is the same drug as paracetamol which causes death because an old lady in my building overdosed on it”.

While the other person is thinking in terms of exponents, probabilities, #falsifiability and trust in pre-existing peer-reviewed, tested knowledge / data generated by others.

 +  2021-06-30 03:05

A good definition of #success is when the problems in your life are the problems you are happy to have and to solve… and the problems keep coming… and you die trying to solve them all. 🙂

( an extension of @IAmMarkManson’s tweet )

 +  2021-06-29 04:44

Impressive but scary visualization of #radiation from a piece of Uranium (mainly alpha particles / rays)…

 +  2021-06-28 04:56

Concepts I wished I had been taught differently 25 years ago:

• #math.ematical matrices
—> explained instead as an array data type and operations on it through #programming (computer science) paradigms 🤷🏻‍♂️

I was using arrays in Pascal/JavaScript with relative ease, not knowing!

 +  2021-06-26 17:20

If you’re 30 today, and you live in a developed world, you have about 18 000 days left to #live… I hope you are enjoying the result of your choice of how to spend one of those few days. 😐

 +  2021-06-26 03:19

Most #disasters are man-made.

One of the endless wars and “armed conflicts”. Chernobyl. 2008 financial collapse. Covid-19 pandemic. #ClimateChange. And, yes, even your failed #relationships or persistent high blood pressure. 😕

Doesn’t it seem to you that we humans LOVE creating problems out of nowhere and then attempt to solve them with great pain and effort? Is that the #meaning of our lives we hate and fear to admit? 🤔

 +  2021-06-25 14:54

#Vaccination impact on LA, which includes most film studios, rentals, production offices… between December and June:

• new cases: 99.6% in unvaccinated
• hospitalizations: 98.7% in unvaccinated
• deaths: 99.8% in unvaccinated…

 +  2021-06-25 03:03

Mind-boggling talk by @karpathy of @Tesla about how they build the #autopilot:

• pure camera vision (without LIDAR) generates petabytes of video from a fleet of cars

• a supercomputer (5th fastest in the world) combined with human labelers trains a neural network

• which then “cooks” a compact instruction set uploaded over 4G to run on a custom SOC drive controller in each car (in real mode for 10 years or shadow mode for 1 000 years of driving)

• re-feeds results back into the production loop… for millions of kilometers.

Also, unit tests, simulations, #code modularity… an amazingly open sharing of info! 😮…

 +  2021-06-24 20:25

Vanity Fair publishes entire articles about how “Jennifer Aniston confessed that she’s learning to embrace the bread basket as she gets older”… How fucked up is this? I mean, really?! 😮

 +  2021-06-23 21:51

So… as you might have noticed, we, the #creative types, have this tendency to… become really unhinged and kill ourselves. For good reasons. Bad reasons. Hard-to-understand-for-normal-people reasons. 😕


And it happens really fast. If you’re around us, the creative unhinged types, you have 5 minutes to talk us out of a #suicide.

An American #psychiatrist @HealthyGamerGG on YouTube does an amazing job of explaining what are the risk factors and what to watch for. Adopt the process, and maybe you’ll save someone whose #art work (and life) you’d like to see continue.…

 +  2021-06-23 16:32

Ursula von der Leyen looks and gestures very much like my mother… therefore I have these… err… a bit awkward feelings watching her press conferences

Like my mom announcing to me that she will not compromise on the Hungarian LGBT bill. But using a slightly different language🤣

 +  2021-06-23 15:44

Good news for non-native #English speakers! Shitty English becomes normer each day, making it more easier to write even at famous journals!

 +  2021-06-23 13:37

Maybe ad hominem is so popular because most humans’ thinking is #social and anthropomorphic?

We value the “who says so” more than the “what is it about”?

 +  2021-06-23 11:31

When parents refuse to go through #therapy (or any other method to solve their psychological problems), their #children will. Generally, at a greater cost.

 +  2021-06-22 22:44

The LAND surface temperature +35°C across Siberia on June 21. +48°C in Verkhojansk, 43°C in Govorovo, +37°C in Saskylah (highest value since 1936)

But hey, #permafrost releasing even more CO2 is fine? Don’t you all love it when life is full of exciting #climateChange extremes?😍

( Yes, I have deliberately simplified #permafrost melt and ensuing carbon release… it’s not technically just #CO2, but something more understandable, I hope, in principle.

Have a read on Wikipedia for more complete explanation:… )

 +  2021-06-22 13:33

I’ve been trying to explain #async #work and play, communication and #collaboration, for years now… to people who are very sync-everything. 

They call in a 5+ people Zoom #meeting to listen to nothing being said. They “rest” (get drunk) together on weekends.

They go on vacation with everyone in August to the same crowded destinations…

I’ll be honest. That includes my parents and some of my friends, and I haven’t been convincing enough.

What if someone else tried to explain it to you? Would THAT work better?

 +  2021-06-22 11:31

I got my second shot of @pfizer @BioNTech_Group. Superfast and efficient French @gouvernementFR team. They’ve improved since my first shot. Although still a lot of physical paper involved.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in the hard #science work on #vaccine since the 1990s! 🤗

#mRNA tech is amazing, I’m looking forward to a #malaria vaccine to pass human trials for one of my upcoming cinema projects.

Should you #vaccinate? Yes. Even with an older-tech vaccine.

 +  2021-06-21 17:47

#Agent Johnson: You are no longer necessary.

By 2025, #Airbus wants to certify the A350 for single-#pilot operations while the aircraft is in cruise during ultra-long flights.

 +  2021-06-20 12:51

There’s a ton of delusion out there, and one of them is #UnconditionalLove.

“I’ll love you unconditionally… until — insert conditions:

• you start beating me
• get depressed after losing your job / business / parents
• forget about sex after reading Das Kapital

No, really“

 +  2021-06-20 11:06

It’s not the liars you need to worry about, it’s the people who want to be lied to.

 +  2021-06-20 10:57

Why worry about climate change, viral epidemic perfectly tailored for our egotistical behavior… or even variable naming when you can read inspiring tweets by a “Latina BPD Autistic Transfem Girlflux Bi Lesbian Post-Anarchist and Professional Hermetic Astrologer”?

#Peace #Smart

 +  2021-06-19 16:19

Do you know that most people don’t know what their kill-#dose is? Could you inject someone with #Naloxone in emergency? No? To both questions? Why?

 +  2021-06-18 17:17

By Hong Jinshi.

 +  2021-06-17 10:42

Some of you may know me as the #banana-eating monkey-man.

Well, here’s some additional proof that bananas make you super strong. Even #lava can’t beat a good banana.

Wanna live? Wanna survive the heat? Go bananas!!…

 +  2021-06-17 06:34

Uhm… so… I’m 41 and only now realized “adjective” has an “ad-” prefix which is almost the same as “при-” in “прилагательное” in #Russian, meaning, an addition to something, an attribute of something.

I’ve always struggled with this particular term in #English, but never in Russian, because my first lessons about the structure of natural languages were in Russian.

What a difference just 3-4 years of starting to learn something from scratch make, eh? 😮

 +  2021-06-16 02:47

Socioeconomic development — #wealth generation / distribution, democratic institutions, gender equality, incentives towards #creativity, artistic and scientific discovery — are linked with a broad syndrome of distinctive value orientations.

A model by Inglehart and Welzel asserts 2 dimensions of cross-cultural variation in the world:

1) Traditional values versus Secular-rational values
2) Survival values versus Self-expression values

 +  2021-06-15 10:20

Atmospheric CO2 measured by @NOAA in Mauna Loa peaked for 2021 in May at a monthly average of 419 ppm, the highest level since accurate measurements began 63 years ago.

Yay! I’m sure we can increase that even more, faster. Think positive. Send prayers 🤩…

 +  2021-06-15 06:15

Why is #JavaScript so widely used? My hypothesis: because most people are very loose with the definitions / #semantics / types in their lives.

Isn’t it a great #language for people who use words like “love”, “success”, “always” and “art” without a clear idea of their meaning?

 +  2021-06-14 08:35

Short version: I’m giving Instagram another try. Follow me there… 😀

I’ll also cross-post here… as, surprisingly, Instagram butchers image quality like no other platform, and to me, unsurprisingly, image quality matters. A lot. And colors. And ICC support

Long version

As you might know, I’ve been working as a photographer since 1997. What you might NOT know is that I’ve always focused on shooting NEW stuff, on making the client happy and immediately moving on to the next urgent project without or rarely publishing the results…

to my website or (later) social media.

As a result, I have a huge archive of unscanned analogue negatives/slides and unprocessed RAW digital files that didn’t go to press. Because I tend to shoot more than strictly required by the assignment brief.

I decided to do my best and set aside some weekly time and slowly go through all those 24 years of photo material. It’ll most probably take me years between other projects I work on.

A lot of my early work has been lost and destroyed, for various reasons… Some I have recovered only recently. It’s a long story that I’ll tell some day.

Meanwhile, if you don’t mind, I’ll start publishing on my various social media the random photographs I have in a publishable form. While I work on the other images.

It’s the opposite of “easy” or “natural” for me, but I hope to establish a new habit, a semblance of a routine, to share a piece of our weird, interesting and sometimes beautiful world with you. 🙂

 +  2021-06-10 19:47

O ye smart and all-knowing people of Twitter… please impart a bit of yer well-#cache’d #IT knowledge on me!

Was really using @fastly #CDN instead of its on CloudFront? Why? 🤷🏻‍♂️

I’ve been sent a link about it in… gasp… The @guardian — can’t believe it.

 +  2021-06-09 01:41

Whether you are a person who menstruates or not, a person with a race card or without one (though you should get one!), you MUST write inclusively, starting with any mentions of seasons.

Best current practices is Q3 instead of “fall”.

Next tip: meal names like “breakfast” and “dinner”. Be considerate of those fasting, especially in the LGBTQIAFRHGT+pan-universum community.

 +  2021-06-08 16:29

“The Art of Impossible” by Steven Kotler is a perfect example of a book by a journalist who does punchy write-ups of other books written by other punchy journalists who cite popular self-hack writers (like Tim Ferriss, whose advice is retold several times),

who talk to actual researchers and achievers.

As a bonus, Kotler ads a lot of brain anatomy and chemistry jargon to this long citation chain. It sure kept my concentration up while visualizing the correct 3D locations of anterior cingulate cortex and the parietal cortex.

Sarcasm aside, it’s a great book if you want to understand how top-performing, entrepreneurial, creative people function. Whether you know someone like that personally or you’re interested in abnormal humans.

I know a few people around me who’d totally benefit from reading such an instruction manual. As a way to reduce some of their complaints about the frequently unpleasant functioning of those abnormal people, especially when they try to make new stuff out of thin air

instead of enjoying a weekend sipping beer at the terrrasse.

Sadly, for the `normal` folks with the “regular genes” and “standard upbringing”… sorry, this ain’t a manual of how to suddenly become impossibly performing and extraordinarily creative.

And, maybe because the subject is complex and there’s a word “ART” in the title, this isn’t a detailed, down-to-earth practical book from @JamesClear, nor is it a still-approachable, but rigorously academic research in book form by @sapinker, Daniel Kahneman or Richard Herrnstein

I haven’t learned anything new, got annoyed by the glossing over of the details and by the very omnipresent, very misleading and very American illusion that “anyone with the right skill and mindset can achieve whatever they set their mind to”.

330 pages later, the author admits that “now you know the secret, and it’s pretty underwhelming, right? None of these interventions are particularly sexy. There is no nifty piece of technology to play with or unusual substance to ingest. They’re just items on a checklist.

Worse, progress is often invisible. A little bit today, a little bit tomorrow, do this for weeks and months and years and the result won’t just be a life that exceeds your expectations, it’ll be one that exceeds your imagination.”

However, much earlier in the book, Kotler starts with yet another citation of someone else’s wisdom… A more realistic message from current neuroscience that, until we learn how to re-engineer our DNA, we’re stuck at thinking:

“When you’re young your potential seems infinite. You think you might do anything really. You might be Einstein. You might be DiMaggio. Then you get to an age when what you might be, gives way to what you have been. You weren’t Einstein. You weren’t anything. That’s a bad moment”

 +  2021-06-08 01:27

Thanks, Google, for providing an option of x1.75 playback speed on YouTube.

It has been the emptiest and eye-candiest #AppleEvent in a while… Kindergarten OS with a touch of async/await steal from #JS to cheer under-age devs… 😴

 +  2021-06-04 17:36

OK, so, I’m really over the edge… is there a way to continually keep an Electron version of @signalapp linked ”to your mobile device” for more than like 2 WEEKS AT A TIME?! 🤯

I mean, hello? I very much admire the #encryption and OSS aspects… but the #UX kills me. Help!

 +  2021-06-03 12:39

Only half of our #friendship’s are mutual… in other words, you might severely underestimate how many of your “friends” consider you as their friend. 😕

As if most people in the developed nations weren’t socially isolated enough……

 +  2021-06-03 09:37

Close to 2000 feature films sent to #Cannes selection team this year 😮:…

 +  2021-06-02 10:28

Philosopher James Carse uses the terms “finite games” and “infinite games” to describe the 2 main ways we live and play.

Finite games are just that—finite. They have a finite number of options and players, clearly defined winners and losers, and an established set of rules.

Examples: chess, 9-to-5 automatable jobs, politics, sports, and war.

Infinite games are the opposite. They have no clear winners or losers, no established time frame for play, and no fixed rules. In infinite games, the field of play is mutable, the number of participants keeps changing, and the only goal is to keep on playing.

Examples: #art and #science.

Which game do you want to play?

 +  2021-06-01 21:07

#Alcohol is the only hard #drug actively sold without a prescription in most countries, a drug with long-term effects worse than heroin.

A study of 25000 people in UK has found that any quantity of alcohol affects the whole brain, not just some areas, as previously thought.

Add sleep quality disruption, and your next drink is a refined taste of slow #euthanasia that makes you less smart in the process.…

 +  2021-06-01 20:30

Hilarious. If #Strength Sports Were People:…

 +  2021-05-31 18:32

#Dialogue is the process of making the invisible — visible. Getting undiscussables on the table. Sharing #meaning. Sharing hopes, desires, fears, dreams, concerns, problems… rather than going to silence with them.

Do you pursue dialogue? Or do you hide in silence altogether?

Perhaps under the guise of a routine discussion of some news on social media?

 +  2021-05-31 10:43

Most of us behaving in a selfishly reckless manner during the Covid-19 pandemic is just another illustration of the #externalities problem well understood in macro-economics.

Just wait and see as we hit a plateau of vaccinations 50 percentage points under the required minimum… even in “rich” countries.

 +  2021-05-30 09:58

Cool. The upcoming European #Covid19 pass (Electronic Health Certificate HCERT) system — used to allow access to events of 1000+ people and intra-#Europe travel — is on GitHub for your scrutiny.…

 +  2021-05-28 11:20

Hello. I’ve been working with #UNIX-like operating systems professionally (i.e. for money) since 2002 (as #sysadmin and GUI-user). 19 years.

I learned today that /bin is for “binary”… not for “large container used for storing things”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I should have read “The Unix Programmer’s Manual” from 1971, which states “Commands generally reside in directory /bin____ (for bin___ary programs)” quite a bit sooner. 😔

 +  2021-05-27 13:01

Brilliant graphic by Jeff Delaney / @fireship_dev that sums up the basics web designers and #programmers need to understand. But hey, it’s just a stack of abstraction upon abstraction, eh? Math and physics classes in school weren’t time wasted, after all?

Personally, I often cheat and skip the TypeScript and Framework layers sometimes. 😋

But hey, you gotta make a bit of mental space for SQL, HTML, SVG, #CSS, #branding and the easy-peasy interactive graphic #design. 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-05-26 09:59

If you can’t beat #Maya, join it. Ideally, as a creative professional. 🤣

 +  2021-05-25 00:54

In my 24 years of being a #creative pro, a ton of people argued to me that “process is the most important, you gotta enjoy the making of a photograph / film / book / app / company”.

Well. I always disagreed. And so did #SteveJobs.…

I heard arguments like “it’s like with sex — orgasm is not the most important, it’s the process”.

Oh yeah? Ask any woman about how much they enjoy sex without an orgasm. 😉

 +  2021-05-25 00:04

And to follow-up on my previous post… hurt people tend to hurt other people. And they do it even more efficiently with firearms.

Texas lawmakers have approved a measure allowing people to carry #guns without a license, background checks or training.…

 +  2021-05-24 23:28

“The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” — by Bessel van der Kolk.

A one-of-a-kind book of huge breadth and depth on the theme of #trauma and its treatment… and, given how many of us have lived through and continue to live with trauma,

this is a really tough, slightly verbose, but necessary read if you want to expand your knowledge of others and yourself.

I’d also definitely recommend it to fellow #photojournalist’s and #film #director’s (fiction and #documentary). For example, it’s one of the few psychology books briefly analyzing Bigelow’s “The Hurt Locker” protagonist.

Also, #pranayama helps. A lot.

 +  2021-05-24 10:43

I’ve always disliked @Ryanair. I have one more reason to dislike even further.

I mean, come on… as a captain you’re under no obligation to admit or release any passenger from the aircraft.

Yes, people with fighter jets and #Kalashnikov’s may forcefully violate your rights and @icao rules, but you do not meekly stay in line.

And the bland statements from the #PR department… 🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-05-24 00:33

When I was a teen, I seriously considered becoming a fighter #pilot.

Fortunately, the high-ranking military in the family cleared my thinking about following orders. Like an order to force a #European passenger plane to land… while flying a legendary #Mig29. 😕

To this day, I can still sustain +5 / -1 G without loosing control or situational awareness… but do not regret my decision to choose a different career.

 +  2021-05-22 05:32

The universe only reveals to us the answers to the questions that we ask it, and there are certain questions that we can’t ask simultaneously.

Hint: #Heisenberg… and the importance of our skill of asking #questions.

 +  2021-05-16 14:30

“Continuous is much more often than you think!” Mike Roberts.

How often do you really #git #commit under the #ContinuousIntegration paradigm?

What helps me is a list of standardized commit prefixes which makes me (and others on the team) unable to commit a `feat:` and a `refact:` at the same time in one huge commit after a long day of #caffeine-fueled #code delirium.

 +  2021-05-14 11:45

One of my worst lucid nightmares this night. I walk into an airport’s bathroom after departure border control… look at myself in the mirror.

I’m wearing a striped silk tie from the 80s! With one of my usual unstructured #Italian jackets. 😮

What the hell?

Disgusted, I remove the abomination straight away, but find none of my usual spare colorful ties in my carry-on! 😱

#fashion #horror

 +  2021-05-14 09:48

On-point @Quillette article about how Western cultures pretend to be sex-positive, while in actuality, #sex has become a game of #identity, consumption, political affiliation, and narcissism… with minimal investment into the well-being of the other.…

 +  2021-05-08 18:26

Am I alone, or are misnamed terms in #JavaScript bothering you as well?

Array? Well… Object.
Regex pattern? Naa… also Object.
Function? Well, a special Object.

Daamn. Can you just be honest? Or just drop the terms? 🤯

 +  2021-05-05 13:50

In my opinion, the difference between #art and #design is that one serves a practical purpose to achieve a business goal. The other fills intellectual voids to create an #illusion.

 +  2021-05-03 15:10

A portrait that might have greeted you upon arrival in one of the US airports. 😉

 +  2021-05-02 14:48

If you need a drink (or 2… or 3… or a puff) to feel OK around people at a party / business event… maybe you’re with the wrong people? 🤔

#alcohol #drugawareness

 +  2021-05-01 17:46

Predicting #Job Performance — Hunter 1984

correlation coefficients (higher=better)

• #IQ test score:  +0.53
• Biographical data:  +0.37
• Reference checks: +0.26
• Education: +0.22
• Interview: +0.14
• College grades: +0.11
• Interest for the job:  +0.10
• Age: -0.01

 +  2021-05-01 09:11

OK, I don’t use remotes, nor do I have a TV… but… but… I know many of you do. 🤣…

 +  2021-04-30 11:32

More money, better cars, faster iPhones… and lots of babies, steaks and travel.

 +  2021-04-29 07:25

A new study published in the Lancet shows that OECD countries that aimed for early and forceful #COVID19 elimination have fared better than countries that opted for gradual mitigation … when comparing deaths, GDP and strictness of lockdown measures.

 +  2021-04-29 06:52

Wait, are there only 2 multi-process welders on the planet that offer HF-start AC/DC #TIG, #MIG and stick?

1) @ESABGlobal Rebel EMP 205ic
2) @MillerWelders Multimatic 220

Or am I missing something? 🤔

#Welding multi-gear from @FroniusIntWeld and @LincolnElectric are lift-arc.

 +  2021-04-28 11:07

Do you live for the #selfie?

 +  2021-04-27 18:51

Be exalted, O #God, above the highest heavens. May your glory shine over all the Earth. — Psalm 57:11

 +  2021-04-27 04:02

The #fonts kerning is a disaster in this @Microsoft #PowerPoint generated 2021 Q1 report by Tesla. My eyes bleed 😭🩸, although I’m happy at the news of Tesla progress. And, more importantly, autonomous driving and electrification.…

 +  2021-04-23 14:30

“Men aren’t built to be #gods, to take in the whole world; they are built like other creatures, to take in the piece of ground in front of their noses. Gods can take in the whole of #creation because they alone can make sense of it, know what it is all about and for.

But as soon as a man lifts his nose from the ground and starts sniffing at eternal problems like life and #death, the meaning of a rose or a star cluster — then he is in trouble.

Most men spare themselves this trouble by keeping their minds on the small problems of their lives just as their #society maps these problems out for them.

These are what #Kierkegaard called the ‘immediate’ men. They ‘tranquilize themselves with the trivial’ — and so they can lead normal lives.”

― #ErnestBecker, The Denial of Death

 +  2021-04-22 21:34

Just some random data from the Census Intl Database… more importantly, who’s your favorite Harry Potter hero?

 +  2021-04-22 14:47

The opposite of #freedom is compulsion.

If I can not willfully choose how to react because of my inner #emotions, chemical addictions or #social norms… I am not free.

 +  2021-04-18 16:39

So you wanna be a product #designer? No money for expensive #education? No problem.

Pick up some #USB cables. Learn from the failures of others.

 +  2021-04-16 14:49

Some seriously extreme man-and-machine crawling in and then digging out of a reservoir in the Swiss mountains. Impressive engineering and pilot skills. 😮…


 +  2021-04-16 12:43

How contemporary #philosophy can help you appreciate your body?

For instance, by defining that “your body is neither a subjective experience nor a mere object or thing: it is a transjective emergence in an autopoietic bio economy.”

Uhm… no. I was being sarcastic about the great thinkers of our times. Just go for a run. Or a swim. THAT will help.

 +  2021-04-16 11:07

Don’t like Facebook banning some of your opinionated cat posts? Stop being #poor and unimportant! Start with #positive reaffirmations, today.…

 +  2021-04-16 11:01

But what’s important is that restaurants will reopen soon, and we’ll all fly again to our favorite vacation spot, drinking cheap in-flight wine. Life will be good.

#ClimateEmergency it is not.

 +  2021-04-15 14:28

Humans go extra-big, extra-smart about killing each other.

Here, the Soviet Typhoon class of nuclear-powered submarines carrying 20 nuclear 200 kt-TNT intercontinental ballistic missiles (x5 more destructive than at Hiroshima), launched at targets within 8300 km.

Covid-19 vaccines? Nah… too scary and difficult.

 +  2021-04-13 07:08

ArcLight Cinemas on Sunset Blvd in LA to close permanently. The End.

A huge loss for the industry and the public. 🙁…

One of the few movie theaters in the world with perfect acoustics and projection systems. Most people don’t understand how bad most cinemas are, not only because they don’t pay attention, but also because they have nothing to compare to.

 +  2021-04-12 12:39

You really have to clearly understand your #priorities in life. And look for people with similar #goals.

For many of us, the priority is renting or buying a comfy #lifestyle.

For others, like Elon Musk: “My proceeds from the sale of PayPal were $180m. I put $100m in SpaceX, $70m in Tesla and $10m in Solar City. I had to borrow money for #rent.”

 +  2021-04-10 04:39

A self-deceiving #fool is often a combination of high #intelligence with low rationality. 🤖

 +  2021-04-09 23:56

OK, I heard you. I’m too boring and too smart-ass.

Here’s something funny… if you have been around #Chinese. Next up, cat vs dog videos.…

 +  2021-04-09 11:17

Glitches, #errors and exceptions often #teach us much better than normals, successes and averages.

The opposite of how we’re taught in school. 😕

A look-ahead, human-readable, granular error handling — in #code, hypotheses, data, #fabrication, storytelling — automatically increases the quality of whatever you try to achieve.

 +  2021-04-09 06:23

Wow! Incredible! A unified #UI #design system for all the 20000+ websites of the French government! Available as Sketch files & npm libs!

I honestly wasn’t expecting anything like this. Kudos to the Service d’Information du @gouvernementFR team of 250+

 +  2021-04-09 02:24

#Critical detachment is critical. 🤪

 +  2021-04-09 01:34

Jordan Peterson’s “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life” is even worse than his previous “12 rules” book. A collection of citations from the Bible, Harry Potter and Pinocchio, without much practicality or novelty. Written in archaic #style that abuses MS Word synonyms’ menu. 🙄

His lectures, interviews and debates are vastly more interesting.

 +  2021-04-08 04:47

#Fashion. Always new, always exciting, always err… wait… “Low-rise jeans are back?” But they are different this time around? Body-non-positive?

Oh, that “cultural discourse around female bodies”… it’s now a popular TikTok trend to note how in the 2000s, “women’s bodies were the fashion, not the clothes”.

Try to keep up. Or down. Or whatever. 🤦🏻‍♂️…

 +  2021-04-08 02:48

It doesn’t get more basic than that. #Hospitality towards your guests, whether you like them or not, man or woman… grab an extra chair at #IKEA. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Stunning lack of class. 🤮

 +  2021-04-06 20:43

What if we started to #celebrate something unique, creative and unusual?

So, no posts about your birthday (and how old you are today), no tweets about your new baby (one of the 108 billion other babies), no insta of the Eiffel Tower you didn’t build…

Instead, celebrations of poetry, engineering… hell, at the very least, even stuff like 200 km of TIG welds or anniversaries of switching to bicycle-commuting in a car-dominant city? 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-04-06 16:14

. @Crewbooking. A networking site for #French #cinema pros with exceptional divinatory powers.

Do you understand which #UI #design element does what? Which square is for decoration, and which is a button? No? Well, me neither.🤦🏻‍♂️

No wonder they insist on a 9-step “tutorial”.

Bonus points for congratulating me on the “well-deserved rest”… I didn’t have. 🙄

I just wanted to find an ”unsubscribe from e-mails” button, which they don’t include in their daily send-outs.

 +  2021-04-06 06:45

I’ve rarely seen so much professionalism, humor and good-natured laughter when addressing the dos and don’ts of helping a #drugs #addicted to recover🧡

Oh, and drugs include everyday #alcohol and over-prescribed benzodiazepines… not just street heroin😉…

 +  2021-04-04 18:06

Apple Music on #MacOS? A perfect illustration of Apple’s software products today. How anyone can ship code this bad, year in, year out, is beyond my comprehension.

I mean, really, if you’re afraid to start #programming… please don’t be. Why? Because I’m 90% confident you’ll write better code with #Apple’s own APIs’ in #Swift, than people paid x20 your current salary.…

 +  2021-04-03 18:59

Amerika hat das Silicon Valley hervorgebracht, die #EU die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung — @ericgujer / @NZZ…

 +  2021-04-02 17:51

The architecture of #motivation. Including affiliation, legitimacy, dominance, affection, competence, exploration and… #aesthetics.

By Joscha Bach / @Plinz .

 +  2021-04-01 05:56

Cinematic conversations with #Death.

 +  2021-03-31 15:18

Work-from-home, remote forklift drivers wanted for warehouses around the planet.…

 +  2021-03-31 08:52

The common Press Release Without Anything Specific… from @ASICSeurope

“The shoe is built on a different stack height and midsole geometry using the same components as the METASPEED Sky. It allows runners to elongate their stride and conserve more energy while controlling pace.”

No, not a single number. Or “geometry” drawing. 🤦🏻‍♂️


 +  2021-03-30 09:35

CoV2 spike-encoding #mRNA of both Pfizer and Moderna #vaccines are now on @github . For those still looking for a better 5G signal, and for those wishing to fork their own local production. 😉…

 +  2021-03-29 15:24

“Most #humans are a mess. When they act out and do stuff, you tend to think somebody does something to you.

But really, what they’re doing is they’re doing what they’re doing while they’re in front of you. It’s not that much about you.”

— Jim Keller / @jimkxa

 +  2021-03-29 11:25

Is your #job below the #API?

 +  2021-03-29 10:53

Me: I’ll never see 3 game-over errors in a row, with an online purchase, in 2021.
The French @LaPosteBusiness : hold my wine.

1) 403 Forbidden — when uploading a PDF
2) can’t add the address to your address book, service is unavailable now, try again later
3) can’t download invoice because did not accept certificate

2 of those are blank, no explanations pages with complete screen refresh. And that’s ordering through our corporate account. 😮

#CodeNewbies #Fail

 +  2021-03-28 04:25

For success. Shoot. RAW. For YouTube.…

 +  2021-03-27 07:37

Wow. Very impressive table #design. Compact form expands seating capacity while maintaining circular shape.

 +  2021-03-27 06:52

Can someone please explain to me what’s the point of having an alarm clock that does not wake you up for 1+ hours? No snooze, no nothing, except the noise.

Asking for a neighbor. 🤯

UPDATE: 2+ hours. Yes, he is alive. But sleeping. 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-03-23 23:14

Life expectancy in adulthood is falling for those without a BA degree, but as educational gaps have widened, racial gaps have narrowed.

 +  2021-03-23 21:25

Of the roughly 108 billion people who’d ever lived on our planet since 50000 years ago, how many do you remember? Their names? Their deeds?

A fraction?

So, don’t worry about what other people will think about you. Because… they won’t.

Most likely, no one will remember you’d ever existed. Especially if you keep postponing that big dream of yours, for fear of social disapproval.

 +  2021-03-22 19:54

“The best learners are the people who push through the #discomfort of being objectively bad at something.” — Tommy Collison

 +  2021-03-19 09:50

These days, you can quickly gauge a person by inquiring about their opinion on:

• Covid-19 vaccines
• climate change
• religion (especially Islam)
• UBI (Universal Basic Income)
• equality of outcome (especially gender issues)
• body fat >30%

Super predictive power, eh?🤣

 +  2021-03-18 22:47

Mobile apps ranked by the percentage of data — collected about you — shared with third parties.

 +  2021-03-17 20:28

Divide et impera.

 +  2021-03-09 18:20

The curse of above-average hearing… when I hear 2 mm dust accumulation in a right AirPod Pro. Plus all power supply units’ high-pitched hum. 🤯

Whoever requests #yoga siddhis and other “extras” of increased #sensitivity don’t realize what they ask.

 +  2021-03-09 12:26

The louder you yell / #cry / demand whatever… the higher the chances of getting what you want. Even if you don’t know what you want.

Stuff you learn as a kid that is, like, 100% true when you’re an #adult.

 +  2021-03-07 09:08

Ever wondered why and how #Grep was written and named?

Because… The Federalist Papers. A collection of essays to promote the ratification of the United States #Constitution. 😮…

 +  2021-03-07 02:13

“Hell isn’t other people’s code. Hell is your own #code from 3 years ago.” — Jeff Atwood

The temptation to rewrite large chunks of it, even when my code still works without a single bug is so, so strong. Cmd+W, quick!!

 +  2021-03-06 01:59

Wow. And I thought I understood the #EU #VAT system in detail. 😮

Have you heard of the “margin VAT scheme” that applies to transactions of second-hand goods in #Europe? Sellers pay VAT on the _difference_ between the buying and selling price, instead of on the _totals_

No VAT is charged or deducted on the transaction itself.…

 +  2021-03-05 05:01

“Prototypes are easy, #production is hard, being cash flow positive is excruciating.” — Elon Musk

Anyone who’s invented, produced and brought stuff to market can relate to this universal pain. Whether you’re making #films, bolts or vaccines.

 +  2021-03-02 02:05

7,8 billion people currently live on our planet. Only 114 million have been confirmed as infected by #Covid19. That’s less than 2%.

The virus will keep eating through the remaining 98% for years.

As most governments… or, more accurately, _we_ don’t care enough about others to increase hospital capacity, the only solution to “return to normal” is through massive #vaccination. That includes you. 💉

Unless you like living through lockdowns, business destruction and travel restrictions? 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-03-01 20:28

Hire for #skill, not experience. Pay for results, not efforts. Keep for #actions, not words.

 +  2021-02-16 08:11

#Spiritual junk food. Tasty, but neither nutritious… nor good for us.

 +  2021-02-12 13:21

You’re a little island of #purpose in a vast desert of purposelessness. You’re an ontological castaway surrounded by a huge and meaningless #universe, an #entropy machine which does not care.

 +  2021-01-29 00:19

“Love is not a feeling or an #emotion. Because loving someone can feel sad when they’re absent. Happy when they’re present. #Jealous when there’s somebody else around. Angry when they’re neglecting you.

#Love is a modal way of being.”

— @vervaeke_john

 +  2021-01-27 21:45

Researchers from Michigan State University and MIT created a comprehensive model of #depression that shows how the major drivers of the illness intersect.

 +  2021-01-26 21:38

“As we begin to re-experience a visceral reconnection with the needs of our bodies, there is a brand-new capacity to warmly #love the #self. We experience a new quality of #authenticity in our caring.

Which redirects our attention to our #health, our diets, our #energy, our time management.

This enhanced care for the self arises spontaneously and naturally, not as a response to a ‘should.’ We are able to experience an immediate and intrinsic pleasure in #selfCare.”

— Stephen Cope, “#Yoga and the Quest for the True Self”

 +  2021-01-23 05:23

Isn’t it fascinating how #Apple always thinks you will read 50 #books at most, listen to 100 songs tops, and store 300 contacts max?

All of their apps — Books, Music, Contacts — are built with interfaces and storage engines optimized for tiny quantities of stuff easy to find by a “cover”, an “album” or a “name”.

#UI to thumb through in a couple of scroll-seconds. 😖

 +  2021-01-22 03:48

In the US, children younger than 2 have received prescriptions for #Risperdal… after playing with branded Lego.

Sold by J&J, it’s an antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, irritability associated with autism. 4 million prescriptions in 2018—all age groups.

 +  2021-01-21 02:20

#Programming languages, I suspect, classified by typing discipline? Plus overall consistency? Plus corporate backing? 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-01-20 03:45

Los Angeles has replaced its usual traffic smog with… crematorium smog. 😢

Although the US response to a pandemic has been easy to predict even years ago… and brilliantly brought to screen by the local #film industry… it still hurts.

 +  2021-01-19 23:02

Do you remember the names of those who voted for the execution of #Socrates?

 +  2021-01-19 20:16

Feeling overwhelmed by global incompetency? Rejoice at the SpaceX developments in the opposite direction on the intelligence axis.

They bought 2 ENSCO 8500 floating deepwater semisubmersible oil rigs for deployment in the Gulf of Mexico… retrofitted as offshore launch platforms

 +  2021-01-19 19:52

Hmm… new torture #technique also involving a board? From our highly inventive American colleagues? (second only to Russians, of course) 🤣

Jesse Lifson / @DoYouEvenLif
“The entire impeachment trial should just be Katie Porter whiteboarding everyone until they break.”

 +  2021-01-19 03:10

Mixing audio for your next Instagram or TikTok post is… expensive.

 +  2021-01-18 22:25

Adieu Batman. 😕

 +  2021-01-18 19:23

Is there a way to find out the URL of a @SoundCloud track through deconstruction of its download URL vars? @SCsupport #Developer?

I have a key-pair ID and signature for a download from 2019 found in my Downloads folder:…

Where did I download it from?🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-01-18 06:08

Whenever you ask not to be judged, you ask to be ignored.
What’s it gonna be? 🧞‍♂️

 +  2021-01-17 03:23

All eyes on the US #judiciary… any hope for the “well-deserved” vacation to be cancelled?

 +  2021-01-16 14:59

Brian Kernighan is a great explainer. Watch his overview of most computer languages. Great fun for any #dev, and maybe understandable for non-#programmers as well.

(I’ve always hated Perl… but Larry Wall is spot-on 😂)

 +  2021-01-15 18:54

There’s nothing healthy or positive about being fat, stupid or addicted. The scientific literature on #obesity, low IQ and substance abuse is clear. The conscienceless who delude us—in exchange for money & prestige—prey on our weakness

Fuck em. Be strong, creative & independent.

 +  2021-01-15 16:35

#Facebook video player interface is a perfect case of #UI comfort and common sense… sacrificed for “engagement via enragement”.

“Continue watching” & “Enlarge” buttons act as “play”.
“Enlarge” does not enter full-screen.
Click to play, then click again to stop… doesn’t stop.

 +  2021-01-15 15:50

“The greater the #doubt, the greater the #awakening. The smaller the doubt, the smaller the awakening. No doubt, no awakening.”

— Garma C. C. Chang

 +  2021-01-12 21:44

#Warehouse #robots that move in 3D — around and up the storage structures — reusing existing infrastructure.

Have you thought about all the humans they will replace? Nope, “writing #code” or “being an entrepreneur” is not for everyone.…

 +  2021-01-12 10:08

Positive aspect of the epidemic is that it brings out the true nature of people you live and work with.

US rep for Seattle Pramila Jayapal got infected after being locked down at the Capitol with Republicans refused to wear a mask, mocking colleagues / staff who offered them one

 +  2021-01-11 17:23

Boredom without hearing. A life without seeing. Why? Maybe, because you’re not paying #attention? Or keep buying cheap #earbuds?

 +  2021-01-11 14:56

The Zeigarnik effect — #frustration and #distress we feel when interesting tasks are interrupted and unfinished — is even worse for those scoring high on the #conscientiousness trait of the Big 5 test… and working on complex, multi-year projects. Like, you know, films?

 +  2021-01-08 14:12

Wow. A fascinating post by Steve Yegge about the #culture differences at Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google. Team management, #quality control, #accessibility, #SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture).…

 +  2021-01-08 06:55

We want to be judged on our intent, rather than our action… but judge others based on their #action, rather than their #intent.

 +  2021-01-08 06:18

The flags and banners seen at the Capitol Hill… election banners, battle colors from the American Civil War, neo-Nazi flare, Christian symbols, and a weird smattering of national and state flags.…

 +  2021-01-07 12:44

Google “flag of Georgia”.

 +  2021-01-07 12:39

Also, Signal.

 +  2021-01-07 04:36

So, what were you saying about 2020 finally over?

 +  2021-01-07 02:25

A French #telecom company with an 8.5 billion euros annual revenue… sends an automated e-mail with “404 | Page introuvable” links inside. 🤦🏻‍♂️

A single #dev could have set up a simple crawler #script to check for 200s.

But no. Why?!

 +  2021-01-06 17:46

I feel less #lonely, knowing that somewhere, there’s another #tape #maniac. 🤖…

 +  2021-01-06 03:03

Our reaction to the Covid-19 #pandemic is a perfect rehearsal before the much harder-to-mitigate climate crisis.

Without a #climate vaccine, the always-prevailing “I want” and “my freedom” of #individualism and hedonism will kill us all.

 +  2021-01-03 22:24

The contrast of #ability and #competence is tremendous these days.

Some people call with a request to fabricate 11 780 votes, hang out at unmasked rave parties “because I want” and gun down teenagers in weed wars.

At the same time, other people invent mRNA vaccines requiring hours to manufacture vs the usual 4 months, launch 16-story-tall buildings into the sky and build electric vehicle plants in less than a year.

How the hell can anyone persist in the #delusion that we’re all of absolutely the same intellectual capacity, #conscientiousness, moral principles and actual outcome? Man shrugging

 +  2021-01-02 19:27

Survey of 3700 people show that practices that are supposed to minimize the #ego tend to enlarge it. Those who put effort into enhancing spirituality—meditation, mindfulness retreats, aura-reading, past life-regression—increase their egotism & narcissism.…

 +  2020-12-30 22:45

#Truth doesn’t care about our hopes, beliefs or ideologies.
Be prepared and content, or be surprised and #frustrated.

 +  2020-12-29 20:33

Robots Can Dance.…

 +  2020-12-23 18:27

That horrendous audio mix in #TenetMovie ? It’s to hide the crazy amounts of exposition.

I’m surprised no one in my feeds even mentioned the #sound issues… 🤔 I thought Covid cut the smell, not the hearing?

 +  2020-12-23 17:09

Fantastically articulate and detailed presentation of the #F14 development at @northropgrumman by its then-vice-president Mike Ciminera, an #engineer with 51 years of experience.…

 +  2020-12-22 12:32

+15 C in December in Paris? Done.

 +  2020-12-22 07:08

“This was accompanied by a compulsion to claim the virus was about to be beaten, which was dramatically proved completely false last night.”

Passive voice horror by Andrew Rawnsley, “award-winning chief political commentator and critically acclaimed #author” 😱

 +  2020-12-19 13:07

An excellent article of great writing style and clarity, about the new Facebook vs Apple battle that might harm both companies… and improve our lives.…

 +  2020-12-19 06:35

2 more days. 🌚☀️

 +  2020-12-18 11:31

Commitment, less fluff.
Build it, #less stuff.

 +  2020-12-18 09:02

The @Festool team sure has some humor left for their Covid-Christmas suggestions (a Bluetooth audio speakers Systainer) 🤣

 +  2020-12-18 01:38

Ever wondered what’s under your feet once you’re inside a passenger #airplane like the Airbus A350? What’s under your seat? Or what you walk over en route to the lavatory?…

 +  2020-12-17 21:09

Have you noticed the number of “articles” in mainstream #press that are commentary of tweets you can read directly here on Twitter? Or translations of original pieces into the local language?

What a sorry state of “journalism”. And those guys want your money?! 😕

 +  2020-12-15 19:05

Wow. This is for real. Fat studies. 😮
Fat pride, fat empowerment, and fat activism.

How about suicide pride? Or heroin empowerment?…

 +  2020-12-12 19:58

“#Evolution is surely most deterministic for those still unaware of it.” — Richard Alexander

 +  2020-12-11 05:36

Placebo-induced side effects are remarkably numerous.

 +  2020-12-09 16:44

Hilarious #VSCode Tinder for #programmers by Ben Awad:…

 +  2020-12-09 13:56

by Víctor Hugo Yáñez Piña

 +  2020-12-08 21:17

Our #emotional fate is bound to the ability of our parents to love each other.

Yet another parameter you had no #control over. 😕

 +  2020-12-08 14:30

Warner day-and-date streaming experiment is not only about film release strategies, but also about managers’ gender.

According to sexist theories, Ann Sarnoff and Carolyn Blackwood, both identified as “people who menstruate”, should prove to be “equal but better” bosses in 2021?

 +  2020-12-07 23:32

When you have a lot of money and a lot of good #taste.…

#architecture #design

 +  2020-11-20 13:39

What’s up with the authentication #UI #design pattern which shows 1 field — e-mail or phone # — without the password field?

Autofill doesn’t work with those, often 2 states required… why?!🤔

#UX examples: startup-ish to mega-corpish EDF login pages.

 +  2020-11-17 17:10

“When you’re building a house for yourself, you are building that room in the Forbidden Zone, where your deepest wishes, you hope, will come true.”…

 +  2020-11-14 02:44

Life is too short to do stuff you don’t love… badly.…

 +  2020-11-13 17:55

There is a special place in hell for #UX designers who created the back-and-forth progress bar. And a very special place for clueless programmers who place one such #UI element in addition to a 2nd progress bar that zeroes itself out every 5 seconds while showing “estimating…”👿

 +  2020-11-13 15:42

A survey by a Swiss publisher of scientific journals asked 25000+ researchers whether lawmakers in their country had used scientific advice to inform their #Covid19 strategy.

The list of countries least following #science correlates with the list of Top Cases and Top Deaths.

 +  2020-11-13 15:32

Why do people put their #homeOffice desk facing the wall, while they have a big window with a view to their side? 🤔

 +  2020-11-10 21:49

Ah, the monthly “I’m so #excited” event. 🙄

 +  2020-11-05 13:18

“#Masculinity ideology is a set of cognitions about boys and men including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, #ADVENTURE, RISK, and violence”— American Psychological Association

“Life is either a DARING ADVENTURE, or nothing”— Helen KELLER

 +  2020-11-03 20:47

Locked-down? Quarantined? You don’t have to be, if you have money. You see, Covid-19 is a problem only for the middle class and the poor. Avoid the gloom and enjoy life!…

 +  2020-11-03 19:08

Sexy, but not sexualized.
Object of desire, but not objectified.
Smart, but not tested.
Good, but not judged.

 +  2020-11-03 16:28

#Karma, stripped of religious bullshit & contemporary woo-woo, always meant “law of cause and effect”.

Cause —Do you eat animals for stupid reasons? Live in dense populations? Indulge in travel #consumerism? Never learn from history or science?

Effect —another #pandemic for you

 +  2020-10-26 15:22

What the hell has happened to @patagonia website’s #UI?! Burger carousels and other aberrations… I have to use Google with the site:eu.patagonia param to find a sizing chart… 😖

Is this the optically-disabled tend of candy-crazy set off my Facebook?

 +  2020-10-26 11:09

How big is the observable #universe? How small is the human in it? Take a look at this gorgeous animation.

 +  2020-10-26 10:04

Let’s speed up the harmonized Unconditional Basic Income (#UBI) implementation throughout the entire #EuropeanUnion. 🇪🇺

A #Europe Citizens’ Initiative is collecting 1 million signatures.…

 +  2020-10-23 14:12

Finally, someone else applies a discount for quick #payment by default— @uvexsafetygroup in #Germany — “Invoice amount is payable with a 2% discount within 14 days, or net within 30 days”

I beat them with a 5% though!😋

How about you? How does your company reward quick payment?

 +  2020-10-16 08:13

What’s up with the child-like super-filtered female robot voices “singing” in present-day videos? Heavy bass & Barby-like crap… #Apple’s keynotes, YouTube reviews?

Why? A sudden dislike of human sounds? A further infantilization of the people? Multicolored unicorn #soundDesign?

 +  2020-10-16 02:37

Bringing more meaning to car #design? WTF? 😮

While all they wanted to say is “when used together with SPC58 automotive microcontroller tech, devices such as the @ST_World L99LD21 simplify #LED control and diagnostics, software dev and integration into vehicle E/E architecture”

 +  2020-10-13 20:12

Every couple of weeks, “I’m so excited and I’d like to show it to you now”. 😴

 +  2020-10-13 19:38

What we lack is not the artificial equality of outcome or the quick hacks towards “#innovation” or “#creativity”. What we need is dedication, determination, purpose, discipline, patience and intellectual consistency.

 +  2020-10-13 03:45

Volkswagen Group executive Herbert Diess brought the electric VW ID3 to the Braunschweig Airport for Tesla CEO Elon Musk to test-drive it during his visit to Germany.

Wow. That’s the epitome of fair-play and mutual respect. Ganz cool.…

 +  2020-10-12 20:03

A microwave-oven-generated steam decontamination protocol for N95 / FFP2+ respirators. Very cool low-tech. 🤩…

 +  2020-10-08 12:22

A must-watch about why and how today’s US #media gets you addicted to the daily emotions of hate and pleasure (confirmation bias / tribalism) to make money. Like billions of money.

And remember, we tend to import American business practices into Europe.…

 +  2020-10-08 03:26

“Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry. Take pen and paper, and scribble words so utterly moving that whosoever reads them believes that the world is shaking and that, somewhere, mountains are crumbling.”

― #JackKerouac

 +  2020-10-08 02:59

#Art is pointless. Get an actual job and make a living. You can’t just let the rest of your life be a joke, a #failure.


Follow your art and contribute to #society by inspiring people instead of wasting time.


 +  2020-10-07 12:09

“The absence of weakness produces nothing”

— Peter Drucker

 +  2020-10-06 10:15

What the fuck happened mid-way and till the end of “Raised by Wolves”?! Ridley Scott happened. 🤮

 +  2020-10-06 08:42

Hurry-be tech for improved videoconferencing! NVIDIA Maxine and NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs identify key facial points of each person on a video call and then use these points with a still image to reanimate a person’s face on the other side of the call.…

 +  2020-10-05 19:04

As in neolib economic theory, where max information makes markets more efficient, press releases offered to #art gallery visitors in which artworks are “translated” into text as propositions about their meaning, make any art easy and quick to #consume.…

 +  2020-10-01 03:57

Can anyone explain to me why we’re not taught statistical #physics (mechanics) in #school, please? 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2020-09-30 13:52

Entropic forces cause 2 defining behaviors of the human cognitive niche—tool use and social cooperation—to spontaneously emerge in physical systems, suggesting a general thermodynamic model of adaptive behavior as a nonequilibrium process in open systems.…

 +  2020-09-30 12:07

#Typography as dogs, by Grafisches Büro /

 +  2020-09-30 04:48

#Politics is very simple when you know very little about sociology, behavioral economics, game theory and chaos theory… or just plain human history.

 +  2020-09-29 05:15

#Consciousness emerges over dimensions of disagreements with the universe, over the things that are not as they should be and which you need to regulate.

— Joscha Bach

 +  2020-09-25 00:07

“Our repugnance to #death increases in proportion to our consciousness of having lived in vain.” — William Hazlitt

 +  2020-09-24 22:06

This is how #depression, #anxiety and ensuing drug #addiction may look like on the outside.

 +  2020-09-23 03:43

Doesn’t the technological mismatch between primitive ballistic auto-rifles and the exorbitant energy density powering a Necromancer of the #RaisedByWolves series make you cringe? 🤯

That Necromancer is MASSIVE!


 +  2020-09-16 14:08

I’m so grateful for @videolan VLC ability to play the #Apple Not So Special Event at x1.5 speed. 🙄

 +  2020-09-11 11:44

Clichés? The more you use them in your #writing and conversations, the less authentic you sound.

The more you think in clichés, the more you copy-paste someone else’s ideology.

Invent your own stuff. 😎

 +  2020-09-10 17:09

#Climate change? Nah… nothing to worry about. Just send prayers. Or federal troops.

 +  2020-09-10 17:02

Dune 2020 trailer? I have a bad, Blade Runner 2049 feeling about this. 😕

 +  2020-09-10 08:54

#Paracetamol can increase risk taking, which may be due to reductions in #risk perceptions, particularly those that are highly emotional.

Results of 3 double-blind, placebo-controlled studies:…

 +  2020-09-10 06:47

If you think in terms of “I’m a bad girl / boy”, you’ll get into trouble quickly (stunted #career, inability to predict people and events, #depression)

Be more specific.

“I can’t control my anger” and “I’m too lazy to learn” — allow you to focus on specific areas to improve. 😉

 +  2020-09-08 06:39

If the #fear of losing your current #identity overpowers your wish to change, to become someone else… you will stay the same.

The fear of loosing your current comfy identity is a self-preservation reflex. Your old self has to die and dissolve. It’s not a pleasant experience. 😉

 +  2020-09-03 19:52

#Punctuation and paragraphs serve to structure and articulate our communication, and, even more importantly, our thinking. Both disappear from mono-line WhatsApp messages and Facebook comments.

Shift ↵ (Return in iOS) and a . are too complex and emotionally draining.

 +  2020-09-02 06:51

Universities woken beyond repair?…

 +  2020-09-01 16:39

Finally! All #IKEA catalogs from 1950 to 2021 as PDFs. A journey through affordable #design.

Weirdly, @IKEASverige scanned, instead of rasterized digital data. Any idea why? Files should have been available at least since PageMaker in late 1980′s?…

 +  2020-08-31 17:35

The Producers Guild of America’s (#PGA) comprehensive 57-page safety guide for #film production in the Covid-19 era:…

 +  2020-08-28 11:11

Has anyone studied the noxious effects of auto-tuned #music? I have a neighbor 2 floors down who listens to over-tuned robotic songs 24/7… and who, judging by our interactions and her actions, struggles to reach her full mental / intellectual potential. 🤣

 +  2020-08-27 11:59

Induced by the #COVID19 pandemic, video-call dates become the norm to screen / filter / vet a person before an IRL #date and reduce “#dating fatigue”.

What do you think? Good idea? Optimization or kill-joy?…

 +  2020-08-25 14:45

Never thought I’d be using the #Apple #iOS “Find My Devices” feature… until I knocked myself hard in the ear and propelled one of the AirPods Pro into a galaxy far, far away… beyond visual range.

One of those magical software+hardware moments! 😲

Requires a near silent room.

 +  2020-08-25 07:25

. @berlinale #film festival merges Best #Actor and Best Actress categories into one… pitching the genders against each other in a #gender-neutral move. 🤣…

 +  2020-08-22 14:03

#Cinema #crew levels

• Level 0: carries a Leatherman and gaffer tape as the only tools
• Level 1: carries a pair of cordless impact wrench + cordless drill
• Level 2: uses a shop-vac on set
• Level 3: brings a MIG / #TIG welding kit “just in case”

 +  2020-08-20 07:49

If an outcome can be described by a set of clear parameters, it can be automated / solved algorithmically… if not immediately, then soon (and it’s up to you to #code).

Transport from A to B. Food prep from recipes. Day-to-day accounting. Social media interaction. Ad blocking.

 +  2020-08-20 06:33

“#Happy” should be renamed “#pain-free and calm”.
The opposite of “painful and anxious”.

Cheap and fast way to feel happy? Low doses of #alcohol. Hugely popular.

 +  2020-08-19 05:38

Religion is a culture of faith.
Science is a culture of doubt.

― Richard Feynman

 +  2020-08-18 07:49

The consequence of not talking is, at best, destruction by #negligence, and, at worst, a #fight. Do you talk through your disagreements or do you hope for silence to solve stuff for you?

 +  2020-08-17 22:59

August 7, 2020. The week when Old #Hollywood finally, actually died. The #streaming services are in charge, and bring a ruthless new culture of inhumane efficiency with them.…

 +  2020-08-14 17:29

Feelings of #stress and #anxiety may depend not just on the neurons in our brains but the mitochondria inside our cells. And exercise may be the best thing you can do for your mitochondria.

A good overview in @QuantaMagazine :…

 +  2020-08-14 06:36

Good stats of the day: more than 1 million papers pour into the #PubMed each year — about 2 papers per minute. 😋

 +  2020-07-23 05:46

Insights without action is sightseeing.

🧘🏻‍♂️+ 🛠️ = 👍🏻

 +  2020-07-20 11:22

#Relationships feed on time and attention spent together. Then, maybe, limiting your together time to the “I’m so tired” evenings after work and the “prep a report for Monday” weekends… is a bad idea, eh? 🤔

 +  2020-07-17 13:55

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32

 +  2020-07-16 13:15

Do you #consume or #grow people?

 +  2020-07-15 15:56

The reason we have so few enlightened people? #Enlightenment is long, unpleasant and hard. And there’s no guarantee you will succeed or survive. 🧘🏻‍♂️

 +  2020-07-14 12:03

Looking for training in “defensive tactics, firearms familiarization, targeted arrests in a safe and positive environment”? Consider the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) “Citizens Academy” for citizens on how to arrest undocumented immigrants.…

 +  2020-07-13 13:09

King’s College London found that only 17% of recovered from #COVID19 retained the same potency 3 months later. Antibody levels fell as much as x23 over the period.

Small sample, not peer-reviewed, but makes sense, echoes response to other coronaviruses.…

 +  2020-07-13 12:47

According to a “parasite stress” hypothesis, authoritarian governments are more likely to emerge in regions characterized by a high prevalence of disease-causing pathogens.

Africa, sure. Also, Russia? A country with poor management of HIV and hepatitis.…

 +  2020-07-13 09:51

Injection of #ketamine restores decreased dopamine neuron population activity, as well as synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus-accumbens pathway.

Low dose of ketamine exhibits fast-acting sustained antidepressant action in treatment-resist #depression…

 +  2020-07-10 18:04

I guess my dislike of super-short #variable names like $wpdb started in #math and physics where the Greek / Latin alphabet mono-letter naming scheme quickly shows its limits and causes variable collisions / reassignments. 😖

W = Watt, Work, Weight, W bozon, W state etc?

 +  2020-07-10 13:59

Best way to test the strength of your #habit? Social.

Example: you do your morning hatha #yoga even when your gorgeous partner is too lazy to join and blabbers on about joie de vivre, naked, in bed.

 +  2020-07-10 05:59

For the 1/100th time, I am much bigger and better than you. NOT REPORTED!

 +  2020-07-09 14:59

What happens when you click the “pause” button on a track currently playing on @SoundCloud?

No, the track does NOT stop playing. Instead, a “Next up” menu appears.

Who was the genius who approved this #UI decision? Hello?! ‘Stop’ does not mean ‘Show next tracks’! Please!😖

 +  2020-07-09 05:29

Why would you want to #improve yourself, others and the world?
To experience less #pain and #suffering… especially when you interact with reality.

If all is great in your life and you’re content with everything, then don’t improve, stay the same. 😀

 +  2020-07-08 06:54

Most important natural resources for a country’s #success / stability: prevalence of #truth (no double standards, no #censorship, no lies), mutual trust (ability to work out & keep agreements), impartial legal system, respect / support of the weak (women, sick, disabled, elderly)

 +  2020-07-02 16:42

#Instagram is a great tool to get to know people. Open a profile and:

1) Scroll through their posts — sample their #taste (or lack thereof), attention to detail (feet cut off, random branches in the frame, etc.)

2) Pay attention to the number of #selfie’s — gauge their vanity, #egotism and insecurity.

3) Read through the captions — a collection of hashtags or a carefully crafted story?

4) Check out their replies to comments, especially to praise and #criticism — is it mostly emojis and thank-yous or witty invitations to a conversation?

5) Take a look at who they follow — do they follow B2C brands, models and influencers… or B2B tool-makers / providers, #artists and #designers?

 +  2020-07-01 05:48

The correlation between the level of #neuroticism and the level of #stress tolerance allows you to put someone in a stressful situation, observe their reaction and deduct their neuroticism predominance. Easy to learn about the people you plan to live / work with.

 +  2020-06-29 20:58

Once re-opened, the #cinema theaters’ antiviral fogging machines, reduced capacity and increased staffing will also push ticket prices into 40 EUR territory. The traditional, egalitarian cinema exhibition is most probably doomed, its fate only precipitated by Covid-19.

But the collapse of old business models should unleash a new wave of #creativity in #film. That’s where we, as filmmakers, come in.…

 +  2020-06-29 13:07

Nice, a city in the south of France (yeah, the airport to get to the Cannes festival), has just gone from +29°C to +35°C… in 20 minutes! Yet another record for the kids asking why we did nothing to stop #ClimateChange.

 +  2020-06-29 12:54

Mask it or casket.
( 😷or ⚰️)

 +  2020-06-29 03:29

“#Art should comfort the disturbed and #disturb the comfortable.”
― Cesar A. Cruz

 +  2020-06-28 20:34

A link for anyone who requests a real-time #meeting, whether through @zoom_us or IRL. Seriously, consider @NotionHQ or @figmadesign or any other async collaboration tool. 😉

 +  2020-06-28 20:09

Any #creative type / pro here who’ve been heavily influenced by #KarlJung? Why and when?

 +  2020-06-26 10:05

“In the spirit of fair #competition and #equality, the selection committee has decided to award the winner’s prize to all members of the competition. Congratulations on your exceptional work to everyone who submitted a #film!”

 +  2020-06-25 13:06

It is safest not to #know. Therefore, what you willingly decide not to know points at your #fear’s, #weakness’es and discomforts. A useful tool, if you decide you do want to know. 🙃

 +  2020-06-24 06:40

There’s this idea that only #women test their men. No. Men test as well. And it’s OK to test early, test often. Like in #engineering.

What’s important is the quality of tests. Because the type, complexity and #compassion of a test shows you how smart and mature is the tester. 😋

 +  2020-06-23 11:51

We all use #denial and #illusion as a coping tool. To a varying degree. As with any cheap and legal #drug, it’s the quantity that may become a problem. A problem we tend to deny. 😉

 +  2020-06-23 07:39

If you’re struggling to find your “to buy” lists on @eBay… because your “Watchlist” button on top shows empty.

• hover the “My eBay” button on top left … but don’t click it
• select the “Watchlist” item in this hovered menu and click that

• you’ll arrive at a new page like
• somewhere in the middle of that page, there’ll be a title named… “Watchlist” … with a tiny blue downward arrow
• click on the tiny blue downward arrow
• your lists will appear

• click on the list you’interested in
• continue enjoying your life

This is the most fucked-up #UI experience I’ve come across in a long while. #eBay is stuck in some 1990′s horrendous design thinking.

 +  2020-06-22 21:19

+38 °C in Verkhoyansk, beyond the polar circle? Nah, it’s all good, we’ll be fine, right?


 +  2020-06-22 15:14

What’s up with “autobiography” and “storytelling” #techno music genres on #SoundCloud? 🤔

 +  2020-06-20 18:26

A young #JordanPeterson’s short recount & accurate interpretation of #Buddha’s transformation from a rich kid to an enlightened world savior?

Yes, please! Fascinating in so many regards. For example, how his voice and tempo had changed over the years.…

 +  2020-06-20 11:25

Talking — to others, to yourself — takes #courage. It takes even more courage to talk through and negotiate #conflict, inside yourself and outside with others.

If you remain silent — guess what’s lacking?

 +  2020-06-20 10:54

Peter Thiel and Eric Weinstein discussion of the US #education dependent on lies, self-delusion and $1.56 T of #studentDebt. Universities that reject #polymath or disruptive intellectuals for fear of them pointing out its stagnation……

 +  2020-06-15 20:04

Gee… when is @WhatsApp and @TwitterSupport gonna finally allow us to edit messages and tweets? I’m tired of deleting and re-sending after spotting a typo on a 2nd re-read.🤦🏻‍♂️

Is it an architecture problem for WhatsApp? And for Twitter, I have no explanations at all. Any ideas?

 +  2020-06-13 18:36

#Looting in my local @CarrefourGroup supermarket in downtown Paris.

Guys grabbing from & destroying stalls, managers closing down metal window blinds, perimeter fence sliding into customers trying to escape… screams & panic while hipsters w beers look on from café terasses. 😱

 +  2020-06-13 14:07

Oh! Stumbled upon the Theory of positive #disintegration (TPD) by #KazimierzDabrowski… ever heard about it? Opinions?

 +  2020-06-10 09:55

Help, please! I’d like to apply auto-formatting in VS @code to #PHP files with the following rules:

• Stroustrup style braces (K&R variant)
• space before conditional
• space after function
• spaces in parentheses

Example in #VScode screenshot


 +  2020-06-06 17:54

Wait, is the only legal reason #AOC can’t run for president of the USA — her age?! WTF?! #Ageism? 😱

 +  2020-06-06 05:22

Why are #emoji blond-haired by default? Doesn’t seem like #blond hair is the dominant color on this planet, right? 🤔

Also, where are the #bald variants I need?! 😂

 +  2020-06-05 07:22

Had a strange dream. I was on a small boat in the middle of the ocean, with Oleg Berezin, a super-smart Russian #film industry analyst, post-production studio owner in St-Petersburg and SMPTE rep in Russia. And we were preparing a #burial at sea of 3 corpses.

You might have seen the procedure on TV: a body / casket on a plank, covered by a cloth or flag, tilted and off it slides into the water.

We’re busy going through the mechanisms, to distract ourselves from the sadness of loss, the emptiness of #grief to contain our own isolation

from land, offshore. And we’re not the closest friends in real life with Oleg, so we kept it rather formal and practical.

And I don’t know who was under those 3 flags.

So we hit the lever… and the tilting mechanism doesn’t work, jamming mid-way. And we have to push the bodies into water manually.

They splash and I woke up with intestinal muscle cramps. 🙁

 +  2020-06-04 14:10

A project without a goal, without #commitment and without #risk is a hobby. Fun, at times, but fruitless. Filling, but without breakthroughs.

Do you live a life of hobbies or projects? 🧐

 +  2020-06-03 12:29

We’re taught to #learn only from GOOD examples, teachers, books and speakers

But I think we can learn even more from BAD examples, photos… even relationships. More variety and quantity🤪

Let’s learn from this horrendous incapacity to reply to a question…

 +  2020-06-03 10:47

Do you know someone eaten by the #money machine? Were they close? Why do you think it happened?

“What does the money machine eat? It eats youth, #spontaneity, life, beauty and, above all, it eats #creativity. It eats quality and shits out quantity.”
― William S. Burroughs

 +  2020-05-31 10:55

#ElonMusk singing #Soviet pop hit «Земля в иллюминаторе».…

 +  2020-05-31 10:07

Sometimes, it sure feels good to be the “normal” 91% #programmer / #dev.

Though I do tend to skip calling friends or playing games… Instead, I #meditate till I panic. 🤣

How about you?

 +  2020-05-31 08:47

The extreme range of human achievement and failure is unbearable. A cheap, reusable human-carrying system is in low Earth orbit. Unarmed people are being choked to death because of high melanin in their skin. At the same time. 🤯

Both events streamed live.

 +  2020-05-30 06:17

Who cares about #truth, #facts, or even feelings of other human beings… when you have your own, best, beautiful, beloved #emotions… within the safety of personal #boundaries and the pleasure of confirmation biases?

 +  2020-05-29 23:31

“Calling for a more measured way to express opposition to police brutality, critics slammed demonstrators Thursday for recklessly looting businesses without forming a private equity firm first.”…

 +  2020-05-28 04:56

Often the simplest #lighting setup works best, like for this #MichaelMann’s iconic scene in “#Heat”.

– “So you never wanted a regular type life?”
– “What the fuck is that? Barbecues and ballgames?”

A #film about 2 workaholic brothers, so dear to me. Have you seen it?

 +  2020-05-27 18:15

“I don’t know how to explain to someone why they should #care about other people. I don’t know how to convince someone how to experience the basic human #emotion of #empathy. I can’t talk with someone who is content to see millions of people suffer.”…

 +  2020-05-24 11:54

“For me, it was like getting addicted to crack / #meth / heroin / LSD” … says yet another person who’d never used any of those, and who’d never been #addicted to anything worse than #caffeine or chocolate.

I mean come on, people, choose your words with a bit more care, please🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2020-05-19 19:34

The estimated decrease in daily fossil #CO2 emissions from the severe and forced confinement of world populations of -17% (-11 to -25%) at its peak are extreme and probably unseen before. Still, these only correspond to the level of #emissions in 2006.…

 +  2020-05-19 09:39

Do you choose safe or strong?

• Strong is an active capacity to interact, rebound and grow in adversity (emotional, intellectual, physical).

Strong is seeking out #adventure and challenge, people that disagree with you, mentors that pinpoint your fallacies, #nature that humbles your invincibility. #Strong is giving your best to build new stuff.

• Safe is a passive self-limit, an acceptance of your current, seemingly immutable state.

Safe is doing things you were taught to do, surrounding yourself with similar people, hearing only “nice” words to confirm your biases and #selfLove, placid all-inclusive urban trips to first-world countries. #Safe is giving your #money to buy someone else’s stuff.

We’re currently obsessed with safety, #boundaries and borders, personal and state. It’s the official #generationZ motto. Safety is also the antithesis of excitement, of discovery, of being, of #creating.

Safe or not, we all die, eventually. Sooner than later. On a bed in the safety of a hospital or on the deck of a sail yacht in the fury of a mid-Atlantic storm.

Life is short, but have you ever lived?

 +  2020-05-18 15:25

1 year 1 month ago, we’ve screened and discussed our @kvadratmovie feature #film in the Moscow Film School with Vsevolod Korshunov, a brilliant #filmmaking teacher & scholar (check out his TEDx talks)

Watch the #indiefilm themed Q&A with EN and FR subs.…

 +  2020-05-15 12:14

What a difference just one letter makes: #AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) becomes #AWCS (Automatic Waste Collection System). 🤣

 +  2020-05-14 05:12

#Humanity? Nah, we’ll be fine.

 +  2020-05-12 14:48

Amazon looking into buying AMC #cinema’s and its 10 000 screens in movie theaters around the world.…

 +  2020-05-12 06:34

Quick poll, please. When you say “he / she’s got #talent”, do you mean a person:

• was born with above-average DNA well-suited for an activity?
• has developed some above-average ability through #practice?
• has combined lucky #DNA with deliberate work?
• something else?

 +  2020-05-11 13:00

I invent and build new stuff from nothing. Online & offline. Something to watch, read or listen to and🤔 Cross-culture, cross-media, A to Z projects.🧘‍♂️

Art without purpose. Or tools to live, tell or sell a story.

So I tweet on a wide range of subjects that tickle our brains.🤖

 +  2020-05-11 07:38

A sarcastically funny, but amazingly accurate account of the super-complex “#producer / director / story” dynamic… and how it can go wrong and why. Especially with such a loaded franchise, #StarWars.…

 +  2020-05-10 11:21

“The #strength of a person’s #spirit is measured by how much ‘#truth’ he can tolerate, or more precisely, to what extent he needs to have it diluted, disguised, sweetened, muted or falsified.”

― Friedrich #Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

 +  2020-05-08 16:15

Wow. Arch-rivals @patagonia and @Columbia1938 joining forces in court in support of a lawsuit challenging the EPA’s decision last year to overturn the 2015 Clean Power Plan (CPP) and replace it with the weaker Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule.…

 +  2020-05-08 15:26

#War is not OK. War is not fun. And 75 years is enough to forget that.

I hope we as #artists continue to remind others to stop killing each other.

 +  2020-05-07 12:15

Some #motivation to get you through the day of hard #mental effort and discovery of #thermodynamics and of how the world works in general. 🤣

 +  2020-05-06 21:13

Anyone else addicted to Alt↑ and Alt↓ in #VScode and now stumbling and failing in all other apps? 😂

 +  2020-05-06 13:13

It’s real simple. The brain is an organ which, like any other organ in the body, maintains an acceptable state of balance to remain alive. Your consciousness is a (small) part of this organ’s activity.


To keep the #brain in balance, the #consciousness creates stories about stuff going on inside and outside. It can be true stories, or false stories. It can be scientific data and objective testable models… or it can be fairies and gods. Your brain doesn’t care.


It only cares about the overall “I’m OK”.

You might think complete #nonsense about how airplanes fly or what other people feel. It doesn’t matter. Until you experience fear of flying or continuously misread people and their reactions. Winking face


And our #society doesn’t reward consistent, rational thought, or cause and effect #congruence. Quite the contrary. Raja #yoga and PHDs are for the weirdos. 🤪

4/4 — the end

( no it isn’t the end … that’s when we make a sequel, cause #filmmaking is all about creating mostly false stories 😂 )

 +  2020-05-05 17:15

#AndreiTarkovsky started this wet-on-set trend in #film #production soon copied by the #BladeRunner crew… at least now I can always use that as an excuse for making someone miserable for days.

 +  2020-05-05 11:49

#Covid19 #Lockdown talk:

So, the Me resides in this as Me,
is residing in all of that as Me.
So that Me, through this Me, talking to Me.…

 +  2020-05-05 11:01

But hey, seeing #rich humans on #Mars is worth it, right? 😉

 +  2020-05-05 10:40

Super-rich, super-pop #techno #DJ’s asking others to support the people on their own teams, instead of sharing just a bit of their millions. The epidemic shows us again who’s about the music, about the creation… and who’s about the money, the consumption.…

 +  2020-05-04 21:10

I have this tendency to hit ⌘S while writing a comment on a Facebook post, or a quick reply in some Messenger window… who else has #MacOS 9 crash trauma? 🤣

 +  2020-05-03 10:30

Wait, #Facebook… “Recent optimistic video” in the DOM?! Whaaa? 😂

#HTML #JavaScript #code

 +  2020-05-03 09:49

Le monde. The world. Our #planet. Round and finite. With different people and other animals. And we gotta live #together. Solve our problems together.

By @hillergoodspeed

 +  2020-05-01 07:20

The DGA asked “Contagion” director Steven Soderbergh to lead a task force to determine when #cinema work can resume. If the second wave of Covid-19 hits us in autumn, #filming will not resume until 2021.

Ouch. Happy May Not Work Day. 🙁…

 +  2020-04-30 05:00

“#Airlines and oil giants are on the brink. But no government should offer them a lifeline. The #Covid19 crisis is a chance to rebuild our #economy for the good of humanity.”

Agree or disagree? Do you think anyone will listen to the wishes of the people?…

 +  2020-04-29 20:10

Why is logical consistency so rare these days?

• logical consistency no longer considered a #virtue?
• #logic, in a broader sense, no longer considered a virtue?
• priority of self-centered #emotionalHealth / #boundaries over rational, albeit cold truth?

Something else? 🤔

 +  2020-04-29 09:39

Work on #FastAndFurious 10 continues in #selfIsolation.

 +  2020-04-28 17:57

#FONGO is the new #FOMO.

 +  2020-04-28 16:56


the year is 2020, and I’ve learned that this #macOS process’ name stands for #NeXTStep Uniform Resource Locator Session Daemon

from 1988. 😮

 +  2020-04-28 15:36

Almost the room shades with a change, that time again, running all over the cracks of the wind of thoughts.

 +  2020-04-27 14:08

Don’t talk. Don’t touch. Don’t walk. Don’t walk at night. Don’t walk on the right. Don’t #think. Don’t do #drugs. Don’t cry. Don’t #experiment. Don’t exist. Don’t do anything. Don’t run with scissors and don’t play with fire. Don’t #rebel. Don’t breathe.…

 +  2020-04-26 21:25

For those that might be struggling with #autoCorrect when combining 2+ #languages on #MacOS. I’ve finally found a way to adjust the EN variants and remove unneeded langs in:

System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > Automatic by Language

Dunno how I missed this param so long. 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2020-04-26 20:21

Companies by market capitalization in the S&P 500

 +  2020-04-26 07:32

“You either die a rebel, or live long enough to become like your parents.”

Andrés Gómez Emilsson / @algekalipso

 +  2020-04-25 08:03

Mike’s music will live on. 😭

#techno longa #vita brevis…

 +  2020-04-25 06:52

Very handy visual summary of the current #Covid19 clinical trials. Comforting to know that science teams are working hard on this 24/7. Worldwide.

 +  2020-04-25 02:28

Ashford Inc, which operates luxury hotels like the Ritz-Carlton, has applied for $64.4 MILLION in US government-backed loans that help struggling small businesses keep their workforce employed during the Covid-19 crisis.

This ‘small’ company paid its CEO $3.1 million in 2019.

 +  2020-04-24 01:51

As a reply to "Anatoly watches dramas”, “makes sad films”, “listens to monotone music in minor key” and “talks about #death and decay”.🤖

@tferriss summary of thoughts on death and how a sense of #urgency, of finite living can be such a powerful tool:…

 +  2020-04-23 21:34

“I don’t view that we pay people to *do* things. That’s easy, to find people to do things.

What’s harder is to find people to *tell you what should be done*!

That’s what we look for. We pay people a lot of money, and we expect them to tell us what to do.”


 +  2020-04-23 20:39

There’s progress!

A team has “successfully cloned 2 human blocking mAbs using #Covid19 RBD-specific memory B cells isolated from recovered patients. These mAbs can block the interaction between the virus and hACE2 receptor and lead to neutralization.”…

 +  2020-04-23 19:20

“Perhaps the bigger challenge facing #filmFestival’s is the rarely acknowledged fact that most have deployed in-person celebrity events to close budget gaps and it seems unlikely that a Zoomed-in famous person is going to feel special enough” to care.…

 +  2020-04-23 14:39

For the last 45 days, that fenced out tree has been the only part of nature, of something organically leafy and green I can see from my #Paris window. But only if I bend out and sideways. 😕

Have we gone too far with our need to shelter ourselves from #nature?

 +  2020-04-23 07:02

Ever tried to #change your ways? Fight the problems you’ve created for yourself, often knowingly? That’s why fighting the #Covid19 for us humans is so hard.

 +  2020-04-22 19:32

#Design isn’t __ by @PM_studio. What do you see?

 +  2020-04-22 17:49

An accurate description of the 54% of my inbox… 🙄…

 +  2020-04-22 16:06

Here’s what Covid-19 does to your body. Illustrated by @azuravesta .…

 +  2020-04-22 14:07

Reuse, recycle. In this case, reuse 107 iPhones to make 1 electric guitar that sounds great. Of course, it’s crazy, and it’s Russian. 😀…

 +  2020-04-21 18:23

“Medical equipment and financial conduits involve no rocket science. Making masks and transferring bailout money are not hard. We could have these things, but we chose not to BUILD.

The problem is desire. The problem is will. To BUILD.”…

 +  2020-04-21 17:57

Expected, but still bad. 😕

As we approach the 8-week mark, the trickle of force majeure invocations is expected to turn into a flood, as major studios start imposing layoffs and begin suspending or terminating a significant portion of their term deals.…

 +  2020-04-21 15:15

Underground #techno music is like #jazz. Raw feelings without words. But… Less mess, more structure. Less abrupt improv, more subtle variety. Both reward the patient and attentive.

 +  2020-04-21 12:54

Canon’s new #Cine-Servo 25-250 mm T2.9-3.9.
Thank god my #cashFlow is so negatively affected by Covid-19, I won’t have to control myself this time.

 +  2020-04-21 11:55

Trump said he’ll sign an executive order temporarily suspending #immigration into the U.S. I’m thinking about all those in the American #creative and #highTech sectors already struggling to fulfil their needs from a global brains pool… SF, LA? 🤦…

 +  2020-04-21 02:38

Thanks to @HBO’s #Chernobyl, fewer people worldwide will rejoice at the officially low stats of #COVIDー19 deaths in #Russia.

Causes change. Cultures remain.

 +  2020-04-18 22:17

If you have difficulty breathing with a #COVID 19, lie down on your stomach (prone). And _not_ on your back.🙂

At least some of the time. Don’t overdo it.

* and no, it’s not a new trick, it’s been used in ARDS for a while now

 +  2020-04-17 12:53

“The best people take me over a year to hire. I usually meet somebody that is really good. And you can’t get them. And you know you’re going to be settling for 2nd best if you compromise.

And I’ve always found it best not to compromise, and just keep chipping away.”


 +  2020-04-17 06:47

Quarantine discovery of the day: the #TeutonicOrder exists till this day.

I thought we defeated them in Sergei #Eisenstein’s ”Alexander Nevsky”. 🤣

 +  2020-04-15 14:26

”Think happy thoughts” .. “You’re too dark” .. “OK, I‘ll do better.”

A devastating read, maybe because I know and have seen and experienced the mechanics of this. And most probably a hard read to anyone. But important.…

 +  2020-04-09 20:09

Notice the #uidesign Armageddon.

 +  2020-04-09 19:07

A wonderfully written and illustrated call to action that will remain actionless.

I’d be happy if you could prove me wrong?

 +  2020-04-07 21:29

FYI: don’t believe the Apple forced upgrade BS.

In our tests, the #AirPodsPro work fine with #MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and 10.14 (Mojave)… in addition to the “absolutely required latest MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)”.

 +  2020-04-03 10:00

Why no one makes aftermarket deep-insertion in-ear canal tips for the #Apple #AirPodsPro ? Did I miss something while searching? 🤔

All pro in-ear #music / #sounddesign / film #audio production devices fit much deeper. Like the Etymotics, for example?

 +  2020-04-01 13:46

People. Stop eating animals, their unborn children (eggs) and their babies’ food (milk). Stop.

You’re smarter than this. Camels (MERS), cows (mad cow disease), birds (avian flu)… now bats (Covid-19).

Besides, there’s nothing to lose. We have TONS of tasty non-animal recipes.😋

 +  2020-04-01 12:13

The way you treat your employees and suppliers doesn’t seem to matter for your success as a company. Which is appalling. The Patagonias of the business world are few (and even Patagonia, the way they moved out of Annecy… 🙄)

Shareholders and clients? Yes. Team? Not really.

 +  2020-03-30 11:03

Am I the only one to find @UPS #UPS shipping prep interface extremely awkward?

Weird form validation, duplication, erratic billing estimates, bugged account use for shipments where the departure is not the same country as our account number? Who the hell tests this #UX ?!

 +  2020-03-27 08:53

Everything is “Normal” these days. Including nail polish for #men. My #boundaries are, like, so triggered.…

 +  2020-03-27 06:00

Anyone else thinks #Nginx documentation is written in a weird style? Is that because Igor Sysoev is a #Russian -speaking #dev? 😂

“You can’t do this. You shouldn’t.” … “directive can be more complicated to use correctly” etc.?

 +  2020-03-27 05:24

Everything #Facebook owns — FB, Instagram, WhatsApp — has terrible search. Ever tried finding that last month‘s post or a message you sent a week ago?

Even a simple copy-paste-as-text and ⌘F does better!

Any idea why? The “be in the moment” culture, maybe? 🤣

 +  2020-03-23 06:53

One of the best technical repositories of #COVIDー19 clinical care data and protocols.

 +  2020-03-19 15:42

Quick online #video quality survey, please. To you:

 +  2020-03-18 17:15

What’s up with all the advice to wear a #bra when working at home given by women to women?

#feminism no more?

 +  2020-03-18 01:46

As hospitals run out of ventilators, I sure hope we die in peace, knowing that we have plenty of laser-sighted guns, GPS-guided bombs, autonomous cruise missiles and perfumed toilet paper.

 +  2020-03-16 14:56

Just to be clear. As a civilisation, we knew about the current viral pandemic, the 2008 crisis, terrorist attacks… and the next climate-change related disasters. Very similar to how you know that you should exercice, sleep 9 hours a day and floss your teeth. And avoid bat meat.

 +  2020-03-15 21:10

American bureaucracies are no longer up to the job of coping with the kinds of challenges that face the USA. Pandemics require highly motivated, educated bureaucrats; a national healthcare system that covers entire population; schools that train to think.…

 +  2020-03-15 16:21

Wait, did I miss something? The sapphire on #AppleWatch scratches at a mere Mohs 6 ?!…

 +  2020-03-15 12:01

Not only America. Our world of countless bullshit ways to punish people, to make lives more difficult, or to make sure that money keeps flowing upward.…

 +  2020-03-14 17:06

For years I thought #php’s MySQLi stood for MySQL “light” and I wondered why…

OK, ”improved“ it is. 🤦‍♂️

 +  2020-03-14 11:53

“While most people with #COVID19 develop only mild or uncomplicated illness, approximately 14% develop severe disease that requires hospitalization and oxygen support, and 5% require admission to an intensive care unit.”

14% is a lot.…

 +  2020-03-01 22:15

Just because your favorite #drugs are officially authorised in your country — tobacco, #alcohol, #opioids, #antidepressants and anxiolytics — doesn’t mean you’re not a drug user. You are still a #junkie.

 +  2020-02-24 09:58

Awesome for those of you who skipped / slept / yawned through #chemistry classes in school. 😀

Click on each element’s box.…

 +  2020-02-11 08:05

#design love…

 +  2020-01-18 16:35

Walled gardens, looser deserts and branded soles.… a world of second-hand ideas sold for virtual money to get an illusion of owning and belonging.

 +  2020-01-07 18:26

Burn and grow.

#PersonalGrowth #MoneyFirst #ExpensiveFuneral #SuicideEconomics…

 +  2019-12-23 22:43

The little-talked about scene of #fusion reaction start-up failure after fuel injection in #TheExpanse Season 4 is the first attempt at depicting the insides of a fusion #reactor in cinema / TV. Ever.

Correct me if I’m wrong @TheExpansePO and @TheExpanseWR ?

 +  2019-12-22 16:37

Probably the best overview of lexical environments and garbage collection in #JavaScript closures I’ve ever come across:…

Awesome open collaborative project by @iliakan.

 +  2019-12-16 14:41

Wait, 480 EUR for a set of 4 caster wheels?!

#AppleRippoff #macpro2019

 +  2019-11-29 21:07

We view #death countless times on screen daily. And yet how many of us think that soon we’ll be dying in a similar way? Gasping for air? Cringing in #pain? Feeble and afraid? Mumbling prayers and #regrets?

Do we realise, watching yet another human die, that our own end is close?

 +  2019-11-28 23:13

Can anyone here explain me how they decide to buy a #perfume after seeing an #ad, please? How’s you personal preferences for a _smell_ gets an override from a _visual_?

 +  2019-11-26 15:59

Good talk from Reed at #Netflix.…

 +  2019-11-25 18:12

Mark Vallen’s #future #poster from my birth year #1980. Still relevant today.

Where the fuck are the flying cars I promised myself to survive?!

 +  2019-11-23 14:06

Net worth plunging or soaring is important only to those without any.

 +  2019-11-22 19:24

Jeez, the quantity of #ads in the phone version of #Instagram is astounding! I see an ad every 3-4 pictures! 😲

How can you stand it? Tell me?

 +  2019-11-18 21:58

iTunes stopped syncing your contacts to #iPhone?

It’s a bug ignored by #Apple: #MacOS #AddressBook entries with “son” or “daughter” will cancel the entire sync of contacts data to iPhone.

Workaround: change all fields “Son” or “Daughter” to “child”.

#Sync will work again.

 +  2019-11-14 15:01

Jaw-dropping pure #CSS:

 +  2019-11-14 07:05

So… uhmm… 3 years to get 1 esc key back?
OK, 40 years to go. 🤦‍♂️

 +  2019-11-13 01:13

What’s up with being unable to select #HTML text in Chrome, Safari and FireFox? Including on ”#accessibility -optimised” sites?! Like @ouisncf?

I mean, nothing fancy for this <div>. What am I missing in the #design / #code?

 +  2019-11-10 00:31

“There’s a lot of money to be made by telling people that they’re responsible for their own problems.” — Ronald Purser.…

 +  2019-11-07 23:46

We’re influenced by our environment. Especially when we don’t realize it.

 +  2019-11-04 04:37

Want to see gods, #miracles and #magic everywhere? Skip #math and logic in school. Ignore while loops and iterations. Avoid chaos theory and fractals. 😉

 +  2019-10-14 14:37

The exodus of #cinema #talent from #Hollywood studios to streamers… visualised.…

 +  2019-10-10 11:21

You have a #design idea, the something that should do something. And it requires a weird component you have no idea where to get and how it’s called?

You’re looking for ”The Thing”!

Fortunately, there’s a process for finding and ordering The Thing:…

 +  2019-10-06 09:36

The #frustration and #despair of the #eternal trapped inside the finite.

– What seems to be the problem? Would you like to be modified?
– #Death .

 +  2019-10-03 18:11

Wow. So disappointed by the @Philips Lighting Master #LED spot ExpertColor lights!

The only 3 great things about them? High 92 #CRI, low consumption, low heat.

But the looks? Terrible. Weak, overtightened beam… and the Kelvins just don’t match the halogens.😕

Switching back.

 +  2019-10-03 06:40

. @arri will be using a new 24-volt B-Mount developed with Bebob. A new, open standard which looks similar to the Anton Bauer Gold Mount.

 +  2019-09-26 17:28

Genius #UIX design by @PayPal : a notification to notify me that ”you have no notifications”. 🤦‍♂️

How on earth can that go into production?!

 +  2019-09-25 16:34

Uhm… I’ve been wondering for a while now. Does #Sigma, the #tiling cutters manufacturer, have a web site? Googled once, googled twice… nothing.

Any pro #tiler #finisher out there could point me in the right direction, please?

 +  2019-09-25 13:38

Build your own #Chrome extension to disable a flashing tab title of #Facebook Messenger when a new message arrives while you’re reading something else in another tab.

It works!

Just change the “matches” to [“*”] in manifest.json…

 +  2019-09-05 21:15

The new #Canon #cinema #EOS C500 mk II seems close to perfection!…

 +  2019-09-04 19:55

We live in the world of delays. Flights, Ubers, marriages and Brexits.

 +  2019-08-31 13:46

People who claim that an #art form is defined by its consumption method continue to amaze me.

Next time you buy a #painting to hang on your wall, remember that outside a #museum, it won’t be a piece of art anymore.

Just a decor element.

And a feature #film on Netflix? A video.

 +  2019-08-24 20:00

I cringe every time I see lights INSIDE a #space suit’s helmet in most #movies or series.

Correct #LED position is OUTSIDE, for fucks sake. No amount of ”but we can’t see the #actor’s face” will ever atone for yer sins.

 +  2019-08-22 10:41

We could cut #recycling costs significantly if we taught and encouraged kids to disassemble stuff. #DIY and engineering hands-on education as as bonus. Girls and boys.

Requires better collection points, but otherwise, nothing fancy.

 +  2019-08-11 16:22

A 2-week #commute to work from Southampton UK to Beijing CN by #train… for 2500 USD. Costly commitment to limit personal #CO2 emissions.…

 +  2019-08-05 04:19

Slow-paced, ultra-high-tech #robot-with-human #manufacture of the #Mercedes #AMG internal combustion #engine. Cleaner than most hospitals and quieter than most libraries.…

 +  2019-07-31 20:10

The Euro-Gripper system was developed by the Euro-Gripper research group (Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Volkswagen) based on an octagonal profile which facilitates modular integration of clamping and centring units for grippers in body-in-white via connectors, adapters and tubes.

 +  2019-07-31 15:29

A question to the #engineer.s and people in #manufacturing, please ( @gak_pdx ?)

Who makes those modular hollow 45°-paned #construction beams with evenly-spaced threaded holes? Used to frame and hold parts in car plants (#BMW, #Mercedes…) and mount @FestoAg devices?

 +  2019-07-25 20:21

#Animals don’t do sexual #identity. They just do #sex.

Oftentimes we overcomplicate the wrong aspects of our lives.

 +  2019-07-24 18:19

You haven’t evolved to be #happy, or even content. Instead, you are designed primarily to survive and reproduce. Sustained #happiness has no #biological basis.…

 +  2019-07-21 13:45

Is there anyone on this planet who likes to #DIY #disassemble #snapFit parts? Is it the little-known attribute of the cheap, #throwAway culture?

Any tips on how to limit destruction of the permanent cantilever snap fits, please?

 +  2019-03-20 09:58

Disney now controls 35% of the Hollywood studio market share. AT&T’s WarnerMedia has 19%, Comcast’s NBCUniversal has 15, Sony Pictures has 10%, LionsGate has 8%, and Viacom is holding on with only 5%.

So, having Netflix and Amazon around is a good thing. Relatively speaking. 😕

 +  2019-03-13 15:16

Probably the best short video about #overtraining (or otherwise over-stressing your #body) I’ve seen in a while. Applies to any #film shoot with heavy steadicam / handheld gear as well. Take care of your #body and the #creative brain will function. 🤖…

 +  2019-03-10 15:23

Blessed are those whose purpose and enjoyment is to repair and restore, rebuild and recover, for everything in this Universe decays and crumbles.

 +  2019-01-29 16:07

And Google is almost a memoir.…

 +  2019-01-17 09:52

Glad @airfrance had the guts to cancel @weflyjoon #brand and reintegrate it back into main #identity, crew & fleet. Always better to experiment and pivot then to obstinate, especially with such murky results (speaking as a #designer & customer):…

 +  2018-12-01 16:44

Spot on.…

 +  2018-10-30 14:04

Average people invest in #entertainment, smart people invest in #information, successful people invest in #execution.

( success being the attainment of above-norm goals 🙃 )

 +  2018-10-29 05:38

I remember when @RedHat was still a #startup… and me installing our own custom Red Hat #Linux 7 Servers in… uhmm… 2001.

Now it’s a 34 billion USD purchase by @IBM. Wow.

 +  2018-10-04 18:04

#Creative #cinema work often requires weird #DIY #tinkering in tight spaces. Thankfully, @BoschPro_UK GSB 16 RE has all the #pro niceties of a big #drill: metal gear housing, 750 W / 2,3 Nm… in a very compact, abuse-ready package. Highly recommended on #set. 2 kg only!

 +  2018-09-28 13:25

For those who woke up to the round obesity of the updated #Chrome UI… and seek to revert to the bliss of #minimalism:…

 +  2018-08-24 05:40

31 years after #Canon, #Nikon finally migrates to a modern lens mount of ⌀55 mm. Well, too late for me. I switched in… ahmm… 1999. Kinda disappointing there’s still no pan-industry standard in 2018. Still a lock-in lens strategy.

 +  2018-08-23 02:22

Applicable to pre-sales of your #film… only you rarely get a financier to re-read your #script. So, start with less likely buyers (testing on non-core target is still valuable testing). 🤪…

 +  2018-08-21 14:43

#IDW’s #JordanPeterson writes: because the Universe is irrational it’s OK to believe in irrational #God… But, he yells: you don’t know what you believe… because of accumulated complexity of human culture. Why people love this unstructured, pseudo-scientific rehash of old ideas?

 +  2018-08-20 22:33

Jesus, #techno #music people… please, please! Watch your headroom! Leave me at least -2 dB ! 0 dB is poof, gone, dead, nada! Go mow your lawn, not your art. #Mastering basics.🤦‍♂️

 +  2018-05-01 06:17

If you can’t… you must. ;)

 +  2018-04-18 15:41

So… I’m debugging someone else’s #JQuery #code… and remembered this quote from somewhere “Document my code? Why do you think it’s called ‘code’?” Argh…

 +  2018-04-11 09:31

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men evolved differently, that they are born with certain mutable characteristics, and that among these are life and the pursuit of pleasure.” — American Declaration of #Independence translated into #biological terms (in #Sapiens)

 +  2018-03-29 14:01

Surprisingly detailed and well-numbered article comparing @HBO , @netflix and partially @AmazonStudios and @hulu . Top vs bottom lines, strategies, investments in R&D, the way they present themselves:…

 +  2018-03-21 22:18

Always, always think and talk in probabilities. Probabilities is how the Universe works. From vacuum to neurogenesis.…

 +  2018-03-12 15:08

The 2nd most amazing property of #logic to me is the moment when a growing #human either learns to understand and use it… or fails and will never ever understand nor use it later on.

The chasm between logic-enabled and logic-disabled.

A learnable set. Non-#DNA (unlike taste).

 +  2018-02-09 23:33

Serious #digital #cinema cameras enter the XXI century with full-frame 24x36 mm sensors & user selectable ratios. @SonyProUSA Venice. Now @ARRIChannel LF.

I’d been taking this for granted in the still #photography word since the Canon 1Ds in 2002… Better in 2018 than never. :)

 +  2018-02-03 08:06

Ah yes… let me tell you a secret. My most creative piece of software is… @msexcel ! Leave & breathe in it.…

 +  2018-01-23 18:01

#Paris #Film #Locations #Expo #conference by @Film_France and @LeCNC about #international crews working together, specifically #American #cinema #crews with the #French.

Alex BODEN #Sense8 / @netflix, John BERNARD #Munich, #Inception, #Dunkirk, Romain LACOURBAS, DP

 +  2018-01-22 16:07

“#Truth is a lonely, and unprofitable, #business.” – @naval Ravikant

As a #documentary #filmmaker, I have to agree. :/

 +  2018-01-22 11:28

How accurate is this? @TedHope and @RoyPrice , please?

“Amazon Moves Away from the #IndieFilm Market” by @Film_Take :…

 +  2018-01-21 18:43

Counterintuitive but true. Mass appeal = diluted message, watch and forget.…

 +  2018-01-18 23:30

This is why French is the perfect language to talk for hours without saying anything.…

 +  2018-01-16 17:57

Why do you think most #film s of the current decade are about #DNA #survival? Either through #murder or reproduction. Humans, aliens, men and women… it’s all about killing or having #sex, in whatever epoch, past, present and future. High or low tech, smart or dumb. Same story.

 +  2018-01-15 15:24

Totally #ready. Totally @3M.

( Yep, #indieFilm requires custom designed #cinema #gear which involves some nasty chemicals. Thanks to 3M for keeping me alive! )

 +  2017-11-27 13:34

Cinema is a team sport.…

 +  2017-11-27 13:30

Truth is one but the ways to #truth are many. Which way have you chosen?

 +  2017-11-15 08:11

What a disappointment. @BoschPro_UK fail at small details like weak plastic connectors… Yes the vac motor keeps spinning, but the whole #tool is unusable without #ductTape. Not up to #pro or even #DIY level. French customer service asks us to mail the 9 € part for replacement!

 +  2017-11-13 04:10

Can someone please explain me the rationale of using several types of #fastener head systems in 1 product? #Allen + #Torx, #Torx + #Philips

#BMW, #Apple, tons of examples. Why not standardize on just 1?

 +  2017-10-17 08:45

An idea for #impactDriver #tool with “stop when Nm #torque reached” dial please? @BoschToolsNA @hitachitools @BoschPro_UK? Like GDX 18 V-EC?

 +  2017-09-13 11:16

Alas, that #AppleEvent2017 was boring and infantile, lacking improvisation and suspense. Steve would have been appalled. :(

 +  2017-09-10 07:43

Do you manage creatives? Do you know how creativity works? Avoid industrial paradigms……

 +  2017-09-07 15:23

Wishes fulfilled. @sonyproeurope new Venice #film camera shoots in any format imaginable, S35 to full-frame 24x36:…

 +  2017-07-10 15:04

Facebook, Instagram, Tinder infinite scroll your #social attention needs into #addiction… like slot machines:…

 +  2017-06-19 14:38

Wow. 10m+ wide #LED screens purpose-built for DCI-spec #cinema theaters. x20 brighter, 1M:1 contrast, 87K hour life:

 +  2017-06-12 15:49

#Cannes2017 debate about future theatrical, #VOD distribution by @SACDParis & @LeCNC. Mod @fandoetlis. Sadly missing @TedHope b/c comms prob

 +  2017-05-30 21:39

So… uhm… the #distribution certificate for any #film in Russia will now cost 80’000 EUR per film. That includes my future #indieFilm’s. 😡

 +  2017-05-30 14:07

Very detailed interesting #UX comparison of @googlemaps (which I love) vs #AppleMaps through time by @justinobeirne…

 +  2017-05-29 14:28

Fear of #failure and greed are the main reasons the big US #film studios struggle. Excellent article by @theDougBag…

 +  2017-05-27 20:45

I’m amazed how quickly I take simple things — #ceramic knives, #induction stove, @Microplane & @bialetti_it — for granted… until I have none

 +  2017-05-27 14:26

Of course it’s nice to have your back covered by someone like @FrancoiseNyssen , doing the rounds with the same #film people I work with.…

 +  2017-05-16 13:02

The current @Apple #MacBookPro’s keyboard is super loud, even in a #TGV speeding towards #Cannes2017. 3 seats away! Glad I have previous v.

 +  2017-05-10 13:34

#Film comrades, who would like to meet IRL at #Cannes2017? Will be there May 17-25. Mornings at #Producer Network.

 +  2017-05-09 15:36

2 things I wish people did in #international #business #correspondence: currency abbr (USD, EUR, RUB) and empty line breaks (shift+enter). 😬

 +  2017-05-07 17:58

Good @IndieWire article: @AmazonStudios investment in #indieFilm under @TedHope initiative. Historical perspective.…

 +  2017-04-10 21:01

I always knew my 20+ career of a specialized generalist was the right, future-proof choice. :)…

 +  2017-03-30 16:58

Despite logic, I still feel unreasonably sad about the fact that people without reason can’t be reasoned with:

 +  2017-03-27 08:29

“Have a caliber where you can have depth, width, height and strength.” — Siri Singh Sahib

 +  2017-03-17 18:12

Scathing, true overview of some of the reasons #France hasn’t given the world a historic #film #director in 30 years…

 +  2017-02-23 11:51

Is there a #method for #teaching #logic and #rhetoric to #illogical and confused adults? Or is it too late? Any research on this?

 +  2017-02-14 04:13

Oh the #fear of other human beings, however fabulous their achievements, with every sneeze and cough of #Berlinale.

 +  2017-01-31 19:56

Great results 1 year after #French tax rebate reform for #film #production. @IledeFranceFilm event with Nolan’s line #producer John Bernard.

 +  2017-01-31 11:41

Who’s planning to attend the @berlinale #film #festival? Let’s meet IRL.

 +  2017-01-26 16:19

Coldest #India related event I’ve been to: #film co-#production, tax breaks, team issues by @industrie_reve. -5C outside, +12C inside. :D

 +  2016-12-26 11:43

A short and eloquent sum-up of the state of mainstream #film today… . Sequels and reboots rule… #originality sleeps.

 +  2016-11-25 16:55

“The most basic, rudimentary spiritual need of the #Russian people is the need for suffering, ever-present and unquenchable” — #Dostoyevsky

 +  2016-11-21 11:46

Wow! Anhui Xinke New Materials acquires 80% of Chartier’s semi-#indieFilm Voltage Pictures:…

 +  2016-11-21 05:01

Hmm… a very possible link / symmetry between periods + motives and #Feynman diagrams’ structure + final #amplitude:…

 +  2016-11-14 15:37

The only— big —problem with the excellent #Krishnamurti is his voluntary omission of practicality and methods. #Philosophy without action.

 +  2016-11-07 15:08

Watched @T2Trainspotting trailer and realized almost 20 years of my own #work passed. 2 months till a 20-year-#pro…

 +  2016-11-04 18:25

The MacDongle present and future.…

 +  2016-10-31 15:07

“The essence of #normality is the refusal of #reality” — Ernest Becker.

 +  2016-10-18 08:31

Most people are loathe to admit their own natural inability to stand #alone in #freedom, wired for #interdependence.

 +  2016-09-16 06:09

1 of the best books on #business, #society & #entrepreneurship I’ve read. Sharp & inspiring

 +  2016-09-15 05:22

For those still #skeptical about #climateChange, something visual from @NASA —and yeah, a few degrees is a BIG deal:

 +  2016-09-14 09:14

People executing employers’ rules blindly will be the first replaced by narrow #AI, a comforting thought… #security, #transport, borders.

 +  2016-09-10 13:10

Certain Women—a certainly desolate, certainly slow, certainly unbeautiful #film about the empty lives of certain #women in certain MT USA.

 +  2016-09-08 13:08

The 3 stages of an #artist:

1) talented
2) #genius / #cult
3) #divine

 +  2016-09-07 01:05

Wait, I’m 36 and have only now discovered the Gödel’s #incompleteness theorems?! It should have been taught to me in #school!

 +  2016-09-05 13:38

Something I’ve implemented a while ago in my #film teams — add #women for a smarter, calmer #set:… (50/50 works best)

 +  2016-09-02 16:52

I wonder, why are #humans so #noisy? Were we always like that? Is it a feature of the #agricultural epoch? Most urbanites scare all prey.

 +  2016-08-06 20:43

Any #dermatologist’s out here? Why people (actors in my case) have more pimples on torso than on face? Lack of torso masks? #Inattention?

 +  2016-08-04 10:05

Best 1-liner if your remote #sound system plays #iTunes: #ssh user@ ’osascript -e “tell application ”iTunes“ to play”’

 +  2016-08-01 16:10

I’ll keep repeating: most difficult is to get #movie seen… not made. 60% of #film ticket price spent on #advertising…

 +  2016-07-29 13:37

True #confidence is earned by continuous action, leading to #mistakes, adjustments and finally achievement of set goals, AKA #success.

 +  2016-07-28 04:24

I can’t wait any longer for @Google and @facebook to offer #bias #disconfirmation #algorithm’s, at least as an option vs the #echoChamber.

 +  2016-07-20 13:38

Screening my #documentary feature #indieFilm about #DJ’ing @PeacockSociety #techno #festival

 +  2016-07-19 14:07

Lemmy repeat: difference between male and female #brain’s is more cultural than biological:

 +  2016-07-18 09:22

Debate after screening my @PeacockSociety: @PatrickThevenin, @arnaud_wyart, @edbangerrecords…

 +  2016-07-11 11:32

My feature #film Kvadrat on #techno #DJ’ing to be screened in Paris, on Jul 15+16 @PeacockSociety festival. Details:

 +  2016-07-10 13:20

Has anyone calculated the percentage of people living on the planet with a clear, in-actioned #purpose? Any #stats?

 +  2016-07-09 15:15

.@amazon Prime Video now has 4 times as many #film’s as @netflix, including @TheMatrix:

 +  2016-07-04 13:04

Short, fun, to-the-point advice on being a better #creative pro. #Writing, #film… anything artistic:… —Tested & true

 +  2016-06-27 13:50

Do you think #meaning produces an #emotion? Or, absence of meaning (#information) produces an emotion?

 +  2016-06-23 05:02

Amateur #photographer’s… stop hoping #photography lessons from pros will help. You either don’t shoot enough or your #talent is elsewhere.

 +  2016-06-13 10:11

To live meaningfully is to be at perpetual #risk and outside of the #comfort zone. What is the risk for you?

 +  2016-06-10 13:34

“Running a start-up” —or an #indiefilm —“is like eating glass and staring into the abyss”— @westcoastbill — But I still think it’s worth it.

 +  2016-06-09 15:38

Like, half a year later, pictures of me resurface on the interwebs. Следи за собой, будь осторожен!…

 +  2016-06-09 12:36

( the detailed numbers of the @EuAvObservatory presentation available here:… )

 +  2016-06-09 12:30

Great #Euro #film distribution conf by @EuAvObservatory at #Cannes2016 with always good @michaelgubbins & @TedHope:…

 +  2016-06-02 03:57

The new @Panavision #8K DXL #film #camera looks quite good, esp. with the Primo 70 line lenses: . #Steadicam ready.

 +  2016-05-27 13:37

People are so busy from high school to retirement… have no time to search for the #meaning / #purpose of their life until it’s too late.

 +  2016-05-26 13:13

Le look of #sleepDeprived #film #director / #producer at #Cannes2016 #premiere. Collector’s item. I avoid #redCarpet

 +  2016-05-24 15:46

#KeepCalm and let the #Swiss guy handle it. Although the font should have been #Helvetica ;).

 +  2016-05-23 10:07

I hope today is the last day to be woken by the #Cannes2016 #alarmClock. #IndieFilm in #Paris sure is mellow, right?

 +  2016-05-22 21:47

I think #KenLoach’s “#IDanielBlake” Palme at #Cannes2016 is well-derserved. One of his best, with #RiffRaff. A so-so selection this year.

 +  2016-05-18 18:48

#VoD #distribution conference by @LeCNC with @amazon… excellent intro by @nyindieguy. Weird questions from public.…

 +  2016-05-15 13:23

#Sleep positions of different #indiefilm crew members, by @HiramArista. Even more relevant during #Cannes2016

 +  2016-05-14 01:00

Well, @kenloach69 stays true to himself. Just seen a premiere of #IDanielBlake at #Cannes2016. Bleak but important #film on #UK #society.

 +  2016-05-12 05:41

#Cannes2016… Kinda #rise and kinda #shine.

 +  2016-05-05 13:07

#Materialism takes root in early #childhood, driven mainly by low self-esteem — @UChicago’s L.N. Chaplin & D.R. John 2007 #research

 +  2016-04-28 15:10

So what is the #world, according to #quantumMechanics? It’s a bunch of “first-person” points of view:…

 +  2016-04-28 14:08

Who are we, as #filmmaker’s? “The story of #mankind.” That’s what we are. — Jiddu…

 +  2016-04-28 00:08

I’d add: “can you take naps, clear your mind, reset it into ‘default mode’ and fall asleep?”…

 +  2016-04-27 13:37

#Human beings aren’t wired to be #comfortable. We’re wired to #work & take #action. 8 signs you’re doing it wrong:…

 +  2016-04-18 06:47

When would you like to meet at @Festival_Cannes? It’ll be busy :). Let’s schedule. Please me

 +  2016-04-08 11:27

At France-#Brazil #film coproduction round-table in Paris with @LeCNC. IMO all #BRIC countries function similarly ;)

 +  2016-04-06 17:08

Wow. OK, I need to audit this calmly, but potentially great news for the non-techies I talk to.…

 +  2016-04-04 17:22

Competition to @Canon 17-120, albeit opening at 3,5 vs 2,95 at the wide end. I love options. Next: weatherproofing!…

 +  2016-03-30 13:38

Remember — scientia potentia est — #knowledge is unrealized potential. Results come out of applied #power, #action directed by #knowledge ;)

 +  2016-03-22 14:42

#Documentary producers debate (negotiate :) with @vinceleclercq of @LeCNC @Cinemadureel moderated by @dom_at_bellota

 +  2016-03-21 07:04

Most people mistake #pleasure for #happiness. Once you get the differences between the 2, you’ll move much closer to the latter ;).

 +  2016-03-19 15:58

Have seen a crazy-beautiful 1-woman camera crew #indiefilm #documentary by @TerraTreme1 on #ballet @Cinemadureel:

 +  2016-03-18 14:24

So weird. @Google selling @BostonDynamics less than 3 years after buying it? What were they thinking in the first place?

 +  2016-03-17 14:48

Brutal but 100% true. Why #creative #artist’s say “no” to most things / people:… —Sorry for my own delays and “nos”!

 +  2016-03-15 20:27

Haven’t tested them myself yet, but these 1-sided @ORGEAR pseudo-gloves look awesome for #crack #climbing:…

 +  2016-03-15 14:07

Who’s going to the @Cinemadureel #documentary #film #festival in #Paris, March 18-27? I’ll be there. Let’s meet!

 +  2016-03-07 14:38

Symbolic #art helped us outcompete every other hominin species on #Earth:… — by @BBCEarth’s @melissasuzanneh

 +  2016-02-23 14:38

Andrew Weatherall: “The basic need for transcendence is part of human condition and has been for thousands of years”…

 +  2016-02-22 23:40

Something’s wrong with this #system.…

 +  2016-02-09 15:38

Low on #brain #glucose? I love these pouches of non-spoiling, quick-to-digest #mango puree:

 +  2016-02-08 15:28

Surprisingly succinct 15 differences between ordinary and #successful (high-achieving) people:… —I agree with most ;)

 +  2016-02-03 18:42

Oh shit. I walked right into a @Variety article photo at @IleDeFranceFilm event: — Sorry!

 +  2016-02-03 18:10

Ahem… Side-by-side comparison of 17 scenes of @RevenantMovie with scenes from Andrey Tarkovsky’s #film’s:

 +  2016-02-02 12:54

Wow, this email from @Relativity’s Kavanaugh to @netflix’s Sarandos is ugly:… — must-read if you’re in #indiefilm

 +  2016-02-01 15:47

OK, I think I’ve got it. Best #film’s are made by #masochist’s. Who else would choose to live in #LA or #Moscow? :D

 +  2016-01-26 07:34

Excellent, broad interview of Zygmunt Bauman. Failure of #democracy, #regionalism, interdependence, #socialMedia:…

 +  2016-01-25 14:47

Don’t want to go to the #gym? Don’t! Buy a set of adjustable dumbbells, a bench and lift at home! I #exercice while waiting #FCPX to render.

 +  2016-01-23 14:51

So, it’s 2016 and @Zappos_Service still does not ship to #Europe?! Unbelievable.

 +  2016-01-21 22:38

Less than 3% of #indiefilm submitted got selected for @sundancefest. Out of 4000+ features. Imagine watching them all in 1 year, 11 a day!

 +  2016-01-21 00:42

Finally! According to @Uber, starting tomorrow 08:00, pick-ups directly at the @flyLAXairport will work! Hope it’s not another false start!

 +  2016-01-15 08:23

This is big. Although the #consolidation in our lives and businesses is quite scary.…

 +  2016-01-08 10:48

Happy #birthday, Roy! Hope Denis doesn’t mess up la suite.

 +  2016-01-06 13:38

Combined, @UniversalPics and @DisneyStudios controlled 41% of US #film market and 1/3 of global grosses in 2015:…

 +  2016-01-05 15:47

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A340 on #final to #LAX with view on the tiny #LosAngeles #downtown set amid the urban #sprawl:

 +  2016-01-04 06:42

Maybe what you #want isn’t what you want? Stop #fantasizing and ask what is the #pain that you want to sustain?…

 +  2015-12-28 15:08

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A340 turning back to #LAX over #WeingartStadium with view to #Pomona, #PicoRivera & #Downey

 +  2015-12-22 02:10

Really happy for @SpaceX and @elonmusk! That’s the way to do it: #dream, #prototype, build, fail, improve, repeat, succeed. Take 3… #Action!

 +  2015-12-21 15:47

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A340 crossing the #PacificOcean #coast above #SantaMonica with view on #MarinaDelRey and #LAX

 +  2015-12-18 01:40

My favorite #acronym of the month: RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly), read in one of @elonmusk posts:…

 +  2015-12-15 07:14

Probably the best “all in one place” article about #ArtificialIntelligence, its #future implications and timeline:…

 +  2015-12-14 14:17

Just a reminder about the main #indiefilm #projectManagement paradigm (which applies to any #project, really):

 +  2015-12-12 03:18

I admit @Vons_Pavilions’s 24/7 shopping experience wins over @coop_ch & @CarrefourFrance, although product choice (taste) could be improved.

 +  2015-12-09 15:04

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A340 flying over #Greenland at the fringe of night and day, while en route from #ZRH to #LAX:

 +  2015-12-08 15:04

Still cant wrap my head around @chrismcquarrie having #shot @MissionFilm on #film. Prod hassle. @MadMaxMovie’s smarter. Well, whatever works

 +  2015-12-07 14:59

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A320 casts its own #shadow on the #clouds below while en route from #GVA to #ZRH:

 +  2015-11-30 14:02

For those whom I haven’t met IRL, @BromptonBicycle has a video about how I #bike to work #worldwide, including #LA:…

 +  2015-11-26 14:37

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A320 right above #cloud cover after a 180° turn from runway 23 at #GVA en route to #ZRH:

 +  2015-11-25 16:14

After 20 years of tasting #food and #drink in #America, I’d say it’s about the extremes: too cold, too hot, too salty, too sweet :D.

 +  2015-11-25 10:39

Night-time rainy #glitz on asphalt mirrors of #LA, the city’s rare moments of #clarity and scents.

 +  2015-11-24 15:08

My @FlySWISS @Airbus #A320 breaks through #clouds after #GVA #takeoff en route to #ZRH with view on #GrandSaconnex:

 +  2015-11-23 08:34

Dear @SoundCloud… you might want to analyze your users’ favs before serving ads. No, I don’t listen to @kramergirl #country songs. Argh!

 +  2015-11-20 16:38

My @FlySWISS #Airbus #A320—upgraded with #Sharklets—enters low #cloud ceiling just after #takeoff from #GVA #airport

 +  2015-11-20 16:08

Is it just me, or do you also think wearing #sunglasses during a #meeting outside is #impolite and hinders #eyecontact? Maybe a US-thing?

 +  2015-11-19 06:30

Taxing out with @FlySWISS A320 as another #SWISS #A320 lands on runway 23 in #Geneva #GVA #airport:

 +  2015-11-18 18:08

US-cuisine #neophyte question: what’s the difference between Original @Cheesecake at @Vons_Pavilions and #NewYork style at @RalphsGrocery?

 +  2015-11-18 11:01

A #rainy day on the #tarmac, sitting in my delayed @FlySWISS #A320 flight from #Geneva to foggy #CATIII Zurich.

 +  2015-11-18 10:41

5 years in operation, @instagram still haven’t understood that a #JPEG with an #ICC profile looks gorgeous on any device and weighs nothing.

 +  2015-11-14 00:45

Well, I just don’t know what we’re going to do about the #fusillade in #Paris. Second time, right around the corner. Fortunately I’m in #LA.

 +  2015-11-09 16:28

A @BromptonBicycle can get you places, including @AFMOFFICIAL — a major #Hollywood #cinema event for #film producers

 +  2015-11-06 16:01

Who’s at @AFMOFFICIAL this week? I’ll be around—let’s meet for international #indiefilm or bigger #cinema projects

 +  2015-11-03 13:07

How #Russians are born (for me it was even more explosive, I had a #CERN proton collision nearby)

 +  2015-11-01 10:38

The only practical way to solve most socio-economic and geo-political #problems is through #education:

 +  2015-10-21 12:47

Testing 8K Canon #C300 at Paris #CanonExpo debayered to 4 @ConvergentD #odyssey7q. Range & detail beyond my eyesight

 +  2015-10-19 12:42

If you think me or some #artist are just #arrogant, narcissistic egoists, watch this:… — So, who gets stuff done? ;)

 +  2015-10-15 13:40

Damn, I’m loosing my #Russian #CoveOps craft. @ARRI_PCA shot me at #Canon Expo goofing around #C300MKII yesterday:

 +  2015-10-14 09:56

I could see that from the trailer… “Sorkin and Fassbender fail to capture #SteveJobs in any meaningful sens”:…

 +  2015-10-12 13:09

Ah oh! Well, OK, I can see myself what no #vacation since 2009 does to me — the price of working in #indiefilm.…

 +  2015-10-07 12:41

Decision #fatigue. The #film director’s bane. The #filmmaking reality.

 +  2015-09-30 11:37

Huge negative fill on #film set of @MarcoPoloMP S2 for @netflix @WeinsteinFilms by #DP Vanja Černjul​ via Eric Bialas

 +  2015-09-29 12:24

If you liked my, watch the slow-paced #documentary/fiction hybrid The Postman’s White Nights…

 +  2015-09-24 12:37

All other things being equal in #cinema—budget, talent, technical prowess—it’s crew’s #taste that makes a #film mediocre, average or great.

 +  2015-09-23 11:34

Movement in the right direction with #nuclear… but we should really be pouring billions into #fusion instead of arms…

 +  2015-09-21 12:14

This is what happens to me each time I’m surrounded by bad #design. So, most of the time, yeah, my eyes just bleed:…

 +  2015-09-12 21:55

#Deauville2015 #cinema fest: awesome views, interesting people, nightmare to get back to Paris without pre-rented car. No public transport!

 +  2015-09-12 13:34

Here we go! French vs US perspective on #cinema #production:…

 +  2015-09-09 12:28

Fantastic, candid discussion with #cinematography legends Janusz Kaminski and Phedon Papamichael, resonated so much:…

 +  2015-09-08 12:47

Making #cinema deals with #China is never about contracts, it’s about personal connections / leverage. Good article:…

 +  2015-09-07 12:14

So, who’s already at #Deauville2015? Or going soon? I should be there on Saturday 12 for the #film co-#production sessions. Let’s meet!

 +  2015-09-06 13:17

French #TV is finally planning to “experiment” pilots for series. Bit late to the party, but better now than never.…

 +  2015-08-31 06:14

Awesome #ambient music by #BrianEno — the #Windows 95 Startup Sound slowed 4000% by @ideoforms:…

 +  2015-08-24 12:04

Funny list of #cinema terms perplexing non-#film people (“deadcat” also a top one for me) with pics and explanations:…

 +  2015-08-14 04:08

Excellent representation of #transport options and their impact on space in the #city (car / #bike / bus tram):

 +  2015-08-10 12:28

The greatest challenge of the #indiefilm process is not the #financing or the shoot. It’s getting your #movie seen:…

 +  2015-08-06 13:02

Excellent one from @wuerker:

 +  2015-08-05 12:24

Imagine if trees provided #wifi connections. Then we’d’ve planted billions of them and saved our planet. Too bad they only produce #oxygen.

 +  2015-08-03 12:17

So, with the new @CanonProNetwork ME20F-SH #cinema cam at 4 million ISO, I can #film #sex scenes in total darkness:…

 +  2015-07-22 11:19

I’m thinking, can we transpose #Swedish social security net to #film investment/production? Not direct #govt subs like in France? @TedHope?

 +  2015-07-17 12:24

Important read on current #Internet content / consumption: more controlled, linear & short; less #verbal & diverse:…

 +  2015-07-16 12:37

You’ve spent 7 years making your #indieFilm, 2 years in festivals, managed to get into distrib… time for real fun:…

 +  2015-07-15 12:08

Excellent @RichardDawkins talk on why most #humans struggle with high-level #science concepts like quantum #physics:…

 +  2015-07-14 12:47

This is the level of #actor commitment I admire (and encourage for #film). @TomCruise hanging on #A400M at take-off:

 +  2015-07-13 12:24

Deep #MachineLearning results in computers better than humans at everything:… — Maybe except #art and #science?

 +  2015-07-10 11:47

Signs of #strong people: they say “#sorry” often, immediately, sincerely and preemptively, even when unsure of being wrong.

 +  2015-07-09 12:08

Excellent French #cinema industry overview by @mel_goodfellow of @Screendaily (except 12.5% of revenues, not budgets)…

 +  2015-07-08 12:17

“What is to give #light must endure burning” — Anton Wildgans. My question is: for how long?

 +  2015-07-07 12:28

According to ad metrics / delivery company @AlphonsoInc, @netflix is #3 #broadcaster in US, with 28% of all platforms…

 +  2015-07-06 12:14

“Here’s my card, can I have yours?”
“I don’t have one”
“OK, your @IMDb link?”
“I don’t use it”
—please, are you really in #film / #TV prod?

 +  2015-07-02 21:50

#apaTV2015 has been an ultra-hot, ultra-packed, ultra-informative overview of current French #TV / #film industries. I’m full of thoughts.

 +  2015-07-02 12:08

I looked up in the clear blue #sky and realized it was #finite. Just a tiny layer of #color between me and the dotted blackness of #stars.

 +  2015-06-29 12:17

I’ve only now realized my #parents never told me what #happiness is and what I need to do for it. Nor did we talk about #meaning in #life.

 +  2015-06-26 12:04

Finally! After decades of puzzlement, thanks to @roessli, I’ve discovered the #design origin of #Apple cmd #symbol:…

 +  2015-06-25 13:00

In my #lucidDream someone asked me if there’s a #trilingual #film that’d put to use all my languages (EN/FR/RU). I had no clue. Any ideas?

 +  2015-06-24 12:17

As always, impressively thorough analysis of the current / future trends in US #TV / #SVOD industry by @liamboluk:…

 +  2015-06-24 11:23

Similar. Russian piracy is one of the reasons my #indiefilm is available in 720p on @Vimeo.…

 +  2015-06-23 21:47

100%. Since I’m 17.…

 +  2015-06-23 12:04

Shake off the notion that #life’s there & you just gonna live it. Embrace, change, improve, make your mark upon it:…

 +  2015-06-22 07:24

Any #design ideas to replace discontinued double-faced #Chromolux, please? Need high-gloss white 300g paper… @Antalis_UK? @AntalisDesigner?

 +  2015-06-19 12:18

Play #acoustic #guitar at night like me? Near-silent, tone-retaining? I recommend #Music Bar

 +  2015-06-17 12:07

The average human #attention span in 2015 has fallen to 8.25 seconds:… — So, umm, I have 5 feature #film’s in dev…

 +  2015-06-16 12:24

Vita brevis, ars longa. Some will be remembered for #destruction, some will be remembered for #creation.

 +  2015-06-15 11:15

For me, #film for motion picture died in 2011. No way to shoot the feature Kvadrat in low light at 3200 ISO on film:…

 +  2015-06-12 10:25

Sławomir Idziak interview by @moviescope on #Soviet block vs #Hollywood #DP #education, #indiefilm vs studio #cinema:…

 +  2015-06-11 11:50

Thoughtful @Screendaily article about @netflix financing 70M War Machine: effects on #indiefilm distrib & consumption…

 +  2015-06-10 21:03

Wow, @netflix is really snatching some talent these days. Correlate with @nytimes change of #indiefilm review policy…

 +  2015-06-09 12:20

Less downtime on #film set (zoom instead of prime, no actor marks, 360° lighting, multi-cam, hourly dailies) = less #stress, money, fatigue.

 +  2015-06-08 12:05

Why the general public feels more confortable to comment on #film? Never got as much feedback on #photography. #Cinema = #art of the masses?

 +  2015-06-04 12:05

Info-rich day of #French #indiefilm prod by @fedejpi: no #TV pilots, huge gov-sponsorship, lengthy devs, societal disconnect, genres misrep.

 +  2015-06-04 09:08

This gonna expand the #risk zone for me soon, I hope! And a new life for guys from Chechnya, #Afghanistan and #Iraq.…

 +  2015-06-01 06:05

Who’s also going to @FedeJPI young #French #indiefilm and #TV #Producers Day in #Paris tomorrow ? Meet you there ;).

 +  2015-06-01 02:47

Good summary of current financing, #distribution and marketing situation for #indiefilm #cinema, shorts and features…

 +  2015-05-21 10:20

Most important for exquisite #cinematography in #film? As in any #art: personal experience. Advice by Roger Deakins:…

 +  2015-05-20 14:05

The silent swoosh of a #swift slicing through the evening stillness at a 110 km/h and past my #Paris window… #SoundEngineer bliss!

 +  2015-05-19 14:54

Awesome interview of @TedHope at his best – #indiefilm and #cinema big picture past & present – by @filmcourage:…

 +  2015-05-18 12:11

As long as each country in #Europe fights for its own #cinema industry, instead of uniting under a #EU flag, American hegemony will remain.

 +  2015-05-16 13:29

Must-watch #Cannes2015 discussion with @netflix for anyone interested in the worldwide #cinema #indiefilm nuts&bolts…

 +  2015-05-13 11:05

Intriguing article by @vrizov for @FilmmakerMag on bypassing festivals for direct & free online #indiefilm exposure:…

 +  2015-05-12 12:07

My new short #documentary #indiefilm about #French #abstract #painter Christine Auger. Few words, #downtempo #music:…

 +  2015-05-12 10:46

French #film’s sell more tickets domestically than UK, DE, IT combined. I wonder about the consumption culture diff?…

 +  2015-05-11 11:15

“If you think you’ve got 100 years to mess around: you’re wrong! #Time to shine, yeah, #hero time! Damn! It’s time to GO!”

 +  2015-05-10 12:20

Now, who’s taking the risks and living the #uncertainty in the #cinema industry?…

 +  2015-05-05 09:20

Lucid dreamt of #flying through #storm clouds. Clothes got wet. Then hit by lightning. Lost consciousness. No idea how landed. Woken by docs

 +  2015-04-28 07:24

Intriguing attempt at communication and cross-polination between #psychoanalysis and #neuroscience specialists:…

 +  2015-04-26 06:58

Ha ha, @FirstHandFilms napalms fiction #cinema in my morning :D…

 +  2015-04-24 19:43

“Of 693 #film released last year in US only 215 made more than $1 M at the theatrical box office”—… (via @goodinaroom)

 +  2015-04-24 19:35

Excellent article by @adamleipzig about #indiefilm distribution. With hard numbers. A #cinema project _starts_ with distribution, must-read.

 +  2015-04-24 19:33

True for any city. Imagine how awesome it would be. Yet, it’s the standard view in the middle of a forest or ocean.…

 +  2015-04-22 20:26

Sad but true. But don’t despair. Write some creative e-mail #prose. Cursed for non-conformism but good for practice.…

 +  2015-04-20 14:39

Great collection of short thoughts and opinions on #film direction, by a huge ensemble of #cinema directors:…

 +  2015-04-17 15:52

“Demand for skills in #UK #TV production” — report & causes of shortages in directors, line producers, asst editors:

 +  2015-04-16 16:57

Wow. @FedEx acquires @TNTMediaHub:… Good news. TNT lagged behind in quality for years.

 +  2015-04-15 12:04

Achieving interesting results in #film requires to take the path of greatest #resistance. Ease and comfort signal #conformism and repetition

 +  2015-04-02 15:07

Astronauts depicted in #cinema except “2001” and “#Apollo 13”? Young, #neurotic, inexperienced and sexy. Deciding the faith of #humanity :).

 +  2015-04-01 13:25

I think we’ve gone too short on brevity / verbosity scale in #math and #physics for vars and const. Conflicts abound:…

 +  2015-03-27 14:45

The #suicide scene in @IdaMovie is one of the best I’ve seen in #film. Unexpected, mundane, real and painful. That’s how #life is.

 +  2015-03-23 15:20

Are #humans just another #primate? Mostly, yes! Except for a few things like #science and #art:

 +  2015-03-20 09:24

Ouch! My @wacom​ Intuos #stylus has given up on me. Inner #plastic fatigue. Managed to kinda #repair it regardless.

 +  2015-03-18 17:42

How to #shoot a low budget feature #indiefilm: no pro help, 15 hr workdays, no weekends, no vacations, no pay, 2 meals/day, 3 years. Easy ;)

 +  2015-03-16 14:25

Entropic theory of #conscious states by @RobinCarhartHar includes #psychosis, #sleep, #meditation, #LSD, #depression:

 +  2015-03-12 14:05

Anyone knows how to never-ever show playback controls in full-screen mode in #FCPx 10.1? As was in 10.0? @Alex4D, @FCPdotCO, please?

 +  2015-03-03 16:22

Weird #dream. Met #Tarkovsky in a smallish 20 sq m #cafe. Talked about #cinema, naturally. He was already a bit drunk & annoyed. Rainy day.

 +  2015-03-02 15:50

Amazing how DPs and #cinema gear manufacturers talk 4K, while #film festivals like @TIFF_NET or @FilmFestLocarno reject anything but SD DVDs

 +  2015-01-19 14:05

My continues the #cinema tradition of #Soviet #depressing #films about hard-working people

 +  2015-01-12 13:05

I wonder how much of my #life has been wasted staring patiently at #progress bars?

 +  2015-01-08 13:14

#Cinema industry is now all business, replication, reliability… Bland #film sequels dominate:

 +  2015-01-07 17:28

I heard the #gunshots from my flat. If you believe you’re sick enough to #shoot unarmed people, know that we’re even sicker. #CharlieHebdo

 +  2015-01-05 06:05

“Well-being isn’t just a pleasurable sensation. It’s a deep sense of serenity & fulfillment. A state that pervades joy & sorrow” — M. Ricard

 +  2014-12-15 14:57

No #film crew? 5 countries? Micro-budget? Still want a #feature #indiefilm? Watch how I did it with little #gear:

 +  2014-12-12 12:55

A unified #neurobiology take on #meditation, creative #flow, the zone & #drugs—transient hypofrontality—a must watch:

 +  2014-12-10 05:30

My second feature, a documentary about a #documentary, an #indiefilm about the #cinema #gear used to shoot Kvdrat:

 +  2014-12-08 15:05

In the #cinema projection booth. My DCP plays alongside @Interstellar DCP. Feels #weird. #Indiefilm vs #blockbuster?

 +  2014-11-10 08:08

In-depth #interview with #cinema crew. Idea, budget, music, editing of this feature #indiefilm…

 +  2014-11-07 02:29

An #indiefilm director should define #success before starting a project: finish a #film? win a festival? get seen? create something unique?

 +  2014-11-03 17:18

How do you know if #Americans genuinely/literally mean what they say:… … — found by accident… read till #Russian ref.

 +  2014-10-23 07:34

The difference between shooting a feature #indiefilm vs studio #BTS photo —remixed—

 +  2014-10-22 10:45

What it’s like to shoot a feature #BTS photo with @andreypushkarev — remixed —

 +  2014-10-21 07:57

#Train not until you get things right, but until you can’t get them wrong. Under #stress, you’ll fall back to conditioned #training level.

 +  2014-10-17 05:04

1 #BTS photo with @andreypushkarev to mark 1 year since the release of my #documentary #film:

 +  2014-10-15 04:37

My thoughts about my #documentary feature #film. Goals, ideas, style, execution, difficulties:…

 +  2014-10-14 05:10

Better framing, longer filming hours! Best #handheld #film #camera rig simulator for a #DP is made by… @Bowflex:… :-)

 +  2014-10-10 08:00

If, for some reason, you want to see my latest feature #film in 720p on YouTube instead of on Vimeo:…

 +  2014-10-07 05:05

I’m kinda preoccupied by #evolution and #homogeneity problems resulting from the #astronomy discovery of Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall

 +  2014-09-29 05:10

According to #Jarmusch, #filmmaking is “like #seduction, wild sex, then pregnancy”. I definitely prefer the #sex part of the #cinema process

 +  2014-09-24 05:05

WTF is with the “X days ago” trend in #cinema #screenwriting? @breakingbad_amc, @SideEffects, #Transcendence… #Filmaker’s response to #ADD?

 +  2014-09-19 04:55

If you want to #disappoint your #parents and don’t have the nerve to be #gay, the best is to become an #artist — Kurt #Vonnegut paraphrase

 +  2014-09-17 05:10

Dreamt of shooting a #film with a #piano in background. Pianist: “what should I play?” Me: “Uh… #Bach?” Woke up. Should have been #Scriabin!

 +  2014-09-16 06:05

Very handy list of current #cinema #zoom’s by @abelcine:… Update to @cineverserental 2012 list:…

 +  2014-09-15 05:05

FS7, 2 years after @sonyproeurope F5… I wish the pace of #cinema #business models progress matched the speed of improvement of cinema #gear.

 +  2014-09-08 05:15

I guess the main reason for @volvooceanrace #sailing #boat’s to have unprotected decks open to torrents is to look #cinematic and #extreme.

 +  2014-09-01 05:04

Is there a proved correlation between #guns and #weight? The majority of US guns’ reviewers on YouTube seems to #overeat and under-exercise.

 +  2014-08-12 03:19

Why, despite all the love and #success and admiration no one has helped #RobinWilliams? #Depressed and alone, surrounded by 7 billion people

 +  2014-08-06 06:05

No, the mirrors in weight lifting rooms are not for #narcissism only. They’re a tool to check proper form, if you’re serious about #training

 +  2014-07-25 06:00

You are what you do. A man is defined by his #actions, not his #words. Stop talking to me and show me what you’ve done so far!

 +  2014-07-24 05:45

So weird. @aaronpaul_8 acting in @breakingbad_amc is awesome. It’s terrible in @NeedforSpeed #film. Why? #Actor? #Director? #Script? Other?

 +  2014-07-23 07:07

Plus, @hurlbutvisuals has shared the exhaustive results of that @NeedforSpeed #film test:…

 +  2014-07-23 06:05

Add to my @hurlbutvisuals #camera choice tweet: budget included cars, race track rent, 8 drivers, 3 Russian arms, #film crew of 12 (5 days)

 +  2014-07-21 07:51

It cost @hurlbutvisuals x2 the entire budget just to choose a #camera to #film @NeedforSpeed:…

 +  2014-07-16 20:57

Ouch! @Monotype acquires @FontFont & @FontShop. I intuitively feel that’s bad consolidation news for #typography & #design. Hope I’m wrong.

 +  2014-07-01 06:57

Making a #feature #film is a #competition between the #director and the #producer: who is the crazier of the two? Risking #money & #sanity?

 +  2014-06-27 03:56

Actually, I like the production #design of @elysium #film. Quite realistic, for a change. Except drinkable tap water in Mexican LA.

 +  2014-06-24 07:28

Can you use an assymetrical #spinnaker / gennaker to #sail upwind in light air? Sure! Don’t give up.

 +  2014-06-23 07:04

The original #synopsis of #film I wrote in April 2011:…
How does it compare to the end-result?

 +  2014-06-20 03:43

Do you #live for the #applause?

 +  2014-06-19 02:26

Woha! @Adobe Media Encoder CC now bundled with Wraptor DCP exporter by @QuvisInc! Auto DCP #film creation from #AfterEffects and #Premiere.

 +  2014-06-18 02:43

Listen through 5000+ #vinyl #techno albums? @andreypushkarev said it’s #impossible. But I insisted and we did:

 +  2014-06-16 10:47

Get #shot. Get #blood flushed with cold salt water. Go hypothermic. #Die. Get operated. Get reanimated. Live again:…

 +  2014-06-13 08:32

What makes #cinema complicated? It’s an expensive technical medium used for both money-making #entertainment and money-loosing #art.

 +  2014-06-11 05:14

#Film #editing paradigms comparison: tracks (#Moviola, @Avid, #Premiere, Final Cut 7-) vs trackless Final Cut 10+:…

 +  2014-06-09 04:41

Astonished by the huge proportion of out-of-focus shots in #Zvyagintsev Banishment #film and by deliberate copying of #Tarkovsky & #Bergman.

 +  2014-06-05 04:03

“Always remember that from a bad #client you get a worse client, and from a good client you get a better one” — Massimo Vignelli #design

 +  2014-06-03 05:21

Want to talk to #cinema crew of #film? We’re hosting an online Q&A with #director, #DP & #DJ:

 +  2014-06-02 11:50

Ever wanted a compact colander for #cooking on the go? Love this silicone folder by @Fiskars_HQ (288 g, 3 x 19,5 cm):…

 +  2014-05-29 03:36

A checklist #film of things not to do when #sailing singlehanded? Sure: @AllIsLostFilm (no PFD, jacklines, EPIRB, GPS, x2 VHF, skills…)

 +  2014-05-28 01:11

#Guns #violence — ‘No way to prevent this,’ says the Only Nation where this regularly happens —…

 +  2014-05-23 02:26

#Switzerland, #helicopter s, #film cameras and #cinema crew… what more to ask? A blue sky, of course:

 +  2014-05-22 04:18

Crews laugh when I bring my @KyoceraCeramics Santoku #cooking #knife for #sailing, but they end up constantly using it! Even the non-cooks.

 +  2014-05-19 06:03

Sad I won’t ever be able to hire the #DP of “All the President’s Men” and “Manhattan”. Enjoy the #light wherever you go, maestro. Farewell.

 +  2014-05-19 03:35

Years on, I still prefer (and miss) #Macromedia Freehand’s approach to #vector path drawing, editing and transformation, not #Illustrator’s.

 +  2014-05-01 05:55

Tasteful, huge selection of #sailing gear and incredibly fast, stoic and professional service from @MARINECHANDLERY #UK — I highly recommend

 +  2014-04-28 05:46

Isn’t it amazing that there’s only a 40 grams difference between @CanonProNetwork C300 EF and #Canon 1D C #cinema cameras without batteries?

 +  2014-04-25 03:44

The 7 things #successful people never say:… (tip: don’t ever tell me any of these on my #film set ;-)

 +  2014-04-24 04:08

No-bullshit talk by David Leitner about handheld #cinema rigs’ #ergonomics: Must-see for any open-minded #film DP.

 +  2014-04-22 04:37

Avengers director @JossWhedon releases latest #film for $5 online @Vimeo immediately after premiere @tribecafilmfest:

 +  2014-04-19 03:59

Amazingly accurate reproduction of color, gamma & sound at #cinema in #Rostock . Vielen dank!

 +  2014-04-18 14:27

Last time I saw a #film in a #cinema was #Avatar. Terrible. And here I am watching my own feature Weird and awesome.

 +  2014-04-14 13:12

Me & @andreypushkarev are in #Berlin this week. Would you like to work on my next feature #film? Discuss Let’s meet!

 +  2014-04-10 16:36

Finally a common sense #army / #navy off-road vehicle:… . Narrow and light. Reminds the ones in use in Switzerland.

 +  2014-04-07 09:31

Here we go again! Gearing up and choosing @CanonProNetwork vs @sonyproeurope for my next feature #film: #SpotTheRock

 +  2014-04-04 05:56

There are no failures in #life except #death. Anything else can be cured with delays and #budget overruns.

 +  2014-04-02 10:53

FYI, all @Microplane #kitchen graters create flat slices. The cross-section is not round. Good for #cooking #rosti. Bad for salads.

 +  2014-04-01 07:53

My #film to be projected at Kommt Zusammen Festival in Rostock DE, on April 18 in a @sonyproeurope SRX-R515 #cinema:…

 +  2014-03-31 07:30

Are you generic? Watch… — And hire a #film crew with a distinctive vision if you’re not.

 +  2014-03-28 08:59

Deeply disturbing unanswered core dilemmas of my #life & work. Must-read if you care about #art or people who make it…

 +  2014-03-26 09:37

#Intelligence — a force that acts so as to maximize future #freedom of action:… — Freedom’s also #yoga ultimate goal.

 +  2014-03-24 06:29

After-sunset #landing on 25R @aenaaeropuertos #Barcelona with @easyJet #A320.

 +  2014-03-18 07:46

Late-evening #landing approach to 25R @aenaaeropuertos #Barcelona with @easyJet #A320. Starboard: port & Agbar Tower

 +  2014-03-17 06:22

A detailed article by @DigitalMediamag about our Kvadrat #film, especially the post-production #gear and processes:…

 +  2014-03-12 08:38

The priority for most is to survive, reproduce & die. Minimal effort, maximum comfort. Occasionally wondering what’s the purpose of doing so

 +  2014-03-11 09:56

A good read if you’re into collaborative #film editing with #FCP X: (via @Alex4D)

 +  2014-03-10 09:24

A brisk and short trailer for #techno @clubmidi in Cluj-Napoca, #Romania. Vă rugăm share:

 +  2014-03-07 07:51 is now on @instagram! Follow me there for the most exquisite frames from the #film:

 +  2014-03-06 18:02

Bummer. 19:02. @dhlexpressuk still says “With delivery courier”. A glorious sunny 15K #run wasted… waiting. #Paris by night again.

 +  2014-03-05 07:15

Left: my rig to #film Right: our rig if @CanonProNetwork C300 appeared earlier & we had more €

 +  2014-03-04 06:46

Really nice sound of going in and out of water at the end of #GravityMovie. Excellent FX and #acting. So-so #film otherwise. Awful music.

 +  2014-03-03 04:55

Having #kids is a weak argument for dropping the ball artistically & professionally. Kids would prefer parents they admire past their teens.

 +  2014-02-28 03:28

Any recommendations of the largest choice of quality stylish #business suits online — for women — please? Price irrelevant.

 +  2014-02-27 06:15

Try all lenses before shooting a #film! Great example of Cooke Mini S4 vs @schneideroptics Xenar3 by @J65Productions:…

 +  2014-02-26 03:33

Wow, @shyp is a really cool way to eliminate shipment hassles: . Wish they worked with @UPS and in Europe.

 +  2014-02-21 05:19

#Hollywood blockbusters and @Microsoft products are proof that sometimes, for some people, even tons of #money do not help.

 +  2014-02-20 15:28

Deep #house track of the day:…

 +  2014-02-19 11:44

Isn’t it amazing that most #human perception — visual, auditory — is non-linear? Ever wondered why?

 +  2014-02-18 09:21

Was going through my #gear preparing for a shoot when realized a photo of the pile sums up my #life up to this point:

 +  2014-02-17 07:37

Curious about dates, budget, team and gear? Read the stats of this extreme #cinema production:…

 +  2014-02-13 06:21

Vapor Glove by @merrelloutside:… — the best winter #running / #walking & #sailing shoe today IMO. Get 1 size smaller.

 +  2014-02-12 08:13

Courageous Optimist #dinghy skipper #sailing off Ciutadella de #Menorca in a winter breeze at sunset:

 +  2014-02-11 04:30

“If it is #art, it is not for all, and if it is for all, it is not art.” – Do you disagree with Arnold Schoenberg? Elitism vs universalism?

 +  2014-02-10 06:14

“Do not disturb” hotel sign by @andreypushkarev using @FlySWISS bag tag & vinyl sleeve sums up

 +  2014-02-05 11:40

Seen on subway: a #teen simultaneously watching a #movie on his #iPad and a news broadcast projected between platforms. My future audience?

 +  2014-02-03 16:06

Q: What’s your #goal in life? — A: Well, I want to look great on @instagram, and, you know, enjoy #life.

 +  2014-01-31 05:25

My revelation: #art was invented by pre-agricultural #humans as a way to do something with all the spare time. #Life was easy back then.

 +  2014-01-29 15:16

Clever: @Actavis carbocisteine #cough syrup prepackaged in 750 mg packets. No spoon needed. No dosage errors. Clean, light and tidy.

 +  2014-01-25 14:35

I wish we had these @rodemics invisiLavs ( ) for ! Looks awesome for my next #cinema prod.

 +  2014-01-20 14:24

No bullshit interview of Hiroshi Kawahara @FujifilmUS about X-series #photography cameras design approach & future:…

 +  2014-01-16 08:25

#Cinema is the only #art where you can say “My #film sucks because we had a tiny budget, if only I had more…” Can’t say so for a #painting.

 +  2014-01-14 15:51

“#Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” — Helen Keller

 +  2014-01-07 05:58

Dear people, please stop telling me I should #eat more. Instead, buy or cook me a meal :D. I like Chinese and Thai. Or just bananas. Thanks!

 +  2014-01-06 04:11

“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.” — Hunter S. Thompson

 +  2014-01-03 00:02

Unfuckingbelievable. Tripped and fell during my nightly 15K #run through historical #Paris. On non-technical asphalt. “Wake up! Time to die”

 +  2014-01-02 05:15

#SpotTheRock: Don’t be afraid to spend on @redrockmicro to saw, drill & glue it like I did for

 +  2013-12-30 22:21

Water-related #fail day. Washing machine ran through 80% of my clothes almost without #water. WC flush tank valve lost water tightness. Ugh!

 +  2013-12-20 07:30

Awesome #visualization of world #wind conditions forecast by GFS / @NOAA updated every 4 hours:

 +  2013-12-19 08:25

Beware of the “being in the present” obsession. The human #brain evolved to model the past and #future. Don’t deny it. Embrace all 3 tenses.

 +  2013-12-17 05:53

Amusing how people argue that being immortal would be #boring: 1) because their lives are boring 2) they never experienced #immortality.

 +  2013-12-06 14:51

Selling my #Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS with B+W UV —almost new, shot 50 photos to experiment. In Paris or UPS. 470 €

 +  2013-12-06 13:22

Selling my #Canon TS-E 24 mm f/3,5 L v II with B+W UV — NEW, never used, did not fit my bag. In Paris or UPS. 1700 €

 +  2013-12-06 11:42

Selling my #Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L v I with B+W UV — excellent condition, stored as backup. In Paris or UPS. 785 €

 +  2013-12-02 06:47

Nice Ken Loach interview:… I don’t love his #film s (I do like Riff-Raff), but agree with a lot of his methods / views

 +  2013-11-19 11:41

The #techno #DJ #life diagram. Summary of #film by someone who seems to have read my #script:

 +  2013-11-09 18:38

With finished, I’m psyching up to restart #bouldering. Some nude #climbing for inspiration:

 +  2013-11-06 18:08

Thanks to @SIDIAmerica for support on the road with best-fitting #cycling shoes (narrow sizes!) and on Twitter about

 +  2013-11-05 15:09

There is no planet B!

 +  2013-10-31 08:00

How can an actor play like this in Wind That Shakes the Barley, and then like that in Sunshine and #Inception? Directors’ or actor’s fault?

 +  2013-10-29 06:02

Difference between a Spielberg and a Kubrick? Spielberg is more successful cause his #film s give answers and comfort…

 +  2013-10-24 06:51

We’re nearing 2014 and the #cinema industry still has no gamma standards! #ICC profiles? Even less. I feel like in 1998, pre- #Photoshop 5.

 +  2013-10-23 03:06

Only 1TB of internal storage in #Apple #Mac Pro?! Any advice on a quiet 8Tb Thunderbolt #SSD storage system for #film editing?

 +  2013-10-17 06:04

I shot a #documentary #film about #techno DJing with @andreypushkarev. Took us 2,5 years. Watch 720p version for free

 +  2013-10-14 08:01

We were in a city, there were only 2 of us, we had access to too little money, too little equipment, and little by little we went insane.

 +  2013-10-08 11:27

How would like to be remembered? “I killed Pushkin!” or “I killed Lennon” or “I killed more than 16 million people!” Attaboys.

 +  2013-10-07 07:24

If you’re to get a high-level job outside of the US, speaking fluent #English is a must. Now, how do politicians like presidents get theirs?

 +  2013-10-03 03:55

It doesn’t seem like #CSS 3 was developed by designers. Vertical align? Kerning? We need CSS 4 inspired by InDesign / Interface Builder.

 +  2013-10-02 06:08

Is there a correlation between #film dubbing vs subtitles policy and foreign #language mastery in #Europe? You bet:…

 +  2013-10-01 04:10

Ah… nothing like Copland’s variations to stay awake.

 +  2013-09-25 12:49

Anyone knows how to move simultaneously all 3 RGB sliders in #Mac OS 10.8 color picker, please? Modifier keys don’t seem to work.

 +  2013-09-19 04:13

If safety was a priority, the #ATC would be texting directly to the FMS, FCU and #EFIS… instead of mumbling! Which could be used as backup.

 +  2013-09-18 05:31

Living in tiny spaces? Something I can relate to:… And most cook and eat tastier food than people in huge houses.

 +  2013-09-17 03:35

The Death of #Imagination. A thought-provoking text by @DavePollard on #creativity, #innovation, #art and consumerism…

 +  2013-09-13 04:24

A good up-to-date 21 minutes overview of why we #sleep and why sleep is necessary for mental #health and #creativity:…

 +  2013-09-10 09:50

2015 soon. My pro #dSLR still uses OVF and a non-square sensor. I’m tired of waiting for Retina #EVF and selectable dimension / orientation!

 +  2013-09-09 10:40

Radical #science. #Stress is good, if you think it is (or if it’s a byproduct of #meaning):… But what about cortisol?

 +  2013-09-06 09:09

A crazy great re #design of vintage indie rock flyers into international typographic style posters by @MikeJoyceNYC:

 +  2013-09-05 09:29

I’m disappointed by how @UPS complicates my #shipping from outside of my account’s country. Such an admin hassle! While @FedEx is automatic.

 +  2013-09-01 06:06

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his #work & play, #mind & body, #education & recreation” – L. P. Jacks

 +  2013-08-29 04:51

“We want to remove the memory of the #turntable”. Native Instruments @NI_News plan to buy the #Technics1200 brand:…

 +  2013-08-26 05:13

Extrapolation of my previous tweet: as if #creation was not complex enough, an #artist suffers from daily discouragement by jealous #society

 +  2013-08-23 10:13

An absolute must-read on #meaning, #purpose, #creation and #contribution in our #capitalist world. On bullshit jobs:

 +  2013-08-20 03:21

Some of my favorite #music genre descriptions on @SoundCloud: “music”, “sounds”, “proper” and “club”.

 +  2013-08-19 05:36

Seen from Saturn, #Earth is exactly what it is, a microscopic anomaly in #space:… . Its borders seem even more absurd.

 +  2013-08-13 03:47

A must-watch for those wondering why people rarely tackle big problems (#climate_change, peak #oil, #art, #science…):…

 +  2013-07-31 05:15

A reminder… High income improves evaluation of life (and only up to 6000 USD per month) but not emotional well-being:…

 +  2013-07-30 06:32

#Engineers build our world. 89% of them are male. So most of what’s built is out of balance. A possible solution:

 +  2013-07-29 05:55

Hmm… when working with a huge #MySQL table of 1 bn rows, MyISAM is fast enough, InnoDB is unusably slow. On a 12 core Xeon 32 Gb RAM SSD box

 +  2013-07-22 03:47

Grant reviewers reject proposals to study processes common to #depression, #schizophrenia, psychosis because they cut across DSM categories!

 +  2013-07-17 12:05

How much would you #run today if time was not an issue and fun, not competition, was the goal?

 +  2013-07-16 10:22

Good chart comparing the harm of various #drugs to users and to others, #alcohol through #heroin to mushrooms:…

 +  2013-07-12 09:27

The big difference between a #sail boat cockpit and an airplane cockpit? The absence of labels on controls and switches.

 +  2013-07-11 06:08

Why do industrial designers create for much shorter people than my rather average 180 cm height? Sinks, tables, faucets, showers, displays…

 +  2013-06-21 08:32

My morning thoughts go out to the inventors and perpetrators of brand stickers on #apples.

 +  2013-06-03 10:46

In my opinion, the best way to form an #opinion about something is to personally experience that something.

 +  2013-05-30 09:48

Fuck. @Microsoft “has removed custom #CSS @Skype chat styles to ensure” grey text on grey background “consistency across their clients”.

 +  2013-05-27 16:43

Dynapod – a cool multi-function pedal-powered machine. #Electricity generator, grinder, pump, compressor, power tool:

 +  2013-05-17 06:29

#Creativity depends on the association of remote ideas. That’s why the implementation of ideals and methods of the #polymath is so important

 +  2013-05-16 04:12

What are your strategies to #touchtype on a keyboard with a #Wacom tablet replacing the mouse?

 +  2013-05-15 08:49

Dear runners converting to #barefoot #running, please start easy and slow. When you can walk for 1 hour, switch to running short distances.

 +  2013-05-13 02:47

“#Art is working on something till you like it, then leaving it that way” – Fred Babb

 +  2013-04-30 09:50

Great humor-infused, thought-provoking talk by Steven Soderbergh on the state of the #cinema industry:…

 +  2013-04-19 01:02

“The more the opinions of the author remain hidden, the better for the work of #art” – Friedrich Engels

 +  2013-04-10 01:49

Succinct, highly educational time-lapse video of a folding #Bike Friday Companion built from nothing to shipping:…

 +  2013-04-08 07:29

Some of @VPLPYachtDesign projects #sail a bit faster than their other designs:… (in French but translation not needed)

 +  2013-04-05 13:07

Excellent @FontShop advice on how to select good #typography pairs using lesser known #fonts:…

 +  2013-04-04 12:55

It still amazes me how almost everything touched by @Microsoft becomes ugly, mean, verbose, insecure and unreliable. Example: @Skype.

 +  2013-04-03 01:36

Gorgeous rendition of air and light in landscape #painting by Artem Cheboha:… (and a good reminder as well)

 +  2013-03-26 10:35

A very sad day. Dropped and lost my beloved 10-year @thenorthface Vector Beanie in @Polartec Power Shield during my quick 10K morning #run.

 +  2013-03-25 08:30

#Mac users of DVD Player: check “Disable Dolby dynamic range compression” in Preferences if you want to hear the original soundtrack!

 +  2013-03-21 22:46

Ugh… no #Xray spectrometer at home! Gotta bike to @CERN for this.

 +  2013-03-20 05:07

“Your ultimate #goal should be ultimate.” – Piotr A. WOZNIAK

 +  2013-03-16 18:13

Not all #bananas are created equal. Some are greener. Some are tastier. Some are more diarrhetic.

 +  2013-03-14 21:49

Posterization? You mean, pasteurization? Yeah, boil em pixels! Oh wait, rotoscope boil?

 +  2013-02-21 15:41

I trust actions much more than words. A human is defined by his #work (or its absence), not his talk.

 +  2013-02-08 20:23

A yogi’s opinion: “#Photography means #Art. Art means Supreme stage:…

 +  2013-02-08 09:20

Dreamt of flying over a night sea upwards, through thunderstorm clouds full of lighting… and to the starlit skies. Gorgeous #lucidDreams!

 +  2013-02-01 11:12

Lucas Brunelle (@lucasbrunelle) #alleycat videos… easily outbike Hollywood’s Premium Rush despite 35 million USD budget.

 +  2013-01-31 22:32

A must-read if you #create for a living:… (I hope you’re already aware of most of it… or have time and will to change)

 +  2013-01-29 14:16

Dear @facebook. I’ll pay. Just stop the stupid “Play in a casino / Become a trader” ads on my #iPad / #iPhone! (Bless @chromeadblock on Mac)

 +  2013-01-27 21:38

I hate the new @SoundCloud design. Function sacrificed for coolness. Ever tried to list 1-hour dub #techno sets and listen through them all?

 +  2013-01-27 03:29

Uh oh! Fatal Familial #Insomnia (FFI) is clear indication that, when untreated, #sleep deprivation leads to #death:…

 +  2012-12-17 12:29

Про петродеградацию:

 +  2012-12-08 04:31

In my #lucidDreams, for about a year now, I’ve been teaching complete strangers how to #fly. If you’re one of them, drop me a line :-).

 +  2012-12-07 09:57

Despite the cold it’ll be alright, in the winter, in the city, in the winter, in the city…

 +  2012-12-01 13:05

Why was I the only one in my family to notice that the wallpaper in our Moscow kitchen is the same as in soviet-era #Aeroflot Il-86?

 +  2012-11-29 17:44

What sells? 1) naked women 2) baby animals. An ultimate #photography combo of both by Valentin Porohnyak: Ultra #cheesy

 +  2012-11-29 03:23

Boiler #engineer teamed up with surgeons to perform an unconventional repair of his heart… My way of solving problems!

 +  2012-11-28 14:58

Optimum #efficiency: using a leaf blower after 5 days of rain. Into 52 km/h wind. What? Can’t hear you: 2 of them struggle across the street

 +  2012-11-25 14:19

What’s the rationale for omitting the AoA indicator on civil aircraft?! An extremely useful and cheap instrument.

 +  2012-10-18 00:14

Pitch, roll, trim. Blade. Bleed. Compress. Consolidate.

 +  2012-08-29 19:25

I desperately need 7 yottabytes of #SSD storage!

 +  2012-07-28 13:52

The less you know about your own #religion / #belief, the less tolerant you are towards others’ religions / beliefs.

 +  2012-07-10 16:15

“#Trust is fundamental to #society. High-trust societies are happier and more prosperous than low-trust societies.” – @schneierblog

 +  2012-07-03 17:00

You have #talent, #discipline… But to become an #artist, you must overcome the pressure of #consumerism and free yourself from #materialism.

 +  2012-07-02 22:21

God save my skin (from insect bites)

 +  2012-07-01 11:48

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard SHAW

 +  2012-06-22 21:46

Every time you make a typo, the errorists win. (via @djnikobooks)

 +  2012-06-13 14:14

My problem with #jQuery is for small projects where I choose to write straight #JavaScript instead and 400 lines of code later I’m in doubt.

 +  2012-06-11 21:50

Only 2 films realistically show #American society response to #disaster: “The Road” (2009) and “The War of the Worlds” (2005)

 +  2012-05-26 20:25

“So you never wanted a regular type life?” – “What the fuck is that? Barbeques and ballgames?”

 +  2012-05-14 20:37

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by will alone I stop my mind’s motion.

 +  2012-05-11 15:30

Just recently learned that the #Chinese have been using the #ISO 8601 date formatting since… like, forever! Wish that was the case worldwide

 +  2012-04-24 02:24

#Talent is nothing without #focus (prioritization of result, rejection of everything else) and #endurance (years of constant #work).

 +  2012-04-19 02:01

“If you think your #body and mind are 2, that’s wrong. If you think they are 1, that’s also wrong. Our body and #mind are both 2 and 1” 鈴木俊隆

 +  2012-04-17 02:34

Remember stock market’s primary purpose? To raise #capital? That’s 0,5% of trading volume on #WallStreet. The rest? Short-term #speculation.

 +  2012-04-16 02:48

3 best ways to reveal the true nature of your friends: 1) go through #war together 2) alpine #climb together 3) go into #business together

 +  2012-04-12 17:28

From my experience, there are as many men-cowards as women-cowards. Women just tend to be more honest and outspoken about their #cowardice.

 +  2012-04-09 23:43

Soon, the #Internet will be flooded with beautified #Velvia 100 pictures. All – frame 3.

 +  2012-04-04 01:17

A very enticing list of ideas and how-tos for smart people who like to think #future, think big and then just go do it:

 +  2012-04-02 22:54

「我也愿面朝大海,春暖花开 」

 +  2012-03-30 17:05

First puncture on 16 in / ETRTO 349 @schwalbe_na Kojaks (my review:… )… Since 2008! A nail going downhill at 50 km/h.

 +  2012-03-27 05:19

I’m looking for excellent #freelance #copywriter working in EN, FR and DE (ideally #Schwiizerdütsch ). Web & print. Any location. Please RT.

 +  2012-03-20 11:40

Awful package delivery companies I’ve worked with in France (worst to bad): 1) #GLS 2) @TNTExpress 3) #Chronopost 4) DPD 5) @DHLexpress

 +  2012-03-17 16:50

Ahem… #SketchBookPro on #iPad is too slow for my hatching! Skips my moves and writing. No match to a large @wacom and a #Mac, unfortunately.

 +  2012-03-16 04:36

So nice when someone picks out my language mistakes from my language experiments and corrects them! Rare and invaluable! (merci Aurore)

 +  2012-03-16 02:27

Ha! @GORETEXbrand under investigation both in EU and US for unfair business practices:… . Plus other important details.

 +  2012-02-24 22:20

Cool Raoul, ze life iz beautiful!

 +  2012-02-16 11:01

If you have a #flu, please cover your mouth when you sneeze to avoid spreading the virus to others like me. Especially in public #transport!

 +  2012-01-26 23:32

Great news! @SoundCloud has switched from #Flash to #HTML5. Works good so far. I like how the playhead div changes #CSS width in real time.

 +  2012-01-24 09:09

I remember my life before the #painkillers and the #Internet.

 +  2012-01-20 18:22

#Kodak – bankrupt… I’ve always preferred Kodak’s #photography film except for high-ISO (Fuji was better). Sentimental but without regrets.

 +  2012-01-19 21:50

I love how #AutoCAD allows me to set the units to parsecs!

 +  2012-01-15 15:52

My ideal #writing environment: great view, big #Apple screen, web connection and silence, total silence. No phone, no e-mail, no people.

 +  2012-01-13 09:00

Celebrating 15 years of professional published #photography ( ). Thank you my dear clients and friends!

 +  2012-01-12 10:48

#Apple’s App Store has been illegally avoiding #EU #VAT laws for years now! Their service department says they sell #B2C only… #LogicPro?

 +  2012-01-03 21:07

#Tarkovsky moved away from #cinema to #theater with epic-poetic decorations. The Sacrifice is a real-time play with meticulous choreography.

 +  2011-12-28 02:39

For air #travel, beware that @SeatGuru charts are more accurate than those provided by airlines’ official web sites.

 +  2011-12-15 09:39

Weird. @Inov8run Bare-X 180 is half-size shorter than BareGrip 200 / Road-X Lite 155. Reordered larger size. Good winter road #running shoe.

 +  2011-12-14 08:58

Stunningly precise real-time flight tracking of ADS-B equipped #aircraft in Europe: (via @traverson)

 +  2011-12-02 19:24

I wish @FedEx and @UPS had real-time location / schedule for “on vehicle for delivery” part. The truck disappears from tracking for 14 hours

 +  2011-11-03 07:22

Wow, #barefoot #running covered by the mainstream press? @nytimes article:…

 +  2011-10-14 20:10

A folding #Brompton #bike: I have yet to find a more fun way to arrive at a business meeting on time.

 +  2011-10-07 00:22

Excellent @nytimes infographic of the #US 14,3 trillion-dollar #debt: where it’s from and who’s lending the #money:…

 +  2011-09-26 18:15

Yay! 2:03:38!

 +  2011-07-31 22:02

I told my neighbor that dogs wear no shoes and #run fine. Are humans worse than dogs? Why not run #barefoot? He joked dogs live only 10 yrs.

 +  2011-07-21 23:00

One of the most accurate and honest articles on the #VC (venture capital) situation in #Europe today:… by @fDestin

 +  2011-07-20 06:44

In my opinion, @Inov8run BareGrip 200 is currently the best shoe for trail #running and landscape #photography. Choose half UK size smaller.

 +  2011-07-19 04:29

“If you do what you love, the #money may or may not follow, but you’ll love what you do” – @tonyschwartz

 +  2011-07-18 09:07

I’m awed by the #PHP and #HTML messiness of #MediaWiki! Code reads like a bunch of non-MVC hacks… that powers the world’s largest wiki. Hmm.

 +  2011-06-04 21:44

And 2010 carbon emissions increased to a historical high leaving us little hope to avoid severe #climate_change :…

 +  2011-06-04 19:03

We’ve eaten almost all the fish in the Atlantic ocean:

 +  2011-05-29 01:39

How did #Buddhism come so close to getting the #brain right?… (via @the99percent)

 +  2011-05-23 16:02

Der Räuber: an excellent #film about the meaning of life, social norms, #boredom, #Austria’s lost sparkle and #running.

 +  2011-05-21 20:56

After a period of #memory retrieval remembered how to swing on a swing. Confirmed my #childhood hunch that flying #aerobatics is way cooler.

 +  2011-05-20 12:10

Proved experimentally: @Inov8run US to UK size chart works great to convert from @ASICSamerica and @brooksrunning sizes.

 +  2011-05-18 22:11

“We don’t know anything about what was before [the Big Bang]. If there was a before.” – excellent #LHC #physics article:

 +  2011-05-16 06:10

Really disappointed by the fit of @icebreakernz Tech T Lite in merino #wool. The sleeves are too short and the waist is too long. Unusable.

 +  2011-05-12 20:28

“I find the liveable cities lists intellectually on a par with People magazine’s ‘sexiest people’ lists.” – Joel GARREAU

 +  2011-05-11 10:30

Easy-to-read explanation of #markets vs planned #economy and the lethality of economic externalities on the #environment

 +  2011-05-06 13:03

Weird. Exact same movie files play darker in #VLC than in #QuickTime on #Mac OS 10.6.7 with #ICC profiled screen. Any explanations?

 +  2011-04-30 03:46

Why #Facebook dislikes paragraphs? Prefers 1-block “hit enter to post” comments? Avoids elaborate conversations? Are Facebook messages next?

 +  2011-03-31 20:26

Endless triviality. Wave after wave of #mundanity. An ocean of #futility.

 +  2011-03-23 05:35

#Paris streets aren’t optimized for anyone. Pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, buses, taxies, cars and trucks… we all suffer from bad #design.

 +  2011-03-21 07:14

“Safe #nuclear does exist, and #China is leading the way with #thorium” - a short article by the @Telegraph:…

 +  2011-03-20 23:26

Morning: my #Brompton seat post rips out pedal cadence magnet. Evening: I discover magnet burst-on-demand #lingerie

 +  2011-03-10 03:34

Shooting #photography is like doing #TaiChi in a room full of furniture with eyes closed. Trust your skills & feelings… hope for the best.

 +  2011-03-02 19:56

While #running today in #barefoot @InvisibleShoes sandals in #Paris, someone asked me if it was a new concept. Yes, only 10 000 years old…

 +  2011-02-07 06:02

„Als das Kind Kind war, hatte es von nichts eine Meinung, hatte keine Gewohnheit und machte kein Gesicht beim #fotografieren“ – Peter HANDKE

 +  2011-02-03 12:11

To me, pillars of #Swiss #culture have been blasted to lowest global denominator: cleanliness, punctuality, banks and polite driving. Gone.

 +  2011-02-01 14:01

Awesome deep #techno mix set by Danny Barbour:…

 +  2011-01-31 13:52

Cool! Folding #Bike Friday Tikit available this spring with Gates carbon belt drive and #Shimano Alfine 11 or Nexus 8.

 +  2011-01-27 04:50

Finished 4-Hour Body #4hb by @tferriss. A rather disappointing mix of tricks. Uneven depth. Emphasis on #work & calculus over fun & #play.

 +  2011-01-26 07:07

What are my social #obligations?

 +  2011-01-25 10:15

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 5) sharing best practices, #processes and #pricing with competition to improve the industry.

 +  2011-01-24 09:24

Why name the color of unpainted steel (Fe+X), aluminum (Al) or titanium (Ti) items as “silver” (Ag) in #marketing talk?

 +  2011-01-22 11:09

Cascade Designs will sell a warmer Therm-a-Rest NeoAir in July 2011. Size regular: 51x183cm, 540g, R-value 4.9 (not as warm as Exped mats).

 +  2011-01-21 06:37

“Many of the people who deny #climate_change suffer from an inability to imagine that the world will go on without them.” – @aworkinglibrary

 +  2011-01-11 13:37

Should I give up #hope that #Apple will fix Finder lack of spatial orientation in #Mac OS X? We’re nearing 10.7 and still no OS 9 metaphors.

 +  2010-12-28 10:52

What?! No decent #ePUB desktop #ebook reader for #Mac OS X? #Adobe Digital Editions and Stanza are a joke!

 +  2010-12-27 03:33

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 4) constant extraction and reuse of client’s knowledge of their industry for project #success

 +  2010-12-22 10:14

As a #photographer, I wonder why so many women pluck their #eyebrows incorrectly? Lack of #drawing skills? Undeveloped sense of #aesthetics?

 +  2010-12-21 13:25

If you’re a #creative looking for #work / #health / socializing balance, remember that equilibrium seldom leads to change and #creativity.

 +  2010-12-20 11:22

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 3) a habit to quickly admit and apologize for mistakes, errors, delays and misunderstandings

 +  2010-12-17 10:47

I’m surprised and saddened by #Yahoo decision to kill #Delicious. Fortunately, I’ve chosen offline instead of cloud storage a long time ago.

 +  2010-12-06 03:44

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 2) ability to explain your choices to a client without any background in art and design.

 +  2010-12-03 11:04

Can’t wait for #IMAP support of #Facebook messages. Finally, all my e-mail in the cloud _and_ on my devices for backup and history.

 +  2010-12-02 04:13

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away” – D VISCOTT

 +  2010-12-01 07:25

You know, sometimes I just want to ride my #bike without being part of this #war for road space… with my hands off the brakes.

 +  2010-11-30 09:22

Can good taste in #art, #design or #music be learnt without #talent and innate sensitivity?

 +  2010-11-29 12:27

The human #mind struggles to understand and accept extremes: the #infinity of cosmos or the #finity of life.

 +  2010-11-26 11:26

As an #artist, be an optimist (some will like your #art), a pessimist (some will hate it), and a realist (some will ignore it).

 +  2010-11-25 08:10

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 1) ability to create on demand, regardless of your mood or #inspiration status.

 +  2010-11-24 04:05

If you’re everywhere, you’re nowhere!

 +  2010-11-22 10:30

#Life should be long and complex. #Death should be quick and easy.

 +  2010-11-17 04:03

Unvisualisable. Such a terrible word for a visual #artist!

 +  2010-11-16 07:48

Why focus on 3 speed internal gear hubs’ mechanical efficiency and leave out cadence efficiency? A #bike is to move faster with less effort.

 +  2010-11-08 05:11

I’m puzzled by the simplicity of dreams in the #Inception movie. In my standard #dreams I survive shots, go through walls and fly around…

 +  2010-10-27 03:39

Sadly, the next generation of #Apple notebooks limits storage, lacks Firewire, forgets RJ45, looses keyboard backlight and requires a loupe.

 +  2010-10-22 03:18

The sound of leaves in the wind is gone. The tall trees in front of my homes cut down. In #Moscow. And now in #Geneva. The silence of #fear.

 +  2010-10-21 09:48

BWV 596a Concerto d-moll (nach Vivaldi)

 +  2010-10-19 12:40

Perhaps never believing in anything is better than losing #faith one day.

 +  2010-10-18 05:16

“Let’s have a moment of silence for all those stuck in #traffic on their way to the #gym to ride the stationary #bike.” – Earl BLUMENAUER

 +  2010-10-15 08:45

Growing up in #USSR I hoped “#USA = aggressor” was #propaganda: Cuba, Iran, Guatemala, Vietnam, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq…

 +  2010-10-13 03:39

My lightweight self-supported #bike touring gear list:… Long-distance #travel on a folding Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro.

 +  2010-10-12 12:18

My #Facebook friends? People I’ve met in my life. So for new “friend” requests, I ask to explain why we should meet. A wish totally ignored!

 +  2010-10-11 03:19

To start the week, an excellent deep #techno set “Invisible Parcel” by @AndreyPushkarev and @Izhevski of

 +  2010-10-08 08:40

“#Civilization is reviving itself into a pathologically short #attention span.” – Stewart BRAND. Resist! Stay focused, longer.

 +  2010-10-07 12:55

Only 3 countries in the world still haven’t converted to the metric system: Burma, Liberia, and… the #USA. What a shame!

 +  2010-10-06 04:59

Sad news. Nassim TALEB has deleted his #Twitter account. Another victim of #technology mishandling. Know your tool or the tool will maim you

 +  2010-10-05 13:02

For my friends, a short 4 minute video explaining #sleep cycles in living organisms and an ideal human sleep schedule:…

 +  2010-10-04 06:09

My updated #Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro specs & pics:… . #Campagnolo, #Shimano & Jtek ShiftMate combo, Nokon cables.

 +  2010-09-28 13:50

Most effective #immigration control: employer incentives and sanctions. A lot easier to enforce. Why are countries focusing on individuals?

 +  2010-09-27 13:34

#Taiwan’s #bike parts manufacturer Sturmey Archer pads items inside parcels with shredders’ paper. Ingenious #reuse #recycle in #shipping!

 +  2010-09-22 13:41

I’ve been #walking & #running in #barefoot @InvisibleShoes huarache sandals for 5 months. Better fit & feel than #FiveFingers. Recommended!

 +  2010-09-21 21:27

I’ve spent the day walking the vines of Lavaux, #Switzerland, smelling the roses and tasting the grapes. I only wish #photo gear was lighter

 +  2010-09-20 16:04

An #actor’s #job to simulate a soldier / pilot / surgeon / lawyer is fun, but never actually working at any of these jobs for real is sad.

 +  2010-09-19 18:04

Cyclist #abuse. Van driver fails to yield on stop sign, squeezes the #bike several times, yells, throws a bottle at him:

 +  2010-09-17 13:59

Excellent cartoon questioning #Facebook plan to run it’s new #Oregon datacenter on #coal generated #electricity:

 +  2010-09-16 08:32

Still can’t digest the fact that the #iPhone 4G remains 32 Gb max. Where’s the 64 Gb?! My hopes crushed. A ridiculous block in my #workflow.

 +  2010-09-15 15:43

16 minutes #documentary about the pros, the cons, the testimonials and the numbers of #commuting by #bike in the #USA:

 +  2010-09-09 23:09

Nice deep and minimal #music and interior #design at SihlCity International Radio Festival session in #Zurich

 +  2010-09-08 11:23

Astonishment Inducer™ - lovely #brand name!

 +  2010-09-07 09:19

Avoid nice #Campagnolo 10 spd #bike chains for touring. Impossible to repair or replace using lightweight tools like Park Tool CT-5.

 +  2010-09-06 05:51

I think using sensationalist / overgeneralized titles to attract readers is unprofessional. Sad to see @WIRED do that:…

 +  2010-09-03 10:58

Annoyed by the rattle of keys and cash when #running? Ultralight solution: wrap it in thin, crumpled plastic (supermarket bags, packaging…)

 +  2010-09-02 12:55

I’m looking for a #TaiChi mentor in #HongKong, #Paris or #Geneva. Relaxation & defense. Details:… Please help, RT.

 +  2010-09-01 10:08

“When you are young, you have more time than money. As you get older, you have more money than time.” – Chris ANDERSON @chr1sa

 +  2010-08-31 09:16

First crash on my 1,5 year old #Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro! Reason: watching a #Boeing 777 take off while riding. #Nalgene ATB destroyed.

 +  2010-08-30 10:40

Think cheap #oil is infinite? Or, maybe, the market and technology will solve any problems? Then read . With nice charts.

 +  2010-08-19 14:23

The labor turnover in the #outdoor & #bike industries is staggering. Teams change so much, so often! Constant #job dissatisfaction? Other?

 +  2010-08-17 11:33

First #bike #ride since my #appendicitis / #peritonitis. Feels weird to have been off the bike for so long… Feels awkward, feels good.

 +  2010-08-16 12:23

“I think an #artist is always tormented. Show me an artist who isn’t?” – Layla Alexander GARRETT

 +  2010-08-13 08:53

So thrilled to learn about the advances in #flywheel #energy storage! Awesome stuff. Simple example (movie):

 +  2010-08-12 12:18

World map of current (2009) and planned (2025) share of #renewable #energy sources (sans large hydro) by country:…

 +  2010-08-11 12:35

I’m still blue in green. But I can’t grieve, unless I’ve seen.

 +  2010-08-09 11:31

From the inside, being a purpose #workaholic seems OK. It seems horrifying from the outside. Just seen Heat. A #movie about 2 workaholics.

 +  2010-08-06 08:51

“#Sustainability is often misunderstood as the neo-protestant notion that it has to hurt in order to do good.” – Bjarke INGELS #architecture

 +  2010-08-05 12:13

People tend to interpret my smiles as smirks while I’m not expressing scorn. Rather “you bet!” Should I do mirror work? Other suggestions?

 +  2010-08-03 10:45

“The brick walls are not there to keep us out. They’re there to stop the other people.” – Randy PAUSCH

 +  2010-08-02 11:43

The difference between earlier plastic #Apple Cinema Displays and current aluminum ones? #Work #safety. The sharp edges shred awkward moves.

 +  2010-07-27 12:15

My latest #Swiss #design. Using Swiss grids. For a Swiss company. In Russian: Hand-coded #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, #PHP.

 +  2010-07-26 10:28

Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ! (BWV 639)

 +  2010-07-24 17:29

Good. My #surgeon has authorized #running after my #appendicitis / #peritonitis. Even weight training! But no #bike riding for a month. Bad.

 +  2010-07-23 13:54

Most important factor when choosing between #Shimano and #Campagnolo road #bike components: brifter #ergonomics that match your hands.

 +  2010-07-19 14:13

SwissStop RacePro Green pads crazy-squeal @ speeds over 45 k/h on #Campagnolo Skeleton #bike brakes & Alex DA22 20" rims.

 +  2010-07-15 11:31

CRP > 200. Scanner confirms appendicitis & abscess in my belly. Yesterday. While I walked and joked. Today, still alive, but not so active.

 +  2010-07-07 06:49

Thought experiment: imagine you’re the only human on #Earth. Unlimited #food, #transport, #protection. Would you feel at #home anywhere?

 +  2010-07-06 11:22

Disappointing. The automatic switch-on mode of Busch & Müller IX-RED Senso rear #bike light thinks a shadowed forest road isn’t dark enough.

 +  2010-07-03 15:51

Sarkozy’s «Plateau de Saclay», Medvedev’s «Город Солнца»… Why top-down tech clusters often fail to deliver the results:…

 +  2010-07-02 11:48

Unexpected good news! UK govt cancels #Heathrow 3d runway:… . I agree. Air-travel has no #future, invest in #rail!

 +  2010-06-27 14:00

#G20. Only 2 days to decide the future of the world #finance at 0,6 bnCAD per day. Ridiculous! #Videoconferencing and serious work, anyone?

 +  2010-06-25 19:02

I thought it was a distance #runner problem only. Wrong. Today’s 83K #bike #ride under the sun has grinded my nipple in the same sweaty way.

 +  2010-06-21 22:00

Ouch! #iOS4 is out but it seems developers have been running late. @Skype, @DataVizInc, @facebook… What happens when #iPhone 4 hits retail?

 +  2010-06-17 13:24

Want some non-technical but gorgeous and original #pants? Take a look at the amazing

 +  2010-06-16 18:52

Dear #Americans, “wake up!” “#Oil is a finite resource.” Even your #president says so. Rethink your own actions. Not a “time to die” yet.

 +  2010-06-11 03:26

By design, a tiny rubber bump on the #Campagnolo Ergo brake lever should block noise. But it now blocks upshifting on my #Bike Friday PRP!

 +  2010-06-09 03:50

Financial markets’ #deregulation allows big #money from the air. Speculators have 0 interest to agree to worldwide #regulation. Get real.

 +  2010-06-03 13:01

How many words have you left unspoken?

 +  2010-06-01 06:16

I keep biting the inside of my cheeks every time I drift away in complex thoughts, forgetting the #food I’m eating. Focus, #focus, focus!

 +  2010-05-31 10:38

People explain a problem to a customer and justify why it’s not their fault instead of apologizing and fixing the problem… Is that #service?

 +  2010-05-28 11:05

Near-perfect t-shirt for daily wear & #travel: #Patagonia Merino 1… Thin #wool odor control & great feel. Tested 4 months.

 +  2010-05-27 11:02

My #Facebook profile ads become desperate: “90 000 guys to meet, 100% free registration!”

 +  2010-05-26 12:16

#Obesity epidemic spreads to tech #clothing. Successor to my beloved #Eider Vibration pant, Siral is +10 cm at the waist:…

 +  2010-05-25 06:23

Concerned about the Gulf of Mexico #environment? Read some excellent faux-BP #sarcasm: (via @SaraEcclesine)

 +  2010-05-24 13:16

What if there was #afterlife? What would you take there with you? And no, your #money and your #car will stay here!

 +  2010-05-21 12:11

50% of the Nokon casing I’ve bought has scratches. Brand new. Off the factory. But it does improve #Bike Friday’s tortuous cable routing.

 +  2010-05-20 06:34

Awesome #video #journalism about #cycling grass-roots initiative in US Still a few people out there with the right ideas.

 +  2010-05-19 05:12

The Rough Guides remain #paper only. No #ebooks. Ridiculous. Ever tried lightweight #travel?! My 135g #iPhone carries most of my library…

 +  2010-05-17 10:10

Fitting Nokon cables to my folding #Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro. Epic struggle. Inconsistent diameters! German manufacturing #precision?!

 +  2010-05-13 09:28

A must see (and assess) talk about the Why, the How and the What of #dreams, #values, #creativity and #marketing:…

 +  2010-05-11 13:31

Testing Outdoor Research @ORGEAR Revel Cap… under Giro Atmos helmet for long #cycling under intense rain. Works so far.

 +  2010-05-07 20:51

Seems #Apple #LED 24" #display prefers being #ICC profiled at native color temperature (≈6600K). Anything warmer shifts grays to green.

 +  2010-05-01 12:56

Awesome! #Paris #bike shop Bicloune had spare internals for my #Brompton’s SRF3! A rarity. No need for #UPS from Taiwan.

 +  2010-04-30 03:59

Excellent rhetorical prose by Steve JOBS on #Flash:… . And I agree. #HTML5 will win if #Apple persists. A good thing.

 +  2010-04-29 08:39

2500 km. My #Brompton’s SA SRF3 gearbox breaks down. Disassembly. No sealing = rust. Tiny pawls for torque transfer = cracked. Bad #design.

 +  2010-04-28 07:27

My 2 most wanted #PHP features: 1) complete UTF8 support; 2) more functions for multi-dimensional arrays. V6 will get UTF8 but foreach only.

 +  2010-04-23 09:59

I’m experiencing #grammar #paranoia. Present Perfect vs Simple Past. Swayed from rules to common abuse back to logic and again to intuition.

 +  2010-04-21 16:19

The American @librarycongress now archives #Twitter’s tweets as well. All of them. But allows access to selected few:…

 +  2010-04-20 08:43

Interesting video of the @Polartec Classic fleece fabric manufacturing process:

 +  2010-04-18 04:00

#Eyjafjallajökull #volcano is a gentle test of the European #transport preparedness for #PeakOil, specifically, #rail. Are we ready?

 +  2010-04-17 04:15

Archive of my tweets now available on my web site:… Includes #OutDoor09 and #Eurobike09 press coverage:…

 +  2010-04-13 15:53

Seen from my #train’s window: 2 assholes cleaned up commuters’ #bike rack. People, switch to folders! Or at least bolt everything!

 +  2010-04-13 12:03

“Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.” – Victor STENGER (via @roessli)

 +  2010-04-12 06:09

Has anyone tested #SQL subselects and IN operators of #MySQL 6.0? How slow is it?

 +  2010-04-11 11:30

The future is already here. #China exports #high-tech, high-speed #rail to #US, includes #financing:… (via @timoreilly)

 +  2010-04-08 13:41

Yay! Finnish #Post opens #paper #mail, scans it and delivers online:… #Paperless freedom! Wish the French did the same.

 +  2010-04-07 12:55

#Apple’s denial of #Flash might be a good thing for #HTML5, which even runs #Quake in the browser: &…

 +  2010-04-02 11:10

James LOVELOCK: “Humans are too stupid to prevent #climate_change.” I agree. Full interview:…

 +  2010-04-01 11:09

“A professional is an amateur who didn’t quit.” – Richard BACH

 +  2010-03-30 09:40

Coding #PHP / #MySQL projects for days places my brains into some other #reality. Very addictive. But I feel like a #zombie when I reemerge.

 +  2010-03-27 10:42

Woke up at #night for a leak. Got up. Accelerated to #running #speed. Smashed myself into the wall. Blunt #trauma in the #darkness.

 +  2010-03-26 09:00

#Kerouac’s 1st chapter of “Big Sur” is just so good! Every time I read it.

 +  2010-03-25 10:24

My belated but detailed #Garmin Dakota vs Garmin Oregon #GPS comparison review:… . Please feedback / RT.

 +  2010-03-24 07:37

Optimal #running #kinetics shown in slow motion, measured, explained: Shod or #barefoot, landing on the arch is essential

 +  2010-03-23 05:09

“When you lose someone you love you shed tears – are your tears for yourself or for the one who is dead?” Jiddu #KRISHNAMURTI

 +  2010-03-21 16:56

Self-collect. Ride 28K. Super slowly. 01:05. Soak the rain. Find the slow leak in front. Drink. Eat. Symptoms be damned. Get back to work!

 +  2010-03-21 09:36

I feel like shit. Symptoms: running nose, #headache. Worse: no desire to #work, #run or #ride! Diagnosis: #virus, #allergy, overtraining?

 +  2010-03-20 08:08

How many people around the world talk to their TV-sets, alone?

 +  2010-03-19 09:03

#Bike Friday now makes a folding stem for Pocket models (Rocket, Crusoe, Llama). Video: . Black only :(

 +  2010-03-17 09:50

Good, classic #electro. A rarity. Convextion live @ Abstract Science, Chicago, 2008-10-16:… (thanks @RicoPasserini)

 +  2010-03-16 09:55

#Suunto joins the ANT+ Alliance, which suggests #interoperability improvements in future #training devices:…

 +  2010-03-14 20:13

How to use an #inkjet #printer to create #heart tissue and other human #regeneration #experiments with positive results:…

 +  2010-03-13 11:22

Dark grey smokes of #Geneva central #heating systems spoil the #sunrise view of the #Jura. We need to convert all buildings to electric!

 +  2010-03-12 13:29

I’m having great fun digging into fuzzy #logic:…

 +  2010-03-11 14:18

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.” Maya ANGELOU

 +  2010-03-09 10:07

The end of an #experience is crucial for the #memory of it. If I #crash I get up and continue my #ride or #run. Bloody but good for #morale.

 +  2010-03-08 14:06

I have to admit: #cycling into a 50 km/h headwind, in +1 C (w/o wind-chill factored in) temp, for more than 2 hours… is #depressing.

 +  2010-03-06 11:28

The experiencing self vs the remembering self:… Which is more important to you, #experience (present) or #memory (past)?

 +  2010-03-04 13:34

My #organic recovery recipe: 1 #banana, 2 raw eggs, 0,7 L orange juice, cane sugar, blender. Drink within 30 mins after #endurance exercise.

 +  2010-03-03 17:52

#Facebook offers 0 control over emails sent by group admins. Manageable inbox? Sorry, but I’m temporarily leaving message intensive groups.

 +  2010-03-01 19:58

#Suunto t6 belt and #Garmin Dakota 20 refuse to collaborate. I want EPOC, #GPS, B&M Ixon, Sigma BC1606L and hands’ space on my drops! Ideas?

 +  2010-02-27 12:27

Similarity of #humans compared to #animals in #aggression, theory of mind, Golden rule, #empathy, anticipation, #culture:

 +  2010-02-25 16:23

Schwalbe AirMaxPro… #tire pressure checker grips my Presta screws & deflates! SKS Airchecker is better.

 +  2010-02-24 09:01

Change your #perception. Rethink your perception. Deep #techno set by @andreypushkarev:… (available as #wav download!)

 +  2010-02-23 14:41

Marker #tag on #traffic light post at Servette intersection in #Geneva: “FUCK CARS”

 +  2010-02-21 16:17

Perfect ceiling for a #smokers’ room:… (shown at , found via @antoinegrillon & @mrboo )

 +  2010-02-20 14:03

Now I have the term to explain why most don’t understand what I’m talking about: the Outside #Context Problem (OCP)

 +  2010-02-17 12:10

OK, my 32 Gb #iPhone says I have 200 Mb of free space left. Now what?

 +  2010-02-16 13:40

I’m tired of #polite but #helpless, disempowered people in #service industries. They try to look kind but don’t give a damn about a client.

 +  2010-02-14 12:54

#CO2 negative externality example: #Geneva to #Copenhagen: 25€ by #Easyjet plane (2 hours) vs 264€ by #SBB & #DB trains (16 hours)

 +  2010-02-12 14:21

“#Knowledge is #experience, everything else is just #information” – Albert #EINSTEIN – so experience personally everything you say you know.

 +  2010-02-08 22:20

The opposite of what you think may also be true:…

 +  2010-02-07 17:34

Know that “I should have put fenders on” feeling when crossing a huge puddle of liquid mud in front of a construction site on a sunny day?

 +  2010-02-06 07:47

#Cuil #Twiceler robot creates random URLs for and generates #404 errors en masse! Robots.txt Disallow doesn’t work! #fail

 +  2010-02-05 11:51

Derailleur refuses to shift to smallest sprocket but otherwise OK? Check H limit screw. Mine shaked out a bit after 2K of destroyed asphalt.

 +  2010-02-03 21:56

The #tram. My favorite urban public transport. But these beauties and their rails seem to dislike my #Brompton. Any #cyclist vs #trams tips?

 +  2010-02-02 14:44

If #climate_change brings more winters like this one to FR & CH, I’ll have to get a non-foldable titanium #MTB with spike tires!

 +  2010-02-01 18:34

Most eco-aware visitors to my minimal 13 m2 #Paris flat concur that I should now work on my #water #footprint… #Automation? Suggestions?

 +  2010-01-30 21:26

“To succeed in life, you need 2 things: ignorance and confidence.” – Mark TWAIN – exactly my case. I’d add constant work as thing no 3.

 +  2010-01-30 01:08

Both #Star_Wars 3 and #Avatar 1 have left me feeling irritated after watching. Any ideas why?

 +  2010-01-28 16:33

I dislike real-world metaphors in #software user #interface. #iPad simulates #Filofax, bookshelves, #CD covers. Bad to show tons of info.

 +  2010-01-24 14:03

Found a good #sunscreen for my nonabsorbent skin and smear loving #dSLR. La Roche Posay Anthelios Fluide Extreme SPF 20…

 +  2010-01-22 10:57

I’m amazed no one opens their checked-in #luggage after retrieving it at the #airport. Always check everything near the conveyor belt!

 +  2010-01-05 22:46

Thank you, #bicycle #Gods, for letting me live yet another day.

 +  2009-12-30 02:01

#Running through eery lights of #Swiss drizzle. Diffused and opaque, quiet and fast.

 +  2009-12-28 15:17

#Cycling the icy asphalt. Gloves open #Nalgene ATB… , smash against steerer tube. Lexan cap on the road. Stop. Fix. Works!

 +  2009-12-27 12:48

Why would you need a #TV if you have a window with a view on the sky, the #mountains, the sun, the clouds and the stars?

 +  2009-12-22 14:46

The herding behavior of #holidays in Europe is always a major disruption to my asynchronous, atemporal workflow. Utter #frustration!

 +  2009-12-19 13:39

So glad the #Airbus #A400M flies! Much more important than #A350 or #Boeing #787 (fuel efficiency, operation from deteriorated runways).

 +  2009-12-18 13:19

Wherever it is, #Paris, #Moscow, #Berlin, #Geneva, #Montreal… when it snows, it all looks the same. City #slush sucks.

 +  2009-12-18 11:29

I took it and so should you—The Survey For People Who Make Websites, 2009:

 +  2009-12-17 14:11

“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.” – Chuck CLOSE – Yep, my clients don’t care about my mood.

 +  2009-12-16 13:00

Anyone else notices quality difference when playing same #mp3 file in #QuickTime (better) vs #iTunes (worse)? (disabled EQ, Sound Enhancer)

 +  2009-12-15 12:56

Winter sun. Blue sky. Roofs of #Paris. But I have to close the curtains and open #Photoshop. The dark side of editing #photography

 +  2009-12-14 11:23

#Zug cool. #SBB Ansagen:

 +  2009-12-13 14:59

Vague, distorted, contradicting. Totally unconvinced by #Obama #Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech:…

 +  2009-12-12 15:38

Bastille. Red light. #Car driver lowers window. Asks where to buy the #Brompton I ride. Green light. We cross the cobbles talking. -1 car?

 +  2009-12-11 10:56

Finally! Experts from EU, USA, China, Japan, Korea meet to develop environmental standards for packaging… via @GuyKawasaki

 +  2009-12-10 12:01

“For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with #design ” – Massimo VIGNELLI

 +  2009-12-09 09:30

#iPhone touchscreen works inside durable waterproof Aloksaks: Accidental discovery inside my 4.5x7" ultralight “wallet”.

 +  2009-12-07 16:21

I’ve said it already: #Copenhagen #Climate Conference will be insignificant. Human nature: hit the wall first, then act for real. 2020?

 +  2009-12-03 21:49

I’m looking for oil-free mid-SPF #sunscreen for my nonabsorbent skin and smear loving #dSLR & lenses. What’s best? Available in FR or CH?

 +  2009-12-02 15:59

Weird, I’ve been #clubbing since 1995… Why do people unrelated to #electronic #music find it hard to imagine me in a #techno nightclub?

 +  2009-12-02 14:16

Is @hashtags permanently “Over capacity”? has been asking to “try again later” for more than a week!

 +  2009-12-01 13:48

A very plausible timeline for global civilizational collapse by @DavePollard:… With a clear graphic and a short text.

 +  2009-11-28 19:54

University of Utah research suggests the only way to stop global warming is to lower standards of living: (via @mtobis)

 +  2009-11-24 19:54

My night and day #photography of DJ @andreypushkarev from Moscow deep #techno radio:…

 +  2009-11-23 18:08

I’ve realized mixing dirt #running and urban #parkour, both under rain and in the dark, is not a great idea. Oh well… still alive.

 +  2009-11-21 21:22

Julia KISSINA was kind to pull me into Paris Photo . Well, an art fair ain’t no art exhibition…

 +  2009-11-20 16:46

Attached the superlight #Tubus Airy… on my Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro, albeit with non-standard stays cut to size.

 +  2009-11-19 10:39

Awesome use of scroll bars to make a clock in #JavaScript:… (via @roessli & @gruber)

 +  2009-11-18 19:22

Red light. Woman crossing tells me “Oh a #Brompton! I’ve got one as well” Cyclist nearby says he switched from Bromtpon to a nonfolding MTB!

 +  2009-11-17 18:35

My #Marmot Chinook windshirt has survived #photo shoots, trail #running, rock & ice #climbing since 2004, but failed today on a door handle.

 +  2009-11-14 19:23

I love the #minimalism of my 13 sq m flat in #Paris, but it lacks a stable vise for my frequent #DIY projects. Any ideas how to solve this?

 +  2009-11-13 19:45

First #run after my #bronchitis outbreak. 10K to begin. Then #cycling. A driver tried to honk and squeeze me to death… Relaxing with #PHP.

 +  2009-11-11 13:43

So, looks like #Twitter now imports into #LinkedIn? If it does, great! One less thing to update.

 +  2009-11-06 06:00

#Facebook new headquarters interior #design details:… and . Looks good to me. What do _you_ think?

 +  2009-11-04 14:07

Fuck! I got #bronchitis and I feel like crap. Worst: no more long #running or hard #cycling! #Frustrated gift of #civilization

 +  2009-11-02 20:18

Latest research on #geoengineering by The Royal Society:… . Scary how little we know and how much we can mess up.

 +  2009-10-29 12:13

Разъём на 3,5 мм к прозрению. And to end it all, a 5 star hotel. Sugar hiccup?

 +  2009-10-20 13:49

#iPhone experts, is there any way to back-up the entire iPhone #SSD drive directly to a #USB-stick without iTunes? Leave the #Mac behind?

 +  2009-10-17 16:29

I’ve just signed the “ #IKEA, please get rid of Verdana petition”. . What were they thinking when dumping Futura?!

 +  2009-10-15 12:57

My review of the MSR Quick 1 compact 1,3L titanium pot:… Perfect for snow melting during solo #winter #backpacking trips.

 +  2009-10-12 13:20

What if the Russians invaded the USA… ;-)

 +  2009-10-11 13:01

I suppose absolute #geometry in nature lies at the extremes: deep #space microwave radiation, molecules. Everything in between is imperfect.

 +  2009-10-10 03:35

Marketing & management guru “Phil Kotler explains what to do in a recession” if you are a company… (RT @GuyKawasaki)

 +  2009-10-09 16:10

I love #precision (my Swiss heritage). The lack of precision in the #Brompton ’s front fork and wheel axle assembly really dissapoints me.

 +  2009-10-06 10:24

New analysis brings dire forecast of 6,3 C temp increase even if promised CO2 reductions are realized… via @DavePollard

 +  2009-10-03 11:12

Airport security cost the US the 2016 Olympics.… . Their “security theater” cost the US even more. (via @timoreilly)

 +  2009-10-01 15:59

Alas, neither my #music teachers nor I could foresee how solfège would be useful to me now. I’ve since forgotten so much.

 +  2009-09-30 11:55

I wonder what’s the proportions of #PHP developers coding with and without error_reporting(E_ALL) ? I prefer the E_ALL option.

 +  2009-09-25 12:15

Days go by. I’m completely dissolved in the pure logic of PHP / MySQL. Sleep, eat, run, eat , code, cycle, eat, sleep.

 +  2009-09-21 17:58

Uh oh! Rereading the spacetime singularity theory reveals some serious memory deactivation. Time to brush up my #physics.

 +  2009-09-18 15:45

A person who doesn’t care about his own body doesn’t care about the #environment. Waste the body, waste the planet. Normal, logical?

 +  2009-09-11 19:25

E-readers more eco-friendly than printed books or press:… . I’ve been reading onscreen only, for years on #Mac & #iPhone

 +  2009-09-10 17:20

Air #pollution is a global issue. #Ozone emitted in the US kills a lot of people in Europe:…

 +  2009-09-09 17:09

42 folded #Brompton bikes fit into 1 car parking slot:…

 +  2009-09-08 09:02

Why do top cyclists like @lancearmstrong and @acontador drive big polluting Audis?

 +  2009-09-07 12:46

Sturmey Archer at #Eurobike09 informed me of a 5-speed gear hub available in #Brompton 111mm over locknut width: S-RF5. 256%, 13T, 1kg.

 +  2009-09-07 12:05

New Giro ProLight helmet (200 g size M) felt awkward, but was chained to the #Eurobike09 booth… Will see if it fits better than my Atmos.

 +  2009-09-05 23:39

#Eurobike09 stats: 100000 m2, 1028 exhibitors from 42 countries, 39152 visitors from 75 countries, 1556 journalists (me) from 36 countries.

 +  2009-09-05 21:22

Vaude had size L only at their #Eurobike09 booth. Would’ve liked to try their Prime 3/4 length cycling rain pants in eVent. 175 g.

 +  2009-09-05 13:56

I’ve seen zillions of bikes at #Eurobike09 . If you want to express your individuality, get a #bike. More choice than in the car industry.

 +  2009-09-04 14:19

Leaving Friedrichshafen #Eurobike09 in torrential downpour. Tomorrow is public day. Mega-crowds expected.

 +  2009-09-04 14:16

Big difference between #Eurobike09 and #OutDoor09 in Friedrichshafen: much, much more smokers at #Eurobike09.

 +  2009-09-04 14:11

Park Tool to replace the PRS 15 by PRS 25. Prototype at #Eurobike09: lighter, more compact, locking fold, new clamp.

 +  2009-09-03 16:59

An “entry” into the 11-speed world of Campagnolo: the Athena grouppo presented at #Eurobike09. Mix of carbon fiber and aluminum.