+  2021-12-01 17:41

My god. What happened to @patagonia? Did the whole web #design team drown in the surf? 😮

Huge drop-down menus that disappear on rollover, search field that deactivate in #Safari… #UX fail.

Is it a “sell less to protect the planet” initiative pushed to the limit?

 +  2021-11-18 16:10

I like to imagine a #UI #design team conversation going something like this:

– Let’s make the main scroll bar 4 pixels wide.
– No, make it 2 pixels wide. And light gray.
– Perfect! body::scrollbar-width: 2px for
@DPDgroup_news parcel tracking

#iWillFindYou #CSS

 +  2021-09-02 08:20

Can someone please explain to me why websites disable left click (text selections) and right click (everything)?

Despite my boundless film director’s imagination and 22+ years of pro experience (#dev + #UX #design)… I can’t image WHY WOULD YOU HURT A USER thusly? 😡💣

 +  2021-05-27 13:01

Brilliant graphic by Jeff Delaney / @fireship_dev that sums up the basics web designers and #programmers need to understand. But hey, it’s just a stack of abstraction upon abstraction, eh? Math and physics classes in school weren’t time wasted, after all?

Personally, I often cheat and skip the TypeScript and Framework layers sometimes. 😋

But hey, you gotta make a bit of mental space for SQL, HTML, SVG, #CSS, #branding and the easy-peasy interactive graphic #design. 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-05-05 13:50

In my opinion, the difference between #art and #design is that one serves a practical purpose to achieve a business goal. The other fills intellectual voids to create an #illusion.

 +  2021-04-09 06:23

Wow! Incredible! A unified #UI #design system for all the 20000+ websites of the French government! Available as Sketch files & npm libs!

I honestly wasn’t expecting anything like this. Kudos to the Service d’Information du @gouvernementFR team of 250+

 +  2021-04-06 16:14

. @Crewbooking. A networking site for #French #cinema pros with exceptional divinatory powers.

Do you understand which #UI #design element does what? Which square is for decoration, and which is a button? No? Well, me neither.🤦🏻‍♂️

No wonder they insist on a 9-step “tutorial”.

Bonus points for congratulating me on the “well-deserved rest”… I didn’t have. 🙄

I just wanted to find an ”unsubscribe from e-mails” button, which they don’t include in their daily send-outs.

 +  2021-03-27 07:37

Wow. Very impressive table #design. Compact form expands seating capacity while maintaining circular shape.

 +  2020-12-07 23:32

When you have a lot of money and a lot of good #taste.…

#architecture #design

 +  2020-11-20 13:39

What’s up with the authentication #UI #design pattern which shows 1 field — e-mail or phone # — without the password field?

Autofill doesn’t work with those, often 2 states required… why?!🤔

#UX examples: startup-ish to mega-corpish EDF login pages.

 +  2020-10-16 02:37

Bringing more meaning to car #design? WTF? 😮

While all they wanted to say is “when used together with SPC58 automotive microcontroller tech, devices such as the @ST_World L99LD21 simplify #LED control and diagnostics, software dev and integration into vehicle E/E architecture”

 +  2020-09-01 16:39

Finally! All #IKEA catalogs from 1950 to 2021 as PDFs. A journey through affordable #design.

Weirdly, @IKEASverige scanned, instead of rasterized digital data. Any idea why? Files should have been available at least since PageMaker in late 1980′s?…

 +  2020-04-22 19:32

#Design isn’t __ by @PM_studio. What do you see?

 +  2020-02-11 08:05

#design love…

 +  2019-11-13 01:13

What’s up with being unable to select #HTML text in Chrome, Safari and FireFox? Including on ”#accessibility -optimised” sites?! Like @ouisncf?

I mean, nothing fancy for this <div>. What am I missing in the #design / #code?

 +  2019-10-10 11:21

You have a #design idea, the something that should do something. And it requires a weird component you have no idea where to get and how it’s called?

You’re looking for ”The Thing”!

Fortunately, there’s a process for finding and ordering The Thing:…

 +  2015-09-21 12:14

This is what happens to me each time I’m surrounded by bad #design. So, most of the time, yeah, my eyes just bleed:…

 +  2015-06-26 12:04

Finally! After decades of puzzlement, thanks to @roessli, I’ve discovered the #design origin of #Apple cmd #symbol:…

 +  2015-06-22 07:24

Any #design ideas to replace discontinued double-faced #Chromolux, please? Need high-gloss white 300g paper… @Antalis_UK? @AntalisDesigner?

 +  2014-07-16 20:57

Ouch! @Monotype acquires @FontFont & @FontShop. I intuitively feel that’s bad consolidation news for #typography & #design. Hope I’m wrong.

 +  2014-06-27 03:56

Actually, I like the production #design of @elysium #film. Quite realistic, for a change. Except drinkable tap water in Mexican LA.

 +  2014-06-05 04:03

“Always remember that from a bad #client you get a worse client, and from a good client you get a better one” — Massimo Vignelli #design

 +  2013-09-06 09:09

A crazy great re #design of vintage indie rock flyers into international typographic style posters by @MikeJoyceNYC:

 +  2011-03-23 05:35

#Paris streets aren’t optimized for anyone. Pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, buses, taxies, cars and trucks… we all suffer from bad #design.

 +  2011-01-25 10:15

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 5) sharing best practices, #processes and #pricing with competition to improve the industry.

 +  2010-12-27 03:33

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 4) constant extraction and reuse of client’s knowledge of their industry for project #success

 +  2010-12-20 11:22

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 3) a habit to quickly admit and apologize for mistakes, errors, delays and misunderstandings

 +  2010-12-06 03:44

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 2) ability to explain your choices to a client without any background in art and design.

 +  2010-11-30 09:22

Can good taste in #art, #design or #music be learnt without #talent and innate sensitivity?

 +  2010-11-25 08:10

Signs of #professionalism in #art and #design: 1) ability to create on demand, regardless of your mood or #inspiration status.

 +  2010-09-09 23:09

Nice deep and minimal #music and interior #design at SihlCity International Radio Festival session in #Zurich

 +  2010-07-27 12:15

My latest #Swiss #design. Using Swiss grids. For a Swiss company. In Russian: Hand-coded #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, #PHP.

 +  2010-04-29 08:39

2500 km. My #Brompton’s SA SRF3 gearbox breaks down. Disassembly. No sealing = rust. Tiny pawls for torque transfer = cracked. Bad #design.

 +  2009-12-10 12:01

“For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with #design ” – Massimo VIGNELLI

 +  2009-11-06 06:00

#Facebook new headquarters interior #design details:… and . Looks good to me. What do _you_ think?


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