+  2023-04-07 16:46

52% of American #women were unmarried or separated in 2021.

The rising share of #single women households has been driven entirely by women who have never married. Over 80% of women under 30 have never tied the knot in 2021…

Despite all the readily-available research about the Homo sapiens female fertility window and attractiveness to the opposite sex, the number of never-married women has grown 20% over the past decade.

Women’s median age of first #marriage was just over 28 years old in 2022, which is about 1,5 years later than a decade ago and nearly 8 years later than in the early 1960s.

The increase also reflects a growing share of women who never marry. Around 6% of those aged 65 or older were never married in 2021, up from 4% in 2011.

Bottom line: the family unit disappears, the #solitude increases. Atomized and #polarized, we’re screaming at each other through the tiny screens, if not streaming the série du jour.

 +  2023-01-24 19:56

“#America is a kind, generous place… if you have money. It’s a rapacious, violent place if you don’t have #money.

To be wealthy in America is to be loved. People find you interesting, they want to know you. You have a broader selection of mates.

I think about money a lot. I did nothing but pretty much #work for 20 years. I don’t remember much else but work. It cost me my hair. It cost me my first #marriage. And it was worth it.”

— Scott Galloway.

How bleak of a life, how shallow of a #civilization? And generation after generation built it, knowingly, on purpose. But worry not, Scott believes #depression can be solved with antidepressants.

If you have the money. More pills, more money, more work, more pills, more…

 +  2022-05-31 11:25

Oh, cool, books about what we don’t owe. As in “men don’t owe you money, #marriage or kids” and “your government doesn’t owe you protection from assassination”?🤷🏻‍♂️

Bon courage with the noble battle against biology

Personally, I’m more into books about #CRISPR human DNA tuning.😂


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