+  2022-07-18 19:33

Impressive to watch such a hysterical Descent of Man. 

Despite decades of his “studies” of #Russian literature and totalitarianism, #JordanPeterson completely misunderstands what’s going on in Russia, NATO, rouble (un)currency, global economy… 🤦🏻‍♂️…

And uses a real war killing real people to talk about a “neomarxist postpodernism culture war” in the US and Canada. 🤯

Complètement à côté de la plaque.

He’s right about the:

• current West trend for race and gender to matter more than competency — how “female” or “non-hexadecimal” we feel today is more important than how good we are at a particular job

• famine in agriculturally-challenged countries

But that’s about it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

( For example, he talks about newly found UKRAINIAN gas reserves — I quote — “around the Caspian Sea”.

Hello?! geography 101?

And Peterson _reads_ his article for @dailywireplus , with ample time to double-check, that’s no oratory slip )

 +  2020-06-20 18:26

A young #JordanPeterson’s short recount & accurate interpretation of #Buddha’s transformation from a rich kid to an enlightened world savior?

Yes, please! Fascinating in so many regards. For example, how his voice and tempo had changed over the years.…

 +  2018-08-21 14:43

#IDW’s #JordanPeterson writes: because the Universe is irrational it’s OK to believe in irrational #God… But, he yells: you don’t know what you believe… because of accumulated complexity of human culture. Why people love this unstructured, pseudo-scientific rehash of old ideas?


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