+  2023-06-13 12:46

You know what? Russians still living in Russia, the remaining 140 million of them, don’t care about the #war. Nor do they care about their rulers or the Western sanctions. Or the Western companies having left or banned.

#Russia is stuck in yet another historical loop. Going……

 +  2023-02-03 13:55

“In wartime, the State seeks to destroy its own #culture — in times of #conflict, authentic culture is subversive. As the cause championed by the State comes to define national identity, as the myth of war entices a #Nation to glory and sacrifice,

those who question the value of the cause and the veracity of the myths are branded internal enemies.

Art takes on a new significance in wartime. War and the nationalist myth that fuels it are the purveyors of low culture—folklore, quasi-historical dramas, kitsch, sentimental doggerel, and theater and film that portray the glory of soldiers in past wars

or current wars dying nobly for the homeland.

This is why so little of what moves us during wartime has any currency once #war is over.

The songs, books, poems, and #films that arouse us in war are awkward and embarrassing when the conflict ends, useful only to summon up the #nostalgia of war’s comradeship.”

“War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning” by Chris Hedges

 +  2022-07-28 07:38

Russian-speaking economists have been questioning the Western sanctions impacting ‘regular Russians having nothing to do with the #war’.

Well, here’s a regular Russian Z-stamped comment on a feature #documentary we filmed about deep #techno music: “crappy nonsense”.

“Bots”, you say? Then who’s posting their daily stories ‘enjoying the best of life with wine, hipsta-burgers & sunbathing’ on Instagram / VK, as if nothing was going on since February?

 +  2022-02-21 16:11

Do Russians want another #war?
Just ask the silence about it,
Above the expanse of the arable lands and the fields,
And ask the birches and the poplars,
Ask the soldiers,
Who lie below those birches,…

And their sons will answer you —
Do Russians want, do Russians want,
Do Russians want another war to happen.

Not only for their country
The soldiers died in that war,
So that the people of the whole earth
Could sleep in peace at night.
Ask those who fought,

Who embraced you on the Elbe,
We’re faithful to this memory.
Do Russians want, do Russians want,
Do Russians want another war to happen?

Yes, we know how to fight,
But we do not want
Our soldiers fall in battle yet again
On their sad ground.
Ask our mothers,
Ask my wife,

And then you should understand —
Do Russians want, do Russians want
Do Russians want another war to happen?

The docker and the fisherman will understand,
The worker and the farmer will understand,
And people of any country will understand
Do Russians want, do Russians want,
Do Russians want another war to happen?

 +  2020-05-08 15:26

#War is not OK. War is not fun. And 75 years is enough to forget that.

I hope we as #artists continue to remind others to stop killing each other.

 +  2012-04-16 02:48

3 best ways to reveal the true nature of your friends: 1) go through #war together 2) alpine #climb together 3) go into #business together

 +  2010-12-01 07:25

You know, sometimes I just want to ride my #bike without being part of this #war for road space… with my hands off the brakes.


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