+  2023-06-04 17:54

Sam Altman, the CEO of #OpenAI, the company behind #ChatGPT:

“Everybody thought: first AI would do physical #labor, then some #cognitive labor, then the really hard cognitive labor, like computer science, #programming… And then, maybe, last of all, but maybe never, because……

 +  2023-05-16 17:49

My conversation about human #happiness with #ChatGPT took 5 minutes.

Question: According to what is currently known to #science, what 50 factors, listed from most influential to least, influence a human (male, with an IQ above 100) self-reported feeling of happiness,……

Question: Why do the majority of people do not follow, or, in other words, implement or act on the above well-studied list of parameters to live a happy life?

Answer: The reasons why individuals may not consistently follow or implement the factors associated with a happy life……

Question: Why, to quote your answer, do “Many people may not be aware of the specific factors that contribute to overall happiness and well-being?” while the majority of the world now has internet access and has access to ChatGPT?

Answer: While it’s true that access to the……

 +  2023-04-21 13:41

Oh, wow. The Match Group did indeed introduce chat-assist to #Tinder. Just look at their suggestions to start a dialogue after a match: 😱

• Hiiii Jane! Getting into anything fun this week?
• Hello Jane. How’s it going?
• Hi there! Getting into anything fun this week?

• Jane! Having a nice day?
• Nice to meet you Jane! What are you up to?

Punctuation errors aside, that style… will most probably get you unmatched ASAP… Else, you’d be watching a machine talking to a machine? Because the “let us do the talking” feature is rolled out to all.

What’s next? A brain implant to utter clichés to people? I mean, as of now, the dialogue prompts are far from #ChatGPT’s (rather derivative) prose, but don’t you think the Tinder devs will buy API access from #OpenAI soon?

 +  2023-04-02 21:05

Have you tried asking @OpenAI #ChatGPT your own biography? Or a friend / colleague you know?

Appallingly fictitious, even though a ton of info is out there (Wikipedia, IMDb, national / international press…) & unable to cite its sources.

@petergabor is marked as dead in 2006.😮

 +  2023-03-28 12:27

#ChatGPT responses reflect several of humanity’s main traits, most prominent of which is generalized mediocrity. Even when asking precise questions.

For now, it’s just boring “it is hard to answer… bla bla…” I could read anywhere, from anyone.

(excluding simple code tasks)

 +  2023-01-25 20:07

How has been your experience with #ChatGPT so far?

Mine has been rather mundanely useless… it couldn’t answer even easily querieable questions like “what is the projected life expectancy of a male in country X suffering from type 2 #diabetes”.

A lot of “It is hard to predict…” followed by a full-on #legal department warnings about errors and omissions, numbers to call to get advice.

Yes, the easier “Google the results” or “write a for loop” perform better, but hey, I’m still faster.


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