+  2023-05-16 17:49

My conversation about human #happiness with #ChatGPT took 5 minutes.

Question: According to what is currently known to #science, what 50 factors, listed from most influential to least, influence a human (male, with an IQ above 100) self-reported feeling of happiness,……

Question: Why do the majority of people do not follow, or, in other words, implement or act on the above well-studied list of parameters to live a happy life?

Answer: The reasons why individuals may not consistently follow or implement the factors associated with a happy life……

Question: Why, to quote your answer, do “Many people may not be aware of the specific factors that contribute to overall happiness and well-being?” while the majority of the world now has internet access and has access to ChatGPT?

Answer: While it’s true that access to the……

 +  2023-01-30 09:48

Why there is something rather than nothing? Try answering this question. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Kidding — no, I won’t. 😋

Many a wise man have tried, from the yogis of old, and the ancients of Greece, to the still-living cosmologists of our time, like Lawrence Krauss in his book

“A #Universe From Nothing”. But… Unless you’re interested in a succinct retelling of what we currently know and don’t yet know in #cosmology, filled with anecdotal clichés and historical tidbits here and there,

I’d suggest skipping to the last chapter, which presents a tentative hypothesis that “nothing is unstable because… virtual particles and there’s less antimatter than there is matter, and so there is something”.

All different ways for the author to acknowledge that we still lack any solid understanding or proof of this Hard Problem (irony aside).

A short afterword by Richard Dawkins is rather congratulatory. But clueless. Academics are specialists these days, not Da Vincis.

Although, it’s fabulously stylish prose, rivaled perhaps only by Steven Pinker in the “#science for the masses” genre.

Seriously, I’d suggest instead to watch @PBSSpaceTime on YouTube for a much more thorough and visual overview of our current state of knowledge of cosmology and its big unknowns.

 +  2022-10-17 10:25

The #RingsOfPower demonstrate to us that clever ideas and materials #science rule.

Especially over emotions, the anger and fear that blind and bind us.

Otherwise… is this just a pretty merry-go-round about war and peace? Where all males are either deranged, incompetent or old?

 +  2021-06-22 11:31

I got my second shot of @pfizer @BioNTech_Group. Superfast and efficient French @gouvernementFR team. They’ve improved since my first shot. Although still a lot of physical paper involved.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in the hard #science work on #vaccine since the 1990s! 🤗

#mRNA tech is amazing, I’m looking forward to a #malaria vaccine to pass human trials for one of my upcoming cinema projects.

Should you #vaccinate? Yes. Even with an older-tech vaccine.

 +  2021-06-02 10:28

Philosopher James Carse uses the terms “finite games” and “infinite games” to describe the 2 main ways we live and play.

Finite games are just that—finite. They have a finite number of options and players, clearly defined winners and losers, and an established set of rules.

Examples: chess, 9-to-5 automatable jobs, politics, sports, and war.

Infinite games are the opposite. They have no clear winners or losers, no established time frame for play, and no fixed rules. In infinite games, the field of play is mutable, the number of participants keeps changing, and the only goal is to keep on playing.

Examples: #art and #science.

Which game do you want to play?

 +  2020-11-13 15:42

A survey by a Swiss publisher of scientific journals asked 25000+ researchers whether lawmakers in their country had used scientific advice to inform their #Covid19 strategy.

The list of countries least following #science correlates with the list of Top Cases and Top Deaths.

 +  2015-07-15 12:08

Excellent @RichardDawkins talk on why most #humans struggle with high-level #science concepts like quantum #physics:…

 +  2015-07-13 12:24

Deep #MachineLearning results in computers better than humans at everything:… — Maybe except #art and #science?

 +  2015-03-23 15:20

Are #humans just another #primate? Mostly, yes! Except for a few things like #science and #art:

 +  2013-09-09 10:40

Radical #science. #Stress is good, if you think it is (or if it’s a byproduct of #meaning):… But what about cortisol?

 +  2013-08-13 03:47

A must-watch for those wondering why people rarely tackle big problems (#climate_change, peak #oil, #art, #science…):…


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