+  2023-05-16 17:49

My conversation about human #happiness with #ChatGPT took 5 minutes.

Question: According to what is currently known to #science, what 50 factors, listed from most influential to least, influence a human (male, with an IQ above 100) self-reported feeling of happiness,……

Question: Why do the majority of people do not follow, or, in other words, implement or act on the above well-studied list of parameters to live a happy life?

Answer: The reasons why individuals may not consistently follow or implement the factors associated with a happy life……

Question: Why, to quote your answer, do “Many people may not be aware of the specific factors that contribute to overall happiness and well-being?” while the majority of the world now has internet access and has access to ChatGPT?

Answer: While it’s true that access to the……

 +  2022-01-30 10:12

Hilariously surreal and abysmally real at the same time. 9 currently prevailing theories of how to achieve True #Happiness™.

(could add a tenth #religious variant, which would be Islam)…

 +  2021-12-05 13:46

With current Homo sapiens, giving people #money unconditionally, “for free” is more effective than most other interventions to improve our well-being / #happiness (up to about 5 000 USD per month)… except in the cases of addiction.

#UBI ?

 +  2021-07-26 12:22

Trans / Queer+ #Identity Quests™, #Gender Wars™ and other popular sex mechanics extend our #culture of perpetual dissatisfaction beyond the shopping for stuff you don’t need.

A consumer culture that now includes our bodies to the list of obstacles to True #Happiness™.

 +  2019-07-24 18:19

You haven’t evolved to be #happy, or even content. Instead, you are designed primarily to survive and reproduce. Sustained #happiness has no #biological basis.…

 +  2016-03-21 07:04

Most people mistake #pleasure for #happiness. Once you get the differences between the 2, you’ll move much closer to the latter ;).

 +  2015-06-29 12:17

I’ve only now realized my #parents never told me what #happiness is and what I need to do for it. Nor did we talk about #meaning in #life.


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