+  2022-12-26 19:21

“Since my youth — I was 19 when I left #Russia — my political creed has remained as bleak and changeless as an old gray rock. It is classical to the point of triteness. #Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of #art.

The social or economic structure of the ideal state is of little concern to me. My desires are modest. Portraits of the head of the government should not exceed a postage stamp in size. No torture and no executions.”

Vladimir #Nabokov in 1964

 +  2022-11-27 14:12

Where does this voguish idea of everyone becoming a glamorous and fun #entrepreneur come from? Sorry, but:

1) most people are not born with the #DNA required to run a business;

2) while being an entrepreneur adds a lot of positive nouns to your life, like “#freedom”, “creation” and “#meaning”… the package also includes “jealousy”, “discrimination”, “#stress”, “disappointment”, “responsibility” and “cash flow management”.

OK, the “responsibility” is for the non-psychopaths among us. 😂

 +  2021-07-04 20:04

“The function of #freedom is to free someone else.” — Toni Morrison

 +  2021-04-22 14:47

The opposite of #freedom is compulsion.

If I can not willfully choose how to react because of my inner #emotions, chemical addictions or #social norms… I am not free.

 +  2016-10-18 08:31

Most people are loathe to admit their own natural inability to stand #alone in #freedom, wired for #interdependence.

 +  2014-03-26 09:37

#Intelligence — a force that acts so as to maximize future #freedom of action:… — Freedom’s also #yoga ultimate goal.


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