+  2011-10-14 22:10

A folding #Brompton #bike: I have yet to find a more fun way to arrive at a business meeting on time.

 +  2011-03-21 01:26

Morning: my #Brompton seat post rips out pedal cadence magnet. Evening: I discover magnet burst-on-demand #lingerie

 +  2010-05-01 14:56

Awesome! #Paris #bike shop Bicloune had spare internals for my #Brompton’s SRF3! A rarity. No need for #UPS from Taiwan.

 +  2010-04-29 10:39

2500 km. My #Brompton’s SA SRF3 gearbox breaks down. Disassembly. No sealing = rust. Tiny pawls for torque transfer = cracked. Bad #design.

 +  2010-02-03 23:56

The #tram. My favorite urban public transport. But these beauties and their rails seem to dislike my #Brompton. Any #cyclist vs #trams tips?

 +  2009-12-15 13:36

@mchillingworth Ha! My #Brompton comes second in number of skids after my Soviet childhood single speed Орлёнок. Brompton’s very skid prone.

 +  2009-12-15 13:20

@mchillingworth #Brompton is common in Paris, a rarity in Switzerland. People ask about price, I ask how much they pay for a car, per MONTH.

 +  2009-12-12 17:38

Bastille. Red light. #Car driver lowers window. Asks where to buy the #Brompton I ride. Green light. We cross the cobbles talking. -1 car?

 +  2009-11-18 21:22

Red light. Woman crossing tells me “Oh a #Brompton! I’ve got one as well” Cyclist nearby says he switched from Bromtpon to a nonfolding MTB!

 +  2009-10-10 15:13

@l4urence On my #Brompton… the fork’s right drop-out’s is deeper than the left. Rim off center if axle tightened as is.

 +  2009-10-09 18:10

I love #precision (my Swiss heritage). The lack of precision in the #Brompton ’s front fork and wheel axle assembly really dissapoints me.

 +  2009-09-09 19:09

42 folded #Brompton bikes fit into 1 car parking slot:…

 +  2009-09-07 14:46

Sturmey Archer at #Eurobike09 informed me of a 5-speed gear hub available in #Brompton 111mm over locknut width: S-RF5. 256%, 13T, 1kg.

 +  2009-09-03 09:23

At last found the ClappTonBox hard case for #Brompton made by B&W Super tough for checked-in air travel to #Eurobike09

 +  2009-09-03 09:16

#Eurobike09 test-ride: Mezzo aluminum monocoque folding bike. Very stable ride, folded size inbetween Bike Friday Tikit and #Brompton.

 +  2009-09-02 19:13

Espai Bici Barcelona has shown me an 8-speed internal gear hub to fit on a #Brompton at #Eurobike09. SA XRF8 with custom chain retainer!


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