+  2022-09-13 17:54

Agent Johnson: “You are no longer necessary.”

#Amazon #automation

 +  2021-10-16 22:12

In such moments, being a web #designer and a #film director, I imagine a story of some team, somewhere at #Amazon, pouring billions of dollars, months of hard work, thousands of lines of code… to invent such a “Greetings and welcome back, our cherished client!” #UX interface.

 +  2021-08-28 06:17

“Creativity, the biggest determiner of #successful #executives, is killed in the #junior ranks. Maintenance of predetermined procedures is emphasized. This is how you end up with managers and not leaders.

You have a senior leadership that knows all the paperwork but cannot understand a problem and how to solve it.”

#Risk and #creativity. Again

I’m seeing how the mediocre teachers all over the planet install fear and disbelief in our kids’ capacity to create, very early in school

And so, we get excellent line #producers in #cinema (instead of executive risk-takers), excellent mid-level programmers in #IT (instead of non-conforming inventors), great shop-floor managers in #Amazon warehouses (instead of big-picture leaders)…

All gradually replaced by instructions-following #automation. 😕

Now, if you think even larger and recall that the #scientific method requires an ability to invent a good explanation of a phenomenon (versus the “read from Mother #Nature’s Book” for an induction from experience),

you get… people who make robots vs anti-vaxxers and flat-Earthers.

Same patterns on all levels.

 +  2021-07-26 18:36

🤔 @OralB dental floss:

• #Amazon Marketplace — 1.60 €
• @CarrefourGroup supermarket — 2.78 €
• pharmacy — 6.90 €

Support your local business’ markup?

 +  2021-07-22 10:09

There’s a reason we order stuff from #Amazon, despite all the abusive treatment of their employees and stifling of competition.

I’ve just tried ordering a pair of #running shoes from @iRunFr . They’re now asking me to #FAX THEM MY ID AND ELECTRICITY BILL ! WTF?! 😖

 +  2021-07-02 05:24

Americans rate #Amazon as their second most favorite organization… right after the US Military, which is the highest-rated institution in the country.

Also, #Russia.🤦🏻‍♂️

(the results are consistent with previous surveys by Georgetown University and NYU… The Verge Tech Survey…)


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