+  2022-11-27 14:12

Where does this voguish idea of everyone becoming a glamorous and fun #entrepreneur come from? Sorry, but:

1) most people are not born with the #DNA required to run a business;

2) while being an entrepreneur adds a lot of positive nouns to your life, like “#freedom”, “creation” and “#meaning”… the package also includes “jealousy”, “discrimination”, “#stress”, “disappointment”, “responsibility” and “cash flow management”.

OK, the “responsibility” is for the non-psychopaths among us. 😂

 +  2022-10-12 06:15

An interesting take on why #Russians have been stuck in a submissive / aggressive loop for centuries by Robert Sapolsky, who privileges the nurture (culture) component rather than the nature (#DNA) factor.…

I’d disagree somewhat: the negative selection pressure has expunged the country of its brightest and most creative, especially men, through repeated revolutions, purges and wars.

The Russian poets, scientists and filmmakers so admired by the West have been systematically expelled and killed since the 18th century.

Also… a surprising critique by Sapolsky of @sapinker’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined”. 😉

 +  2021-08-09 13:48

Until most women relinquish their #mating preference for high-status, high-power, high-income men, any calls to “end #patriarchy” will remain a baseless, delusional wish in the same category as the demands for perpetual motion machines and wants to have the cake and eat it too.

And good luck changing 4 billion women without some hardcore #DNA reengineering… 😂

 +  2020-05-12 06:34

Quick poll, please. When you say “he / she’s got #talent”, do you mean a person:

• was born with above-average DNA well-suited for an activity?
• has developed some above-average ability through #practice?
• has combined lucky #DNA with deliberate work?
• something else?

 +  2018-03-12 15:08

The 2nd most amazing property of #logic to me is the moment when a growing #human either learns to understand and use it… or fails and will never ever understand nor use it later on.

The chasm between logic-enabled and logic-disabled.

A learnable set. Non-#DNA (unlike taste).

 +  2018-01-16 17:57

Why do you think most #film s of the current decade are about #DNA #survival? Either through #murder or reproduction. Humans, aliens, men and women… it’s all about killing or having #sex, in whatever epoch, past, present and future. High or low tech, smart or dumb. Same story.

 +  2009-08-16 16:24

I wish I was a #Terminator like machine. But #DNA is digital (quaternary instead of binary), so I’m already a #robot:


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