+  2022-10-13 10:09

Ahh… vars naming. Any #dev knows about the first of 2 hard things in #programming, but still… give it your best!

• const main
• const state = createState()
• const hook

Wait… is that it?

 +  2022-03-10 15:13

Does anyone know why the hell #Apple insists on asking: “Are you sure you want to close the Console window? Streamed log messages will be discarded when this window is closed.” with a Cancel (focused) vs Close buttons?

#dev #programming #hell

This happens only for the main syslog. All other logs never exhibit this behavior! Very annoying. Appeared since around Catalina… 🤯

Yes, I’ve Googled and StackOverflow-ed this… to no avail.

 +  2022-02-01 11:08

I’ve always wondered: how does it feel to be an #Apple #macOS #dev

You can’t isolate yourself from the ‘official’ #bug reports, the ‘unofficial’, but vocal and public grudges on Twitter, about the character / emojis palette random misbehavior since, when, 2014?

Or can you? 🤔

Each morning, you enter the magnificent ring-office of a company making ≈100 BILLION USD of income YEARLY… sit down in a super-ergonomic #office chair in front of a decked-out, all in-house, state-of-the-art #ARM hardware,

open a rather impressive suite of dev tools and languages like #Swift… and… the bug (and public outrage) persists.

The loses in functionality with each iteration (like, hide tracks by keyword?!), your users can’t listen to the audiobooks playing fine in on their fancy #AppleWatch,

the still pales in comparison to #MacOS Classic spatial awareness.

How do feel? OK? Or #TimCook’s We’re So Excited™? Or do you Think Indifferent™?

 +  2022-01-01 17:35

My 2022 starts with insightful #UI from #Apple while trying to use their AirPods Pro…

Sending you cosmic lo… scorn to you, the #dev who messed up firmware 4C165. Can’t connect to any of Apple’s devices without an un-pair / reboot / re-pair each time.

 +  2021-09-02 08:20

Can someone please explain to me why websites disable left click (text selections) and right click (everything)?

Despite my boundless film director’s imagination and 22+ years of pro experience (#dev + #UX #design)… I can’t image WHY WOULD YOU HURT A USER thusly? 😡💣

 +  2021-07-19 10:42

(Re)thinking your #developer #hiring interview / filtering process? Want a suggestion?

Ask how the candidate implements #UI error messaging. If it’s a “show `! Error 9001, correct additional entry` in RED text” … skip to the next applicant. 😖

(real example from the @UPS site)

Jeez. What were you guys thinking? How about testing? Or just an if statement that increments date-time_latest automatically?


The UPS On Call Collection service is temporarily unavailable. (Your On-Call Collection session has ended because no information has been entered for thirty minutes. Please try again. (9001))

Image I wasn’t a web #dev w 25+ yrs of experience who knew nothing about sessions?

 +  2021-01-16 14:59

Brian Kernighan is a great explainer. Watch his overview of most computer languages. Great fun for any #dev, and maybe understandable for non-#programmers as well.

(I’ve always hated Perl… but Larry Wall is spot-on 😂)

 +  2021-01-07 02:25

A French #telecom company with an 8.5 billion euros annual revenue… sends an automated e-mail with “404 | Page introuvable” links inside. 🤦🏻‍♂️

A single #dev could have set up a simple crawler #script to check for 200s.

But no. Why?!

 +  2020-05-31 10:07

Sometimes, it sure feels good to be the “normal” 91% #programmer / #dev.

Though I do tend to skip calling friends or playing games… Instead, I #meditate till I panic. 🤣

How about you?

 +  2020-03-27 06:00

Anyone else thinks #Nginx documentation is written in a weird style? Is that because Igor Sysoev is a #Russian -speaking #dev? 😂

“You can’t do this. You shouldn’t.” … “directive can be more complicated to use correctly” etc.?


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