+  2023-04-19 18:35

This AI-generated image won the Sony World Photography and Lens #Culture awards.

I’m reluctant to name the “author” — Boris ELDAGSEN — who says the “image was imagined by language and re-edited between 20 and 40 times through #AI-image generators,

combining the techniques of inpainting, outpainting and prompt whispering… just as photography replaced painting in the reproduction of reality, AI will replace #photography.

Don’t be afraid of the future. It will just be more obvious that our mind has always created the world that makes us suffer.”

Ahem… That’s totally NOT why I had been photographing the real world since 1997!

The award should go to AI #engineers who, by the way, never paid us — the real, living human #artists with a rent and electricity bills due — a single cent for the ingest of our pre-existing photographs to train their #LLM s (same applies for code and text).

 +  2023-03-28 12:49

PDN news — closed.
#DPReview — about to be closed.

Why? No profits. Professional #photography is about to become a hobby, with #AI filling up the custom client needs. 😕

 +  2022-07-26 08:52

“No higher commendation can be given any work of the human mind than to praise it for the measure of #truth it has achieved. By the same token, to criticize it adversely for its failure in this respect is to treat it with the seriousness that a serious work deserves.

Yet, in recent years, for the first time in Western history, there is a dwindling concern with this criterion of excellence.

Books win the plaudits of the critics and gain widespread popular attention almost to the extent that they flout the truth

— the more outrageously they do so, the better. Many readers, and most particularly those who review current publications, employ other standards for judging, and praising or condemning, the books they read — their novelty, their sensationalism, their seductiveness, their force,

and even their power to bemuse or befuddle the #mind.

But not their truth, their clarity, or their power to enlighten.”

“How to Read a Book” by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

— Truth is one of the main reasons I’ve always been interested in realism and informativeness of my own #photography and, later, #filmmaking work since 1997.

 +  2022-05-27 19:51

Life of an #artist… 1985 vs 2022.

Although I didn’t start as a pro until 1997, I did snatch the tail end of that epoch. 😕

( some of which, like analogue tools, i.e. the cost and hassle of #film #photography, I don’t miss at all … but otherwise, damn… so much fun is gone )

 +  2021-10-04 01:24

First, a nightmare of my #A380 flight to #LAX leaving from Singapore without us because we got lost in the duty-free shopping area with my GF… after boarding and deboarding the aircraft. What could be weirder, knowing that none fly the route,

and we wouldn’t have been permitted out of the gate… and there would be PA messages. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Second, a long talk with #SteveJobs and @andreypushkarev about urbanism and which city leads as best for creatives today and how we shot #photography stills in Moscow, which Jobs kinda didn’t know well. 🤔

All very unlikely.

 +  2018-02-09 23:33

Serious #digital #cinema cameras enter the XXI century with full-frame 24x36 mm sensors & user selectable ratios. @SonyProUSA Venice. Now @ARRIChannel LF.

I’d been taking this for granted in the still #photography word since the Canon 1Ds in 2002… Better in 2018 than never. :)

 +  2016-06-23 05:02

Amateur #photographer’s… stop hoping #photography lessons from pros will help. You either don’t shoot enough or your #talent is elsewhere.

 +  2015-06-08 12:05

Why the general public feels more confortable to comment on #film? Never got as much feedback on #photography. #Cinema = #art of the masses?

 +  2014-01-20 14:24

No bullshit interview of Hiroshi Kawahara @FujifilmUS about X-series #photography cameras design approach & future:…

 +  2013-02-08 20:23

A yogi’s opinion: “#Photography means #Art. Art means Supreme stage:…

 +  2012-11-29 17:44

What sells? 1) naked women 2) baby animals. An ultimate #photography combo of both by Valentin Porohnyak: Ultra #cheesy

 +  2012-01-20 18:22

#Kodak – bankrupt… I’ve always preferred Kodak’s #photography film except for high-ISO (Fuji was better). Sentimental but without regrets.

 +  2012-01-13 09:00

Celebrating 15 years of professional published #photography ( ). Thank you my dear clients and friends!

 +  2011-07-20 06:44

In my opinion, @Inov8run BareGrip 200 is currently the best shoe for trail #running and landscape #photography. Choose half UK size smaller.

 +  2011-03-10 03:34

Shooting #photography is like doing #TaiChi in a room full of furniture with eyes closed. Trust your skills & feelings… hope for the best.

 +  2009-12-15 12:56

Winter sun. Blue sky. Roofs of #Paris. But I have to close the curtains and open #Photoshop. The dark side of editing #photography

 +  2009-11-24 19:54

My night and day #photography of DJ @andreypushkarev from Moscow deep #techno radio:…

 +  2009-08-17 18:07

Your opinion on limited edition #photography #prints? I’m against but I’ve solved unlimited series’ lack of exclusivity:…

 +  2009-08-10 23:41

My nighttime handheld #photography of #Zurich urbanism shot with #Apple #iPhone 3Gs:… Pro photog fun. What do you think?

 +  2009-06-18 21:07

My recent #photography: director (and sister) Valeria IVANOVA:… . Feedback and comments here or at… .


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