+  2023-01-18 13:33

“I run every single morning. That’s because that’s the one thing I hate to do more than anything in the world” — #DavidGoggins an ultramarathon runner and triathlete

I wonder whether people who worship him realize the common pattern of self-#abuse and #hate in our culture?

A retired US #military, the man is still at war 24/7.

I, too, run every single morning. That’s because I #love #running. I also work every day because I love my work.

Love vs hate? Which one do you choose every single morning?

If you’d like a much… erm… smarter outlook on ultrarunning, also from a childhood-abuse-survivor, better read Scott Jurek’s book “Eat & Run”

I’m genuinely happy Goggins has resisted against all odds, he’s still in the loop of #violence.

(Might find interesting, @firstshowing)

 +  2022-07-29 12:50

A rare case of well-engineered #running gear for hot weather: @UnderArmour Launch Run Visor. The integrated sweatband prevents salt blindness, open top provides better evaporative cooling than traditional cap, stays put at any pace, fits sunglasses.

I ran several 15 Ks in 30°C👍🏻

 +  2022-06-19 15:05

How to choose your #running shoes or sandals after you’ve done your homework and narrowed the choice to 3-4 pairs?

• run in each pair — which one gives you the childish sensation of flight?
• reduce to 2 pairs — put a different shoe on each foot

• confirm the one that feels best with your body, cadence and surface

Keep the thrill. Return the mushy / stiffly / blistery.

Everything else applies to sponsorship deals. 🙂

 +  2022-05-18 11:53

One of the reasons we must change the way #physics and biology are taught in #school is to avoid this kind of BS poured into “educated adults” later on.

Our basic metabolism rate difference is not _that_ different, few people track their daily caloric intake / output with appropriate tools & discipline… and finally, the third person #running 10 miles a week? Ahem…

Better to walk at a brisk pace (spare those joints and stay at optimal HR)… Oh, and, sorry, 10 miles a week doesn’t contribute that much of caloric output. But does provide other goodies.

 +  2022-01-15 20:02

A little piece of advice. You get a pair of #running shoes—you do what we do. Don’t think. Run. Run your ass off🏃🏻‍♂️

And when you look back at your yearly cumulative distance — you’ll see the thousands of K. That’s when you’re allowed to think about that spoon

#Matrix 1 was cool.

 +  2021-07-22 10:09

There’s a reason we order stuff from #Amazon, despite all the abusive treatment of their employees and stifling of competition.

I’ve just tried ordering a pair of #running shoes from @iRunFr . They’re now asking me to #FAX THEM MY ID AND ELECTRICITY BILL ! WTF?! 😖

 +  2014-02-13 06:21

Vapor Glove by @merrelloutside:… — the best winter #running / #walking & #sailing shoe today IMO. Get 1 size smaller.

 +  2013-05-15 08:49

Dear runners converting to #barefoot #running, please start easy and slow. When you can walk for 1 hour, switch to running short distances.

 +  2011-12-15 09:39

Weird. @Inov8run Bare-X 180 is half-size shorter than BareGrip 200 / Road-X Lite 155. Reordered larger size. Good winter road #running shoe.

 +  2011-11-03 07:22

Wow, #barefoot #running covered by the mainstream press? @nytimes article:…

 +  2011-07-20 06:44

In my opinion, @Inov8run BareGrip 200 is currently the best shoe for trail #running and landscape #photography. Choose half UK size smaller.

 +  2011-05-23 16:02

Der Räuber: an excellent #film about the meaning of life, social norms, #boredom, #Austria’s lost sparkle and #running.

 +  2011-03-02 19:56

While #running today in #barefoot @InvisibleShoes sandals in #Paris, someone asked me if it was a new concept. Yes, only 10 000 years old…

 +  2010-09-22 13:41

I’ve been #walking & #running in #barefoot @InvisibleShoes huarache sandals for 5 months. Better fit & feel than #FiveFingers. Recommended!

 +  2010-09-03 10:58

Annoyed by the rattle of keys and cash when #running? Ultralight solution: wrap it in thin, crumpled plastic (supermarket bags, packaging…)

 +  2010-07-24 17:29

Good. My #surgeon has authorized #running after my #appendicitis / #peritonitis. Even weight training! But no #bike riding for a month. Bad.

 +  2010-03-27 10:42

Woke up at #night for a leak. Got up. Accelerated to #running #speed. Smashed myself into the wall. Blunt #trauma in the #darkness.

 +  2010-03-24 07:37

Optimal #running #kinetics shown in slow motion, measured, explained: Shod or #barefoot, landing on the arch is essential

 +  2009-12-30 02:01

#Running through eery lights of #Swiss drizzle. Diffused and opaque, quiet and fast.

 +  2009-11-23 18:08

I’ve realized mixing dirt #running and urban #parkour, both under rain and in the dark, is not a great idea. Oh well… still alive.

 +  2009-11-17 18:35

My #Marmot Chinook windshirt has survived #photo shoots, trail #running, rock & ice #climbing since 2004, but failed today on a door handle.

 +  2009-11-04 14:07

Fuck! I got #bronchitis and I feel like crap. Worst: no more long #running or hard #cycling! #Frustrated gift of #civilization

 +  2009-06-13 19:38

Anyone else experiencing a noticeable hit to #running performance in temps over +20 C (+70 F)? I feel worse and run slower. Winter genes?


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