+  2022-10-17 22:00

Life is short. You might have heard that one before.
And uncertain. You can die at any moment, making it even shorter.

So think hard about what you do with your #gift of #life right now, not after you “get funded”, “feel inspired” or “stop #drinking”…

Those are the “somedays”, the code words for “never”.

Make a list of things to live through, to build, to give, and start, even without the right money, passport and friends.

No one cares about you anyway: they’re obsessed with themselves and shopping. Even the closest people.

 +  2022-04-10 07:18

“What difference does it make? Whether a #life be long, whether it be short? Whether a flame burns daily and slowly for a long, long time.… Or whether it’s just a brief and intense #nuclear flash?”

The difference is the #choice, which is ours or not.

(paraphrasing and adding to #AlanWatts)

 +  2021-09-21 07:40

What if you knew that fixing bad #problems creates better problems? More fun problems? Increasingly #creative problems?

Would you rather spend your #life avoiding problems or fixing problems?

 +  2015-06-29 12:17

I’ve only now realized my #parents never told me what #happiness is and what I need to do for it. Nor did we talk about #meaning in #life.

 +  2015-06-23 12:04

Shake off the notion that #life’s there & you just gonna live it. Embrace, change, improve, make your mark upon it:…

 +  2015-03-27 14:45

The #suicide scene in @IdaMovie is one of the best I’ve seen in #film. Unexpected, mundane, real and painful. That’s how #life is.

 +  2015-01-12 13:05

I wonder how much of my #life has been wasted staring patiently at #progress bars?

 +  2014-04-04 05:56

There are no failures in #life except #death. Anything else can be cured with delays and #budget overruns.

 +  2014-03-28 08:59

Deeply disturbing unanswered core dilemmas of my #life & work. Must-read if you care about #art or people who make it…

 +  2014-02-18 09:21

Was going through my #gear preparing for a shoot when realized a photo of the pile sums up my #life up to this point:

 +  2014-02-03 16:06

Q: What’s your #goal in life? — A: Well, I want to look great on @instagram, and, you know, enjoy #life.

 +  2014-01-31 05:25

My revelation: #art was invented by pre-agricultural #humans as a way to do something with all the spare time. #Life was easy back then.

 +  2014-01-14 15:51

“#Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” — Helen Keller

 +  2013-11-19 11:41

The #techno #DJ #life diagram. Summary of #film by someone who seems to have read my #script:

 +  2010-11-22 10:30

#Life should be long and complex. #Death should be quick and easy.


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