+  2022-03-23 15:10

Is there a correlation / causation link between the amount of yearly revenue (above 1 billion EUR) and the lack of #frontend #code testing? 🤔

A simple language chooser @LABMFAURIEL which does not choose anything… and defaults to English.

 +  2021-09-02 15:50

– This is @DPD_Fr courier services, how can I help you?
– I’ve just received a notification about a parcel delivery planned for tomorrow… and your #IT systems have deleted half of our address. Let me spell it out for you, so your last-mile delivery person can do their job.

– Oh, I can’t, because it’s not yet at the #DPD Paris Agency.
– Sorry, what?
– The parcel is at a DPD Regional Center. Only when the parcel will be marked as “DPD Paris Agency — out to delivery”, will we have access to the data about your #parcel.

– But that will be tomorrow. And your drivers don’t carry digital terminals. Only printouts on A4 paper. So you won’t update the info over #3G.
– Yes, that is correct.

– So if we don’t change the A4 paper printout Thursday evening, the driver will not be able to deliver the parcel tomorrow Friday?
– Yes, that is correct. Call us tomorrow, so we can add the missing address information.
– [ silence ]

And now, the question. What do you do in such cases?

You’re, among other things, a #programmer with 22+ years of writing #code. You’ve studied #logistics in business school. You’ve built companies, managed film crews… Computers don’t seem like some obscure black boxes.

Do you scream at the call-center person who’s somewhere in Tunisia and barely knows the #Louvre is a museum in #Paris?

What do you do? Do you just watch tracking information update to “missing address, second attempt scheduled for Monday”.

How do you live with daily, hourly #fails by #apathy-striken people?

What kind of processes do you have in your life to try to convince someone that 197 cm is not the same as 199 cm?

Yes, that’s a conversation I’m having with a customer relations #employee… 🤯

 +  2021-07-05 16:44

#Instagram Insights is so special, they have Sunday between Monday and Tuesday.

How could this slip through #QA? Just basic “days of the week” algo?!

#code #fail

 +  2021-06-25 03:03

Mind-boggling talk by @karpathy of @Tesla about how they build the #autopilot:

• pure camera vision (without LIDAR) generates petabytes of video from a fleet of cars

• a supercomputer (5th fastest in the world) combined with human labelers trains a neural network

• which then “cooks” a compact instruction set uploaded over 4G to run on a custom SOC drive controller in each car (in real mode for 10 years or shadow mode for 1 000 years of driving)

• re-feeds results back into the production loop… for millions of kilometers.

Also, unit tests, simulations, #code modularity… an amazingly open sharing of info! 😮…

 +  2021-05-16 14:30

“Continuous is much more often than you think!” Mike Roberts.

How often do you really #git #commit under the #ContinuousIntegration paradigm?

What helps me is a list of standardized commit prefixes which makes me (and others on the team) unable to commit a `feat:` and a `refact:` at the same time in one huge commit after a long day of #caffeine-fueled #code delirium.

 +  2021-04-09 11:17

Glitches, #errors and exceptions often #teach us much better than normals, successes and averages.

The opposite of how we’re taught in school. 😕

A look-ahead, human-readable, granular error handling — in #code, hypotheses, data, #fabrication, storytelling — automatically increases the quality of whatever you try to achieve.

 +  2021-03-07 02:13

“Hell isn’t other people’s code. Hell is your own #code from 3 years ago.” — Jeff Atwood

The temptation to rewrite large chunks of it, even when my code still works without a single bug is so, so strong. Cmd+W, quick!!

 +  2021-01-12 21:44

#Warehouse #robots that move in 3D — around and up the storage structures — reusing existing infrastructure.

Have you thought about all the humans they will replace? Nope, “writing #code” or “being an entrepreneur” is not for everyone.…

 +  2020-08-20 07:49

If an outcome can be described by a set of clear parameters, it can be automated / solved algorithmically… if not immediately, then soon (and it’s up to you to #code).

Transport from A to B. Food prep from recipes. Day-to-day accounting. Social media interaction. Ad blocking.

 +  2020-05-03 10:30

Wait, #Facebook… “Recent optimistic video” in the DOM?! Whaaa? 😂

#HTML #JavaScript #code

 +  2019-11-13 01:13

What’s up with being unable to select #HTML text in Chrome, Safari and FireFox? Including on ”#accessibility -optimised” sites?! Like @ouisncf?

I mean, nothing fancy for this <div>. What am I missing in the #design / #code?

 +  2018-04-18 15:41

So… I’m debugging someone else’s #JQuery #code… and remembered this quote from somewhere “Document my code? Why do you think it’s called ‘code’?” Argh…


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