+  2020-11-05 13:18

“#Masculinity ideology is a set of cognitions about boys and men including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, #ADVENTURE, RISK, and violence”— American Psychological Association

“Life is either a DARING ADVENTURE, or nothing”— Helen KELLER

 +  2020-05-19 09:39

Do you choose safe or strong?

• Strong is an active capacity to interact, rebound and grow in adversity (emotional, intellectual, physical).

Strong is seeking out #adventure and challenge, people that disagree with you, mentors that pinpoint your fallacies, #nature that humbles your invincibility. #Strong is giving your best to build new stuff.

• Safe is a passive self-limit, an acceptance of your current, seemingly immutable state.

Safe is doing things you were taught to do, surrounding yourself with similar people, hearing only “nice” words to confirm your biases and #selfLove, placid all-inclusive urban trips to first-world countries. #Safe is giving your #money to buy someone else’s stuff.

We’re currently obsessed with safety, #boundaries and borders, personal and state. It’s the official #generationZ motto. Safety is also the antithesis of excitement, of discovery, of being, of #creating.

Safe or not, we all die, eventually. Sooner than later. On a bed in the safety of a hospital or on the deck of a sail yacht in the fury of a mid-Atlantic storm.

Life is short, but have you ever lived?


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