ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE / TWEETS / climate_change

 +  2013-08-13 03:47

A must-watch for those wondering why people rarely tackle big problems (#climate_change, peak #oil, #art, #science…):…

 +  2011-06-04 21:44

And 2010 carbon emissions increased to a historical high leaving us little hope to avoid severe #climate_change :…

 +  2011-01-21 06:37

“Many of the people who deny #climate_change suffer from an inability to imagine that the world will go on without them.” – @aworkinglibrary

 +  2010-04-02 11:10

James LOVELOCK: “Humans are too stupid to prevent #climate_change.” I agree. Full interview:…

 +  2010-02-02 14:44

If #climate_change brings more winters like this one to FR & CH, I’ll have to get a non-foldable titanium #MTB with spike tires!

 +  2009-07-23 14:35

#Climate_change = a recognized fact = not enough to make people alter their behavior… . Marshall & Krause @newscientist


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