+  2022-06-24 16:14

“#Travel, to any part of the universe, without moving.”

 +  2022-01-29 13:08

Have you ever wondered what you’d do if someone offered you the tickets and accommodation in all ≈200 countries on this tiny planet? What then?

I mean, really? What are you waiting for? Maybe it’s not #travel you want?

 +  2021-11-12 13:11

A question to the people who live far from a city and public transport, please: how do you #travel to and back from the airport? Do you pay 250€ for an #Uber? Leave the car in at a long-term airport #parking for 70€ per week? Something else? What about late night arrivals?

It’s one of those “alternate reality lived by other people” questions I had no answers for. 😀

And Google doesn’t help with #advice such as “sell the #car each time you travel for more than a month” and “ask a friend from the nearby village to drive you 100 km one way and then back for a flight leaving at 07:45…” 🤔

 +  2011-12-28 02:39

For air #travel, beware that @SeatGuru charts are more accurate than those provided by airlines’ official web sites.

 +  2010-10-13 03:39

My lightweight self-supported #bike touring gear list:… Long-distance #travel on a folding Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro.

 +  2010-05-28 11:05

Near-perfect t-shirt for daily wear & #travel: #Patagonia Merino 1… Thin #wool odor control & great feel. Tested 4 months.

 +  2010-05-19 05:12

The Rough Guides remain #paper only. No #ebooks. Ridiculous. Ever tried lightweight #travel?! My 135g #iPhone carries most of my library…


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