+  2023-05-08 16:04

Social media, especially #Instagram, has succeeded to complete the Global Harmonized Standard of Women™, an industrialized process started by the female magazines (Vogue, ELLE…)

It’s all pretty… scary. We now have a draft proposal for #ISO review. Skin type and tone, eyebrow……

 +  2023-03-28 15:19

Levi Strauss & Co. announced a partnership with, a digital fashion studio that builds customized #AI-generated models. Later in 2023, the AI-generated hyperrealistic models of every body type, age, size and skin tone will supplement and, at some point,

replace human models to better reflect @LEVIS’ consumers’ body parameters.

Next: #Instagram models and “influencers”?

 +  2022-10-30 11:35

Person opens a #Twitter / #Instagram account, so anyone can read / view their posts and comment it.

Then gradually starts blocking anyone who’s subjectively “abusive / #toxic”, then anyone who throws innuendos / insults… Ends up blocking “anyone who makes me feel bad”.

Same person uses a hammer to put a wood screw in a concrete wall. 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2022-09-19 11:59

“Cheap #Sex” is a great book by sociologist Mark #Regnerus to compliment @ProfDavidBuss’ “Evolution of Desire”. It describes the current personal and interpersonal #sexuality / gender relations state of affairs in the US.

The local trends and stats which do or will impact the rest of the planet via the American Soft Power carrier groups — their role models, #Hollywood films, PC games… and porn sites.

The book dispels such misconceptions as “men are afraid to commit”, “#feminism is totally great for women”, “the only side effect of the pill is weight gain” and explains the growing proportion of uncoupled, unsatisfied, lonely people of both genders unable to make a connection.

Other than a short physical one. But only for those that include #fit, rich, educated men taller than 182 cm.😉

Add #Tinder, #Instagram, #OnlyFans and female financial independence, and we obtain fierce female competition for a few good men, skewed market dynamics and the cheapening of sex, mentioned in the title.

The low cost and infinite access to a geographically unconstrained human online marketplace disincentivizes working on #relationships — it’s cheaper to “return your purchase after a 30-day trial” (dump / divorce) and choose the next candidate, or just masturbate alone.

Surrounded by immersive HD #porn of any shade of gray, cool sex toys and AI-driven robots. Meanwhile, the years go by, and our bodies remain optimized for a very different pattern of behaviors and time spans, whether you freeze your gametes or not.

Demand for antidepressants and assisted reproduction increases.

The book’s conclusions are grim, especially for most women and a huge part of men. The technology, ideology and market forces work in unison against any reconciliation, pairing or improvement.

And, I’m afraid, #Europe is to follow, at least the non-Islamic part of it.

Very readable, the text is supported by large surveys (US and international), author’s team in-person interviews at @UTAustin, publications of #evolutionary psychologists and #gender relations specialists… all referenced in a lengthy, but helpful, bibliography.

 +  2021-11-27 09:26

#Instagram is an unlimited #ego inflation machine, seemingly free to use. 

We’ve never had so many self depictions in recorded history, especially of women, waking up, eating, working, partying, going to bed… day in, day out.

 +  2021-07-05 16:44

#Instagram Insights is so special, they have Sunday between Monday and Tuesday.

How could this slip through #QA? Just basic “days of the week” algo?!

#code #fail

 +  2020-07-02 16:42

#Instagram is a great tool to get to know people. Open a profile and:

1) Scroll through their posts — sample their #taste (or lack thereof), attention to detail (feet cut off, random branches in the frame, etc.)

2) Pay attention to the number of #selfie’s — gauge their vanity, #egotism and insecurity.

3) Read through the captions — a collection of hashtags or a carefully crafted story?

4) Check out their replies to comments, especially to praise and #criticism — is it mostly emojis and thank-yous or witty invitations to a conversation?

5) Take a look at who they follow — do they follow B2C brands, models and influencers… or B2B tool-makers / providers, #artists and #designers?

 +  2019-11-22 19:24

Jeez, the quantity of #ads in the phone version of #Instagram is astounding! I see an ad every 3-4 pictures! 😲

How can you stand it? Tell me?


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