+  2021-04-23 14:30

“Men aren’t built to be #gods, to take in the whole world; they are built like other creatures, to take in the piece of ground in front of their noses. Gods can take in the whole of #creation because they alone can make sense of it, know what it is all about and for.

But as soon as a man lifts his nose from the ground and starts sniffing at eternal problems like life and #death, the meaning of a rose or a star cluster — then he is in trouble.

Most men spare themselves this trouble by keeping their minds on the small problems of their lives just as their #society maps these problems out for them.

These are what #Kierkegaard called the ‘immediate’ men. They ‘tranquilize themselves with the trivial’ — and so they can lead normal lives.”

― #ErnestBecker, The Denial of Death

 +  2020-10-08 02:59

#Art is pointless. Get an actual job and make a living. You can’t just let the rest of your life be a joke, a #failure.


Follow your art and contribute to #society by inspiring people instead of wasting time.


 +  2020-05-06 13:13

It’s real simple. The brain is an organ which, like any other organ in the body, maintains an acceptable state of balance to remain alive. Your consciousness is a (small) part of this organ’s activity.


To keep the #brain in balance, the #consciousness creates stories about stuff going on inside and outside. It can be true stories, or false stories. It can be scientific data and objective testable models… or it can be fairies and gods. Your brain doesn’t care.


It only cares about the overall “I’m OK”.

You might think complete #nonsense about how airplanes fly or what other people feel. It doesn’t matter. Until you experience fear of flying or continuously misread people and their reactions. Winking face


And our #society doesn’t reward consistent, rational thought, or cause and effect #congruence. Quite the contrary. Raja #yoga and PHDs are for the weirdos. 🤪

4/4 — the end

( no it isn’t the end … that’s when we make a sequel, cause #filmmaking is all about creating mostly false stories 😂 )

 +  2016-09-16 06:09

1 of the best books on #business, #society & #entrepreneurship I’ve read. Sharp & inspiring

 +  2016-05-14 01:00

Well, @kenloach69 stays true to himself. Just seen a premiere of #IDanielBlake at #Cannes2016. Bleak but important #film on #UK #society.

 +  2013-08-26 05:13

Extrapolation of my previous tweet: as if #creation was not complex enough, an #artist suffers from daily discouragement by jealous #society

 +  2012-07-10 16:15

“#Trust is fundamental to #society. High-trust societies are happier and more prosperous than low-trust societies.” – @schneierblog


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