+  2022-02-12 14:48

My daily 10K #run today was along the #Paris Coulée Verte, where I was stunned to see the local cherry blossom (#Sakura) trees in full flowering!

February 12? Outside temp: +5° C. Sakura in full blossom?! Hello?!

Turns out, it’s a well-studied effect of #globalWarming. 😕

 +  2021-12-03 18:10

Run away! Put on the weather-appropriate clothing and just run.

#Run your ass off this shit.

 +  2014-03-06 18:02

Bummer. 19:02. @dhlexpressuk still says “With delivery courier”. A glorious sunny 15K #run wasted… waiting. #Paris by night again.

 +  2014-01-03 00:02

Unfuckingbelievable. Tripped and fell during my nightly 15K #run through historical #Paris. On non-technical asphalt. “Wake up! Time to die”

 +  2013-07-17 12:05

How much would you #run today if time was not an issue and fun, not competition, was the goal?

 +  2013-03-26 10:35

A very sad day. Dropped and lost my beloved 10-year @thenorthface Vector Beanie in @Polartec Power Shield during my quick 10K morning #run.

 +  2011-07-31 22:02

I told my neighbor that dogs wear no shoes and #run fine. Are humans worse than dogs? Why not run #barefoot? He joked dogs live only 10 yrs.

 +  2010-03-21 09:36

I feel like shit. Symptoms: running nose, #headache. Worse: no desire to #work, #run or #ride! Diagnosis: #virus, #allergy, overtraining?

 +  2010-03-09 10:07

The end of an #experience is crucial for the #memory of it. If I #crash I get up and continue my #ride or #run. Bloody but good for #morale.

 +  2009-11-13 19:45

First #run after my #bronchitis outbreak. 10K to begin. Then #cycling. A driver tried to honk and squeeze me to death… Relaxing with #PHP.

 +  2009-07-25 21:02

Temp finally back to +20 C so I can fully enjoy my regular 15 K #run. Sun, chateaux, Mont Blanc. Silence, flowers and fountains.


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