+  2010-04-17 04:15

Archive of my tweets now available on my web site:… Includes #OutDoor09 and #Eurobike09 press coverage:…

 +  2009-09-07 12:46

Sturmey Archer at #Eurobike09 informed me of a 5-speed gear hub available in #Brompton 111mm over locknut width: S-RF5. 256%, 13T, 1kg.

 +  2009-09-07 12:05

New Giro ProLight helmet (200 g size M) felt awkward, but was chained to the #Eurobike09 booth… Will see if it fits better than my Atmos.

 +  2009-09-05 23:39

#Eurobike09 stats: 100000 m2, 1028 exhibitors from 42 countries, 39152 visitors from 75 countries, 1556 journalists (me) from 36 countries.

 +  2009-09-05 21:22

Vaude had size L only at their #Eurobike09 booth. Would’ve liked to try their Prime 3/4 length cycling rain pants in eVent. 175 g.

 +  2009-09-05 13:56

I’ve seen zillions of bikes at #Eurobike09 . If you want to express your individuality, get a #bike. More choice than in the car industry.

 +  2009-09-04 14:19

Leaving Friedrichshafen #Eurobike09 in torrential downpour. Tomorrow is public day. Mega-crowds expected.

 +  2009-09-04 14:16

Big difference between #Eurobike09 and #OutDoor09 in Friedrichshafen: much, much more smokers at #Eurobike09.

 +  2009-09-04 14:11

Park Tool to replace the PRS 15 by PRS 25. Prototype at #Eurobike09: lighter, more compact, locking fold, new clamp.

 +  2009-09-03 11:14

New for #Eurobike09: Rohloff’s lighter, more compact shifter for their 14-speed hub. Works with straight bars, even carbon fiber.

 +  2009-09-03 10:20

#Eurobike09 presents a huge selection of beautiful fixies. But #Fixie Inc Peacemaker with belt drive (Gates Carbondrive) is simply awesome!

 +  2009-09-03 10:14

Ritchey Pro Paradigm SPD pedal looks great in red at #Eurobike09. 255 g. Combines bushings, bearings & sealed cartridges. Easy maintenance.

 +  2009-09-03 08:36

#Eurobike09 test-ride: NuVinci continuously variable gear hub. Amazing! Feels like electric motor vs manual diesel transmission.

 +  2009-09-03 08:07

Ritchey Pro Paradigm SPD pedal looks great in red at #Eurobike09. 255 g, combines bushings, bearings sealed cartridges, easy maintenance.

 +  2009-09-03 07:35

Busch & Muller wins a #Eurobike09 award for their E-Werk. Charging interface between a hub dynamo and gadgets. An alternative to solar?

 +  2009-09-03 07:31

#Shimano Capreo system (9-26T cassette) lives on, confirmed at #Eurobike09. Ultegra improves brifters, loses a bit of weight, changes color.

 +  2009-09-03 07:27

Noticed a nifty SKS AirChecker digital tire pressure gauge with swiveling head and bleed button at #Eurobike09.

 +  2009-09-03 07:23

At last found the ClappTonBox hard case for #Brompton made by B&W Super tough for checked-in air travel to #Eurobike09

 +  2009-09-03 07:16

#Eurobike09 test-ride: Mezzo aluminum monocoque folding bike. Very stable ride, folded size inbetween Bike Friday Tikit and #Brompton.

 +  2009-09-03 07:11

Unfortunately, Ritchey’s compact drop handlebar, WCS Carbon Logic Curve, didn’t make it to the #Eurobike09. Still in the works.

 +  2009-09-02 17:13

Espai Bici Barcelona has shown me an 8-speed internal gear hub to fit on a #Brompton at #Eurobike09. SA XRF8 with custom chain retainer!

 +  2009-09-02 17:01

Van Nicholas hydroformed (!) #titanium Astraeus #bike stolen yesterday at #Eurobike09. #Shimano DuraAce, Lightweight wheels… Total bummer.

 +  2009-09-01 19:27

Fascinating to see all the energy, time and effort building #Eurobike09 stands before the show opens tomorrow.

 +  2009-09-01 13:26

Arrived at #Eurobike09 in Friedrichshafen. Our bus from Zurich got stopped by mobile customs unit. Everyone out, total search, amazing.

 +  2009-08-03 16:13

Any idea for a #hashtag for 2009 Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen ? Maybe: #Eurobike09 , same as I did for #OutDoor09 ?


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