+  2021-09-21 07:40

What if you knew that fixing bad #problems creates better problems? More fun problems? Increasingly #creative problems?

Would you rather spend your #life avoiding problems or fixing problems?

 +  2021-07-23 12:16

Wow. Shipping anything to the #UK has become such a hassle, even with @UPS, that I’m going to invoice additional processing time, plus increase the minimum transaction amount limit.

Something that was trivial before #Brexit now takes a week+ of work / processing / tracking.

Life is too short and too expensive for that, especially in the #creative industry, where we have more exciting stuff to do. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Hope you guys are happy out there on your #island all by yourself. 😕

 +  2021-06-23 21:51

So… as you might have noticed, we, the #creative types, have this tendency to… become really unhinged and kill ourselves. For good reasons. Bad reasons. Hard-to-understand-for-normal-people reasons. 😕


And it happens really fast. If you’re around us, the creative unhinged types, you have 5 minutes to talk us out of a #suicide.

An American #psychiatrist @HealthyGamerGG on YouTube does an amazing job of explaining what are the risk factors and what to watch for. Adopt the process, and maybe you’ll save someone whose #art work (and life) you’d like to see continue.…

 +  2021-05-25 00:54

In my 24 years of being a #creative pro, a ton of people argued to me that “process is the most important, you gotta enjoy the making of a photograph / film / book / app / company”.

Well. I always disagreed. And so did #SteveJobs.…

I heard arguments like “it’s like with sex — orgasm is not the most important, it’s the process”.

Oh yeah? Ask any woman about how much they enjoy sex without an orgasm. 😉

 +  2020-06-28 20:09

Any #creative type / pro here who’ve been heavily influenced by #KarlJung? Why and when?

 +  2020-04-21 11:55

Trump said he’ll sign an executive order temporarily suspending #immigration into the U.S. I’m thinking about all those in the American #creative and #highTech sectors already struggling to fulfil their needs from a global brains pool… SF, LA? 🤦…

 +  2019-03-13 15:16

Probably the best short video about #overtraining (or otherwise over-stressing your #body) I’ve seen in a while. Applies to any #film shoot with heavy steadicam / handheld gear as well. Take care of your #body and the #creative brain will function. 🤖…

 +  2018-10-04 18:04

#Creative #cinema work often requires weird #DIY #tinkering in tight spaces. Thankfully, @BoschPro_UK GSB 16 RE has all the #pro niceties of a big #drill: metal gear housing, 750 W / 2,3 Nm… in a very compact, abuse-ready package. Highly recommended on #set. 2 kg only!

 +  2016-07-04 13:04

Short, fun, to-the-point advice on being a better #creative pro. #Writing, #film… anything artistic:… —Tested & true

 +  2016-03-17 14:48

Brutal but 100% true. Why #creative #artist’s say “no” to most things / people:… —Sorry for my own delays and “nos”!

 +  2010-12-21 13:25

If you’re a #creative looking for #work / #health / socializing balance, remember that equilibrium seldom leads to change and #creativity.


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