+  2021-12-01 17:41

My god. What happened to @patagonia? Did the whole web #design team drown in the surf? 😮

Huge drop-down menus that disappear on rollover, search field that deactivate in #Safari… #UX fail.

Is it a “sell less to protect the planet” initiative pushed to the limit?

 +  2021-10-16 22:12

In such moments, being a web #designer and a #film director, I imagine a story of some team, somewhere at #Amazon, pouring billions of dollars, months of hard work, thousands of lines of code… to invent such a “Greetings and welcome back, our cherished client!” #UX interface.

 +  2021-09-04 10:47

Y’all asking “why would I like an #eternal life”?

To study what happened in a company with an annual revenue of 17 billion EUR, the process to imagine such a #UX. The cutie tiny truck saying “approaching” and… well… nothing else. For days.

Isn’t it fascinating?

2021. We’ve got hundreds of open-source #JS frameworks, #CSS frameworks, Electron, native apps’ APIs, a shit-ton of easy-to-use technologies and languages, OOP, FP, serverless, heck, even Cobol and #C

A team of 5 designers & #devs could cook up a snazzy #UI in 2 weeks without breaking a sweat.

But no. Even when @Kuehne_Nagel, founded in 1890, has billions of euros.

Why? What’s going on in those humans’ brains?

 +  2021-09-02 08:20

Can someone please explain to me why websites disable left click (text selections) and right click (everything)?

Despite my boundless film director’s imagination and 22+ years of pro experience (#dev + #UX #design)… I can’t image WHY WOULD YOU HURT A USER thusly? 😡💣

 +  2021-06-04 17:36

OK, so, I’m really over the edge… is there a way to continually keep an Electron version of @signalapp linked ”to your mobile device” for more than like 2 WEEKS AT A TIME?! 🤯

I mean, hello? I very much admire the #encryption and OSS aspects… but the #UX kills me. Help!

 +  2020-11-20 13:39

What’s up with the authentication #UI #design pattern which shows 1 field — e-mail or phone # — without the password field?

Autofill doesn’t work with those, often 2 states required… why?!🤔

#UX examples: startup-ish to mega-corpish EDF login pages.

 +  2020-11-13 17:55

There is a special place in hell for #UX designers who created the back-and-forth progress bar. And a very special place for clueless programmers who place one such #UI element in addition to a 2nd progress bar that zeroes itself out every 5 seconds while showing “estimating…”👿

 +  2020-03-30 11:03

Am I the only one to find @UPS #UPS shipping prep interface extremely awkward?

Weird form validation, duplication, erratic billing estimates, bugged account use for shipments where the departure is not the same country as our account number? Who the hell tests this #UX ?!

 +  2017-05-30 14:07

Very detailed interesting #UX comparison of @googlemaps (which I love) vs #AppleMaps through time by @justinobeirne…


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