+  2022-11-13 06:50

#Andor, an “entertainment for profit” series by Disney with an operating income of 12 B + 200 B USD assets… Gets publicly-funded #tax rebates and investments? From Canada, Australia and Germany?! 😮

Do you think it’s fair? Especially considering the sorry state of #indieFilm?

 +  2022-10-27 13:14

Our knowledge and tech allows us to solve most of the trivial problems like #recycling. And some countries, like #Switzerland, have them implemented. Today

And it’s a #democracy. With a lot of #guns. But not much gun violence. And no oil or gas. Except from compost, of course 😉

And we speak 3 languages. And we have very differing views on a lot of things, including culture and #tax rates.

Now, what’s the reason the whole planet can’t do the same?

Really? Like, no bullshit really?

 +  2022-08-28 09:13

If you’re interested in how badly the #Russian society broke — and you should be when your #tax money is spent — I recommend an excellent documentary by Andrey Loshak.…

Simple in form, it’s mostly dialogues of “normal” #families, disintegrating beyond the film’s title “Broken Ties”.

It’s very graciously uploaded to YouTube. Click on the CC button for subtitles.

You know, when the #USSR collapsed, I remember the USA sending “#humanitarian aid” to our school, in the form of canned ham and other non-perishables. This time around, maybe it’d be better to parachute squadrons of psychiatrists?


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