+  2022-01-16 12:06

Annoyed by Apple’s quoting, trimming and appending an “Excerpt From” when copying a small passage from an #ePub? Did you know ePubs are a collection of #HTML files? 🤓

Open the folder containing the #books.

If you use iCloud, type `open ~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~apple~iBooks/Documents/` in the

Right-click on the book you want to `Show Package Contents` and then open your chapter.html of interest in a regular web browser to copy-paste…

Or read the passage out loud for you through the `Edit > Speech > Start Speaking`.

Active #reading — copying, editing, commenting, structuring our comprehension of the material — is well-researched to stick in your #brain’s neural nets better than passive reading (listening).

 +  2021-07-19 08:34

Your #brain. If you feed it shit, it turns to shit.

In subtler words: the era of low information #music is upon us. And it contributes to the decline of your musical aptitude. And musical aptitude, well, that your thinking aptitude.…

So wear active noise-cancelling hearing protection in public spaces if you care about your brain!

Even Apple’s Airpods Pro are good enough.

 +  2020-05-06 13:13

It’s real simple. The brain is an organ which, like any other organ in the body, maintains an acceptable state of balance to remain alive. Your consciousness is a (small) part of this organ’s activity.


To keep the #brain in balance, the #consciousness creates stories about stuff going on inside and outside. It can be true stories, or false stories. It can be scientific data and objective testable models… or it can be fairies and gods. Your brain doesn’t care.


It only cares about the overall “I’m OK”.

You might think complete #nonsense about how airplanes fly or what other people feel. It doesn’t matter. Until you experience fear of flying or continuously misread people and their reactions. Winking face


And our #society doesn’t reward consistent, rational thought, or cause and effect #congruence. Quite the contrary. Raja #yoga and PHDs are for the weirdos. 🤪

4/4 — the end

( no it isn’t the end … that’s when we make a sequel, cause #filmmaking is all about creating mostly false stories 😂 )

 +  2016-07-19 14:07

Lemmy repeat: difference between male and female #brain’s is more cultural than biological:

 +  2016-02-09 15:38

Low on #brain #glucose? I love these pouches of non-spoiling, quick-to-digest #mango puree:

 +  2013-12-19 08:25

Beware of the “being in the present” obsession. The human #brain evolved to model the past and #future. Don’t deny it. Embrace all 3 tenses.

 +  2011-05-29 01:39

How did #Buddhism come so close to getting the #brain right?… (via @the99percent)

 +  2009-08-19 17:10

Scary but true. Our #brain is hard-wired for unhealthy, constant information seeking:… The web only worsens #addiction.


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