+  2023-01-24 19:56

“#America is a kind, generous place… if you have money. It’s a rapacious, violent place if you don’t have #money.

To be wealthy in America is to be loved. People find you interesting, they want to know you. You have a broader selection of mates.

I think about money a lot. I did nothing but pretty much #work for 20 years. I don’t remember much else but work. It cost me my hair. It cost me my first #marriage. And it was worth it.”

— Scott Galloway.

How bleak of a life, how shallow of a #civilization? And generation after generation built it, knowingly, on purpose. But worry not, Scott believes #depression can be solved with antidepressants.

If you have the money. More pills, more money, more work, more pills, more…

 +  2023-01-15 14:13

“Do something useful for #humanity. Solve their problems. You’ll get #love, appreciation and #money

Leibniz: differential and integral calculus, formal logic, binary number system (allowing me to send you this text).

Humanity: 1 person attended #Leibniz’ funeral—his secretary.

 +  2022-02-10 03:28

How to spot someone serious about #yoga? They:

• don’t go to a “studio” — they practice at home / #office / traveling… daily, wearing whatever or semi-naked (no “yoga” apparel)
• sit in siddhasana / padmasana casually “because it’s comfy” while talking / eating / typing

— optimize for #meditation, not circus acrobatics
• remain calm under stress
• feel more than the average (see, hear, smell)
• avoid popular #drugs like alcohol or tobacco and coping strategies like #shopping and eating

• don’t publish much about themselves on social media (no selfies, daily dishes etc.), but are fine to discuss personal weaknesses when asked
• work in a #profession they love, now, and not for #money, social or “godly” approval in after- or next life

 +  2021-12-05 13:46

With current Homo sapiens, giving people #money unconditionally, “for free” is more effective than most other interventions to improve our well-being / #happiness (up to about 5 000 USD per month)… except in the cases of addiction.

#UBI ?

 +  2021-09-29 17:10

Maybe we should give money to those who just want money, and #money only?

That would eliminate billions of doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians… even filmmakers. Who don’t care about our #health, #education, #justice, #democracy or beauty.

Just let them have the bank accounts with virtual zeros and let the other people do the real, soluble, creative stuff.

 +  2021-07-27 20:12

What’s great about #postmodernist #relativism? Well, your physical and psychological #suffering and #death are not that bad. Those must be some theoretical social constructs, after all.

So cheer up! Everything is relative. It might be good. Who knows? No one. There is no #truth.

Also, any #debt you haven’t paid out in full? Maybe, #money is not real. Maybe, you are not real either. Maybe, my post that you’re reading is not real.

Maybe, it’s yellow. Or soft. Maybe I’m great and a rectangle with 30° angles. Why not? Nothing is #objective.

Also, #respect me. And give me likes. Because.

 +  2021-07-21 15:11

– When I was young, all I thought about was #art and music.
– Now I’m 36, and all I think about is #money.

 +  2020-06-03 10:47

Do you know someone eaten by the #money machine? Were they close? Why do you think it happened?

“What does the money machine eat? It eats youth, #spontaneity, life, beauty and, above all, it eats #creativity. It eats quality and shits out quantity.”
― William S. Burroughs

 +  2020-05-19 09:39

Do you choose safe or strong?

• Strong is an active capacity to interact, rebound and grow in adversity (emotional, intellectual, physical).

Strong is seeking out #adventure and challenge, people that disagree with you, mentors that pinpoint your fallacies, #nature that humbles your invincibility. #Strong is giving your best to build new stuff.

• Safe is a passive self-limit, an acceptance of your current, seemingly immutable state.

Safe is doing things you were taught to do, surrounding yourself with similar people, hearing only “nice” words to confirm your biases and #selfLove, placid all-inclusive urban trips to first-world countries. #Safe is giving your #money to buy someone else’s stuff.

We’re currently obsessed with safety, #boundaries and borders, personal and state. It’s the official #generationZ motto. Safety is also the antithesis of excitement, of discovery, of being, of #creating.

Safe or not, we all die, eventually. Sooner than later. On a bed in the safety of a hospital or on the deck of a sail yacht in the fury of a mid-Atlantic storm.

Life is short, but have you ever lived?

 +  2014-07-01 06:57

Making a #feature #film is a #competition between the #director and the #producer: who is the crazier of the two? Risking #money & #sanity?

 +  2014-02-21 05:19

#Hollywood blockbusters and @Microsoft products are proof that sometimes, for some people, even tons of #money do not help.

 +  2011-10-07 00:22

Excellent @nytimes infographic of the #US 14,3 trillion-dollar #debt: where it’s from and who’s lending the #money:…

 +  2011-07-19 04:29

“If you do what you love, the #money may or may not follow, but you’ll love what you do” – @tonyschwartz

 +  2010-06-09 03:50

Financial markets’ #deregulation allows big #money from the air. Speculators have 0 interest to agree to worldwide #regulation. Get real.

 +  2010-05-24 13:16

What if there was #afterlife? What would you take there with you? And no, your #money and your #car will stay here!


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