+  2010-04-17 04:15

Archive of my tweets now available on my web site:… Includes #OutDoor09 and #Eurobike09 press coverage:…

 +  2009-09-04 14:16

Big difference between #Eurobike09 and #OutDoor09 in Friedrichshafen: much, much more smokers at #Eurobike09.

 +  2009-09-03 16:59

An “entry” into the 11-speed world of Campagnolo: the Athena grouppo presented at #Eurobike09. Mix of carbon fiber and aluminum.

 +  2009-08-19 08:15

#OutDoor09 – changes in the way I cover the show:…

 +  2009-08-03 16:13

Any idea for a #hashtag for 2009 Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen ? Maybe: #Eurobike09 , same as I did for #OutDoor09 ?

 +  2009-07-23 21:45

I’m not a #downhill or #MTB specialist, but I’ve noticed the folding Bergmönch bike at the #OutDoor09 show:

 +  2009-07-20 21:31

#OutDoor09 tech spreads to everyday gear. GoLite Go To Tote looks like a stylish womens bag. Tough, recycled, siliconized polyester, 283g!

 +  2009-07-20 13:44

Teko showed an interesting selection of wool-based socks for runners and cyclers at #OutDoor09. Need to wear a pair to be fair. Day 2.

 +  2009-07-19 23:37

Wowed by Montane sleeveless Slipstream Gilet at #OutDoor09. Front: Pertex Quantum. Back: mesh. Felt great for spring / autumn running. 70g.

 +  2009-07-19 22:27

Tried #Vibram #FiveFingers at #OutDoor09. Considering since 2005. Problematic for my long & narrow feet. Pulled on mens & womens 42-43-44.

 +  2009-07-19 15:02

Leaving the #OutDoor09 show in Friedrichshafen for Zurich.

 +  2009-07-19 09:33

LTW Rear Fender builds upon the superlight Pacific Outdoor LTW Front Fender: 771g 20L (1 pannier). Compression, heel clearance. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-18 16:38

Inspected PrimaLoft Infinity, a continuous filament high-loft insulation alternative to Polarguard / Climashield. Sample is nice. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-18 13:20

Enjoyed #OutDoor09 demo & detailed explanations of Cocona: activated carbon retaining porous structure after integration with polyester.

 +  2009-07-18 08:00

Pacific Outdoor Equipment rounds the bottom edges of its Pneumos (lighter + more compact), adds a plastic window to see through! #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-17 16:54

#GoLite has shown me an impressive 765g / 38L backpack with ingenious compression system: the Peak. Recycled nylon, Deneema, mesh #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-17 13:54

#Garmin booth, #OutDoor09 show. Oregon 550 has glossy screen, slightly better than Oregon 300 matte screen I’ve reviewed…

 +  2009-07-17 12:26

Marmot replaces lightest synthetic sleeping bag Pounder (550g, Primaloft) with heavier Axiom (730g, Thermal R). Compresses well! #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-17 08:11

Pacific Outdoor Equipment stuffs foam cut-outs with high-loft insulation: Peak Oyl Mtn. 4 season, 3,5-5 R, 690g (reg) pad. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-16 16:37

Inov8 introduces max-traction orienteering shoes. Oroc 340 & 350. Tungsten studs, differential rubber compound, laces cache. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-16 16:25

Have taken a look at the Patagonia Merino 1 at #OutDoor09. 108g super thin fabric: 63% of 16,5 micron merino wool + 37% of polyester. Nice!

 +  2009-07-16 11:21

Exped BivyBag in eVent looks good at #OutDoor09. Hood stifner, storm flapped zipper, guy points, mosquitto netting, vent, nylon floor, 670g.

 +  2009-07-15 21:51

Severely bitten by mosquitos while putting up my tent near the Friedrichshafen #OutDoor09 show.

 +  2009-07-15 15:06

Arrived at the Friedrichshafen #OutDoor09 show.

 +  2009-07-09 14:47

Rab’s half-length zip rain jacket (pullover) made of eVent, the Demand Pull-on, weighs 280g, includes map pocket and wired hood #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-08 13:06

Halo Stretch. Montane lightest eVent rain jacket: 350g, elastic Dermizax panels, full zipper, 2 venting pockets, 1 map pocket. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-07 17:31

Rab plans a 75g, Pertex Quantum, half-length zip, pocketless windshirt for Spring 2010: the Cirrus Pull-on. I will have a look at #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-06 16:16

#Patagonia more durable Merino 1 & 2 (thinnest & thin) base layers (polyester threads encapsulated in wool) in EU in spring 2010 #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-03 21:02

Pacific Outdoor Equipment preps Ether Elite pad: 400g (182cm) inflatable, torso polyester insulation (4.0 R), super-compressible #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-03 08:32

#Patagonia switches ALL high-loft insulation clothing from Polarguard / Climashield to Primaloft. Bad idea:… #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-02 10:39

The North Face absent from the largest European Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen . No comment from TNF PR. #OutDoor09

 +  2009-07-01 07:01

Any idea for a #hashtag for 2009 European Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen ? Maybe: #OutDoor09 #euOutDoor09 #FDHoutdoor09


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