+  2021-07-07 17:33

Top 3 responses to any statement in a #conversation, such as “the sky is blue”:

– Yeah, but look who’s talking. You…
– It’s not my fault, and I am not going to justify my actions.
– I’ve read on Twitter about #JavaScript, let me tell you about…

(ad hominem, guilt-seeking vs responsibility, non sequitur)

 +  2021-06-15 06:15

Why is #JavaScript so widely used? My hypothesis: because most people are very loose with the definitions / #semantics / types in their lives.

Isn’t it a great #language for people who use words like “love”, “success”, “always” and “art” without a clear idea of their meaning?

 +  2021-05-08 18:26

Am I alone, or are misnamed terms in #JavaScript bothering you as well?

Array? Well… Object.
Regex pattern? Naa… also Object.
Function? Well, a special Object.

Daamn. Can you just be honest? Or just drop the terms? 🤯

 +  2020-05-03 10:30

Wait, #Facebook… “Recent optimistic video” in the DOM?! Whaaa? 😂

#HTML #JavaScript #code

 +  2019-12-22 16:37

Probably the best overview of lexical environments and garbage collection in #JavaScript closures I’ve ever come across:…

Awesome open collaborative project by @iliakan.

 +  2012-06-13 14:14

My problem with #jQuery is for small projects where I choose to write straight #JavaScript instead and 400 lines of code later I’m in doubt.

 +  2010-07-27 12:15

My latest #Swiss #design. Using Swiss grids. For a Swiss company. In Russian: Hand-coded #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, #PHP.

 +  2009-11-19 10:39

Awesome use of scroll bars to make a clock in #JavaScript:… (via @roessli & @gruber)


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