ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE / TWEETS / conscientiousness

 +  2021-01-11 14:56

The Zeigarnik effect — #frustration and #distress we feel when interesting tasks are interrupted and unfinished — is even worse for those scoring high on the #conscientiousness trait of the Big 5 test… and working on complex, multi-year projects. Like, you know, films?

 +  2021-01-03 22:24

The contrast of #ability and #competence is tremendous these days.

Some people call with a request to fabricate 11 780 votes, hang out at unmasked rave parties “because I want” and gun down teenagers in weed wars.

At the same time, other people invent mRNA vaccines requiring hours to manufacture vs the usual 4 months, launch 16-story-tall buildings into the sky and build electric vehicle plants in less than a year.

How the hell can anyone persist in the #delusion that we’re all of absolutely the same intellectual capacity, #conscientiousness, moral principles and actual outcome? Man shrugging


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