+  2021-11-29 17:58

Has anyone, anywhere, compared @3M Scotch-Brite vs @PFERD_NA PoliClean vs @BoschGlobal N377? Blue vs Black, please? 🤔

Google, YouTube and Amazon reviews do not help. Everyone basically says they all don’t last long enough.

#DIY #metal #welding #manufacturing

And yes, any sponged silica is better for paint and rust removal than wire brush systems. But I already know that. 🤖

 +  2019-08-22 10:41

We could cut #recycling costs significantly if we taught and encouraged kids to disassemble stuff. #DIY and engineering hands-on education as as bonus. Girls and boys.

Requires better collection points, but otherwise, nothing fancy.

 +  2019-07-21 13:45

Is there anyone on this planet who likes to #DIY #disassemble #snapFit parts? Is it the little-known attribute of the cheap, #throwAway culture?

Any tips on how to limit destruction of the permanent cantilever snap fits, please?

 +  2018-10-04 18:04

#Creative #cinema work often requires weird #DIY #tinkering in tight spaces. Thankfully, @BoschPro_UK GSB 16 RE has all the #pro niceties of a big #drill: metal gear housing, 750 W / 2,3 Nm… in a very compact, abuse-ready package. Highly recommended on #set. 2 kg only!

 +  2017-11-15 08:11

What a disappointment. @BoschPro_UK fail at small details like weak plastic connectors… Yes the vac motor keeps spinning, but the whole #tool is unusable without #ductTape. Not up to #pro or even #DIY level. French customer service asks us to mail the 9 € part for replacement!

 +  2009-11-14 19:23

I love the #minimalism of my 13 sq m flat in #Paris, but it lacks a stable vise for my frequent #DIY projects. Any ideas how to solve this?


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