+  2022-06-01 04:17

Do you remember the “we’re so excited” #Facebook comms in 2020 about how they migrated from #PHP to #React / Relay (GraphQL) “to start up fast, respond fast, and provide a highly interactive experience”?

And I’m not even mentioning the infamous Ad Manager… 🙄

 +  2021-01-15 16:35

#Facebook video player interface is a perfect case of #UI comfort and common sense… sacrificed for “engagement via enragement”.

“Continue watching” & “Enlarge” buttons act as “play”.
“Enlarge” does not enter full-screen.
Click to play, then click again to stop… doesn’t stop.

 +  2020-05-03 10:30

Wait, #Facebook… “Recent optimistic video” in the DOM?! Whaaa? 😂

#HTML #JavaScript #code

 +  2020-03-27 05:24

Everything #Facebook owns — FB, Instagram, WhatsApp — has terrible search. Ever tried finding that last month‘s post or a message you sent a week ago?

Even a simple copy-paste-as-text and ⌘F does better!

Any idea why? The “be in the moment” culture, maybe? 🤣

 +  2019-09-25 13:38

Build your own #Chrome extension to disable a flashing tab title of #Facebook Messenger when a new message arrives while you’re reading something else in another tab.

It works!

Just change the “matches” to [“*”] in manifest.json…

 +  2011-04-30 03:46

Why #Facebook dislikes paragraphs? Prefers 1-block “hit enter to post” comments? Avoids elaborate conversations? Are Facebook messages next?

 +  2010-12-03 11:04

Can’t wait for #IMAP support of #Facebook messages. Finally, all my e-mail in the cloud _and_ on my devices for backup and history.

 +  2010-10-12 12:18

My #Facebook friends? People I’ve met in my life. So for new “friend” requests, I ask to explain why we should meet. A wish totally ignored!

 +  2010-09-17 13:59

Excellent cartoon questioning #Facebook plan to run it’s new #Oregon datacenter on #coal generated #electricity:

 +  2010-05-27 11:02

My #Facebook profile ads become desperate: “90 000 guys to meet, 100% free registration!”

 +  2010-03-03 17:52

#Facebook offers 0 control over emails sent by group admins. Manageable inbox? Sorry, but I’m temporarily leaving message intensive groups.

 +  2009-11-06 06:00

#Facebook new headquarters interior #design details:… and . Looks good to me. What do _you_ think?


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