+  2023-01-03 08:54

3 days into it, I have to admit 2023 is the first year of my life when I struggle to wish anyone “A Happy New Year”. Sorry folks, whatever way we tune the data, it predicts a few happy exceptions, not yearly trends. 😕

So, to the few of you able to, I wish you to retain sanity and health, while a majority of the population rushes back into the #past and the minority crawls into the #future.

 +  2022-07-11 12:58

“The End of the World is Just the Beginning” is a weird book by @PeterZeihan — self-described as an “optimist, green, internationalist, and democrat” — who retells us a mix-mash of #history, geography, #economy and chemistry lessons taught in school,

then declares that the #USA — the best country on the planet with all the right people, neighbors, resources, technologies and geographies — will self-isolate and thrive, while the globalized world, including the #EU, will collapse without American naval support. 🤦🏻‍♂️

The book closes with: “Challenges and opportunities beckon. Cultural. Economic. Technological. Climatic. Demographic. Geopolitical. Exploring that #future will be a hell of a project. Maybe that’s what I’ll do next.”

A good book for the high-school American teenager who would appreciate a cheerfully humorous recounting of how much everyone else is screwed? 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2019-11-25 18:12

Mark Vallen’s #future #poster from my birth year #1980. Still relevant today.

Where the fuck are the flying cars I promised myself to survive?!

 +  2015-12-15 07:14

Probably the best “all in one place” article about #ArtificialIntelligence, its #future implications and timeline:…

 +  2013-12-19 08:25

Beware of the “being in the present” obsession. The human #brain evolved to model the past and #future. Don’t deny it. Embrace all 3 tenses.

 +  2012-04-04 01:17

A very enticing list of ideas and how-tos for smart people who like to think #future, think big and then just go do it:

 +  2010-07-02 11:48

Unexpected good news! UK govt cancels #Heathrow 3d runway:… . I agree. Air-travel has no #future, invest in #rail!


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