+  2021-08-28 06:17

“Creativity, the biggest determiner of #successful #executives, is killed in the #junior ranks. Maintenance of predetermined procedures is emphasized. This is how you end up with managers and not leaders.

You have a senior leadership that knows all the paperwork but cannot understand a problem and how to solve it.”

#Risk and #creativity. Again

I’m seeing how the mediocre teachers all over the planet install fear and disbelief in our kids’ capacity to create, very early in school

And so, we get excellent line #producers in #cinema (instead of executive risk-takers), excellent mid-level programmers in #IT (instead of non-conforming inventors), great shop-floor managers in #Amazon warehouses (instead of big-picture leaders)…

All gradually replaced by instructions-following #automation. 😕

Now, if you think even larger and recall that the #scientific method requires an ability to invent a good explanation of a phenomenon (versus the “read from Mother #Nature’s Book” for an induction from experience),

you get… people who make robots vs anti-vaxxers and flat-Earthers.

Same patterns on all levels.

 +  2020-05-19 09:39

Do you choose safe or strong?

• Strong is an active capacity to interact, rebound and grow in adversity (emotional, intellectual, physical).

Strong is seeking out #adventure and challenge, people that disagree with you, mentors that pinpoint your fallacies, #nature that humbles your invincibility. #Strong is giving your best to build new stuff.

• Safe is a passive self-limit, an acceptance of your current, seemingly immutable state.

Safe is doing things you were taught to do, surrounding yourself with similar people, hearing only “nice” words to confirm your biases and #selfLove, placid all-inclusive urban trips to first-world countries. #Safe is giving your #money to buy someone else’s stuff.

We’re currently obsessed with safety, #boundaries and borders, personal and state. It’s the official #generationZ motto. Safety is also the antithesis of excitement, of discovery, of being, of #creating.

Safe or not, we all die, eventually. Sooner than later. On a bed in the safety of a hospital or on the deck of a sail yacht in the fury of a mid-Atlantic storm.

Life is short, but have you ever lived?

 +  2020-04-23 14:39

For the last 45 days, that fenced out tree has been the only part of nature, of something organically leafy and green I can see from my #Paris window. But only if I bend out and sideways. 😕

Have we gone too far with our need to shelter ourselves from #nature?


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