+  2023-03-05 21:37

The Journals of #Gerontology have published a paper on the factors that accelerate epigenetic #aging… from worst to bad:

1. Smoking — ah, les French… so roman… 🤢
2. #Alcohol intake — ah les… almost everyone… no, even 1 glass of wine
3. Waist size — USA! USA!

4. Body fat — OK, I’ll stop…
5. CRP (inflammation)
6. Triglycerides
7. Childhood #obesity
8. Type 2 diabetes

For the curious: using DNA methylation-based markers of accelerated biological aging.

 +  2022-07-12 14:45

Finally got to watch “For All Mankind” season 1… well, Ronald Moore sure is consistent with his regular soap opera vibe.

Or rather, #alcohol+tobacco opera — the amount of drinking and smoking easily surpasses the amount of RP-1 burning and #space flying.

It ticks all the currently requisite boxes — female #workaholism, mental health, gender issues, political corruption… but seems kinda hollow and strained, an “Ad Astra Longa”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

PS: Cinematography is very “meh”.

 +  2021-06-01 21:07

#Alcohol is the only hard #drug actively sold without a prescription in most countries, a drug with long-term effects worse than heroin.

A study of 25000 people in UK has found that any quantity of alcohol affects the whole brain, not just some areas, as previously thought.

Add sleep quality disruption, and your next drink is a refined taste of slow #euthanasia that makes you less smart in the process.…

 +  2021-05-02 14:48

If you need a drink (or 2… or 3… or a puff) to feel OK around people at a party / business event… maybe you’re with the wrong people? 🤔

#alcohol #drugawareness

 +  2021-04-06 06:45

I’ve rarely seen so much professionalism, humor and good-natured laughter when addressing the dos and don’ts of helping a #drugs #addicted to recover🧡

Oh, and drugs include everyday #alcohol and over-prescribed benzodiazepines… not just street heroin😉…

 +  2020-08-20 06:33

“#Happy” should be renamed “#pain-free and calm”.
The opposite of “painful and anxious”.

Cheap and fast way to feel happy? Low doses of #alcohol. Hugely popular.

 +  2020-03-01 22:15

Just because your favorite #drugs are officially authorised in your country — tobacco, #alcohol, #opioids, #antidepressants and anxiolytics — doesn’t mean you’re not a drug user. You are still a #junkie.

 +  2013-07-16 10:22

Good chart comparing the harm of various #drugs to users and to others, #alcohol through #heroin to mushrooms:…


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