+  2023-03-09 15:35

Resting #heart rate vs probability of #death. How low is yours?

 +  2021-11-27 13:18

Regarding the mounting #anxiety and fear of #death:

— Doctor, what do you think will happen after my death?!
— We’ll change the sheets and place a new patient on your bed.

 +  2021-07-27 20:12

What’s great about #postmodernist #relativism? Well, your physical and psychological #suffering and #death are not that bad. Those must be some theoretical social constructs, after all.

So cheer up! Everything is relative. It might be good. Who knows? No one. There is no #truth.

Also, any #debt you haven’t paid out in full? Maybe, #money is not real. Maybe, you are not real either. Maybe, my post that you’re reading is not real.

Maybe, it’s yellow. Or soft. Maybe I’m great and a rectangle with 30° angles. Why not? Nothing is #objective.

Also, #respect me. And give me likes. Because.

 +  2021-04-23 14:30

“Men aren’t built to be #gods, to take in the whole world; they are built like other creatures, to take in the piece of ground in front of their noses. Gods can take in the whole of #creation because they alone can make sense of it, know what it is all about and for.

But as soon as a man lifts his nose from the ground and starts sniffing at eternal problems like life and #death, the meaning of a rose or a star cluster — then he is in trouble.

Most men spare themselves this trouble by keeping their minds on the small problems of their lives just as their #society maps these problems out for them.

These are what #Kierkegaard called the ‘immediate’ men. They ‘tranquilize themselves with the trivial’ — and so they can lead normal lives.”

― #ErnestBecker, The Denial of Death

 +  2021-04-01 05:56

Cinematic conversations with #Death.

 +  2020-09-25 00:07

“Our repugnance to #death increases in proportion to our consciousness of having lived in vain.” — William Hazlitt

 +  2020-04-24 01:51

As a reply to "Anatoly watches dramas”, “makes sad films”, “listens to monotone music in minor key” and “talks about #death and decay”.🤖

@tferriss summary of thoughts on death and how a sense of #urgency, of finite living can be such a powerful tool:…

 +  2019-11-29 21:07

We view #death countless times on screen daily. And yet how many of us think that soon we’ll be dying in a similar way? Gasping for air? Cringing in #pain? Feeble and afraid? Mumbling prayers and #regrets?

Do we realise, watching yet another human die, that our own end is close?

 +  2019-10-06 09:36

The #frustration and #despair of the #eternal trapped inside the finite.

– What seems to be the problem? Would you like to be modified?
– #Death .

 +  2014-04-04 05:56

There are no failures in #life except #death. Anything else can be cured with delays and #budget overruns.

 +  2013-01-27 03:29

Uh oh! Fatal Familial #Insomnia (FFI) is clear indication that, when untreated, #sleep deprivation leads to #death:…

 +  2010-11-22 10:30

#Life should be long and complex. #Death should be quick and easy.


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