+  2023-05-17 21:25

Elon #Musk just said on CNBC something I’d been thinking about a lot:

“If we do get to this sort of magic genie situation, where you can ask the #AI for anything. And let’s say, even if it’s a benign scenario… How do we actually find #fulfillment? How do we find #meaning in……

 +  2023-04-19 18:35

This AI-generated image won the Sony World Photography and Lens #Culture awards.

I’m reluctant to name the “author” — Boris ELDAGSEN — who says the “image was imagined by language and re-edited between 20 and 40 times through #AI-image generators,

combining the techniques of inpainting, outpainting and prompt whispering… just as photography replaced painting in the reproduction of reality, AI will replace #photography.

Don’t be afraid of the future. It will just be more obvious that our mind has always created the world that makes us suffer.”

Ahem… That’s totally NOT why I had been photographing the real world since 1997!

The award should go to AI #engineers who, by the way, never paid us — the real, living human #artists with a rent and electricity bills due — a single cent for the ingest of our pre-existing photographs to train their #LLM s (same applies for code and text).

 +  2023-04-06 11:26

#Tinder’s COO Faye Iosotaluno says users complain about the difficult & time-consuming profile setup…

So their team considers bringing #AI to help. Including with conversations once you match.🤦🏻‍♂️

Isn’t Tinder the least text-intensive app of all time? 3-9 photos & tags to add?😮

 +  2023-03-28 15:19

Levi Strauss & Co. announced a partnership with, a digital fashion studio that builds customized #AI-generated models. Later in 2023, the AI-generated hyperrealistic models of every body type, age, size and skin tone will supplement and, at some point,

replace human models to better reflect @LEVIS’ consumers’ body parameters.

Next: #Instagram models and “influencers”?

 +  2023-03-28 12:49

PDN news — closed.
#DPReview — about to be closed.

Why? No profits. Professional #photography is about to become a hobby, with #AI filling up the custom client needs. 😕

 +  2022-01-30 16:51

#AI generates random, non-existent faces that you won’t be able to distinguish from a real #human.

 +  2016-09-14 09:14

People executing employers’ rules blindly will be the first replaced by narrow #AI, a comforting thought… #security, #transport, borders.


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