+  2023-02-20 10:49

Oh Shiva… The @Yoga_Journal now illustrates #hatha #yoga asanas with photos of obese, tattooed “people who menstruate”… wearing spandex.

#Woke ain’t awoken.

 +  2022-02-10 03:28

How to spot someone serious about #yoga? They:

• don’t go to a “studio” — they practice at home / #office / traveling… daily, wearing whatever or semi-naked (no “yoga” apparel)
• sit in siddhasana / padmasana casually “because it’s comfy” while talking / eating / typing

— optimize for #meditation, not circus acrobatics
• remain calm under stress
• feel more than the average (see, hear, smell)
• avoid popular #drugs like alcohol or tobacco and coping strategies like #shopping and eating

• don’t publish much about themselves on social media (no selfies, daily dishes etc.), but are fine to discuss personal weaknesses when asked
• work in a #profession they love, now, and not for #money, social or “godly” approval in after- or next life

 +  2022-01-23 22:20


Sorry to disappoint, but no amount of pseudo-#yoga stretching will help.

And it seems Everything+ keeps getting bigger: our #fat, CO2 emissions, #debt, loneliness, anger, fear and stupidity.

 +  2022-01-12 14:38

चित्त वृत्ति निरोध


 +  2021-07-03 09:45

Ever heard of #karma #yoga? The yoga of a job well done?

Not out of fear. Not for money. Not for fame. Just for the sake and awareness of a task being well done.

Example? 2 persons #shipping deliveries to the same address:…

 +  2021-03-09 18:20

The curse of above-average hearing… when I hear 2 mm dust accumulation in a right AirPod Pro. Plus all power supply units’ high-pitched hum. 🤯

Whoever requests #yoga siddhis and other “extras” of increased #sensitivity don’t realize what they ask.

 +  2021-01-26 21:38

“As we begin to re-experience a visceral reconnection with the needs of our bodies, there is a brand-new capacity to warmly #love the #self. We experience a new quality of #authenticity in our caring.

Which redirects our attention to our #health, our diets, our #energy, our time management.

This enhanced care for the self arises spontaneously and naturally, not as a response to a ‘should.’ We are able to experience an immediate and intrinsic pleasure in #selfCare.”

— Stephen Cope, “#Yoga and the Quest for the True Self”

 +  2020-07-10 13:59

Best way to test the strength of your #habit? Social.

Example: you do your morning hatha #yoga even when your gorgeous partner is too lazy to join and blabbers on about joie de vivre, naked, in bed.

 +  2020-05-06 13:13

It’s real simple. The brain is an organ which, like any other organ in the body, maintains an acceptable state of balance to remain alive. Your consciousness is a (small) part of this organ’s activity.


To keep the #brain in balance, the #consciousness creates stories about stuff going on inside and outside. It can be true stories, or false stories. It can be scientific data and objective testable models… or it can be fairies and gods. Your brain doesn’t care.


It only cares about the overall “I’m OK”.

You might think complete #nonsense about how airplanes fly or what other people feel. It doesn’t matter. Until you experience fear of flying or continuously misread people and their reactions. Winking face


And our #society doesn’t reward consistent, rational thought, or cause and effect #congruence. Quite the contrary. Raja #yoga and PHDs are for the weirdos. 🤪

4/4 — the end

( no it isn’t the end … that’s when we make a sequel, cause #filmmaking is all about creating mostly false stories 😂 )

 +  2014-03-26 09:37

#Intelligence — a force that acts so as to maximize future #freedom of action:… — Freedom’s also #yoga ultimate goal.


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