+  2023-01-24 19:56

“#America is a kind, generous place… if you have money. It’s a rapacious, violent place if you don’t have #money.

To be wealthy in America is to be loved. People find you interesting, they want to know you. You have a broader selection of mates.

I think about money a lot. I did nothing but pretty much #work for 20 years. I don’t remember much else but work. It cost me my hair. It cost me my first #marriage. And it was worth it.”

— Scott Galloway.

How bleak of a life, how shallow of a #civilization? And generation after generation built it, knowingly, on purpose. But worry not, Scott believes #depression can be solved with antidepressants.

If you have the money. More pills, more money, more work, more pills, more…

 +  2021-06-22 13:33

I’ve been trying to explain #async #work and play, communication and #collaboration, for years now… to people who are very sync-everything. 

They call in a 5+ people Zoom #meeting to listen to nothing being said. They “rest” (get drunk) together on weekends.

They go on vacation with everyone in August to the same crowded destinations…

I’ll be honest. That includes my parents and some of my friends, and I haven’t been convincing enough.

What if someone else tried to explain it to you? Would THAT work better?

 +  2016-11-07 15:08

Watched @T2Trainspotting trailer and realized almost 20 years of my own #work passed. 2 months till a 20-year-#pro…

 +  2016-04-27 13:37

#Human beings aren’t wired to be #comfortable. We’re wired to #work & take #action. 8 signs you’re doing it wrong:…

 +  2013-09-01 06:06

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his #work & play, #mind & body, #education & recreation” – L. P. Jacks

 +  2013-02-21 15:41

I trust actions much more than words. A human is defined by his #work (or its absence), not his talk.

 +  2012-04-24 02:24

#Talent is nothing without #focus (prioritization of result, rejection of everything else) and #endurance (years of constant #work).

 +  2011-01-27 04:50

Finished 4-Hour Body #4hb by @tferriss. A rather disappointing mix of tricks. Uneven depth. Emphasis on #work & calculus over fun & #play.

 +  2010-12-21 13:25

If you’re a #creative looking for #work / #health / socializing balance, remember that equilibrium seldom leads to change and #creativity.

 +  2010-08-02 11:43

The difference between earlier plastic #Apple Cinema Displays and current aluminum ones? #Work #safety. The sharp edges shred awkward moves.

 +  2010-03-21 09:36

I feel like shit. Symptoms: running nose, #headache. Worse: no desire to #work, #run or #ride! Diagnosis: #virus, #allergy, overtraining?


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