+  2021-11-09 09:42

Am I the only one who moves between a MacBook Pro keyboard (with a Fn key) to a #Mac Pro keyboard (without Fn) and screws up the default Show Source Control keybinding in VS @code? Inserting an ˝ character? 🤯

What custom shortcut do you use instead?

#programming #vsCode #Git

 +  2021-10-27 19:14

#MacOS has turned into a collection of #paranoid, #Apple-signed #SQLite databases amassing 32 hexadecimal (base-16) UIDs run by “we’ll try to sync and mirror to our cloud server in the USA” daemons.

Do you remember the days of real, human-readable data files and non-binary #XMLs? When you could change a .plist without killing the cfprefsd ? 😔

But I realize that most #Mac users don’t care and don’t even understand what I’d just written.

 +  2013-10-23 03:06

Only 1TB of internal storage in #Apple #Mac Pro?! Any advice on a quiet 8Tb Thunderbolt #SSD storage system for #film editing?

 +  2013-09-25 12:49

Anyone knows how to move simultaneously all 3 RGB sliders in #Mac OS 10.8 color picker, please? Modifier keys don’t seem to work.

 +  2013-03-25 08:30

#Mac users of DVD Player: check “Disable Dolby dynamic range compression” in Preferences if you want to hear the original soundtrack!

 +  2012-03-17 16:50

Ahem… #SketchBookPro on #iPad is too slow for my hatching! Skips my moves and writing. No match to a large @wacom and a #Mac, unfortunately.

 +  2011-05-06 13:03

Weird. Exact same movie files play darker in #VLC than in #QuickTime on #Mac OS 10.6.7 with #ICC profiled screen. Any explanations?

 +  2011-01-11 13:37

Should I give up #hope that #Apple will fix Finder lack of spatial orientation in #Mac OS X? We’re nearing 10.7 and still no OS 9 metaphors.

 +  2010-12-28 10:52

What?! No decent #ePUB desktop #ebook reader for #Mac OS X? #Adobe Digital Editions and Stanza are a joke!

 +  2009-10-20 13:49

#iPhone experts, is there any way to back-up the entire iPhone #SSD drive directly to a #USB-stick without iTunes? Leave the #Mac behind?

 +  2009-09-11 19:25

E-readers more eco-friendly than printed books or press:… . I’ve been reading onscreen only, for years on #Mac & #iPhone


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