+  2021-05-30 09:58

Cool. The upcoming European #Covid19 pass (Electronic Health Certificate HCERT) system — used to allow access to events of 1000+ people and intra-#Europe travel — is on GitHub for your scrutiny.…

 +  2021-04-29 07:25

A new study published in the Lancet shows that OECD countries that aimed for early and forceful #COVID19 elimination have fared better than countries that opted for gradual mitigation … when comparing deaths, GDP and strictness of lockdown measures.

 +  2021-03-02 02:05

7,8 billion people currently live on our planet. Only 114 million have been confirmed as infected by #Covid19. That’s less than 2%.

The virus will keep eating through the remaining 98% for years.

As most governments… or, more accurately, _we_ don’t care enough about others to increase hospital capacity, the only solution to “return to normal” is through massive #vaccination. That includes you. 💉

Unless you like living through lockdowns, business destruction and travel restrictions? 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2020-11-13 15:42

A survey by a Swiss publisher of scientific journals asked 25000+ researchers whether lawmakers in their country had used scientific advice to inform their #Covid19 strategy.

The list of countries least following #science correlates with the list of Top Cases and Top Deaths.

 +  2020-08-27 11:59

Induced by the #COVID19 pandemic, video-call dates become the norm to screen / filter / vet a person before an IRL #date and reduce “#dating fatigue”.

What do you think? Good idea? Optimization or kill-joy?…

 +  2020-07-13 13:09

King’s College London found that only 17% of recovered from #COVID19 retained the same potency 3 months later. Antibody levels fell as much as x23 over the period.

Small sample, not peer-reviewed, but makes sense, echoes response to other coronaviruses.…

 +  2020-05-05 11:49

#Covid19 #Lockdown talk:

So, the Me resides in this as Me,
is residing in all of that as Me.
So that Me, through this Me, talking to Me.…

 +  2020-04-30 05:00

“#Airlines and oil giants are on the brink. But no government should offer them a lifeline. The #Covid19 crisis is a chance to rebuild our #economy for the good of humanity.”

Agree or disagree? Do you think anyone will listen to the wishes of the people?…

 +  2020-04-25 06:52

Very handy visual summary of the current #Covid19 clinical trials. Comforting to know that science teams are working hard on this 24/7. Worldwide.

 +  2020-04-23 20:39

There’s progress!

A team has “successfully cloned 2 human blocking mAbs using #Covid19 RBD-specific memory B cells isolated from recovered patients. These mAbs can block the interaction between the virus and hACE2 receptor and lead to neutralization.”…

 +  2020-04-23 07:02

Ever tried to #change your ways? Fight the problems you’ve created for yourself, often knowingly? That’s why fighting the #Covid19 for us humans is so hard.

 +  2020-03-14 11:53

“While most people with #COVID19 develop only mild or uncomplicated illness, approximately 14% develop severe disease that requires hospitalization and oxygen support, and 5% require admission to an intensive care unit.”

14% is a lot.…


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