+  2022-09-08 20:34

A good day to die. The world is heading toward ~3°C of #globalWarming, triggering multiple irreversible #climate tipping points, including, but not limited to:

• Gulf Stream weakening
• permafrost abrupt thaw
• Amazon & Northern forests dieback
• ice sheet collapse

Want to continue living? Invest in #nuclear power, O₂ + H₂O production and enclosed #farming… all protected by a private army.

The @ScienceMagazine article… paywalled. Because knowledge is power. Also, gore monetization:…

 +  2022-07-27 09:13

If you find school boring and expertise a “#privilege or the patriarchy”, may I recommend choosing a career of “#Politician”? One of the few professions that does not require any job-specific competency, education or certification?

You can be a minister of health, or culture, or defense… or even a president with access to #nuclear weapons, deadly viruses and woeful macroeconomic policies. Without understanding any of it.

 +  2022-04-10 07:18

“What difference does it make? Whether a #life be long, whether it be short? Whether a flame burns daily and slowly for a long, long time.… Or whether it’s just a brief and intense #nuclear flash?”

The difference is the #choice, which is ours or not.

(paraphrasing and adding to #AlanWatts)

 +  2015-09-23 11:34

Movement in the right direction with #nuclear… but we should really be pouring billions into #fusion instead of arms…

 +  2011-03-21 07:14

“Safe #nuclear does exist, and #China is leading the way with #thorium” - a short article by the @Telegraph:…


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