+  2023-01-18 13:33

“I run every single morning. That’s because that’s the one thing I hate to do more than anything in the world” — #DavidGoggins an ultramarathon runner and triathlete

I wonder whether people who worship him realize the common pattern of self-#abuse and #hate in our culture?

A retired US #military, the man is still at war 24/7.

I, too, run every single morning. That’s because I #love #running. I also work every day because I love my work.

Love vs hate? Which one do you choose every single morning?

If you’d like a much… erm… smarter outlook on ultrarunning, also from a childhood-abuse-survivor, better read Scott Jurek’s book “Eat & Run”

I’m genuinely happy Goggins has resisted against all odds, he’s still in the loop of #violence.

(Might find interesting, @firstshowing)

 +  2022-10-06 23:02

A well-researched, superbly edited, humorous video explaining why every American, especially a senior, needs an #AR15 #gun. In all seriousness.

Or how to build the perfect straw man with a bit of a circular #logic thing goin’.…

His logic: US civilians need the same #firearms as their #military, because their military has been using firearms developed by the private sector for private use…

All the while, avoiding to discuss the failure of #Americans to organize and fund a government that would provide a quality of life not requiring a grandmother to live with an AR-15 gun (as if she’s in some Afghanistan?) 🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh, and… yes, speaking of other countries. The author does say that all the non-armed grandmothers of the world have been in grave danger. Like, you know, Japan? Taiwan? People outliving most Americans?

Reminds me of gastric bypass surgery to “solve” morbid obesity.🤦🏻‍♂️


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