+  2021-10-19 00:08

I have to admit that Tim Cook standing outside in the tall grass, with the right amount of reflector light and ambient sound… is refreshing and soothing.

Still, thanks YouTube for the ×2 playback speed option.

Oh, and I’m thinking about music historians comparing #SteveJobs’ selection of tracks with Tim Cooks and shaking their heads. No, I’m not a #boomer, and I’m not OK. 🙄

 +  2021-10-04 01:24

First, a nightmare of my #A380 flight to #LAX leaving from Singapore without us because we got lost in the duty-free shopping area with my GF… after boarding and deboarding the aircraft. What could be weirder, knowing that none fly the route,

and we wouldn’t have been permitted out of the gate… and there would be PA messages. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Second, a long talk with #SteveJobs and @andreypushkarev about urbanism and which city leads as best for creatives today and how we shot #photography stills in Moscow, which Jobs kinda didn’t know well. 🤔

All very unlikely.

 +  2021-05-25 00:54

In my 24 years of being a #creative pro, a ton of people argued to me that “process is the most important, you gotta enjoy the making of a photograph / film / book / app / company”.

Well. I always disagreed. And so did #SteveJobs.…

I heard arguments like “it’s like with sex — orgasm is not the most important, it’s the process”.

Oh yeah? Ask any woman about how much they enjoy sex without an orgasm. 😉

 +  2020-04-23 21:34

“I don’t view that we pay people to *do* things. That’s easy, to find people to do things.

What’s harder is to find people to *tell you what should be done*!

That’s what we look for. We pay people a lot of money, and we expect them to tell us what to do.”


 +  2020-04-17 12:53

“The best people take me over a year to hire. I usually meet somebody that is really good. And you can’t get them. And you know you’re going to be settling for 2nd best if you compromise.

And I’ve always found it best not to compromise, and just keep chipping away.”


 +  2015-10-14 09:56

I could see that from the trailer… “Sorkin and Fassbender fail to capture #SteveJobs in any meaningful sens”:…


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