+  2023-05-17 21:25

Elon #Musk just said on CNBC something I’d been thinking about a lot:

“If we do get to this sort of magic genie situation, where you can ask the #AI for anything. And let’s say, even if it’s a benign scenario… How do we actually find #fulfillment? How do we find #meaning in……

 +  2022-11-27 14:12

Where does this voguish idea of everyone becoming a glamorous and fun #entrepreneur come from? Sorry, but:

1) most people are not born with the #DNA required to run a business;

2) while being an entrepreneur adds a lot of positive nouns to your life, like “#freedom”, “creation” and “#meaning”… the package also includes “jealousy”, “discrimination”, “#stress”, “disappointment”, “responsibility” and “cash flow management”.

OK, the “responsibility” is for the non-psychopaths among us. 😂

 +  2021-12-29 10:51

“Four Thousand Weeks” by Oliver Burkeman — a very basic rehash of well-known truths like “we are #mortal, life has no #meaning in the grand scheme of the Universe, people don’t care about what you do, so do whatever you want to do, one step at a time, before you die.” 🤦🏻‍♂️


 +  2021-06-26 03:19

Most #disasters are man-made.

One of the endless wars and “armed conflicts”. Chernobyl. 2008 financial collapse. Covid-19 pandemic. #ClimateChange. And, yes, even your failed #relationships or persistent high blood pressure. 😕

Doesn’t it seem to you that we humans LOVE creating problems out of nowhere and then attempt to solve them with great pain and effort? Is that the #meaning of our lives we hate and fear to admit? 🤔

 +  2021-05-31 18:32

#Dialogue is the process of making the invisible — visible. Getting undiscussables on the table. Sharing #meaning. Sharing hopes, desires, fears, dreams, concerns, problems… rather than going to silence with them.

Do you pursue dialogue? Or do you hide in silence altogether?

Perhaps under the guise of a routine discussion of some news on social media?

 +  2016-06-27 13:50

Do you think #meaning produces an #emotion? Or, absence of meaning (#information) produces an emotion?

 +  2016-05-27 13:37

People are so busy from high school to retirement… have no time to search for the #meaning / #purpose of their life until it’s too late.

 +  2015-06-29 12:17

I’ve only now realized my #parents never told me what #happiness is and what I need to do for it. Nor did we talk about #meaning in #life.

 +  2013-09-09 10:40

Radical #science. #Stress is good, if you think it is (or if it’s a byproduct of #meaning):… But what about cortisol?

 +  2013-08-23 10:13

An absolute must-read on #meaning, #purpose, #creation and #contribution in our #capitalist world. On bullshit jobs:


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