+  2023-06-04 17:54

Sam Altman, the CEO of #OpenAI, the company behind #ChatGPT:

“Everybody thought: first AI would do physical #labor, then some #cognitive labor, then the really hard cognitive labor, like computer science, #programming… And then, maybe, last of all, but maybe never, because……

 +  2022-10-14 07:05

I remember some vague promises from @jack about how “topics” would be so great to follow.

“Computer #Programming” sure must be, with clever tweets like “Will reading code improve my code?” or “What was your first programming language?” (all with hundreds of replies and likes) 🤢

So… no… “We won’t suggest this Topic anymore.” for me, please.

 +  2022-10-13 10:09

Ahh… vars naming. Any #dev knows about the first of 2 hard things in #programming, but still… give it your best!

• const main
• const state = createState()
• const hook

Wait… is that it?

 +  2022-03-10 15:13

Does anyone know why the hell #Apple insists on asking: “Are you sure you want to close the Console window? Streamed log messages will be discarded when this window is closed.” with a Cancel (focused) vs Close buttons?

#dev #programming #hell

This happens only for the main syslog. All other logs never exhibit this behavior! Very annoying. Appeared since around Catalina… 🤯

Yes, I’ve Googled and StackOverflow-ed this… to no avail.

 +  2021-11-09 09:42

Am I the only one who moves between a MacBook Pro keyboard (with a Fn key) to a #Mac Pro keyboard (without Fn) and screws up the default Show Source Control keybinding in VS @code? Inserting an ˝ character? 🤯

What custom shortcut do you use instead?

#programming #vsCode #Git

 +  2021-06-28 04:56

Concepts I wished I had been taught differently 25 years ago:

• #math.ematical matrices
—> explained instead as an array data type and operations on it through #programming (computer science) paradigms 🤷🏻‍♂️

I was using arrays in Pascal/JavaScript with relative ease, not knowing!

 +  2021-04-04 18:06

Apple Music on #MacOS? A perfect illustration of Apple’s software products today. How anyone can ship code this bad, year in, year out, is beyond my comprehension.

I mean, really, if you’re afraid to start #programming… please don’t be. Why? Because I’m 90% confident you’ll write better code with #Apple’s own APIs’ in #Swift, than people paid x20 your current salary.…

 +  2021-01-21 02:20

#Programming languages, I suspect, classified by typing discipline? Plus overall consistency? Plus corporate backing? 🤷🏻‍♂️


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