+  2022-01-20 19:15

2022 is a year of succinct #iPhone #UI screens. #iOS means a lot to us. Clearly. 😶

 +  2022-01-01 17:35

My 2022 starts with insightful #UI from #Apple while trying to use their AirPods Pro…

Sending you cosmic lo… scorn to you, the #dev who messed up firmware 4C165. Can’t connect to any of Apple’s devices without an un-pair / reboot / re-pair each time.

 +  2021-12-07 09:32

Can the Shuffle on/off indicator in Apple’s MacOS #UI be made even less obvious? Or removed entirely?

Like the “showing only keyword matches” functionality?

Maybe just revert to #iPod Shuffle?

That was awesome for people like me, with 44 days of 1-hour techno DJ sets and not a single Taylor Swift / Billie Eilish… “song”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

OK, yeah, yet another Swift practice project, I know what you’re gonna say.

 +  2021-11-18 16:10

I like to imagine a #UI #design team conversation going something like this:

– Let’s make the main scroll bar 4 pixels wide.
– No, make it 2 pixels wide. And light gray.
– Perfect! body::scrollbar-width: 2px for
@DPDgroup_news parcel tracking

#iWillFindYou #CSS

 +  2021-09-30 16:58

Not much is required to make a #UI #designer go mad. Daily. Hourly.

#Apple #Fail #iOS15

 +  2021-09-04 10:47

Y’all asking “why would I like an #eternal life”?

To study what happened in a company with an annual revenue of 17 billion EUR, the process to imagine such a #UX. The cutie tiny truck saying “approaching” and… well… nothing else. For days.

Isn’t it fascinating?

2021. We’ve got hundreds of open-source #JS frameworks, #CSS frameworks, Electron, native apps’ APIs, a shit-ton of easy-to-use technologies and languages, OOP, FP, serverless, heck, even Cobol and #C

A team of 5 designers & #devs could cook up a snazzy #UI in 2 weeks without breaking a sweat.

But no. Even when @Kuehne_Nagel, founded in 1890, has billions of euros.

Why? What’s going on in those humans’ brains?

 +  2021-08-15 07:23

Who doesn’t like the elegant succinctness of #Excel #error messages?

“This selection is not valid.

There are several possible reasons:

• Select a paste area that will not conflict with the original copy area and paste again.

• If you are using the Create from Selection command, the row or column containing the proposed names will not be included in the definitions of the names.
• If the names you are creating are listed in a row or column, you must select more than one row or column.

• If you clicked the Data Table command, you must select a single rectangle that is more than one row high and more than one column wide.”

[ OK ]

While, in reality, it’s a “drag and drop while scrolling up through the sheet out of bounds” #UI #bug. 🤦🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-07-19 10:42

(Re)thinking your #developer #hiring interview / filtering process? Want a suggestion?

Ask how the candidate implements #UI error messaging. If it’s a “show `! Error 9001, correct additional entry` in RED text” … skip to the next applicant. 😖

(real example from the @UPS site)

Jeez. What were you guys thinking? How about testing? Or just an if statement that increments date-time_latest automatically?


The UPS On Call Collection service is temporarily unavailable. (Your On-Call Collection session has ended because no information has been entered for thirty minutes. Please try again. (9001))

Image I wasn’t a web #dev w 25+ yrs of experience who knew nothing about sessions?

 +  2021-07-18 07:52

. @SoundCloud #UI team has a problem with English?

“Artists you SHOULD follow” is #rude. Equivalent to MUST.

Same as SoundCloud’s pseudo “pause” button that does not stop the sound and instead opens a “select next track while we continue playing the current one”? 😖

This is a company that wants my money. Monthly.

 +  2021-07-13 22:46

Uhmm… is there a way to disable the Messages fly-out menu on the bottom in #Twitter #UI for desktop? 🤔

Yes, I Googled. Yes, I clicked-through the settings… nothing. 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2021-04-09 06:23

Wow! Incredible! A unified #UI #design system for all the 20000+ websites of the French government! Available as Sketch files & npm libs!

I honestly wasn’t expecting anything like this. Kudos to the Service d’Information du @gouvernementFR team of 250+

 +  2021-04-06 16:14

. @Crewbooking. A networking site for #French #cinema pros with exceptional divinatory powers.

Do you understand which #UI #design element does what? Which square is for decoration, and which is a button? No? Well, me neither.🤦🏻‍♂️

No wonder they insist on a 9-step “tutorial”.

Bonus points for congratulating me on the “well-deserved rest”… I didn’t have. 🙄

I just wanted to find an ”unsubscribe from e-mails” button, which they don’t include in their daily send-outs.

 +  2021-01-23 05:23

Isn’t it fascinating how #Apple always thinks you will read 50 #books at most, listen to 100 songs tops, and store 300 contacts max?

All of their apps — Books, Music, Contacts — are built with interfaces and storage engines optimized for tiny quantities of stuff easy to find by a “cover”, an “album” or a “name”.

#UI to thumb through in a couple of scroll-seconds. 😖

 +  2021-01-15 16:35

#Facebook video player interface is a perfect case of #UI comfort and common sense… sacrificed for “engagement via enragement”.

“Continue watching” & “Enlarge” buttons act as “play”.
“Enlarge” does not enter full-screen.
Click to play, then click again to stop… doesn’t stop.

 +  2020-11-20 13:39

What’s up with the authentication #UI #design pattern which shows 1 field — e-mail or phone # — without the password field?

Autofill doesn’t work with those, often 2 states required… why?!🤔

#UX examples: startup-ish to mega-corpish EDF login pages.

 +  2020-11-13 17:55

There is a special place in hell for #UX designers who created the back-and-forth progress bar. And a very special place for clueless programmers who place one such #UI element in addition to a 2nd progress bar that zeroes itself out every 5 seconds while showing “estimating…”👿

 +  2020-10-26 15:22

What the hell has happened to @patagonia website’s #UI?! Burger carousels and other aberrations… I have to use Google with the site:eu.patagonia param to find a sizing chart… 😖

Is this the optically-disabled tend of candy-crazy set off my Facebook?

 +  2020-07-09 14:59

What happens when you click the “pause” button on a track currently playing on @SoundCloud?

No, the track does NOT stop playing. Instead, a “Next up” menu appears.

Who was the genius who approved this #UI decision? Hello?! ‘Stop’ does not mean ‘Show next tracks’! Please!😖

 +  2020-06-23 07:39

If you’re struggling to find your “to buy” lists on @eBay… because your “Watchlist” button on top shows empty.

• hover the “My eBay” button on top left … but don’t click it
• select the “Watchlist” item in this hovered menu and click that

• you’ll arrive at a new page like
• somewhere in the middle of that page, there’ll be a title named… “Watchlist” … with a tiny blue downward arrow
• click on the tiny blue downward arrow
• your lists will appear

• click on the list you’interested in
• continue enjoying your life

This is the most fucked-up #UI experience I’ve come across in a long while. #eBay is stuck in some 1990′s horrendous design thinking.


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