// Share, inform and educate

I learn a lot from people who share their knowledge and experience. I owe my family, mentors, teachers and friends, as well as artists and authors I do not know personally.

I have amassed a lot of thoughts and experiences. I relish every opportunity to share what I know with people who are interested, people who want to learn and improve. ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE is a way to give back to the community, to give answers I could not find when I was looking for them myself.

// Help to choose

We all face very practical challenges. And, most of the time, with limited budgets.

I find most gear reviews in specialized press too neutral. It’s often good journalism: objective, concise, analytical. But not exhaustive or prescriptive.

I specialize in opinionated, subjective journalism. I mix facts and analysis with personal experiences, opinions, thoughts and feelings. My posts in ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE intend to help with choice and judgment.

// Give voice

I interview interesting people whose opinions might be censored or unpublished elsewhere.

// Federate

Smart people with courage, curiosity and will are rare. Those who value excellence and self-betterment are few.

ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE is part of my effort to get these people together, through accidental Google encounters, spontaneous debates in the comments and organized off-line meet-ups.

// Experiment and demonstrate

Finally, ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE is a publishing ground for my writing experiments and achievements.


I feel myself both a journalist and a writer. I value investigation, analysis and precision. But I also use emotion, style, and subjectivity.

Prose includes everything I write. Counting photography and design, prose is the third medium I work with.


No, ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE is not a personal diary.

I do however publish news about my work, such as links to new photographs, completed design projects and published magazine articles.

I also use ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE to suggest occasions to meet, debate or just enjoy ourselves off-line.


As in photography or design, I prefer quality to quantity. I tend to publish at irregular intervals, depending on my current projects and travels. Subscribe to my RSS feed to stay up to date.


Once published, my posts can go through several re-editions, much like a book. I may update parts of the text, add new pictures or remove obsolete content. A change log accompanies such new editions, to show the first edition’s date, as well as what and when has been changed since.

The latest edition’s date appears next to the post title and the post moves up in chronology.

So comments may be dated older than the post’s re-edition date.

The only exception to my re-edition principle is verbatim copy of texts published in print. These posts never change. I use the off-line world publication date in this case.


I use the ISO 8601 international standard for date and time representations. Date values are organized, left to right, from most to least significant. Year, then month, then day.

For example, today’s date using:


Unless stated otherwise, I, Anatoly IVANOV, am the author of all posts.

All comments’, trackbacks’ and pingbacks’ authors appear prominently next to their content.



I shall delete any rude, unintelligible, obscene, spamful, irrelevant or hateful remarks.


Please read the complete text about my web site-related copyright terms and conditions.


  1. All texts and images on / from my web site are subject to and governed by French and international intellectual property law.
  2. All texts and images on / from my web site are NOT subject to neither Copyleft, nor Creative Commons, nor Free Art, nor GNU Free Documentation License nor Public Domain.
  3. What YOU CAN DO with texts and images on / from my web site:
    • cite small parts of my texts, commented by you, with a clear reference to my originals
    • link to my pages containing texts or images
    • use my images for placement (comping) purposes while working on your designs (once your design becomes final, you will need my permission to publish my images, which I grant after you purchase the usage rights from me)
  4. What YOU CANNOT DO with texts and images on / from my web site:
    • copy
    • distribute or redistribute
    • publish or republish
    • sell or resell
    • alter
    • use in any way except mentioned in paragraph 3 above
  5. If you need a permission to do what you normally cannot do, please contact me. I am certain we will find a win-win solution.


People from all over the world read my site in:

My goal is to translate all texts outside of the ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE section in these languages.

I do my best to translate each post of the ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE section into 3 languages as well. But that represents a lot of work. So, often a post exists in only 1 language version.

If you would like to help me translate a post, please contact me. I always give credit or barter services.


Contrary to the general style of my web site, some of the posts in the ANATOLY IVANOV / PROSE section contain occasional bad words and harsh vocabulary. If that offends you, sorry. Please don’t read further. Hit the back button and choose another post.

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